This will get you to stop & 17 pictures from Saturday.

SHE’S BACK.  Josse went to Hawaii the week after we went so it felt like it had been forever since our last run together.

We set out for our run when it was still dark and raining.  I was BEYOND happy for the rain because that meant that the air was going to be a lot cleaner (parts of Utah get awful inversion during the winter).  Rain also meant that it wasn’t cold enough for it to snow so I gladly welcomed the rain.

My window before we started running:

IMG 8822

Within a mile or so we didn’t have any more rain and once the sun came up it was gorgeous outside.

IMG 8836

We ran up my favorite canyon which usually has too much snow on the trail to run on much during the winter.  After a week of mostly treadmill running, it was really nice to be outside with somebody.  We finished up with a little over 12 miles and I’m not sure what our pace was because my watch died and Josse’s watch was different because she had done more mileage than me but I do know I hit the 12 mile mark plus some.

I NEED TO GET USED to taking gels again.  I used Huma Chia Energy Gels while training for the St. George Marathon last year and I loved them—>  zero stomach problems with them, taste great and quick energy.  I took off some time from long runs and I have completely fallen out of the habit of using fuel during a long run.  Time to get back into it because I will definitely need to take one during my next race and I want my body to be used to them again.

IMG 8826

Along the way we came across some snowmen on a bench and then a few in the middle of the trail.  On our way back down the canyon we came across two moose.  Moose can be extremely mean and they are not something I want to see anywhere near me.  We stopped for a while and watched them (they are beautiful!) and waited for them to go off the trail a bit before continuing to run.

IMG 8824

Back home quickly to a shower and to wear an all grey outfit.

IMG 8847

And join the family for some Saturday morning snuggling for a little while.

IMG 8838

And watching youtube animal videos.

IMG 8850

I had a bunch of grapes before my run (my stomach felt a little off) so I was more than ready to have breakfast.

IMG 8843

Blueberry waffles with turkey bacon.  I’ve told you before but Knox is pretty picky with his eating but he is doing SO good at trying things lately… he even liked the turkey bacon.

IMG 8846

Later on in the day I checked the weather and it said 53 degrees.  I know that might still seem a little chilly for some but it felt like a spring day for us.  Beretta can play in the river all day long, no matter how cold the water was.

IMG 8867

While we were there Beretta made friends with a HUGE chocolate lab—>  he weighed 145 lbs!

IMG 8870

IMG 8876

Just kept going along with the ‘feels like spring’ thing and had a slurpee afterwards.  I’m sure we will be back to freezing temperatures again soon but we are just going to soak it all in as much as possible for now.

IMG 8881

Andrew got busy on some school work and Brooke, Knox and I went over to Mer’s house (my grandma) and then over to my parents’ house to visit everyone.

Yeah, they love taking their shoes off in the car.  Sometimes they get out and are running to the house faster than I  notice they have taken off their shoes.  Brooke inherited my non-matching socks gene.

IMG 8888

They ran their usual laps around the big rug and gave grandpa high-fives each time around.

IMG 8892

And for dinner we ordered a pizza.  It hit the spot.

IMG 8900

Ready for a rest day today and some Super Bowl watching… aka sitting on a couch and snacking for the entire day.


Watching the Super Bowl today?  Who are you rooting for?

What have you been taking for fuel on your runs?  For what distances do you bring fuel with you?

What animals have you seen while out running? 

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I’m always in awe of the pictures you take when out on your runs. I’m from Texas, so I’m no stranger to gorgeous views while out and about. Those mountains and snow and clouds, tho!<3

My team isn't in the Super Bowl this year, but I'll root for the Falcons.

Rabbits and rats are pretty common here in Chicago!


I’m going to a Super Bowl party where all the kids will play together in the basement, and I will not watch the Super Bowl. I’ll just sit there, talk to people, stuff my face, etc. Maybe I’ll cheer once or twice if I can figure out when it’s appropriate. I don’t even know who’s playing, TBH. But I did see that Budweiser commercial! I really liked it.


i would absolutely freak if I encountered a moose! omg. the most I see here in ny is a squirrel or maybe a bunny in the spring. I really like hammer gels. I keep one in my pocket for long runs but I don’t open it unless I feel I need it/training for a race and running harder/faster long runs.


I almost got hit by a deer running once. And I’ve come across armadillo. No giant moose. I would be in awe.

My team isn’t playing but my bf and his family are all from Massachusetts, so we will be rooting for New England. I love Super Bowl food. I’m making Buffalo Chicken stuff mini peppers. Trying to keep my carbs in check, so I want some options for myself since I’ll be at someone else’s party.

I fuel with straight honey packets. Don’t know if it is the best, but it works, with zero tummy issues for me.


Is the Super Bowl really that big of a deal? I’ve never been the huge sports fan but it seems like everybody and their moms are all about watching this show tonight.


What a weird question.
Yes. It is.


Haha, Linda – I’m with you. Football is BORIIIIIING :p


I am cold just looking at all that snow! #ArizonaLife


I’m rooting for the Falcons just to spread the love.

I don’t see anything to interesting on the trails here. Let’s see… huge turtle, deer, spiders, turkey vulture, toads, and snakes. (Typed that as snacks. I must be hungry for breakfast!) I see snakes and deer the most often.


That weather is cold. Your kids must love that their grandma lets them run circles around the house like that.


I didn’t even know it was the Super Bowl until yesterday… so safe to say I’m not watching it nor do I even know who is playing, haha! I take fuel for runs of half marathon distance of more. Maybe a 12 mile I would take fuel too. I like the mocha ones ;)


I would love to know where your long sleeve pink hoodie is from that you wore on your run! Thanks!


HEY MELISSA!! It is from Old Navy and here is the link! Enjoy your Sunday!


I might watch the superbowl today but we don’t have any big parties too.

I’m glad you have your running buddies back. I am excited to head back to NJ and run with my friends as well. Have a great Sunday Janae!


Pats !!!


I’m from Atlanta, so I’ll be cheering for the Falcons. Your runs look beautiful, despite the rain! I did indoor cycling this morning. I love this workout. I had pizza for dinner last night too. It was gluten free and so delicious. We have pizza about once a week. Have a wonderful Sunday!


I live in Cleveland so the only animals I see on my runs are squirrels and deer, sometimes fox. I would be so nervous if I had run into a moose!

I didn’t even know it was the super bowl until my dad texted me and asked if I wanted to watch some of it with him. I do not like football AT ALL but I’ll go spend some time with my dad and maybe some of the commercials will be good!


Go Falcons!

I take Hammer Gel or GU for long runs, my stomach does not like any solid food on the run so I have to pay close attention to timing so I don’t bonk. I don’t take anything for runs under 90 minutes.

I saw a coyote this morning (we see them all the time.) I’ve also seen deer, rabbits, bobcats, and snakes. I’ve seen bear tracks on our trail, but I’ve never seen the bear.


Mostly deer and wild turkeys around here.

I’m rooting for the team that wins :)

I usually tolerate honey stinger chews the best.


I’ve gotten out of the habit of running outside at all…maybe you inspired me to try it again this week. Even if it rains. Picky eaters…take a ton of patience. We went through that with my son. And because I love to offer unsolicited opinions…I always felt if they didn’t freak about something being on their plate, initially it was okay. They were allowed not to like it or not even to try it but they couldn’t freak out about it. After months of that, sometimes they would try it. My 13 yr old boy still hates, hates beans and mashed potatoes. And when we have chili he very delicately picks out the meat and eats it. It’s kind of funny. But at least he’s sitting with us, eating the same dinner. And he’s not scrunching up his nose or making comments. Just eats what he wants and leaves what he doesn’t. And…lots of opinions abound with picky eaters. Ultimately it comes down to what works best for him and your family.


THANK YOU J.L. We need all of the advice/experience of others as we work with him on this. Thank you for sharing and we will be trying out the ‘no freaking out about something on the plate thing’ starting today and see how he does. I really appreciate you!


Clift Bars and coffee are my go-to breakfasts before long runs. To me they’re so easy to digest and to eat early in the morning where I’m not really hungry. For shorter distances, I just have coffee with a few graham crackers.

And cats are the animal that I see the most while out running. They’re so cute!!!! I always stop to take pictures haha.


I won’t be watching the Superbowl, I’m not much of a football person. I heard that the puppy bowl will be back again this year though. That’s totally something I’m into.

I say enjoy the spring like weather as much as possible. My city is currently under a heavy snowfall warning. Luckily it won’t be cold for too long though.


145 pounds!!! That is a big lab.

I see a lot of deer while running.


Those two little snowmen are so cute!!!!

This morning I had to cut my run short because of black ice in the shady spots. It was ridiculous. The bright sun and blue sky definitely skewed our assessment of the conditions! I never want to run into wild boar on my run-I often see deer, fox, jackalope (I make that word up, they’re really big rabbits that bound like we all wish we could for plyometrics….) goats, sheep, and hedgehogs.
The superbowl is on at like 0200 here in Germany but luckily for most, there’s plenty of pregame. However, I know SO MANY people who will stay up to watch!

I have a fructose and sorbitol intolerance so finding gels that work is a huge trick. I drink NUUN warm or cold depending on the season. I have found a few sorbitol/fructose free gels. There’s no way I could eat grapes before a run. It sounds so good, too!


We just took up football last week and I was informed I am a falcons fan but mostly just a not tom Brady fan. We are going to try to watch the game.
Fuel? If I workout for two consecutive hours then yes I take some fuel. It varies as to what I eat but I don’t buy special Gus or anything. If I need caffeine I drink it in a drink water mix. Other than that I have a pretty strong stomach so bring on pbj or a granola bar.


Go Falcons! ( I dislike the Patriots).

I use Tailwind for fuel. If I need more I like Honey Stinger chews? I am going to try huma gels. If Ian training for a half I start practicing with fuel when runs are longer than 8 miles. .( I am a slower runner so I am out a while)

I don’t generally see many exotic animals when I run. I have seen a deer, horses, and goats (they are brought in to eat the poison ivy in one park. I love seeing them). Turtles, herons, ducks, bats, mice, and rats are the most common.


I’ve been taking Hammer Nutrition electrolyte capsules (anything with sugar upsets my stomach). I don’t see many animals along my running route (a squirrel or two maybe). I’m actually not watching the Super Bowl at all this year.


While hiking up to Lake Solitude in the Tetons during our honeymoon, my husband and I saw a bull moose standing right next to the trail. He just stood there looking at us so we gave him plenty of room as we walked past.

I use Honey Stinger pomegranate flavored chews and love them – they’re like candy. I don’t usually take them on my run unless I’m running eight miles or more.


My son isn’t the pickiest eater. It’s awful and stressful for meal time. Glad Knox tried the bacon for you – I understand celebrating victories with eating.


You got me hooked on the Huma gels! I love them! They sustained me for my recent halfs. I take around miles 4 and 8 or so. I get nervous before a race and find myself hungry that early on.


I fuel for runs that usually last over 90 minutes. I’m planning on experimenting with different fuel options because Gu gels (what I’ve used for past marathons and triathlons) haven’t been sitting well with my stomach the past couple long runs! Do you use any other fuel other than those chia gels?


YAY for Huma! I JUST became a #humabeing/Huma Ambassador last week!!! If you want a 25% code that never expires and is good on their website, use JWagner25 :)

I like the berry flavored ones, and right now my very favorite is the Huma Plus Strawberry Lemonade—so so so good!!!!!!!

I usually use gels for 10+ mile runs or possibly during longer mileage speedwork when I know I’m going to be asking my body to put out a lot of effort. :)


May I ask what your wall color is?? It’s so hard to find a good gray and I really like yours. I keep ending up with too much blue in mine and I want to REAL gray color!!

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