Wednesday Randoms.

(long-sleeve, ear-warmer, leggings, shoes)

I think I am starting to get used to the cold… 22 degrees didn’t feel too bad.

These ladies had speed to do so I joined them for the rest… there is no chance I could get my body to do speed at this point.

Skye and I were able to steal my niece away in between her midterms to get french toast.

Kneader’s has perfected this recipe.

Now for some random things to get talking about…

*Brooke and Curly look more and more alike to me each day.

*If Pomegranates didn’t take so much work, I would eat one every day.

*This Salad is amazing.

IMG 8427

*Time to pull out the melting snowman.  Always a crowd pleaser with my kids.

IMG 6148

*What 7:23 pm looks like.

*When we need to eat lunch in the car with the kids, I just order the 30-count nuggets from Chick-fil-A, a few orders of fries and ask for extra bags and divide it out myself… it’s so much cheaper this way compared to individual meals for everyone.

IMG 8119

*What strength training with Beck awake looks like?

IMG 3514

*They uploaded more photos from the race and I found one where I’m (kind of) smiling at the finish.  That smile took A LOT of energy to pull off.

Tell me something random!

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There are so many photos that I do double takes to figure out if It is Brooke or your niece! Also-maybe your nieces should do a gift guide.
Keep this Beck theme coming. He is so funny. Is the pen on the front door funny for you yet or does that one still need some time?? hehe
Enjoy your trip to Colorado! Can’t wait to hear about it!!


SUCH a good idea! I’m going to ask them! I still need some time because the door is still on our credit card statement and it burns to see it hahaha. JK I’m laughing about it. Thanks Molly, I hope your Thanksgiving is a great one!


I use a pomegranate deseeder every time! It makes it so much easier and the kids love helping! That picture of you lifting with Beck made me laugh out loud!!

Have a great thanksgiving!


I need to get one of those! Hahah he has so no personal space;). Thanks Monica, you too!


I agree with you about pomegranate! It’s so much effort and stains your hands. Sometimes I’ll buy the pre-made containers to save time.

I didn’t have a chance to comment yesterday, but great gift guides!!! So many great ideas. Thanks for sharing :)
I was wondering if you got the inflatable rolling wheel yet and if so, would it puncture easily, or if it pretty durable?
Does Brooke and Knox have a watch? I was thinking of getting my daughter a watch for Christmas if you have any recommendations for a kids watch.

I just finished my stretch of 12 hr shifts. I’m dreading all the laundry I have to do today!


I need to find a store near here that has them pre-cut! We ordered it but don’t have it yet. I’ll let you know when we get it! Our kids have the Gabb watch and absolutely love it but I’m not sure if that’s the type of watch you want for your daughter. I don’t know how you do those long shifts AND a bunch of them in a row… you are amazing. ENJOY YOUR BREAK and I hope the laundry fairy shows up and does it for you:). Thanks Ashlea!


That’s a great picture of you not stopping your watch! ;)

I hope ya’ll have a great Thanksgiving Janae!


Hahaha I finally have one but for future races I am using your tip! Thanks John, you too! Also, I need you to send me any biking gift ideas I can get Andrew;).


I’ll send you an email with a few suggestions.


Great idea for Chick-fil-a! One is coming to our city soon and I’m so excited!! I’ve officially started training for the zion half marathon and I’m so excited! It’s a gradual uphill coarse so that should be interesting! Thanks for blogging! I read this every day!


Gradual uphill course… ummm you are amazing. I’m kind of tempted to come do it with you, I am sure it is going to be gorgeous. So happy you guys are getting a Chick-fil-A… I could eat there every day. Thank you Alicia, that means a lot to me. Have a great one!


Do they not have the pre-done pomogranate seeds in your stores? They usually sell out quickly so it is hit or miss if I can find them and the season they are in the store is very short. But occasionally I buy a whole one because it reminds me of my childhood but the slowness is very frustrating!

I didn’t know Chik-Fil-A had 30 piece! My teenage boy doesn’t like fries (or the sauce – not sure how he is part of our family!) so I just get him a 12 piece and 8 piece, but then my daughter and her boyfriend usually want a 12 piece between them so maybe a 30 would be better, because yeah, fast food isn’t cheap anymore!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Go for the 30 piece, it is amazing! How does your son not like fries? That is crazy to me! Seriously, eating out is SO much more expensive the older our kids get. I never find them seeded already but we have a nicer grocery store I should go to and see if they have them. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving too! Thanks Jesseybell!


Yes to any gift guides! Especially ones from your teen nieces and nephews. I have a 16 year old boy and 14 year old girl and could always use help with fun ideas! Your favorite things running list makes me thankful I have a full time job since that turns into an “add to cart” situation lol! Happy Thanksgiving!


I’m going to text them right now to ask them to put one together. Great idea! Hahahah ‘running is a cheap sport’… NOPE. We want it all. Hope you have a beautiful day, Amy!


That is so smart to share the chic-fil-a sadly my son and husband don’t like it?!?

I totally relate with the 7:30 PM photo, my kids are always going crazy at bedtime and since I am a morning person my energy is gone by then.

That salad looks amazing, adding it to our list.


HOW DOES HE NOT LIKE chick-fil-a?! You aren’t alone… I feel like I am dead at 7:30. I wish I could ration out my energy more evenly. Enjoy the salad, Megan D made it for cookbook club and I wanted to lick to bowl clean.


That salad looks amazing! And yes, pomegranates are so good, but so much work.
Curly and Brooke could be sisters. So sweet.
Doing some baking today and some prepping for tomorrow. Full house, happy heart!
Have a good day Janae 😊


SO MUCH WORK… I just want a bowl of them every day. Full house, happy heart… that gave me goosebumps. Thanks Wendy, you too!


I found this method for pomegranates years ago and it works!
3 Steps, No Mess Method (
Cut off the crown, then cut the pomegranate into sections.
Place the sections in a bowl of water, then roll out the arils (juice sacs) with your fingers. Discard everything else.
Strain out the water. Then eat the succulent airls whole, seeds and all.


THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS WITH ME! I have to try it! Have a great day, Kathy!


Hi Janae! It’s vacation day for me!!! It’s finally here! I’m a bit nervous about flying during the holidays but I’m going to have so much fun!
Have a great day!


HAPPY VACATION!! I hope all of your travels go so well! Thanks Amy, you too.


Something random:
Last May I ran a marathon and did a cartwheel (!!!!!) over the finish line to celebrate being done. I felt like it would look super cool… There was a finish line video online later and (drumroll) it did not look cool. (sad trumpet) However, I was impressed with myself that I could pull off the cartwheel without falling over.

That’s a good race photo of you!!! 80% of my race photos aren’t pretty, but every once in a while I’ll get a good one.

Thanks for the gift guides & Happy Thanksgiving!!


That pic of you is great! I would frame it, you look so happy and accomplished. My random: I’ve started doing my weight lifting leg days on the same days I run, not sure if that’s the best idea, but I’ve found it’s so much easier to just keep going off of my momentum. I used to lift a lot, but prefer running. Thanks for your inspiration! Hope you have the best Thanksgiving. Not my absolute favorite holiday, but I’m trying to be jolly about it. ;)

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