Why running is a lifestyle and let’s be honest.

Rest day so that my body is ready, recovered (and EXCITED) for another week of running √

Church day √

Refill all of my glycogen stores with my favorite carbohydrates… I’m not going to be bonking anytime soon √

Successful Sunday in my eyes.


I never want you to think these two are perfect (let’s be honest because social media can do that and I don’t want that to happen) but I sure do love capturing their sweet moments together and sharing them with you.

IMG 6027

Our key tube for surviving church with two 4 year olds and actually getting to hear most everything going on now… Plus Plus.  I found these at the store where Brooke got her hair cut.  These keep both kids so entertained for a long time.  They are quiet, they keep their imagination rolling and it is something I love to do with them too (I can’t say that about all toys ha).

IMG 6033

Quick rewind to the morning and we started off with pancakes for breakfast.  We use Kodiak Cakes 99% of the time that we make pancakes/waffles.

IMG 6018

My mom and my brother came over for a while after church to visit for awhile.


So we hung out and ate lunch together.  It may look like they are all hugging but the kid’s were attempting to tickle Andrew.

IMG 6042

Another part of a successful Sunday is an afternoon nap in my opinion.  Naps are like a bucket of caffeine for me… all I need is like 20 minutes (or I’ll gladly take more) and I wake up feeling like a different human being again.

IMG 6045

I’m telling ya, we take our rest day pretty serious over here.  We had a picnic while watching The Sandlot and Andrew fell asleep at 7 which made going to bed last night 400 times harder than it already is for him.

IMG 6053

For dessert we brought out the cookies n’ creme ice cream.

IMG 6057

I used my new favorite spoon that Andrew found.  I think General Mills sent it to me for National Cereal Day.  I’ll use it daily now!

IMG 6059

***We got back the kid’s folders from pre-school.  Knox is still wanting to be a police officer (he dropped the banker part lately) and Brooke wants to be a teacher:)  I would love to see her be a teacher and carry on the tradition (we have generations of teachers on my mom’s side of the family).  I still see old students of mine around town.  It makes me so incredibly happy to see what they are up to in life now whether that be college, the job they said they wanted to do while they were in my class or the complete opposite of the job they thought they wanted.  Some are married and some even have kids.  They always get excited to see Brooke because I was pregnant over the last year I taught there:)  I’ll be a health teacher again someday (and oh how I can’t wait to coach cross country again).

PS the different last name thing for Brooke hasn’t been a problem at all.  I think it is way more common than ever so teachers/kids/everyone just kind of gets it a lot easier.

IMG 6048

***Megan D sent me this picture yesterday.  I might have to drive to LA soon to get one.  If you live by one of these then just go ahead and get one and dedicate it to me please.  PS if you missed Megan D’s two blog posts they are amazing—>  The 5 stages of RUNNING grief and Virtual Reality! What is real? Our physical flaws?

IMG 6035

***Who’s going to be watching tonight?



While I was doing my long run on Saturday I was thinking about how running really is a way of life.  It’s not just an hour or two in the morning. It’s a lifestyle even if we may not realize it.  For me personally, running is a part of my every day life in a few ways:

*I wear more supportive footwear outside of running.  I RARELY wear heels and usually choose the shoes for my entire day that I know will help my running feet to feel good.  Even the most perfect looking shoes are nowhere near worth it to me if my feet aren’t going to feel great on my run the next day.

*Being with a bunch of my closest running friends is a part of my running life.  We talk about running, we share running experiences, we get each other and a lot of times we don’t even mention running but it was running that brought us together in the first place.

*Each night when I’m eating dinner and in the morning when I’m eating my breakfast before my run, I definitely eat according to my running in a way.  I know what foods upset my stomach during the run and I steer clear of them.  Long runs mean I eat more carbs in preparation and races mean that I avoid fiber for a day or two leading up to the race.  I make sure that I get in drink/meal that is full of carbs/proteins and that I eat it within 30 minutes of walking in the door.  Food is a big part of everyone’s day to day lifestyle and our running definitely influences the food choices we make.

*I spend too much money on activewear.  My closet has a 3:1 ratio of activewear to normal clothing.

*I think we all just make it work into our days.  When I was teaching and had other jobs after school ended, I made it a priority to run at 5 in the morning because that was my only time.  I am amazed by so many of you that make running a part of your day even though you have a bajillion things going on.  Running just happens during a certain time of day most days of the week for a lot of us.

*I pay a lot more attention to my sleep being a runner than if I wasn’t I think.  I go to bed earlier the night before a hard run, I take the time to really recover because injuries are the worst and recovery is just as important as the training.

*I pretty much follow two groups of people on social media—>  1.  My family/friends.  2.  Random people on IG that I most likely have never met in my life that run, inspire and educate me to train hard and smart.

*We plan out schedules and races, we organize our gear and ways to make all of the training happen.  We read about it, we think about ways to improve and how to get through the hard parts.  We dream, hope and visualize where we want to go with our running and we remember all of the hard/great/easy/frustrating/emotional runs along the way.  We travel to races or we search our areas for new routes to take.  It’s a wonderful ride that running takes us on.  I love that you and me can connect over the internet over so many of these different parts of our running lifestyles.

DSC01611 2


Have any smaller running goals that you want to hit this week?  

-My biggest one is to get in an interval workout with 2 minute intervals (probably 8 of them)!  Last week I started off my speed again with 14 x 1 minute fast intervals with 1 minute recoveries!  Excited for a happy hip and a half marathon in a MONTH!

Who will be watching The Bachelorette this season?

How is your running a part of your lifestyle?

How many times did you change your mind about what you wanted to be when you grew up?  What did it change from?

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Oh man I really want to be an astronaut when I was growing up! Then I wanted to be a journalist. After that I wanted to work in public relations. However, after I graduated college and worked in public relations I realized that advertising was a much better fit for me. Luckily I’ve been able to make a career out of it and I mostly love what I do, although some days I dream about being a stay-at-home cat mom! :D Or you know, being an Olympian would be cool too.


The plan is to do four runs this week, and I’d really like at least two of them to be outside. Adjusting to the heat and humidity is such a struggle! But this week the temperature is supposed to be cooler (and rainy) so we’ll see.


Running is a huge part of my lifestyle, though I try not to make it my life. I do get up at 4:02 every weekday morning, though, to make sure I can get my run in before work (I get to work pretty early, so I have to start my run early). Racing also used to be a huge part of my life, so hopefully I can get back into it soon.

I’ve never watched The Bachelorette, but I kind of want to this time because she’s from Dallas, and some of my friends know her. There’s a big watching party tonight for the first episode!


I’m an elementary school teacher now and it’s amazing to see how kids evolve through their years here, especially how they see themselves when they get older! So cool :-)


Oh that is so awesome Juliette:) I bet you are a fabulous teacher!! Enjoy your summer soon:)


I wanted to be a veterinarian but then realized I would not handle school well knowing I would have to operate on cadaver animals.
So then I decoddd graphic design was my calling and I followed through on that. I’ve been designing for 22 years now.


I remember wanting to be a teacher when I was little, but I don’t really know if I had a dream job for a lot of my high school/early college days. I did take a teaching class during my senior year in high school where we had to go into local grade schools and student teach during second semester, and I got stuck with 7th graders, which pretty much soured me to the whole teaching thing ;) I think I always figured I would end up with some kind of writing job, and that’s pretty much where I’m at now. Not sure if it’s the dream because my schedule is crazy, but I’m utilizing my skills, at least!

I want to run at least 3 times this week with one short speed session. It’s a little low, but my back has been bothering me, and I don’t want to push it and end up getting injured, so I’m just hoping it’s OK enough to get some miles in!


growing up I wanted to be like tom hanks in the movie big so I could play with toys all day! I did work for Mattel for a while but ended up in a totally other direction anyway (not to mention, a stay at home mom for years!).


Oh my gosh, i cannot wait for the bachelorette!! When i was little I wanted to be a doctor and vet– maybe an artist at some point, but I did go off to study kinesiology so the body/medical interest stuck!


I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher and I guess health coaching is a bit like teaching. I could add that some adults pout like a five year old when you talk about their food choices. :) food is seriously linked to memories and feelings!

Wait, you don’t eat carbs a day or two before a race? I knew you avoided salad but why carbs?

I am incorporating more running days right now. I am looking at a half marathon in October and want to see how I feel with running regularly again.

I go to bed earlier when I have a long run. My food choices change with the workout. More carbs for long or tough training and more anti-inlammatory foods for recovery. My shoe choices change somewhat but part of that is I generally don’t want to flare up my plantar fasciitis.

I cannot bring myself to watch that show.


Ahhhhhh I meant fiber… not carbs!!!! My bad, thanks for finding that Nina!! Hahaha yes health coaching probably does have times that feels like kindergarten teaching! I am so excited for your half in October! Keep me updated with everything!


Brooke & Knox’s school pictures are SO cute! I will absolutely be watching The Bachelorette this season. My two best friends and I have watched it together for as long as I can remember.

I changed my mind about a million times about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I originally wanted to be a dancer, and then I wanted to be a wedding planner, and then I wanted to be a personal trainer, and now I just want to be a mom! All over the place.


Morning!! This comment doesn’t have anything to do with this post, but a question that maybe you could answer in a future post :-)
Do you have any recommendations for how to tie shoe laces certain ways based on injuries, etc? I fractured my foot a year ago and still get lots of pressure on the top area from lacing and wondered if there was any tricks you may have picked up along the way.


HEY LEANNE!!! I am so so sorry about the fracture that you had and the pressure that you feel! I have a few examples of different ways to tie your running shoes in this post:
but they aren’t specific to injuries but there is one to relieve some pressure on the top area! PLEASE let me know if this helps at all and I hope you are having a beautiful day!


I always love the family photos of you guys going to church! And I agree that running is a lifestyle. It’s amazing how you can plan around races/runs/buy sportswear/think about shoes/find friends who also love running and not even realize it.



Running has completely changed my life over the last few years! I was always staying up late and eating junk in college; plus I was no stranger to the party scene:)

Once I graduated and started teaching and running, I felt like my life had such a wonderful, healthy rhythm. I live so much more intentionally now that I run; I eat good food at the right times, I keep to a structured schedule with lots of sleep and exercise time, and I always have a reason to prioritize healthy choices over less healthy ones.

Also, I changed my mind about what I wanted to be about 175,9103,4791 times before I graduated college. I wanted to be a ballerina, then a vet, then an actress, then a dentist, then a writer, then a doctor…. I landed in Special Education kind of by accident, but I totally love it!!


Everything you said! I never realized just how much running is a huge part of my life until now. I tore my hamstring and haven’t run for 3 weeks. In fact, under doc’s orders, I haven’t been able to do any cardio cross training b/c of the location of the tear (high hamstring/glute area). Everytime I think about running (which let’s face it, is everyday) I want to cry. I missed my half marathon this past weekend and it absolutely killed me. I feel like my best friend moved away and I don’t know when I will see her again. But, I am doing what I am told and I will be ready for NY once Nov rolls around. Today, is a huge turning point b/c I get to run for 20 mins on the Alter G (at 70% bodyweight). I know it won’t feel like much, but I am jumping out of my skin with excitement right now! I am praying that it goes well and I get to do a faster one on Thurs for 30 mins. I just want to heal up and get my life back! ?


Oh Annemarie, I am so so sorry about your torn hamstring.. that sounds SO painful! Missing races is SO hard but good for you to listen to your doc (and you will go rock NYCM in November)!! I am so glad that you got the 20 minutes in on the Alter G (those things are incredible)! Keep me updated on how you are doing!!


My running goal for this week is a long run tomorrow, then take every other day easy………..a few more easy runs, and some extra rest. I have a half on June 3 so I need to taper.
Running is part of my lifestyle and living downtown near a great walkway it is an easy thing to do!
I wanted to be a teacher or an actress or an astronaut. I think I changed my mind a lot!


I so agree, running is a huge part of my life. I have to balance it with all different areas of my life, but I love sharing something I love so much with other people, getting up early to run, and moving my body and keep it healthy!

My main small running goal is to run my seven miler this weekend with really fresh feeling legs! So far, I’ve been feeling super strong and healthy and I want to stay that way! :)


It definitely affects my food choices – I’m always focused on proper fueling and refueling. People at the office go out to lunch almost every day, but I just can’t eat out like that all the time!

My running goal for the week/month is run consistently. I’ve been focused on other workouts since having my baby almost a year ago, but I’m ready to train for a fall half marathon, so before that I need to build up my base again!


I’m with you on the 3:1 ratio of running clothes to regular clothes. I work in a professional office, and some days I end up wearing my running clothes all day. I think my co-workers know that I’m much more productive/less grumpy if I get my run in so they don’t seem to mind. In my next life I’d like to come back as a PE teacher so I can legitimately wear running clothes all day ;)


I was talking to a friend about watching the Bachelorette and I might just watch some of it this season to see what it’s all about. I’ve never watched it before.


BSweet is my dear friend’s business! And yes, all of her desserts are insane. They are most famous for their different flavors of bread pudding.


NO WAY!!! Okay, that is so cool! Seriously I am going to have to go there next time I’m in Southern California. All of their treats make me drool! I hope you are having a wonderful day Robin!


Ever since I became a runner I drastically reduced my high heels wear. I only used them rarely, because they usually will get my ankles very tired and that’s no bueno for running.

I also wake up early to run. I have to wash my hair more often. And I had to changed my nutrition (in a good way). All of this because I am a runner, and I LOVE It:)

Btw, I love Brooke’s dress. I think I could wear it if it came on my size.


I want to get in 1 good interval workout, probably on the treadmill and I want to hit a long run this weekend. I’ve been holding at around 8 and I would like to build on that.

Running/working out is a huge part of my life style because I have to be at work at 7:15, so my alarm goes off way too early ;) I also have to be very conscientious of what I eat for dinner otherwise my stomach kills the next day.

I changed my mind 3 times. I originally wanted to be an OB doctor, but changed my mind after I saw my nephew being born when I was 8. Then it was an elementary school teacher, and I finally decided on high school English with a side of xc coaching :)


Running definitely dictates my shoe selection -no heals for me !


When I was two, I wanted to be a garbage man because they got to drive big trucks and make lots of noise ;)


HAHAH I love it!!!


I’m 43 and I still change my mind about what I want to be when I grow up. haha. I have very simple running goals, to just simply run. Any mileage at all. The last few months my foot has hurt, and it hasn’t for a few weeks. So run and not overdue is key goal. Funny you mention regular shoes. I need a nice pair of everyday shoes. Because now I wear my old running shoes with everything. They do not always look appropriate. I wore heels all day recently and they killed my feet. In need of nice comfy non-heel non-running shoes . Time for a shopping day.


When I was 5 years old I dressed as a nurse for Halloween-white dress, white shoes, blue wool nurses cape and a satchel with all my “supplies.” I am pretty sure I didn’t think it was a *costume* because I felt super legit. Go figure that I did follow through and become a nurse-the only time I waffled was in high school when I thought being an interior decorator or chef would be fun, but not very realistic. I never swayed from Nursing School!!!!

No on the Bachelorette. On some level that show infuriates me……but I’ll admit that I somehow know what’s going on via chitter chatter. My parents watch it and it’s hilarious-my dad makes a running commentary that is like the guys in the balcony on the Muppet show. My mom gets all in a dither. That’s almost more fun to follow-their spectating! The dress on the advertisement is so pretty though……love it!


I may still be changing my mind about what I want to be when I grow up :). When I was little, my sister and I wanted to be ballerinas who owned a pizza restaurant and made pizza onstage while we danced, so, yeah…. That one hasn’t panned out.


Hey Janae!

The only running goals I have for the next few weeks are to take it easy and TAPER! I’ve got a half coming up in 13 days so I’ll be finishing up the hard part of training this week and tapering next!

Running is definitely a lifestyle. My boyfriend is also a runner (a really good one, at that!) and we have to coordinate so much! We try to plan long runs on the same days so that we can eat a carbyish dinner the night before and have a good run!

OOH! I changed my mind SO MUCH on what I wanted to be when I grew up. I’m STILL changing my mind! I wanted to be a lawyer for most of my youth and nearly took the LSAT before I realized my passion was health and wellness and became a dietitian! Now that I’m working, I’m hoping to get into nursing school(!!) and work in peds or labor & delivery! I find out soon about nursing school! FINGERS CROSSED EVERYONE!


Is it weird that I usually love the outfits Brooke has on lol. She dresses so cute!


OH MY! Ice cream in a donut?! Craziness! LOL.


Hmm..when I was little I wanted to be a writer, and I can’t remember what else. Running goals this week – just building my mileage back up in anticipation of a couple of ultra marathon this summer/fall. For me, I have found a way to create space in my life for running no matter what else might be going on. Sometimes, the run is 5:30 in the morning and sometimes it is squeezing in a run/commute to work. Obviously at times, other things (rightly) have had to take precedence, but running is just part of who I am. Many of my good friends are runners – just because of the amount of time we spend running and the community that brings us together.


I DVR’d The Bachelorette. I haven’t watched it yet. I probably will cause my standards are low and I don’t have a life. Also the reason donuts with ice cream get me so excited.

Side note, I had always thought ‘Hungry Runner Girl’ was because you run and you eat a lot, but after reading your list, I am wondering if it meant you are hungry for running. If so, and I am just now having this revelation. Mind. Blown.


I am kind of over the bachelor and bachelorette at this point. I used to watch it and loved it but it’s played out for me.
I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I’m 29 and just figured it out.

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