Our day summarized in 16 Pictures & I really need to know this…

A little over ten miles for my Saturday morning GLOVELESS (that is important after the last few days of freezing cold running).  A few miles with a friend and a few miles on my own.

I even attempted a self-timed picture while I was out.  A few of you recommended the Runner’s World podcast and I listened to part of one yesterday = excellent.  It is sure inspiring to be listening all about running while actually running:)  I listened to an interview with Shalane Flanagan!  Did you know that she is a foster mom to two 17 year old girls now?  I love hearing a bit more about the personal lives of these incredible runners.  Also, the fracture that she had (and why she had to miss Boston this year) was most likely because of running on the treadmill a lot this winter or on the snow (Portland got hit with more snow than ever this last year).  It’s crazy how those little changes in our training can make a huge difference on our bodies.

IMG 5933

This may look like snow but it is actually the stuff that makes me sneeze all day long… floating all through the air and then landing on the ground.

IMG 5950

I got home from my run and did my current favorite 4 x 10 squats, 10 lunges with right foot leading & 10 lunges with left foot leading.  It leaves me sore so it must be doing some good strengthening!  Brooke was quite confused about how I could possibly choose running over sleeping in and watching a Saturday morning cartoon… she’ll understand endorphins one day:)

IMG 5952

Beretta came in for her morning massage and gave me an eye for not taking her running with me.

IMG 5954

Great Harvest Bread w/ butter samples after a long run is a really good idea.  You should try it if you have one near you.

IMG 5957

One of my brothers is still at my parent’s house visiting so we picked up sandwiches for everyone and took it over to their house.

IMG 5958

My mom then sent cookies with us once we left.  My mom always has the Costco cookies at her house.  I just have to find which cupboard she hides them in.

IMG 5962

If we come across a dog, the kids go up to the owner and ask if they can pet it.  This time I think they wanted to ask if they could bring it home with us too.

IMG 5963

My brother came with us to the Sundance area to go on a hike to Stewart Falls.  We had a hard time slowing Brooke down on our way to the waterfalls.  We might have a trail runner.

IMG 5971

We came across snow all over the place even though it was strangely warm outside.  It’s a weird feeling to be warm and touching snow.

IMG 5976

It took two miles to get to the waterfall and the kids did really well even if the picture says otherwise.  There were people climbing up the waterfall and it was freaking me out.

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On the way back Brooke’s legs were tired (I get it… I want to be carried after mile speed intervals or long runs) but Knox was all about pressing forward until the end.

IMG 5983

Once we finished the hike we saw a Life Flight helicopter (there for training, not because of an emergency).  Being a Life Flight nurse would be Andrew’s dream job. . We ended up talking to the nurses for quite awhile.  It was awesome to see how excited Andrew was about it. He has found something that makes him really happy!

IMG 5981

Dinner was simple… quesadillas, carrots, grapes and milk:)

IMG 6004

And then we did a family movie night at home.

IMG 6015

I’m ready for a rest day today… anyone else taking one today?

I saw this article yesterday.  I want to know about you:

Screen Shot 2017 05 20 at 9 14 50 PM

Do you wear make-up to a race?  

-I have fake eyelashes and I tint my eyebrows so I don’t wear a ton of make-up in the first place but sometimes I wear some foundation that has SPF if my skin has exploded.  I always have some sort of sunscreen and most importantly, a thick layer of my favorite lip gloss (Punchy from Victoria Secret).  I can’t think of a lot worse (okay, I can but I just really hate it when this happens) during a race than having chapped lips so a thick layer of this stuff always does the trick for me.

What would you say would be your ABSOLUTE dream job?

Who has a rest day today!?  What is your definition of a rest day… easy run, no run, yoga, go on a walk, core work, nothing at all?

Who has ALLERGIES right now?!

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I barely wear makeup at all, so race day is just sunscreen and chapstick!
I have my dream job. Penguins are the coolest.
Today is a rest day=doing nothing (other than work). I have a half in 2 weeks, so I am starting to slow down on training (except for one more long run this week bc it was 90 degrees last week and I had to shorten it). There is an Iron Man going on (70.3 half distance) right behind the aquarium I work at, so I will keep an eye on the athletes for sure today. I am thinking the winner will come thru around 1 or so.
Allergies are not bad for me now, but the pollen (and heat) still makes the runs feel harder than they are.
Have a great weekend!!


What is your job, if you don’t mind me asking? I need to know about the penguins!


I work at an aquarium. I care for the penguins!


I also wear sunscreen, lip balm and I wear foundation to cover my dark circles because I tend to toss and turn the night before a race ;-) my rest day is usually on Monday and I do yoga tune up or take the day off. Not always fun mentally but my legs are always stronger on Tuesday!


I really do love what I do (99% of the time!) I’m a teacher, but if I could be anything and I didn’t have kids living at home, I would love to be a travel writer.

A rest day to me means no formal or hard exercise, yoga, stretching, and a walk would work.

I have yearly allergies and I live in a valley, which is a bummer for my allergies. I take medication year round and I switch it up every 2 months or so just so my body doesn’t get too used to it.


My husband and daughter have both needed life flight over the years. Those nurses change lives!!! The one that transported my husband last year after he drowned and showed brain damage then woke up from a medically induced coma fully recovered…she witnessed a miracle that changed her life!

I’m doing a recovery run today since I ran an 8k race yesterday. And my allergies here in NC are horrible right now!


Oh my goodness Erin! I cannot even imagine. I hope that you never have to have a life flight in your family again but so glad you had amazing nurses and that everyone is okay!


I have really sensitive eyes, so no makeup for me during any kind of sweat session.

My dream job is a writer. That’s what I always thought I’d be, but then I decided it would never work, so I became a lawyer. Now I’m both, and I’m glad I became a lawyer because honestly, I wasn’t wrong. It’s depressing, but very few writers make enough money to pay for health insurance, mortgage, college accounts for kids, etc.


Nope, no makeup for me when running (unless I’m running after work and I have some on). Sunscreen and Burt’s Bees lip balm for me. I don’t even wear make up on weekends.

Dream job – plastic surgeon for burn victims. I think it would be a fascinating job.

Rest day. I need to get in some yoga.

No allergies here.

Have a nice day! Sun is out here in Maine. Finally celebrating Mothers Day with my Mom. I had a race last weekend so needed to postpone.


I have become ADDICTED to VS’s lip gloss….I think I own about 15 different kinds…and they are scattered everywhere! I am thanking you for this addiction!!!!


Oh that makes me so so so beyond happy… it is the best stuff Courteney! I hope you are having an amazing weekend!


I don’t wear much makeup either. Though because I have such fair skin I always make sure that I have sunscreen on before I leave the house.


Brooke will be a great trail runner someday, but you will need to teach her about going out too fast. ?

Cottonwood trees are hard for me too. The only thing that affects me more are summer forest fires (odd since I love a good campfire). But my allergies are not bad compared to some people and I’m just grateful for that.

If I wear any make up at all to a race it’s a little eyeliner. That’s only if I look like I haven’t slept in two days. I think wearing foundation when you are sweating is terrible for your skin and using it to hide a breakout is like putting oil in your hair to hide that it is greasy. Counter productive.

I’m on a run streak so rest days mean one easy mile. I do some form of cross training everyday with weight lifting, yoga and sometimes cycling. I think 50% of my life is some form of exercise. LOL!

I have no good answer about my dream job. In my 40’s I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. My husband would love to fly helicopters for a living though.


I can’t be bothered wearing makeup when I run. I sweat and end up with salt marks so the thought of adding makeup is not appealing; I wear sunscreen and an SPF15 or 30 lip balm. Running gives a glow and it brightens the eyes, in my opinion. I used to run with someone who ran in full makeup. To each their own.

My allergies have started but they aren’t nearly as bad as they used to be. I start my medicine routine early and I find not having dairy helps me.

Rest days are stretching and some walking. My coach was adamant that an easy run or a strong yoga class was not rest and it stuck. If I don’t do some stretching I become too tight.


I don’t wear much make up and NO, I don’t wear make up to races.
Resting day for me today, I wear a fitbit tracker and on my resting day I don’t worry if i don’t reach 10,000 steps. Maybe I will walk to the grocery store today.


My allergies have been going crazy lately too! That is a lot of pollen in that picture! For myself, I’ve mastered the art of sneezing 7 or 8 times in a row without stopping. Lot of fun ;)


I’m on vacation in Kauai right now and we’re going to do a hike this morning….so I’m going to call it cross-training instead of a rest day ;)


That sounds HEAVENLY!!! Enjoy every second!


YES, I wear makeup to a race! I like taking photos to remember every race, and the ones with no makeup don’t quite look their best! I just do a light version of my normal (already light) makeup. Concealer, powder, touch of eye makeup, touch of lip gloss. Nothing too heavy as I will sweat, but just want to look polished for a pic.


Oh I love that Jen!! Sounds perfect:) I hope you have had an amazing weekend!


I take one complete rest day per week (Sundays)! It gives me an extra hour or two to catch up on other things that I don’t often get time to do during the week!


YES YES YES… I totally agree, it’s so nice!! Enjoy your Sunday night Jessica!


OH MY GOSH my allergies are terrible!!! I actually thought about running with one of those breathe strips on my nose that I wear to sleep because I have so much pressure in my nose! Florida= allergies galore!

Also, I love the idea of running while listening to a podcast! How did you download it? Did you go to the website? Or download from iTunes?

And today was a reformer Pilates day for me! A combo of strength and stretching! I’m getting my certification this year and next year (it takes such a long time) and I’m super excited! I feel that I’ve done more Pilates than running lately because of it but that has DEFINITELY helped my running and injury prevention!


Hey Kiara!! I am so so sorry about your allergies right now, I hope that they get better asap! So I just have the podcast app on my phone and I search for the different podcasts and download them from there! There are so many fabulous podcasts out there… enjoy! Way to go on your reformer Pilates today… I want to come to one of your classes in the future!!


One of my favourite podcasts is “Another Mother Runner” – and I’m not even a mother! I just like the funny chats between the co-hosts more often than the actual podcast. Also started listening to Tina Muir’s new one “Running for Real”. I like some of Rich Roll’s stuff as well as Endurance Planet (hit or miss depending on the episodes). I’ve been injured for months and am only allowed to bike or water run (but getting to the pool isn’t feasible for me) so podcasts help pass time on the bike when I’m ready to lose my mind…after one minute :l


I am SO sorry about your injury Jenn! Any idea when you will be okay to run again? YES YES YES… when I was in that situation pool running/biking only… podcasts are what saved me! I hope you have a fabulous week!


I only wear makeup when I run IF I’m running at the end of the day and I already have makeup on. If I’m just getting up to run, I don’t bother. Too much hassle and not enough reward. I’m not going to look pretty by the end of it, so I think it would just be a waste of makeup ;)

Unplanned rest day for me today. My back started bothering me yesterday after I planted flowers for my parents, and it’s been hurting all day, so I decided to let it rest and catch up on some TV today instead. Might have to hit up the chiropractor if it keeps bothering me though.

This might sound awful, but my dream job is really to not have to have a job at all. If I could get to a place financially where I can just devote my time to stuff I love to do, that would be the dream. I’d spend all my time writing, running, reading, hiking, hanging out by the lake, writing and giving back (yes, writing was in there twice on purpose ;)


I just want to encourage Andrew to go for it and become a life flight nurse. My son had to be life flighted to a children’s hospital when he was 10 mos old and I will never ever forget our life flight nurse. He took amazing care of my sweet little boy and kept me from completely freaking out.
As for makeup on race day, I watched the runners world video too and what they did was too time consuming for me especially if you are already getting up at 3:30 am to make a bus! But it did look really pretty!


My dream job was to be a National Geographic photographer :)


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