Silentish Saturday!

8 miles @ 8:31 pace.

Can’t wait to meet this baby!

Went over to Mer’s house to visit with her.

This picture from my first sub 3 popped up on her frame and it made me so happy.

She rates these 10/10.

My guac eating buddy.

A coloring afternoon.

And a walk.

Hanging out with Brooke before she left for the weekend.

Andrew brings home leftovers from work and it makes my day.

Off for 14 miles of trails!

Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Lincoln logs! We had Lincoln logs growing up. No legos in the house. So nostalgic!!
You made your walk seem so casual from yesterday! I went on a run that included a car nearly running me over on a sidewalk and then the car honking at me afterwards for 30 seconds as I ran past. Drivers have been crazy lately!!


I love that you loved Lincoln logs too… they were a big part of my childhood too.Oh my gosh, that is horrible. HOW DO THEY TURN IT AROUND ON US?!?! My friend Maddie had someone yell and harrass her on her run on my street this morning. I don’t get what is happening. It makes me want to stay inside. I am so glad you are okay. That must have been so scary!


Aaawww… Mer! How is she?
We went to our nephew’s doctorate graduation party last night, and it was so fun.
Today will start with a run, then some house cleaning, and probably grilling something for dinner. Both boys are home (youngest still has a few weeks left of school), so I am soaking up all the family time.
My sister’s – in-law and I are starting to menu plan for next weekend up at the mountain house. It’s our annual big family weekend there and I cannot wait.
I hope you longer run on the trails was awesome! Have a great weekend Janae


She is having a hard time. She lost both of her dogs this month. I know you know that pain very well. Send her some prayers and love!

Both boys are home. This is amazing! I am so glad that you have some time at the mountain house up ahead. Sounds like the best weekend ever. Thanks Wendy!


Hi Janae! Yay for Mer haven’t heard about her for a while hope she’s doing well! Looks like you had an awesome run on the trails with friends!
I’m going for yoga with friends and then a swap party (swap things we don’t need anymore) and then out to dinner. It’s my husband’s birthday next week and the celebration starts!
Happy weekend!


She has had a very hard month. Both of her dogs passed away this month. Keep her in your thoughts!
Swap party, that is brilliant. I want to try that! Enjoy all of the celebrating! Thanks Amy, you too!


waffles, it’s waffle saturday…..just finished a clinic and had our west coast On brand rep join us….love their footwear and clothing..and love their attention to sustainability, who knew castor bean oil?…and they now they have footwear and clothing that’s completely recyclable….and the Cloud Surfer rocks!
bball badminton and making BBQ ribs for dinner….a relaxing Saturday…..and am concerned with the amount of smoke from nearly grass and forest fires in the air, keeping us cool, but will see


Badminton, bball and bbq… love the alliteration of your evening ha. Glad you had a great clinic today! Happy weekend!


Will you please direct me to a link for the orange shorts in the last photo? I recently tried some shorts like this but they’re annoying. Hoping for a better option! TIA


Why don’t they sell smoreos in Belgium????? I want to try them!


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