Silentish Saturday!

(Leggings, shoes, cali hoodie)

Glad we bought her a bunch of presents when the real star of the show has been the balloons.

World Cup watching.

Another amazing dip from Costco.

Only person in Utah driving around a scooter in shorts (he plays soccer with a group a few times a week)!


Thai food.

This stuff is unreal.


Tell me three things you have going on today?

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Happy Saturday! My kids love balloons too – so much that they are even sad to toss them out when they begin to deflate! Happy belated birthday to Skye!! Some cookies are already underway here (peanut butter-ritz-sandwich cookies, and homemade peanut butter cups so far), and my 4 yr old’s first dance recital is happening a little later. Otherwise generally a normal Saturday – a little cleaning and a lot of playing. I am planning to get out to the trail for a little bit before an errand this afternoon too. It’s snowing here too, but doesn’t look like too much is coming down… yet! Have a great weekend!


Hahaha yes, heaven forbid we ever get rid of the balloons. Ummm can I come over for those cookies? Good luck to your daughter, so fun to go to her first recital. Enjoy the playing and the trails! Thanks Katie, you too!


Hi Janae! What do you think of the Mach 5 compared to the Cliftons?


Great question! The clifton are much cushier and better for recovery but the mach add a bit of a spring… I wouldn’t use the mach for a speed day but for a day I don’t need to go super slow if that makes sense. I’ll write a review of them when I get a bit more mileage in them. I hope you are having a beautiful day, Sarah!


Happy Saturday! That snow looks beautiful. 😍 Today I’m stuffing Christmas cards into envelopes, Christmas shopping online, and caring for a sick kiddo. Tried to fight it off but it is taking me down too! Wish I could get out and run today.


Oh no, I hope you are all feeling better as soon as possible. Get in plenty of cuddling and Christmas movies too. Thanks, Beth!


Hi Janae! Those shoes are gorgeous!
We got a lot of snow so my husband went skiing today! I think I’ll have a lazy day and catch up with friends.
Have an awesome weekend!


Enjoy the beautiful new snow and get plenty of relaxation!


today’s a chill and rest day. talked my half marathon clinic folks about visulization, sticking to the training plan and getting to that starting line….oh yeah, I’ve gotta make dinner, something with chicken thighs, I have no idea what?


Your hair looks so pretty in your date pic! How are you styling it now that it’s a little longer?!


I’m taking care of a sick child today while also finishing off my Christmas shopping online and packing Christmas cards into envelopes. I have made several attempts to repel it, yet it continues to overwhelm me. I really want to go for a run today but I can’t.

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