Silentish Saturday… a day with all of my siblings.

A day where all of my siblings and parents are together doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it’s the absolute best.  One of my brothers flew in at 3:30 a.m. to get here in time for my parent’s anniversary.  We are looking at a different camera in this picture but I love it.

Day started off with 7 miles… Utah has received a little bit of rain this year;)

IMG 5845

Came home to these two catching up on a magazine.

IMG 5850

Andrew did push-ups while I did lunges and squats…  I want some strong running legs.

IMG 5854

The kids went to a neighbor’s house while we went with all of the adults for a bit.

IMG 5862

IMG 5875

Lunch afterwards together.

IMG 5856

Is cottage cheese a weird thing to put on salad… probably, but I love it.

IMG 5855

The highlight of my meal.

IMG 5857

Brooke was thrilled to have her girl cousins here.

IMG 5868

IMG 5870

Over to grandma’s house for a bit.

IMG 5873

And a walk to end the night.

IMG 5881

Kids successfully in bed at a decent hour so we could catch up on Designated Survivor.

IMG 5886

Ready for a long run with a friend!

IMG 5887

PS have you ever seen these little fidget spinner things?  My older nieces and nephews say that everyone has one… they are kind of fun and quite the stress reliever.

IMG 5859


Three things that you are doing on your Saturday?!

When you do a weekly long run… what day do you usually do it on?

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Fidget spinners are the worst! Haha. But heading to the beach with my husband today! Hope your Saturday is great. :)


The fidget spinner fever has reached Canada too! My son really wants one! What an amazing family reunion you had! So awesome that you could all be there. Long run usually on Saturday but sometimes on Sunday. It all depends on the family plans.


I only first heard the term fidget spinner a week ago and I still don’t really know what it is haha! Today I’m heading over to my parents’ house to help them plant their flowers (if the rain holds off). Then I definitely plan to get in some puppy cuddles while I’m there and just relax for the rest of the day!

Planning on getting a 5K in tomorrow. Not “long” necessarily, but it’s where I’m at right now. Excited to keep building my base!

Have a happy weekend!


omg I have broken fidget spinners all over my house for months! I’m hoping the fad is almost over lol.


Same here. I asked Jason what he’s getting Freddy for his birthday and he said, “A bunch of fidget spinners.” This is why we’re not married anymore. HA HA. Kidding. I shouldn’t joke about that. BUT COME ON. Heh heh


I love cottage cheese and salsa together on salad.


Cottage cheese is totally not weird on a salad- I dig it!! I’m hopefully getting sunshine, drinking wine and watching tv today!


Those fidget spinners are everywhere. My kids don’t have them but they have friends who have them. I love cottage cheese and would put it on everything. My weekly long runs are typically Saturday mornings when I am training. Today I am taking my youngest daughter to her friends birthday party at Painting With A Twist and then packing for a week long trip to see family. I am so excited you were able to celebrate your parents and be together with your siblings. What a beautiful legacy their marriage and love has created!


Always cottage cheese on a salad. Why else would it be on all salad bars?


I am an additive manufacturing engineer and have been helping print fidget spinners on our small plastic printers…. I never want to see one again lol.
On another note, my husband brought home Kodiak Pancake mix! I loved it! We were nervous about buying it from Costco in case we didn’t like it, but we will be getting the big box next time we go.
I have a wedding to go to today. I am the baker for the wedding, but we are friends with the bride so we got an invite to the wedding anyway. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain during their outdoor ceremony.
My long runs are usually on Saturdays. I just don’t have enough time after work during the week and Sundays are lazy days.


Got up early to go for a trail run before the rain/hot sun could ruin everything (I’m not sure which we’re getting today; I’ve heard it both ways). I’m really not ready for the humidity and higher summer temps, but I’m determined to spend more time running outdoors than on a treadmill this summer.


It’s so nice to have the family all together! Looks like wonderful day! This Saturday I’m drinking a green smoothie, driving to Brooklyn, NY and getting ready for a wedding! Busy, but fulfilling day :-)


My teacher friends despise the spinners. :) they are apparently everywhere.

I ran 6 miles, am running a few errands, and then taking the dog out for a car ride. She enjoys going for a ride with us.


I’m a teacher at a middle school where fidget spinners have a life of their own, and I have quite the collection now because they are NOT welcome in my classroom ;) Very familiar with them!

Love the family time! Such a beautiful family.


Looks like a great day with the family! Those are always the best days.

Oh my gosh… I teach 6th grade and those fidgets spinners are the death of me! They are a great and useful tool for kids who need help focusing, but EVERYONE has one and the tool has turned into a toy. I live in Washington, so it’s crazy to hear they are popular all over the country.


That is all I have heard about for the past month. Those dang fidget spinners. FELICITY has even been asking for one! My kids said they aren’t allowed at their school though unless they have a doctor’s note.

Cottage cheese on salad is a yes. Your day sounded perfect.

3 things today- last soccer games for anna and evan #huzzah A run for me and hopefully date night. Hope your day is a good one!


This looks like such a fun family gathering! And congratulations to your parents on their anniversary!


All three of my kids mentioned fidget spinners for the first time this week. So we don’t have any. I just know there is no way I’m spending $20+ for something like that. They get out of school next week so hopefully their popularity dies off over summer.


Your family is beautiful! I love it when all my family can get together. I have a fun trail run planned but not until tomorrow. As for fidget spinners. I have a collection in my top desk drawer (a.k.a. my “June” box ). I teach 5th grade and while I love the idea of them for those kids that need them, for the most part, they have become a toy of chaos and distraction. Good times! I’m looking forward to that fad ending!


I went to the gym this morning (cardio workout), and I’m planning on going out for lunch with my dad and brother. After that I’m studying for midterms next week.


Yay for having the sibs all together. I come from 5 too, and it’s seriously the best when we’re all together!

3 things: cleaning up after the sleepover, run, and pool time!

I usually run a long run on Sundays because that’s when my running partners can meet. Thankfully church doesn’t start until 11!


Holy cow – busy today. Had a jewelry party show, a college graduation and accompanied my daughter to a roller skating party….ugh. Exhausted tired wise, but it was a lot of sitting, feel like I need a little run. Going to do that. Sometimes a run with a podcast or music is just what I need after busy craziness.


Ran the Girls on the Run 5k with two of my granddaughters today. So much fun!

I usually do long runs on Sunday.


Hope you have a great time with all your siblings!! 3 things: Run to the Shrine race this morning! Had a blast! Walking with the dogs. Maybe a movie tonight. Have a wonderful night!


Saturday was the race expo for my race this morning (I am in Australia, so time is very different)!!! I PRd by almost 4 minutes..1:45:15, and now I just want to break 1:45 sooo badly! I was looking back at your posts because I remember you talking about a gel that was easier on your I am going to try those out because Gu is a little rough on my stomach.


Fidget spinners are huge in Australia too! They sell out very quickly when stores get them in or so I’ve heard. There was a little girl over here that choked on one of those little bearings and needed surgery. So just be careful!

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