Friday Favorites!

(bra, biker shorts)

I wanted to be home when Skye woke up for her birthday, so I jumped on the Peloton.  It hurt, like usual—a lot.

She wanted to get right into the hot tub and dared these two to do this:

We opened gifts.

Along with a build-a-bear excursion.

And she wanted to ski.

Somehow she also requested Knox’s favorite restaurant for dinner;)  She was so happy that we had both big kids and that Andrew didn’t have work on her birthday.

Let’s get talking about some favorites:

*My Merry Christmas to Me gift:). I’ve been eyeing these boots for a long time and finally grabbed them.  They are much more comfortable than I imagined and a boot that will last (and be in style) for a long time.  PS they are also waterproof.

*This bread from Costco.  I had low expectations but grabbed it for lazy nights.  Ummmm, this bread is unreal.  Please get it.  The bread is vacuum packed, so it has a long shelf life, and it is now something I will buy every time I am at Costco.

*I remembered another great gift idea for kids–> this laser gun set.  My brother gave us this for Christmas one year, and it is always brought out when friends come over, and it is something Andrew and I love to play with them too.

*The only sleep mask I can use.  I need one every night of my life; this one is padded and concave for your eyes.  Andrew packs an emergency one when we travel just in case I forget mine;)

*Just in case you need some gifts… my gift guides are HERE and HERE!

*This podcast episode with Molly Seidel.  She is the best at sharing the lows and the highs of running and life.  I respect her so much, and I love that she races even when she isn’t at her fittest and doesn’t care about being last in the pro field.  We don’t have to be at our best to race.  We still get to have fun and learn something new at every race.

*Loved, loved, loved this book.  I just finished it, and now I’m starting this one… I’m so excited about it.  Reading in the winter is so fun, cuddled up in a blanket with a hot chocolate.

*My first bunny tail.  Marshmallows, caramel, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and coconut.  I don’t know how I went this long through life without this.

*A few more things I am wearing a lot this month–> This jumper, this flannel half zip, and this vest (in the picture at the mall above).

Any fun weekend plans?

Any foods that you had low expectations for that ended up wowing you?

Have you done any Christmas traditions yet? 

Latest podcast episode that you listened to?

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I’m hosting a Christmas party with friends tomorrow and heading to Costco for a few more snacks. Crossing my fingers they have that bread!!

Seems like Skye had an incredible birthday. Can’t believe she is 5. Feels like you just announced you were pregnant!


Have the best time at the Christmas party! I hope everyone loves the bread:). Enjoy every second. Seriously, I am not okay with this. It’s going to fast! Thanks, Maureen!


Solid birthday! And do I spy a Beanie Baby??
I inhaled In Five Years! They set the book up in a manner of NEEDING to know how things come together.
I hope to get in more reading this weekend since my only plans include working and trying to get over my sinus infection.
Have a great weekend!


You do spy a beanie baby hahah but that is just one of my old ones. Exactly, inhaled. I had to know and I am really glad it didn’t end the way I was thinking it would. Let me know what you read next and I hope you are feeling better asap. Thanks Molly and happy work weekend!


That bunny tail looks great! Yum.
Ali on the Run – Crohn’s and colitis part II – heavy, emotionally raw but very real


Thank you for sharing! I totally will listen to that. I love Ali so much. She does so much good for the running community. I hope you get a bunny tail soon and have a beautiful day!


Oh my goodness, I haven’t listened to a podcast in so long. I’m sure the last one was Ali and probably one of her post NYC marathon podcasts. I love Molly too, so I will definitely be listening to that one.
Last weekend with the neighborhood cookie exchange was the 1st Christmas tradition for me. I love that it always happens the first weekend of December. This weekend I’m wrapping up the holiday toy/food program, and will probably completely crash when I get home Saturday afternoon, ha ha. It will be a lazy rainy weekend, so I’m planning on getting Christmas cards done and reading.
Skye’s birthday looked so perfect!!
Have a great day Janae 😊


I bet you are going to crash on Saturday. Between a ton of traveling, family in town, your holiday toy/food drive… you must be exhausted. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Okay I need to know where you got the bunny tail?? We call them snowballs. My sister introduced us years ago but they are only around at Christmas and even then almost impossible to find!! Also happy birthday to Skye! Looks like the perfect day!


Snowballs… Oh I love that name. My friend brought them to us from a pharmacy, I will ask her which one. They were so incredibly good. Thanks Mindy, I hope your morning is off to a great start!


One of the foods I grew up with that other people have low expectations of is banana croquettes. It’s a very localized central Kentucky food (only a handful of counties), but I grew up with them at every holiday meal. They sound disgusting — you take a chunk of banana, roll it in mayo or Miracle Whip, then roll it in crushed peanuts. But they’re so good! Padma Lakshmi tried them when Top Chef had its season in Kentucky, and she talked about how surprisingly good they are. They’re a perfect bit of salt, fat and sugar!


Jen, I actually really think I would like these and now you have me needing to try one. I have to ask my brother if he had them when they lived in Kentucky. A food with salt, fat and sugar = perfection in my opinion. I hope you have a beautiful day!


Hi Janae! I think I basically read in five years in one sitting.. I started at the airport terminal and read through my flight. Such an engaging read!
I am so ready for the weekend! I’m going to visit my parents soon so I’m looking forward to the flat running and sunny weather!
Happy Friday!


I can see why you read it in one sitting… I couldn’t get enough of it. Have the best time with your parents and the flat running and sunshine. Sounds perfect! Thanks Amy, you too!


Herzlich Geburtstag to Skye!! I can’t believe she is 5 already.

Her day sounds as fun and amazing as she is. Will she go to Kindergarten next year?! She will be a rockstar at school. I am a school nurse and just know that Skye will be such a wonderful friend to all the kids and will be a great help in the nurse office ;)

Also, referencing yesterday, is it a bit hilarious how many beers were consumed during CIM? Like, runners or volunteers or perhaps after?!

Usually after your Friday Favorites post I end up with 9 extra tabs that I’ve linked to. I appreciate that your links don’t drop the reader from the blog. A nice little bonus.


I am currently grading essays (boo!) but I will be on the road headed to Disneyland to celebrate my birthday right after work today!

I have a few podcasts I listen to regularly, Becoming Something & Your Own Backyard are probably the two I listened to last.


You’re so right–these podcasts with Molly are just incredible and she’s so real and authentic. Did you listen to her on The Hurdle podcast? Again, just so good.Loving all of your gear and clothes recs. I am always sending them to my husband for gift ideas-so thank you. Tomorrow, we start some hill training for Boston. Let’s GO! :)


I love your Christmas gift to yourself! I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of chelsea boots for literally 2 years now (no exaggeration at all in that…) and everything I am finding either looks great on other people, is too tall for my short stumpy legs, or might be comfortable but just doesn’t look right. My hunt continues…but those look amazing for you!

I am today years old since hearing about a bunny tail candy and it sounds like a sweet treat from heaven. Where did you find those? I need to see if I can find them here.

That sourdough is on my wish list for my next costco run!!! OMG!!!

Favorite things I’ve been living in lately, especially on WFH days/in the evenings/on the weekends:
Weekend joggers from SEnita (
Pranayama wrap from Athleta:

I think that an ‘experience’ from here is one of the favorite things I got for Tom for his Christmas gifts:

Tonight I am making this pie for me and Tom to bring to a friend’s house for a social gathering this weekend:

(some of my own tangents…and Friday Favorites…on your post! HA HA HA !!!)

I hope you have a great weekend!!!! :)

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