Trampoline running + Skye’s just happy to be out + my training log for last week!

Workouts are approximately 11 times more enjoyable when Josse is there compared to doing them on my own.  She ran 17 miles the day before (her marathon is coming up) so we didn’t stick together for the entire workout but most of it we did.

March weather is pure heaven.

IMG 2664

We started off with a 2 mile warm-up and then went straight into the long intervals.  3 x 1.5 miles with a .5 mile recovery was on the schedule.  The paces for each of the intervals were 7:13, 7:06 & 6:59.  They were supposed to be done at a level 5-6 out of 10 and they felt like a 6 for me.  My legs were pretty tired on the last one but cardiovascular wise the intervals felt pretty good and I felt controlled with these paces so I was happy about that.  We went to a flat as a pancake trail so there were no hills.

IMG 2662

After the intervals were over we cooled-down for a bit and finished with 9.58 miles.  This workout went by so fast which is one reason I love speed work, it divides up the miles into segments so you just focus on the segment that you are in and before you know it.. you are done.  We talked the whole time and then I turned on my music (Brand New and Taking Back Sunday were the theme for my music) for the 3 intervals.

IMG 2667

These.  These shoes were something else.  I think I will be wearing these a few times a week now.  The Levitates are amazing, I felt like I was bouncing on a trampoline with these.  I had worn them before while pregnant but this was my first time doing any sort of speed in them and I’m hooked.

IMG 2666

I came home and Skye was still snoozing but these two were busy playing.  PS I bet all of you parents out there are just as excited about Daylight Savings as we are;)

IMG 2673

After a run it is tough to get in a breakfast right away because I usually need to feed Skye but I just started making a protein smoothie to drink while I feed her so I’m jumpstarting my recovery.  Yesterday’s included collagen, protein powder, frozen blueberries and milk.

IMG 2676

A bit later and we were out the door to grocery shop and get everything for a family dinner tonight.

IMG 2685

PS IT IS SHORT SLEEVE SHIRT WEATHER for all of us (even though that is a year round thing for Andrew)!

IMG 2683

We needed two carts yesterday for our shopping trip.   They had so many good samples yesterday.

IMG 2692

Andrew requested Costco cheesecake for his dessert so we picked that up and also some chocolate.

IMG 2697

And then we had some salads for our lunch!

IMG 2698

Beretta was thrilled to be back at the park again chasing baseballs that Andrew hit for her.

IMG 2700

And Skye was just happy to be outside… maybe I need to get some baby sunglasses for her.

IMG 2703

In the afternoon Andrew helped  some people move and then we had a sandwich picnic for dinner!

IMG 2710


Another week of training, done and done!  7 weeks until my half-marathon!

IMG 2262

Monday:  6 miles @ 8:50 average pace.

Tuesday:  7.1 miles total with 3 x 600 m (.37 miles) w/2 minute recoveries and 3 x 400 m (.25 miles) w/1 minute recoveries.  Intervals started at 6:23 pace and I worked down to a 6:00 pace.

Wednesday:  5 miles @ 8:38 average pace.

Thursday:  60 minutes easy followed by 4 x 20 seconds fast (around a 6:20 pace) w/1 minute recoveries.  7.86 miles @ 8:24 average pace.

Friday: 5.28 miles @ 8:32 average pace.

Saturday:  9.58 miles total at 7:58 average pace.  2 mile warm-up, 3 x 1.5 miles at marathon pace/ level 6 out of 10.  Paces for those 1.5 mile intervals were 7:13, 7:06 & 6:59.  Cool-down.

Sunday:  OFF!

40.82 miles for the week!


What was the best run that you had last week?

Have a protein powder that you love?

What did you have for dinner last night?

What’s on the agenda for your Sunday morning?

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Those shoes do look pretty sharp!

I’m surprised you can be sponsored by both Brooks and Nike, though- do they really not make you pledge to not represent a competitor?


Hey Jennifer! Brooks has no problem with me reviewing different brands on my blog! For me personally, I decided that brooks are the only shoes I will run in (my decision, nothing in contract about that… I am just obsessed with them for running). As far as cross training or casual wear goes, I do try different things out! Have a fabulous day!


Cool, well, that’s nice they let you review other brands! Have a great day as well.


In about two hours, I’m headed out for a 22 mile run. The carrot I’ll keep in front of me: going out for breakfast with my daughter when I’m finished!

Always so fun to read about your running and family life, Janae!


Ahhhhh good luck Tam, you are going to rock those 22 miles! Breakfast out with your daughter after = best reward. Thank you so much Tam and keep me updated with how training is going and what race you are training for! Get some pancakes for me?


Great week of running Janae!

My favorite run was my 18 miler yesterday. 5 miles w/u, 8 @ 7:08, 5 cool down. Never thought I’d be capable of running ‘fast’ (for me). Your blog has been a huge source of inspiration!!

Resting, lunch w a friend, grocery, cleaning. My Sunday agenda. Have a beautiful day!


Wow, your landscape pics look like professional canvas art. We had spring rolls with fish and grilled pork last night. Just getting ready for church now. Have a great day, Janae!


Last night we had hotdogs with potato salad and coleslaw. This morning we drove to the nearest woods (about 45 minutes away) and ran there. It smelled so good. We had a bit of rain, but that was ok. We did about 11,5 kilometer, but we took a lot of little breaks to decide where we would go. I really enjoy the soft paths there. Our reward was coffee and blueberry muffins when we got back to the car. I baked them this morning. I’m quite proud of that, baking before I left the house at 8.30. On of our sons’ team was indoor hockey champion this winter, and all indoor champions receive their medal at the hockey club this afternoon.


A sandwich picnic dinner in March makes me want to levitate! The levitate mantra is born. Pump my arms and levitate (repeat).

Hey, here something else on hormones and maca. There are 163 comment threads – so, lots of good info. Comments include breastfeeding concerns. This is the big leagues. Anyone could benefit from nos. 26 and either 29.1 or 49.1:


We love Babiators for our little ones. I bet Skye would look adorable in a pair. Jealous of your warm weather. Hope it makes its way north.


I had never heard of babiators until your comment so I just looked them up and YES… I need those ASAP! Thanks Kristen and I hope that it starts warming up where you are!


Burgers, roasted veggies, and fruit salad for dinner.
Waffles for breakfast.
It’s been a good 12 hours of eating!!
Happy Sunday to you.


Weirdly, my favorite workout has become my 5-7 mile hill repeat workout every week… I feel like it goes by really quickly, and I can feel the positive impact of it when I’m doing my long runs on saturdays! I have been really loving Vega Protein and Greens for post-run recovery; I’ve found it especially helpful after long runs. Today is my recovery day so I’m doing brunch with my friends, a little shopping, and then I’m going to hit the gym to flush out my legs on a spin bike and read my new book for 30-45 minutes. Happy Sunday!


Morning today! Just came back from my our long-run. Didn’t know I was actually going to go that long, but I felt really good 30 minutes into it and didn’t want to stop :-) it must nice it must be nice to have a running buddy! Unfortunately I can’t even find a regular workout buddy because everybody doesn’t seem to have the commitment. What are your top tips for finding a fitness buddy?


I’m going to try to go all through church saying as little as possible. My voice randomly disappeared haha. I sound so funny. It should be an interesting day because I’m primary secretary.

I struggle with protein powder because I can’t stand the way the fake protein tastes. I’ve heard good things about that PB brand from Costco.


I can’t remember the brand that I use off the top of my head, but it tastes so good – seriously, like vanilla cake. I really lucked out when I found it.


Hi Janae,
Favorite run was this morning- I have a standing Sunday running date come rain or shine. This morning it was a shining sunrise. 8.25 miles at 8:29 pace.
I am breaking in Saucony Freedoms with a metatarsal pad-so I can’t go too high in mileage yet. I learned a tough lesson running in my last shoes past the point of support in a race a few weeks ago- Youch!


I am sicker than a dog and have my marathon this Sunday:( although I feel a tad better today. Trying not to be sad about it.

Now I need to try those shoes! Love love my Brooks for running!


NOOOO CHRISTINA!! I am so so sorry you are sick… I hope that you get feeling better and better in time for you race on Sunday. Please keep me updated!


Happy Sunday Janae and family!
My favorite run this week was this morning. My husband and I were back in the town we moved away from a couple years ago and got to surprise one of my favorite running friends on her usual weekend run. She is a high school track and xc coach (I coached with her for 3 years and my hubby coached with her for 7) and always posts on Facebook when/ where she will be running on Sundays so any of the girls on the team, alumni, or friends can join up for a run on a really nice trail. It was so nice to catch up with her for a few miles.
Then we went to one of our favorite bagel places for brunch after running before heading back home.
It was nice to be back to our old stomping grounds for a weekend. It was the city we met and were married in so it brought back some good memories. We also got to see my brother and sister in law for dinner last night (I had a seared tuna salad, so good!) and met a friend for drinks.
The protein powder I am currently using is Dymatize in the chocolate flavor, it is really good. Tastes like a chocolate milkshake.
Hope you have a good day!


i don’t usually like protein powders but I love Vital Proteins collagen! I use their collagen peptides and the creamer.


Best run was definitely yesterday’s trail race (18 miles on our local mountains and some snow), even though the course was a bit longer than advertised. Another runner and I kept thinking we must be done now, the finish is just around the corner (the course was only 2km longer than advertised but when you are expecting to be done…). Bonus was I got in my long run while racing, making a new trail running friend and managed a solid placing which I wasn’t expecting at all.

Last night salmon, rice, and a steak stew (I was really hungry)

Today, just being lazy and enjoying the gorgeous weather.

Favourite protein powder – Vega brand – protein greens vanilla flavoured – He picked it out and we use it in our smoothies and acaia bowls we like to make it at home.

Have a great Sunday!


Do you have a trainer that figures out what kind of run to do each day?


Hey! I have a coach that sends me my running workouts each week! I hope you are having a great evening:)


Thank you!


Ok this is such a random question, but I see Brook’s hair is wet in the dinner picnic picture. My daughter is almost 3 and her hair is starting to get really long. When Brook bathes at night, do you blow dry her hair before bed or just let it air dry or what? I really don’t want to have to add this task to our nightly routine lol, but I worry about her going to bed with wet hair. TIA!


I love hearing about your training! You’ll do so great on your first post-baby half!


brand new and taking back sunday ruled my HS years! always takes me back whenever i listen to them.

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