14 Pictures from LA!

1.  Fun fact—> these kiddos wake up approximately 2.2 hours earlier while on vacation compared to at home;)

2.  I was pretty excited that we made it to LA in time to get some breakfast first at Philippe’s

IMG 5820

3.  I’ve just recently become more of a french toast person than a pancake person and I feel good about that.

IMG 5818

4.  Andrew and I got to go up on a helicopter tour (the kiddos hung out with their cousins in the area.  PS thank you dramamine for allowing me to do this without feeling sick the entire time—>   it did make me fall asleep sitting straight up though while waiting to go up in the air.

IMG 5843

5.  LA temple:

IMG 5886

6.  We saw some crazy huge houses, dolphins as we went over the ocean and the whole city.

IMG 5871

7.  Next stop—>  The Dodgers game.  Andrew is a huge Angels fan but they were in Seattle this weekend so he settled for a Dodgers game:)

IMG 5896

8. Can you tell Andrew is standing right behind them holding them up there?

IMG 5902

9.  Soft-serve while watching baseball is always a good idea.  As a kid we used to come to Southern California a lot because a lot of our extended family lives here and my brothers loved the Dodgers.  We used to go to their games a lot so it was fun to have some childhood flashbacks while we were there.

IMG 5928

10.  Andrew’s goal is to go to a game at every baseball stadium in the major league.  He also gets a hat at each of them… I’m just going to go ahead and join in with this tradition.

IMG 5907

11.  The kids actually got really into the game.

IMG 5929

12.  But more so they were really into the cotton candy.

IMG 5940

13.  Yep.

IMG 5938

14.  The Dodgers won, we forgot where we parked and then we finally got back to Andrew’s grandparents’ house.

IMG 5947

What are your Sunday plans?

Baseball fan?  Have a favorite team?

Ever been in a helicopter?  Where?

Pancakes, waffles, french toast or other?

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I’m with Andrew, the Angels are so much better.
Also, when are you going to change your about you tab, to now newly married?


Andrew- remind Janae to look me up when you check Miller park (Brewers) off your list.


Dodger family here! Up with puppy, then church, and family BBQ. Hoping to get a run in.


I’m not a big baseball fan. I feel like it goes too long.

Waffles and French toast are a tie for me, I think pancakes are last on the scale for me.


Hey there! Just an FYI — the link you posted for this on Twitter is giving me an error that the link was removed by Google (or something like that). Thought you might want to know! :-)


Three way tie for me with pancakes waffles and French toast but I alway pick French toast when I’m at a restaurant!
Going to look at a house today and hit up the running store for socks and then lunch with my boyfriend somewhere.


Hi Janae! Just found your blog recently. Love!

Wanted to share that I discovered Non-drowsy Naturals Dramamine… I was skeptical, but I took it for a ride on a sailboat and didn’t have the same sleepy problem I do with normal Dramamine. For the record, I took regular Dramamine before going for a long ride in my Grandfather’s car to a museum (he’s an awful old-guy driver, and I get car sick), and I fell asleep leaning against a wall during part of a guided tour at the museum! So… if you ever find yourself needing something for motion sickness again, give the non-drowsy a try!


Hi Emily! Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to try that next time I need dramamine. Have a great day!


Sunday plans = rest day, church, then a nap!

We flew in a helicopter from Maui over Molokai once. My husband had a bike accident that required a helicopter ride to the hospital – he passed out on the scene so the paramedics didn’t want to take any chances. No broken bones, just tons of road rash. I think that’s when I got my first grey hair ;)


Just finished my 22-miler…last long run before marathon is done! Yeah! So funny, we also went to a baseball game last night. My 6 yo went for the cotton candy and I got homemade strawberry cheesecake ice cream! Delicious! I used to be a huge Montreal Expos fan and then they were sold and moved (not fair! ha). So as a Canadian, I guess I have to go with the Toronto Blue Jays ;-)


How fun! I took Micah to his first major league game about a year after we were married in San Fran and it was so fun! When we moved to AZ we would go the Diamondbacks games a lot!

Random question…loving that white tee…where is it from???


Hi Brianne! I got the white shirt from Madewell. Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


I am playing with penguins today at work, then pet sitting a gorgeous black lab. My husband played baseball when he was in school, and we love going to games but it doesn’t happen very often……….no excuse really bc our minor league team (Chattanooga Lookouts) stadium is across the street from work…………..we will go more next year. I don’t think I could do a helicopter………..flying scares me. And I am definately all about the french toast!!


I love the Mariners! I’m in Portland, so no major league options, but I also like to support our minor league teams. We got a college summer league this year- The Portland Pickles! They even served fried pickles at the park!

I love French toast too! Yummy, your CA food looked great!

Not much planned for the weekend, just work around the house and getting ready to start a new school year Tuesday! So glad you guys are having fun!


I’m Canadian so I’m 100% a Toronto Blue Jays fan!

And french toast for the win!


Sunday plans include church and building a farm table for our patio! St. Louis Cardinals are my team. I love his goal of going to a game at every stadium. What a great idea! I’m a French toast or waffle kind of girl. Never, ever pancakes.


omg that house is HUGE. It’s like I knew there were big houses, but seeing them – that’s crazy! I’ve never been in a helicopter but I’d love to!


Today is my youngest niece’s 3rd birthday party! It’s at a local park and going to be beautiful weather for it.

I am and have always been a Kansas City Royals fan. I grew up going to games and just went to one Friday night. Love my boys in blue! Let me know when you are coming to see them, I’ll join you!

My dad and I went on a helicopter ride over Branson and the Lake of the Ozarks. It was fun! I really wish I had done one when I was in Hawaii.


Looks like so much fun! I’ve never been in a helicopter and I don’t want to.. I’m terrified of them. I’ve had nightmares about falling out of one hahaha

I’m prepping for the week today, making iced coffee, lunches, cleaning, etc. then I have to work on some online class homework

I gotta say belgium waffles are the best :)


The helicopter tour looks awesome! I did a helicopter tour in my hometown Seattle and also in Kauai. The one in Kauai was so breathtaking with the waterfalls and coastline.


No plans for the day, Sunday is my rest day but if the weather clears I may take the motorcycle down to the beach.

Grew up watching Don Mattingly play for the Yankees so stuck with that team. Would love to go out to LA to watch the Dodgers.

I have many hours in a helo, mainly in Afghanistan.

French Toast all the way with bananas and strawberries.


This morning I had the best Vegan Pancakes I’ve ever tried, lol! The best part is that they tasted like regular pancakes.


Did you make them yourself or have them in a restaurant? Just curious…


Not a baseball fan — but Detroit Tigers will always have a place in my heart, it’s my “home” team! Growing up, tickets were basically free!!

This Sunday is “church & chill” — we rented tons of movies and stocked up on popcorn! The south is being pummeled by storms, so we might bust out a board game and a puzzle if the power goes out!


The kiddos are so cute together! It’s like they were meant to be brother and sister. Keep having fun!


If I may ask why there is a pool in the back of your church or is it just a pretty pond?

Minnesota Twins all the way. I’ve also been to Camden Yards in Baltimore.


Hi Leanne! The pool of water that you see in that picture is a beautiful reflecting pool. No one actually swims in it. The temple has beautiful grounds for people to enjoy when they visit. Thanks for asking! Hope you have a great Labor Day!


Thanks for replying. It’s beautiful!!


I’m a Dodger fan. It’s hard not being able to watch the games on TV though. Hopefully I can make it to a game before playoffs.

I’m a big waffle fan. Pancakes are good too, but if I had to choose one or the other it would most certainly be waffles.


My husband and I have the same baseball stadium goal! We’ve been to 13 together so far ? (Including Dodgers and Angels). I’m trying to find a cool wooden wall map big enough to pin our tickets to. #goals I went in a helicopter for work once and it was terrifying.


French toast. I am telling you for like the bajillionth time, but one day you will try it and thank me.

Bear Paw. #8. Served ‘Bear Paw’ style with stuffed vanilla brulee. Homestryle fries. Eggs. Bacon.

So glad you guys are having fun. The only MLB games I have been to are a Yankees/Red Sox game (we took my dad for his bday) in NYC and to a diamondbacks game in AZ.


Everyone PLEASE stop saying “kiddos”. It’s beyond over used at this point. That’s all. Thank you.


St. Louis Cardinals is my favorite team. Busch Stadium is awesome! Y’all can mark off two MLB parks if you come to Missouri.


Last long weekend of summer!

15 miles, church, beach, and friends. That’s 4 things, but it’s been an amazing day so far!


What a great getaway to LA.

Red Sox Fan here… die-hard :)


Lifelong Red Sox, and pancake fan!


My parents have the same baseball-stadium goal – and they are almost done!!! That’s a lot of baseball :) (They buy a pennant at each stadium)


When I was younger my dad shared season tickets to the Texas Rangers. We were 12th row behind homeplate. I loved going to the games, and now will only watch baseball in person. My dad’s office also used to have a location in the Ballpark at Arlington, so if we didn’t have tickets we would go and sit on the balcony at the office and watch the games.


Love baseball games!! I’ve been in a helicopter twice.. once over Cincinnati and once over the Grand Canyon!


Love baseball! Mets fan. I’d love to see more ballparks, but have only been to ones on the east coast with one exception – San Diego!


random comment but that is Mark Wahlberg’s house with the tennis courts and pool. it is massive!


Aw, I love this! I live in LA so reading about your trip made me smile :) We went to a Dodgers game last week and I’m not a HUGE baseball fan but there’s something about going to games that is so much fun. And, I’m with Brooke and Knox – the cotton candy makes it even better.

No helicopters for me yet! We did fly in a sea plane over Lake Coeur d’Alene once, which was insanely cool.

Hope you had a safe trip back to Utah!


Hi Janae!

My husband also has a goal to see every MLB ballpark. He’s probably knocked off 1/3rd to 1/2 already! I’ve joined him on many trips but sometimes he goes with the guys. Like Andrew, he also buys the “home team” hat at every game. We have a wall of them. HA! Glad you had a great trip!


Do you get microblading done to your eyebrows? They always look very nice.

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