Silentish Saturday!

Solo run yesterday.  16 miles with friends today.

If I am not doing a speed workout, I’m bringing my handheld… I’m so thirsty this summer while running.

IMG 0360

Plus I can always have some fruit snacks with me just in case I need some energy.

IMG 0391

It really is time for more zipper foot pajamas.

IMG 0389


IMG 0401

IMG 0399

Team effort to find the best watermelon at Costco.

IMG 0406

Lunch and dinner were 100% Costco.  This salad + rotisserie chicken + avocado + peach for lunch and a Costco pizza that we baked at home for dinner.

IMG 0411

And more snacks…

IMG 0416

He worked so hard to get that front wiggly tooth out.

IMG 0418

IMG 0427

She sure misses him when he is at work.

IMG 0419

Time for an early run!

IMG 0437


Tell me three things that you are up to today!

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Oh… I think I kind of miss the long runs! That’s a good sign I may be ready to get back to some training!
We’re in Colorado visiting family, so today we’re going up to Estes Park for the day. One of my all time favorite mountain towns. No specific plans, but we will have a lot of fun ?
Have a wonderful Saturday Janae!


That is a very good sign! So smart of you to take a break like you have been and doing what feels best for your body each day! I hope you are having the best time in Colorado and I totally know what you mean, mountain towns are my favorite (we might be going to park city today:). ENJOY!


I love Estes!


We do Costco rotisseterie chicken + bag salad at least once every 2 weeks!! Easy meals when busy! :)


Seriously… so easy and so delicious! Why have I not been doing this way more? Hope you are having a great day!


My husband and daughter took a father-daughter trip to visit some family this weekend, so I’m alone with my zoo (2 dogs and 2 cats!) I plan to:
Maybe do some writing; it’s been a while.
Basically just relax.

Have a great weekend!


Your zoo:) . Hahaha that made me happy and Brooke wants to live with you guys with 2 dogs and 2 cats. Sounds like a wonderful day Leanne! Enjoy this day of relaxation… you deserve it!


Today I am going on a long walk to soak in this gorgeous weather we are having, visiting our favorite coin and jewelry shop and making a Costco run. Not too productive, but that’s ok ?


I want to come to the coin and jewelry shop… that sounds awesome. These kinds of days are my favorite kinds of days! Enjoy Kimberly:)


Hi Janae! Been a hot humid summer here. Drinking all the water on my runs too. And eating all the fruit. I love watermelon but can only eat seedless. Regular makes my mouth and throat itch. So weird. Just got done with 17 miles. Longest run in a few years. Felt great! So today just relaxing. Doing housework. Maybe grill out. Have a beautiful day!


You are my hero for getting your runs in in the humidity! That is so interesting about how the regular watermelons make you itchy!! That’s what grapes do to me sometimes. WAY TO GO ON SEVENTEEN… I hope you are on cloud 9 all weekend after that. Enjoy!


Read about oral allergy syndrome!! Sounds like what you guys have, and your reaction depends on the different pollen levels that are present (which explains why sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t!)


Running ✔️
Costco-totally stealing your pizza/salad dinner idea ?


YES… do it! Easiest two meals ever:) . Enjoy your day at the pool and I hope your run was a great one:)


Your meal combinations always look so good! I was at Costco Thursday and saw those peaches but didn’t get them; I think I need to go get them. We did swim lessons and target this morning and so entertaining my 4 year old and 4 month is the remaining goal for the day!


I think you need to go back today and get them. SO so good. YOU ARE BUSY ERIN! Good luck and I hope today goes well:)


No clue why on earth I have never thought about the rotisserie chicken and bagged salad combo!!! We have done rotisserie however I then make the salad


Early run – 16 miles, then 3 mile walk for cool down/ease out the old joints.
Spray Permethrin all over clothes to prep for trek next week & finish packing
Dinner out with hubby – he was in New York all week and finally home


Sending ❤️???? and good vibes your way. Life is busy sometimes I am finally caught up with your blog!

Always remember
No matter what you’re going through
You’ve got an amazing family
Amazing FRIENDS. Real life and our pals on Netflix.

Watermelon ? yum! Any tips on picking a good watermelon?


1 – I got a facial this morning.
2-I’m signing up for the St. Jude half marathon today.
3- Getting ready for Hurricane Barry!


First of all, that is my favorite salad from Costco! I had that for lunch today. Second, your children are growing up so fast, I can’t believe it. Now as for three things I am doing today. I went on an easy three-mile run, worked on my blog, and am now trying to decide between reading and watching TV. Hmmm…pretty exciting day, huh? Enjoy your weekend!


Awww, that last picture (all 3 kiddos with Andrew) is so sweet. Thanks for the info on your projector and screen, we are really thinking about that. I think today we are spending swimming, cutting up muskmelon/husking corn and making some Mom/Daughter bracelets for a craft project together. Keeping fingers crossed it turns out. And that it’s easy.

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