Gift Guide for KIDS & one of those days.

(leggings, long-sleeve, vest, beanie, socks, shoes, mittens… 21 degrees out)

Back on some dirt again.

IMG 8625

Our legs were burning from the climb that lasts for about a mile, but once you get to the top, the trail is pretty flat and wide.

An indoor play place was required to get some energy out.

Side note that I saw while we were out… I want to go snowshoeing this winter.

And I was pretty proud of the fact that I fit all four kids’ snow stuff into one bag.

I crushed it with dinner;)

Luckily, I made two pizzas.

Leftover pie straight out of the pan was needed at the end of a long day.

And to end this portion of the post… Beck knew exactly what our brand new front door needed.

Here are my gift ideas for kids!

Someday I’ll learn how to put together those cute collages for gifts, but until then, bullet point format is for me (old school)!

*Brooke and Knox both got kindles for their birthday.  They love to read, and I can’t keep up with the number of library trips they need;). It’s so easy to use their library card to check out books for their kindle too.  This has been a great gift!

*This Vet Academy book has been perfect for Brooke.  So cool, and I see her going through it all the time.  This is her other favorite book… all about dogs and is great for learning the anatomy of a dog.

*I asked Skye what to put on this list, and she said Candy Land.  We do play a few times a day, so she has a point.

*If you have any littles that love bugs, this bug catcher kit is so cute and has gotten so much use over here!

*The kids have these yoga mats, and they are perfect.

*The best alarm clock for kids.

*We bought this pitching machine for the kids.

*I bought a moon lamp for Knox and Brooke.

*DIY squishy toys, yep.. they are going to love this.

*Knox loves remote control cars, so we got him this one.

*We love playing the game ‘Do you really know your family?’ and it gets us TALKING!

*The most used toys at our house are Melissa & Doug toys, and this Barn set is a favorite.  Their food sets are always a hit too-> The ice cream set is our kids (and any kid that comes over to visit) very favorite, but this onethis one, and this one are their other favorites.

*Harry Potter Illustrated books… Brooke and Knox are in love with these.

*Skye and Beck love this Elmo letters kit

*Magna-Tiles are a hit for ALL (something I love doing with them) ages along with these tile building blocks.

*Thomas and Friends Multi-Level Train Set… Beck’s #1.

*This is a family gift we are getting for the kids, and they will love it.

*Lite Brite is used very often over here!

*Mancala is one of our favorite games to play (and it’s short and sweet:)

*The water mat has been a favorite.

*This Diamond Painting Kit is a favorite.

*These Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets (you can color them and then wash them off and color them again) are a huge hit with Skye.

*Tinkertoys are a must for every age.

*Our kids are obsessed with this Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone!

*Paint by Sticker for the big kids (and for me, haha) and Water Wow! for Beck.

*A Gumball Coin Bank!

*Stacking wooden blocks.

*Brooke and Knox’s scooters and Skye and Beck’s scooters.

*Scratch Art Paper.

*Shopkins snacks.

*This Mermaid Tail blanket for Skye.

*This camera or digital kids’ camera.

*Their favorite bead set and activity trays for crafts.

*Skye loves this electronic reader.

*This bow and arrows and this rocket launcher (Andrew enjoys them just as much as the kids, and they chase each other around the yard with them)

*Dog sleeping bags (sometimes I find Knox sleeping in his on the ground in the middle of the night rather than his bed, ha).

*We have voted that these two books are our absolute favorite children’s books-> HERE (this one makes everyone feel good) and HERE (this one makes them laugh).

*GABB!!!! phone or watch!  I am a huge fan of both.  It makes it so that kids/tweens/teens can communicate with parents/their friends safely.  Code HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL will get you a free device (watch or phone + accessory) with a two-year contract HERE!

A question from Caroline–> Has anyone had Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) done to treat plantar fasciitis? Did it work?

If you have children, what are their ages?  Any gifts to add to this list?

Do you like Thanksgiving, or is it more of a mehhh holiday for you?

If you ski or snowboard, where do you usually go?  Have a favorite resort?

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Struggling so much with gifts as my kids get older. My youngest will turn 12 on Thursday and her birthday is so close to Christmas. She is in between that still playing age and headed into teen stage. My oldest is 15. They are both swimmers and my youngest does horse back riding but I feel like they are set with gear! It’s so hard.
We got my youngest a Kindle Fire 2 years ago and locked it so she can only use it to read stories or listen to audible books. We wanted it in color since she loves graphic novels. I can’t say enough about it! The kids Amazon unlimited has so many books. She gets hooked on some books that pop up and then wants more from the same author.


I feel like I just wanted cash as a teenager! That must be hard to shop for them. That makes me so happy! We seriously love them so much and love that they can only access books too. It’s so great! I hope your day is a beautiful one, Carrie.


I would happily eat that pizza! Love a little brown on my frozen pizza at home.

Thanksgiving is such a relaxing holiday to me. It’s about the food and people, no expectation of gifts or doing the most. Even though I do solo Thanksgivings now I still love it!


I ate it too but the kids wouldn’t come near it. That is so true about Thanksgiving, we just get to sit back and enjoy it without gifts/too much stress. Great point. I hope you have a beautiful day!


Oh no to the door!! 😭. Pretty sure I crayoned the wall as a kid lol, among other things.

We had Thanksgiving in October. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

We are so lucky.. we can ski and snowboard at cypress and whistler!

Have a great day Janae!


I find a lot of crayon on our walls too! We seriously want to come up to Whistler to ski or mountain bike… meet us there one day? Thanks friend, you too!


I have no idea what my reaction would be to one of my littles coloring on a new door! lol uuughh, hopefully magic eraser takes it off easily.

I have two kids, my son is ALMOST 8 years old and my daughter will be a year old next week! Honestly, have NO idea what we are doing for Christmas presents, but my son has made a good toy list. I am trying to steer away from TOO many toys and go for IDK what yet lol. And well, the almost 1 year old likes playing with empty boxes as well as anything her brother has… so lol yeah. We aren’t doing anything for Thanksgiving this year, it is a little of a meh holiday for us.. although we all love the food!!


Hahaha I definitely had to take some deep breaths… luckily the magic eraser has gotten a lot of it off! Hahah your daughter will be so easy to shop for and your son sounds like he is making it easy for you with the list ha. I might get Beck some empty boxes too haha. I’m kind of meh about Thanksgiving too but Andrew loves it so I try to make it big for him! I hope you guys eat delicious food this week! Have a beautiful day, Jacquie!


One of my sisters in Colorado LOVES snowshoeing! She says it’s a great workout too.
Oh Beck…. The backside of our boys bathroom door has one of their names scribbled on it. I think from about 15 years ago. Ha ha. At least it’s the backside.
Is today your travel day? And where are you going?
Have a good day Janae 😊


Hahah at least the pen is on the backside of the door too! That’s a good way to look at it. I need to get tips from your sister! We are actually going to Colorado! We can’t wait. Enjoy your family week, Wendy!


Oh my goodness, Colorado!
Depending on where you’ll be, if you are near a Beau Jo’s pizza, you have to go! We prefer the original location in Idaho Springs, but their pizza is delicious!! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip! Safe travels, and have a wonderful time.


Yay, for coming to Colorado!!! Where are you guys going? We live just outside of Boulder so let me know if you need anything :D


Oh your door, I hope a magic eraser will take that off.

Such good ideas for the kiddos, we use the magna tiles the most in our house!

I love thanksgiving, not as much as Christmas but it’s still great. Do you love it? My son just started to get sick so it might be just the four of us this year but my Mom promised to deliver yummy food even if we can’t come over.

We are teaching our kids to ski for the first time this year and I am pretty excited, we got passes to Keystone and Breckenridge this year. We are all new to this so we will take any and all tips.


CAROLINE —> me, me! Would highly recommend. I struggled with plantar fasciitis for the better part of a year… finally did shockwave (6 sessions) and after the first 2 sessions had massive improvement and after 6 sessions was completely gone. Zilch. It was like a miracle. This was years ago and it never returned!
P.s. hi janae :D


Andrea! Thank you so much! I also have been struggling for a year now. The info on this makes it sounds almost magical so I was having a hard time commiting. It helps hearing from someone outside of the doctors office! Thanks!!!


Your sister should do a gift list for teens next!

I’ve had shock wave treatment on my shin! It worked for me!! It was really uncomfortable at first (I think due to the location) but it got better. I’ve had it done on the ball of my foot after my stress fracture of the 2nd metatarsal healed.

I’m mehhhh on Thanksgiving but I love the holiday feel of the whole long weekend! I used to have a really hard time with it because of an ED but now I’m much more neutral about it and can enjoy whatever the day brings!

Snowshoeing is so fun! I think it would be fun (and so hard) to do a snow shoe race sometime.


Yay, for coming to Colorado!!! Where are you guys going? We live just outside of Boulder so let me know if you need anything :D


Caroline- yes but it took 6 sessions at $250 a treatment so not cheap but runners will pay anthing when desperate to run again. Good luck


Melissa, thanks for the info! It is so pricey so I want to make sure it will work? Did you run at all during treatment?


Shockwave therapy helped my plantar fasciitis when nothing else did! I suffered for 1.5 years before I stumbled onto it.


Thanks so much Jen! Nothing has helped mine either and it’s been a year of pt, needling, trying new shoes, and running breaks. It’s so helpful to hear that it worked for you!!


Best of luck! I’ve been recovered 7 years at this point. I feel like once you have PF, you always have to be alert for it. I’ve caught initial inklings of it, and then extra stretching and strength keeps it at bay. Here’s hoping this works for you too.

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