Friday Favorites and Unfavorite!

 (bra, shorts, socks)

If you are looking for a potential 30-min PR class, this could be it: so much climbing, so little recovering, ha.

I’m telling ya, these PT exercises are making the biggest difference for me. I am feeling my glutes working during the run and throughout the day, too (Even when I walk?!?! This is a brand new world for me).

We were able to go to my nephew’s state track meet. He is a sophomore and had an 8 sec pr yesterday in the 3200m with a 9:48! His form is my goal… I don’t think my back foot has ever gone above one inch off the ground.

My other nephew and I cheered from the side!
We decided to walk into the museum we parked in front of for the track meet.

And we met Megan D for lunch afterward. A friend that works at this restaurant dropped off that chocolate piece of cake in the background, and I’m not sure how she knew how badly I needed that slice.

 You can imagine how happy it makes me to see Brooke and her friend running together at cross-country each practice.

Let’s chat about some favorite things this week!

*Last week’s Friday Favorites had some really good ones in case you missed those!

*A simple, cheap summer outfit I love! H&M shorts (TTS) and my Amazon white shirts!

*LiquidIV is a year-round favorite, but it really saves me during the warmer months. I have one a day, and the piña colada is my favorite. I cannot do summer running without this stuff.

Code: HUNGRY-RUNNER-GIRL will get you 25% off and free shipping HERE!

*The best breakfast of my life. Andrew used this TJ’s bread for french toast, which was incredible. This syrup was also a must.

*Andrew bought this lightning bolt charm for my hoop for Mother’s Day. I’m hoping it becomes my new racing good-luck charm.


*And an unfavorite… I lost my Sephora face razor, so I picked up some plastic ones at Target, and it cut my face and made me realize how much better the Sephora one is. I will never stray again from my favorite Sephora one.


Have any nieces and nephews?

Have a good luck charm?  One for your running?

Tell me something fun you have going on this weekend!

Had an unfavorite lately?

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One thing I’m looking forward to this weekend is making my second batch of homemade ice cream! The first was just vanilla with sprinkles mixed in. Last night I remembered I had frozen Kit Kats from Halloween so I’m going to chop those up and add it as my mix in. Can’t wait!


That is going to be so so good! Enjoy and I might have to copy you this weekend.


Your nephew is en fuego!
This weekend I need to prep my garden and flower pots. That’s always the worst part of gardening. Otherwise I hope to do lots of reading (I’m stuck on an awful book!) and bread making.
Have a great weekend!


He really is crushing it! Good luck with all of the prep and I hope your book turns around and has a sudden plot twist ha. I’ll be over for the bread. Thanks Molly, you too!


My face is very peach fuzzy. I’m scared to try any of those face shavers as I don’t want the peach fuzz to turn into a whiskery beard. What is your experience with this?


I was SO afraid of that too but it hasn’t at all. It just keeps on being peach fuzz:). I hope you have the best weekend, Corry!


Face razor? Never heard of them. Lucky for me I guess.


Yes you are super lucky! I get so much peach fuzz that I need one. Have a great weekend!


Ohh those earrings are awesome!! You just buy a hoop and you can change the charms?

I’ve never tried the facial razors…Im too scared I’d cut myself. 😬

Do you have a link to your striped blouse? Or is it an oldie. Always love your Friday Favorites!


Yes! The charms are so much fun, I first saw the store in Boston and couldn’t stop talking about them. I hope you love them too! Definitely don’t try the target ones then ha. That one is from Madewell a few years ago but it is very similar to this one that I have in my shopping cart ha. Hope you have the best weekend, Jane! Thank you!


Oh I am glad you mentioned the face razors- I’ve been hearing so much about those and I was thinking of getting some cheapo ones at the store to try, but will steer clear! Do you notice a difference?

Two nieces (one is the Eden Rose I mentioned yesterday!). I have two boys so it’s nice to get my “girl” fix with buying them clothes.

Good luck charm: I have a couple but I try not to get too superstitious… because then I freak myself out WITHOUT them and it sort of defeats the purpose.

Unfavorite lately… I tried making us rainbow chard because it looked so pretty and I’m trying to do more vegetables and it was a total fail. A lot of the recipes called for baking it in a gratin or with a lot of cheese but I just sautéed so maybe I would have liked it better drenched in cheese (i mean everything is better than way, right?)

This weekend we have my son’s little league and my older son is going to the Padres game with my mom’s fiancee and his grandson. Also, the little league game is actually at 11 so I am (SEMI) plotting a longer run than I’ve been doing (normally I do 10 on Saturdaay but migghhht push to a 14 just to see… I’m really really debating a fall marathon). Per our back and forth yesterday I may pick up a Maurten to try!


I truly notice a big difference between the sephora one and the cheap target ones. I love that you get your nieces clothes, they are so lucky to have you. Hahah good point about the the good luck charms! Booo to the chard, but you are so brave to try it. I am impressed! Good luck to your son this weekend and go rock that longer run. FOURTEEN! Cheering for you and please try the Maurten and let me know what you think. Cheering for you, Arianna!


Hi! Do you train in the adidas pros for easy runs? I don’t usually Train in carbon plates. But having a tough time finding a training shoe I really like lately. I like a firm heel. Thoughts? I usually wear Nike and adidas occasionally NB.


Hey Lisa! I really try not to but they just feel so good that sometimes I need the promise of an extra bounce to get out for an easy run ha. Have you tried the Asics Novablast? I am beyond obsessed with them. I didn’t think Asics were for me but I could wear those shoes every single day and I swear they are going to last me for 700 miles. Let me know what you try and I hope you have the best day!


I’ve always been hesitant to use those facial razors, I’m afraid I’d cut myself but heard good things about them.
I remember you shared those dark spot patches from Sephora..did they work for you? I am noticing now that I’m getting sun my darker spots are coming out and I hate it..even powder doesn’t seem to cover the spots. What works for you, or what foundation/powder do you use ? Thanks Janae


Try out the Sephora one if you are going to try one! Thanks for reminding me about those… like usual with skin care I bought something and got too lazy with it.. but now I’m really going to ha. Have a beautiful weekend, Ashlea!


Hi Janae! I actually like when I’m slightly sore from PT exercises cuz then I can really feel the glutes fire for example! I think I still have the eyebrow shaver you recommended a long time ago because it came with so many in a pack! They are pretty useful.
Today we are getting the AC looked at and hopefully it gets fixed! So I hope that will be a favorite.
Have an awesome day!


Oh I really hope they are able to fix it! I feel you on that… my glutes are sore today and it makes me so proud ha. Happy weekend, Amy!


I’m drinking a pina colada Liquid IV right now! It’s my favorite flavor as well. Have a great weekend, Janae!


This makes me so happy… it is just the best! Thanks Allison, you too!


I have 10 nieces and nephews, the youngest is the cutest little 7 year old and I could just scoop him up every time I see him. The oldest is graduating high school (!!!) and he’s about a foot and a half taller than I am, hah, no scooping him up!

You introduced me to Liquid IV and I’m drinking so much more water now!! I need to try that pina colada flavor, thanks for the discount!

Ouch, that unfavorite sounds painful! I recently went for a sweaty midday run while visiting family in a much warmer area and the little eye hook on my front closing jog bra totally chafed on the side of my boob (sorry TMI) and it left the worst blister. Next time I do a sweaty run I’ll definitely be adjusting my bra before starting!!


I have one niece (who’s 16!!) and 4 nephews that range from 13-2.

My youngest is turning 2 on Monday, so we are having a party with just family this weekend! Then a week later is my oldest who will turn 5! It’s a busy month for us! My husband’s birthday was last Monday! Haha

Current unfavorite… I’ve been having pain in my heel and wondering if I have plantar fasciitis…

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