How do you get yourself to stop?

Eight miles @ 8:33 pace!

I use my Clifton 8s sparingly because I don’t ever want to have to say goodbye to them. I am so sad that they changed the Cliftons drastically in my opinion, but maybe I just need to give the 9s another try.

These shoes healed my plantar fasciitis!


At mile 6, we dropped off one of my friends at school for the day. She is getting her MBA currently, and it is quite inspiring.

Worrying is a trait that I inherited from my mother 😉. I worried myself sick that Beck would struggle with Skye going to school, but in fact, he is loving it. He gets all the attention and never has to share a thing while the other kids are at school… I worried all those nights leading up to the school year starting for nothing.

When will I learn that worry gets us nowhere?!

Speaking of my mom, we hung out on the porch together. I love her so much.

We went to Sam’s Club to pick up our favorite frozen pizza crusts (they sell them at the food court) and decided to get some carbs to eat at the moment.

The perfect ratio of salt per bite, in my opinion:

We sent off everything needed for our passports, and they told us to expect them in 1-2 weeks yesterday. Another thing I have been worrying about but don’t need to worry about.



I was able to go to Skye’s classroom and help out and then also take Brooke’s soccer team for a 2 mile run.

I didn’t take any picture of this run (shocking!) but here is an old picture from a run with Brooke.

The team wanted to do some runs outside of practice, and I volunteered within .2 seconds to take them. It’s been a minute since I’ve done a double and shockingly, I showered after both runs;)

Soccer, of course!

And pizza for dinner because I learned my lesson last week the night before my long run to avoid everything but pizza and pasta the night before a hard effort.

Off for a workout that includes 6 miles of 90 seconds fast, 90 seconds easy!


Are you much of a worrier?! How do you get yourself to stop?

Any shoes that you are hanging onto for dear life because they aren’t making them anymore?

Parents reading–> How do your kids feel about running?

-Skye loves it the most but B & K would much rather be running when they are chasing after a soccer ball.

Does anyone’s mom live close by?

-Remember the days I spent basically every day with my mom?! Those years have a special place in my heart.




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I am definitely a worrier. Usually I try to distract myself but that is not a good long term solution! I’m trying journaling too.


Journaling helps me out a lot too! We’ve got this, Mariah!


“Worry is a misuse of the imagination.” I try to remind myself of that! I worry a lot (heyyyy, anxiety!) and try to divert those thoughts/ rationalize about how things usually turn out much better.
My son likes to run but is around Beck’s age, so I’m sure you can relate– activities last about 5 minutes. He’s really into his strider bike these days.
I live about 10 minutes from my mom, so I consider myself one of the luckiest people alive. She is a phenomenal mom and Grammy.


Okay, that quote is exactly what I needed. Thank you, Courtney. Oh, those strider bikes are pure gold. Each of my kids have loved those so much. Yep, 10 minutes makes us both the luckiest people alive. SO so lucky! Have a beautiful day, Courtney.


Total worrier here… I will obsess and create entire conversations/scenes in my head and get myself worked up into a tizzy. Then what I imagined will NEVER materialize. sigh

The Cliftons DID go through a major change. I loved my 7s and 8s and they fit my feet like a glove. So comfortable. The 9s hurt my feet like they became a stability shoe and I am so bummed.

I am hanging on to my old Brooks Glycerins because they were green. Total girl thing to do, but no one makes a good green in a women’s neutral shoe. I can’t use them for running any longer, but I will hold onto them for treadmill walks, and daily activities until they literally fall apart. Just cannot bear to throw them out.


COMPLETE conversations! I am right there with you. We need to stop giving these worries our energy. Uggg yep. They feel like a completely different shoe. I hope the 10s go back to the 8s.
I would hold onto those too. Finding a good green shoe is hard to do. I feel you on so many points in your comment today. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful day, Wendy!


I loved the NB 1080 V7 that I ran the NYC marathon in 2017. The newer versions were just so different. Finally tried the V12 and it feels like the shoe I remember. I’ll be stocking up when they go on sale.


Jacinta, I am so happy that the V12 are feeling so good, grab as many as you can. And now I want to try them! Hope your day is a gorgeous one!


I am definitely a worrier too. But you are correct… it never actually helps anything. So I just remind myself that whether I worry or not, however the situation plays out, I can deal with that.
Neither of my kids love to run, sadly. But because our oldest is getting ready to go to the police academy, and has had to take a couple of physical tests for different departments, he is running a lot now. I am so tempted to tag along, ha ha. I think I will ask him if I can join him a few times.
I’m helping my friend out at her office today, so I get to wear grown up clothes! So fun!
We are having much cooler mornings finally, so hoping to take advantage of that some runs!
Have a great workout and a good day!


That is so true, Wendy. We’ve been able to handle 100% of the things we’ve had to deal with so far, so however things play out, we know we can handle it. I did not know that your oldest is going to the police academy. That is amazing. In southern California? Andrew has an uncle who is a police officer in LA and a cousin who is one in Tustin. I wonder if they will ever cross paths? That is absolutely amazing, and I love that he is running for these tasks. I hope you go together:). Enjoy those cooler mornings. Thanks, Wendy!


I wasn’t much of a worrier until my girls started driving and going off to college. However, I know that God loves them even more than I do. I hold onto His words and we all know that it never benefits us to worry, but actually does harm. There is a christian counselor named, Sissy Goff and she has a new book called Worry Free Parenting. She has amazing posts on instagram and she has such godly wisdom to share.

My parents live about 700 miles away in Florida but so thankful for them both.


Driving and college… Stephani, I am going to need you to be my mentor through those stages. Off to buy her book, that sounds perfect. Your words are so true. Thank you for sharing, they help me so much. Have the most beautiful day!


I am worrier too, also inherited from my mother =) I try to tell myself to stop, that it won’t help but I worry anyway. My mom lives 2 miles from me and I love it!

I am so excited for your international marathon, we just got home from three weeks in Europe and it was the best!


BETH! Oh my goodness, three weeks in Europe, I am so so happy for you! Now how do we help our kids from inheriting this from us;). 2 miles = perfection. I hope you have the best day!


I learned something important about worrying during a family crisis: that you can waste a LOT of time gaming out scenarios that will never happen. As a hypothetical unimportant example, you might be worried that one of your kids doesn’t know how to ride a bike right when there’s a big school bike fair coming up – you could spend hours worrying a) that everyone will exclude him, b) that he’s not excluded but still isn’t having fun, c) that it will start off fun but he’ll definitely have a meltdown when he realizes he can’t ride, d) that he might get sick and miss it and feel extra left out – you get the drift. Maybe A-D will never happen! During a crisis, I spent WAY too many hours preparing for a wide variety of scenarios that never actualized. I would have been better off tending to the basics and making sure only the proven issues were being addressed.


Wow. Liz. This is so so true. If I could just take that energy used worrying into taking care of what I can… I could move mountains ha. Thank you for sharing, that helps a lot!


I love the Clifton’s but since I am more of a forefoot striker, they stopped working for me with longer mileage! But they are the comfiest. I’m loving my Brooks adrenaline at the moment, but really want to try the superblast from Asics! Though not sure if those are too similar to Hoka, I have to read up on them more.

Such a worrier as well. I think I could have a PhD in worrying at this point in my life. I’ve worked on it in therapy and different things, but my husband has also really helped me with his philosophy of, if I can’t change it, why am I wasting my energy worrying about it? So I’m trying to remind myself that if it’s out of my control that’s the end of the story. Easier said than done!


My kids do run on a club xc team in the fall, and the same club team for track in the spring. It’s been a way we can all be together while they’re also participating in a sport. My husband’s work schedule has him working late most nights, so I can’t be in 5 places at once. This is just what works for us, but it has been nice to have my kids at practice at the same location and time and days of the week. It works in this season. I’m sure someday it’ll get more complicated, but for these years it has been a blessing!


I try to remember worry is the thief of joy. Easier said than done sometimes!


My grandma (who was the most wise woman I’ve ever known) would always say “Don’t borrow trouble, just deal with the issue IF it arises.” Best advice of my life. When I get stressed about something I remember to stop borrowing trouble and just roll with whatever comes up. More often than not nothing comes of the issue I was stressing about and if it something does pop up it is usually less problematic than what I made up in my head.

I have run since my kids were 8 & 11, and neither has any interest in running. My daughter has always hated it, and my son was a 3 sport athlete in HS so he was always in shape and could run (fast) but doesn’t choose to run. It was and is a by product of whatever he is doing (playing soccer, conditioning for other sports, etc). He did challenge me to run a trail marathon with him on his college campus and started training, but then needed shoulder surgery and was unable to do it with me. He didn’t hate the running, but would much rather lift weights than run.


I’d like to think of myself as a “functional worrier.” I mean let’s be real, we are SUPER prepared for hiccups/bumps in the road/anyone else’s disaster. When I worked in outpatient surgery and patients expressed being worried I’d reassure them that they were getting their body prepared for the stress and anything coming their way. Of course I also alleviated their worry by clear explanations of procedures, but the worriers tended to well!

Did you send your passports to be on the express path?!

Super excited for your upcoming adventures!


I’m really not much of a worrier. I try to only worry about things that I can actually control and in all frankness, I’m lucky that I’ve lived a fairly easy life so it’s easier not to be a worrier (so, no judgment against those of you that are!)

All 3 of my kids ran cross country (I coach) in high school. My daughter hated it but loved the camaraderie. My middle son ran a 1/2, so he likes it but doesn’t do it as much with school and a part-time job. My youngest is currently running for me and I think he mostly likes it.

My mom lives about 25 min away so I get to see her at least once a week, it’s the best!


I am a worrier.
Used to be a much worse worrier.
One of the biggest helps is just realizing that if X happens, I will handle it.

You know how when you run, its hard, but you confidently are doing the hard.
If X situation happens that is hard, choose to confidently handle the hard in the same manner.


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