I have a feeling and how is 90 seconds so long?

(tank, shoes, bra, shorts)

I’m not going to lie; running in the canyon in the dark is pretty creepy.  The same sounds that I hear in the light, sound way freakier when I hear them in the dark.  But I love being on this trail in the dark vs. the roads because I don’t have to worry about cars.

My friend, Jess, found these beauties at TJ Maxx for 1/3 the price that they are online.  She loved them for our speed workout.

Oh, the workouts that make you feel dizzy and like you are going to lose your breakfast… that was yesterday.  We did 14 miles total with 6 miles in the middle of 90 seconds ON/90 seconds easy.  A six-mile tempo sounds so much easier to me than this type of workout.  Those 90 seconds of getting to very uncomfortable paces burned, but it will help me in the long run.  We ended up doing 13 90-second fast intervals.  I have a friend training for Chicago (same weekend as St. George), and he is always about ten steps ahead of me, so it is nice to try to keep up. 

We finished the morning with a 10-minute strength arms/shoulders workout with Andrew.  Two minutes into this workout, both of our arms felt like they were going to fall off.

Beck requested a walk with the wagon.

Our evening highlight was making pizza at our neighbor’s house.

I was just about to start making dinner at home when they invited us for this… the joy of not having to make anything or clean up the kitchen is truly the greatest gift.

Their pizza is Beck’s favorite food. His appetite showed up for this event.

Andrew has completed the setup of all of his Halloween decorations.

I have a feeling that after our Budapest Marathon experience, we are going to need to do all of the marathons that City Sightseeing offers… They are going to get us hooked.

If you could choose any marathon from this list, which would you choose? Who has been to any of these locations?

How do you feel about running in the dark?

What’s your workout today?

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To me, running in the dark is a weird combination of peaceful (because it feels like you’re awake before the rest of the world) and scary (I run around my neighborhood, so I always worry about being caught alone/unaware by someone). I won’t run alone in the dark anymore, but I love running in the dark with a group. Have you shared on Instagram ALL of Andrew’s decorations? I’d love to see the whole setup! Those CityScapes marathons sound amazing; I’d love to do Zurich because Switzerland looks gorgeous! I also want to do more Vacation Races! Next on my list is Glacier, Zion, and Yosemite! The Grand Tetons race last summer was AMAZING! Happy Thursday Janae!


Amen to it being peaceful and scary all at once. I will happily join you for the Zurich one:). And let me know when you do Zion! Seriously, still so jealous of your race in the Grand Tetons. Amazing! I really need to try to get a picture that doesn’t show too much of our house, I’ll work on that today! Hope your morning is off to a great start, Emily!


I have zero online presence, so I absolutely forgot about your need to keep certain things private when you share online. Definitely understand and respect that decision and didn’t mean to make you feel like you need to share more than you’re comfortable with. Tell Andrew his set up is impressive! Thanks Janae!


Ummm you are the nicest EVER! I want Andrew to be able to show them off so I’ll see if we can edit out the house or something!?! Thanks Emily!


Oh wow a marathon in Budapest sounds very cool! I would say Edinborough marathon would be a neat one to try!

I don’t have a workout planned so will see how the body feels. Also not having to clean the kitchen amd make dinner = winning. The pizza looked delicious!

I don’t mind running in the dark..for my August trail race I had to use a headlamp for the last bit..for sure running in the dark is a different experience. A good headlamp is key.

Have a great day Janae!


Edinborough would be incredible! Let’s all meet there:). You’ll have to let me know the headlamp you recommend. Thank you so much Kristine, you too!


Okay first off, we have to talk about Elle Purrier finishing the Fifth-Avenue mile in 4:23 SIX MONTHS post-partum and her incredible speech at the finish (“for all the moms, who don’t give themselves enough credit.”). Have you seen it?! She’s a fellow Vermonter and I used to watch her when she dominated in high-school (my husband coached another team that raced against her school). I love her!

I’ve been to Seoul, South Korea and would love to return to race there :) I spent a long weekend in Italy for a friend’s destination wedding but would love to return to Florence to race and spend more time in Italy. Prague would also be amazing. And Budapest. And Copenhagen (only spent a few hours there traveling). And, and, and…!

Running in the dark= spooky. And the news just freaks me so I can’t do it unless I’m around a lot of people/ houses. Have a wonderful day, Janae!


Courtney. I didn’t see her speech, I will be finding it and rewatching it. That gave me goosebumps. 6 months?! She is incredible. Okay, we need to do all of those races together. Thank you and I hope you don’t have any dark runs soon!


I’d probably pick London off of the marathon list b/c it’s so hard to get in to. Otherwise Cape Town would be a dream!

I’m sad that the days are getting shorter. I don’t feel unsafe running in the dark, but it’s def harder to get out of bed and out the door!

8miles easy today!


Cape Town would truly be so incredible and I wonder if London will ever be easier to get into!?! Yep, goodbye to those summer mornings when I would naturally wake up with the light for my runs. Time for all of the alarm clocks. Hope your 8 miles were great ones! Thanks Ida!


Six miles seems like a long time for 90 seconds on/off! But then it does make the miles go by quicker since you’re only focused on 90 seconds at a time.
Yesterday I did a 30 minute tempo followed by 8 x1 minute on/off. I used my Sepp Kuss concentration during it, eyes locked in forward, relax, set the tempo, quiet the mind and do the work. Speaking of the American-his teammates have been attacking his lead the last few days in La Vuelta. It’s cycling’s biggest mess/embarrassment right now.
Time for me to go hit up TJ Maxx for running shoes!


Totally… it was a weird feeling to feel like each 90 seconds last forever yet the 6 miles went by so fast. Okay, your workout sounds amazing! I’ll try that concentration this weekend. Ummm that is crazy about his teammates! Let me know if you find some good deals.


Looks like they cooperated with Sepp more today. The last 3 stages should be interesting!


Yes! Sepp said important meeting were had last night. Sounds like damage control!!
I’m here for the rest of Sepp-tember!




I hate running in the dark! I had a scary encounter several months ago and now need it to be more light for me to get out there!

Florence! I told my husband he had better figure that one out! How amazing would it be to eat and run our way through Florence? And it would be after we’re done coaching the middle school cross country team – perfect timing!


So many of those marathons would be incredible! Oslo, Stockholm, Edinburgh, London…. I would also love to do New York and Chicago.
Yay for all the Halloween to be up! Can’t wait to see it all.
I like running in the dark. I find it sort of peaceful. Although it can be a little scary. And you’re right, the sounds that you normally hear in the daytime sound very different in the dark.
Awesome job on that workout! And yes, 90 seconds can feel so long at times, ha ha.
Have a good day.


I’d pick Rimini, because I lived there for six months as an exchange student; London (who doesn’t love London?!), Stockholm (it’s my favorite European city) and of course New York (because I still dream about moving there)!

Running in the dark is too spooky. If I want to run before work I’m too scared to run in the park which means I’d have to run past a very busy street. I worry that a van might stop and pull me in. Hence, I don’t get up and either run after work (while it’s still not too dark for that) or at the gym. But eventually, mid-week runs will become mainly treadmill runs in the gym. Sad but I’m a coward.


I love the obsession with Halloween, haha! I agree, not having to make/clean up for supper is the best!

I kind of like running in the dark? I always run in town though so I can’t say it is completely dark. I love to see my ‘regular’ walkers and runners when I am out in the morning. I only screamed once when a skunk ran in front of me. The only other close call was a man with Alzheimers who almost ran me over…he ended up running into a lamp post down the road: -(.

Have a great Thursday, Janae!


I do not run in the dark by myself- with friends in the early morning I will, but other than that I am too scared.

I would want to go to Lisbon or Seoul! Haven’t been to either and this would be the perfect excuse.

Today was strength at PT- she really gets in the strength when I’m there to work on my weak areas. I might run tonight if I’m up to it, but for now I am feeling sore!


I’ve been to a bunch of places on that list and a marathon sounds like a great way to see them!

I use to run in the dark a lot, not so much anymore. Tripping over my own feet one too many times had me rethinking my options.

Recovery day today – 9 miles on the trail yesterday. Les it stronger running up and I’m stronger running down, so we kind of killed each other yesterday ;)


What are those white shoes you are wearing int he picture where you’re pulling Buck in the wagon?


Hey Nikki! Here is the link to them, they are so comfortable. Have a great day! https://shopstyle.it/l/b1bZh


I don’t mind running in the dark and where I run/live I worry more about the animals I may encounter than people. Dark mornings just make it harder to get out of bed.
Although, one morning about a month ago, my husband dropped me off for a run up the mountain super early (and dark), running down was pretty sketchy, I turned off my music and started making noise to try and not startle any animals that may be around in the bushes. Definitely done with the super early morning stuff up there until next spring/summer.


I think in November 2024 your should go to Florence for the marathon there, if that running group holds Florence in 2024 again. it’s the most beautiful city–and if you were to try for Rome in the spring (since I assume they’ll keep the same or similar schedule), it might interfere with any goals you could possibly set for Boston or other races that are close to that time!

My workout today–I taught BODYPUMP at 5:30 AM (not gonna lie, these days the super early alarm clock feels harder and harder for me…). No one knew how tired or anxious I was (aside from my mentioning briefly 1. that my schedule had been packed and 2. that my closing was today), and I don’t think anyone knew that I was having a super bad body image morning (that’s what happens when you wear a tank top that you love when you look at it but hate when you see you in it–but it’s lightweight and high-neck enough to feel good for teaching…), and I even went up in my squat track weight!

And once I got home from the gym, I showered, made sure Tom was awake and showered, and then we drove to the attorney’s office and closed on our home! We get to move into it in about a month!

That pizza looks AMAZING!!!!


Running in the dark is part creepy but part peaceful/calm. I like when you start in the dark and finish in the light. It feels so satisfying and a great way to start a day. Plus you aren’t trying to out last the sun setting. But creepy, still.

From that list I’d choose Dublin, Zurich, Tallinn, Florence (been there, it’s stunning and delicious), and Copenhagen (been there). I’ve also been to Edinburgh and would hands down go back. Actually most of them I’d go to in a heartbeat! Thinking of spectators being jovial is why I’d choose Dublin! Seriously though, Florence is dreamy.

That pizza looks spectacular.


I have heard Prague is amazing!
Also, I tried running in the dark until I realized I couldn’t see the road. It was a struggle.
Your house looks beautiful above, are you planning to share before/after of your renos?


I like running in the dark. Peaceful and quiet! We are running Athens in November! I’ve heard it’s quite hilly and can be hard so I guess we’ll find out! Lots of other places on that list that look amazing! We’ve ran in Thailand, Israel, Morocco…warning…you’re going to be HOOKED!


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