Friday Favorites!

(Tank, shorts, shoes)

Andrew decided to join me for a run!  He usually bikes with me when we go out together, but he grabbed his running shoes instead.  I loved the choice he made.  

The heat definitely got to him. 6 miles @ 8:49 average.

And I cannot wait for today’s run…

Summer is the best but also the hardest with having the big kids gone for longer. It had been two weeks since we last saw Knox, but he had the best time at a family reunion.

Waterpark for the win.

My sister brought coupons for free ice cream.

Beck runs straight to my sister the second he see’s her!

Spaghetti for dinner and a very early bedtime because my alarm is set for 4:30 a.m. this morning.

Let’s get chatting about some favorite things!

*I forgot if I shared this one previously, but CROSSNET Four Square has been a summer staple for us. It’s a game everyone can play, and we play for hours each time.

*The waffle cut seasoned fries from TJ’s. Too good. Especially when you cook them in an air fryer. Sadly, they are always out of stock when I go to get them at our store, and I crave them badly.

*Another TJ’s favorite… They are even BETTER than Swedish Fish.
*I love Stanley water bottles and have been using them for years (along with the rest of Utah).  Andrew and I have found that these 30-ounce bottles are our favorites. They are easy to carry around, keep your ice frozen forever, and don’t spill when your kids favorite game is knocking your water bottle over all day long.  

Dirt on my lid from Beck taking a drink moments after he tried to eat dirt.

Have any fun weekend plans?

What is your favorite water bottle? If you currently have a significant other, do they like to run?  Or do they think running is crazy?Who is running a race on the 4th of July/weekend?

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I LOVE a good water bottle that keeps ice for a while! The one I’m currently using is a Costco purchase and it was very worth it.

This weekend is packed in the best way. Tonight my college roommate and one of my best friends is coming to visit and I haven’t seen her in over a year. Then tomorrow meeting up with someone for drinks. Finally on Sunday I’m having some people over to hang out before we all go to the Phillies game for my birthday! If you want to get me anything please send all the good vibes that it doesn’t rain Sunday and that it’s not 198643789 degrees that day please and thank you :)

Hope the fruit salad you made last night is a hit today!


People are loving the Costco ones, I must try those too. I am SO happy you will have time with your college roommate and best friend. Sounds like the best way to celebrate your BIRTHDAY! I will eat cake to celebrate you and send good vibes that it doesn’t rain. Have a beautiful weekend and happiest birthday. I am so grateful for your friendship, Maureen!


I hope your super early run was amazing!! And I love that Andrew joined you on the road the other day. :)

OHHHH–I will have to keep an eye out for those waffle fries. Tom and i just bought a Ninja Foodi. We have an air fryer already, but we also realized that our George Forman grill was getting old and that we wanted an air fryer with more space–so enter the ninja foodi. We like it so far, and I might have to go to TJs this weekend and get waffle fries to see how those go!

I will have to try those TJs version of Swedish Fish. And I am happy that Knox is back–he needs all the love, connection, and memories of his other family, but he also needs you guys. He’s lucky to have so many people loving him, even though I know that the joy of that comes with the sacrifice of loving him from far away when he is away from your home. :)

As for my weekend–man this is a BUSY one. A lot of things are happening literally all at once, and this weekend is my weekend to make very! detailed! lists!!! of what needs to be done and get all the things taken care of/all the errands run. Literally, the week+ between July 9-17 is everything: July 9-10 I have my instructor training weekend for BODYPUMP (I don’t think I mentioned that I was doing it–but here we are…). On Monday the 11th I fly to Ohio for work, and from the 11-15 I have not only a full team meeting for my small department but I also have my first live trainings for the leadership development program I have been building for the last 8+ months that I have been at my job. I fly home on the 15th, and then on the 16th and 17th my gyms launch all of the new Les Mills choreography–so I need to have both of my spin class formats (RPM and Sprint) learned, practiced, and ready to coach by then. And as if that isn’t enough, starting the 18th I am shadowing and co-teaching with my friends who teach Bodypump as I slowly build my confidence and my instructor skill set to teach that program and hopefully get ready to videotape myself teaching a full class by late August to complete my certification.

That’s a lot, and I said it in way too many words. But–well–here we are. :)

I hope the weekend ahead of you is SO SO GOOD! <3


Stephanie! Let me know what you think of the waffle fries, so so good. Thank you Stephanie, they sure have a lot of people that love them all. You are crazy busy. I know I say this a lot, but I would love to come to one of your classes. Reading your schedule made me tired haha. So excited for you and good luck learning the new formats! You’ve got this. Have the best time with Tom!


Good for Andrew getting out on a run with you! It’s so funny how we all have our strengths and weaknesses.
My husband swore off running once he finished active duty with the army. He’s more of a weight lifting type now, however he will do sprint workouts every so often with some strength exercises mixed in (sprint some distance, do 20 push ups, sprint again do however many sit ups etc.) I tried to join him for one of those sessions once, thinking “Oh, I’m decent at sprints, and I can do all of those strength exercises…” NOPE! For whatever reason, my body did NOT want to do running and strength in the same workout.
FYI my family really loves the thermal water bottles at Costco. They aren’t quite as nice as yours, but you get a pack of two for around $20 and they still do a great job of keeping your drinks cold. I find they’re great for situations where you don’t want to risk getting your nice water bottles dinged up or lost, or for just to have a few extras around. Have a great weekend!


It might be a while again before he does it ha. Teach me to do SPRINTS… that workout sounds so so hard. I will have to try out the Costco ones, thank you so much. We always ding ours so I need to get those for the kids especially! Have a great day, Courtney!


That day at the water park looks like a fun one!

Random question about air fryers – do you leave yours out on the counter or put it away when you’re not using it? DH hates to have lots of appliance clutter on the kitchen counters. I love the idea of getting an air fryer, but am not sure if it would be a pain to drag out and put away every time.

I’m on the hunt for a new water bottle. I got a new vehicle (yay!). I love almost everything about it .. but the cup holders leave a lot to be desired. I need a bottle that’s not too tall and not too wide.


Great question! I keep mine in the pantry so it is out of sight but always able to use. I agree with the clutter being hard and annoying to get it in and out all of the time… if you have a spot like a pantry it is perfect and so worth it. We use ours multiple times a day. YAY for your new car, that is so exciting. Good luck with finding the perfect bottle because that is a necessity!


Good morning, Janae! I may have to make a special trip to TJs (2 hours round trip) for those waffle fries!! Great to see Knox back in the fold with you all :o)
We purposefully are leaving things pretty loose for this weekend. Sadly, I will probably have to work for some part of it, but otherwise we’re going to tackle some house projects, do some hiking and kayaking, and anything else that comes along and sounds fun. Hoping for some fireworks in there somewhere!
My Contigo travel mug, while not the biggest, makes for an awesome water bottle; especially in the car. Keeps things super cold and doesn’t spill – that’s key for this girl! I also have a Life is Good one that is huge. It’s great at keeping things super cold, but not so great in the non-spillage department. The size of the Stanley ones and the fact that they have a handle make me want to check them out. Thanks for sharing :o)
Have a fantastic weekend and Happy Independence Day, Janae!!


WORTH THE DRIVE! I hope you love them as much as we do! Good luck with work, projects and have the best time with the hiking/kayaking. You are so adventurous! We love Contigo too… huge thing that it doesn’t spill! Thanks Janine, have a beautiful weekend!


My favorite water bottle is Swell brand.

When he bikes with you – you can run as fast he bikes? I feel like that’s impressive.


On the downhill he crushes me and on the uphill I can pull ahead a bit. On the roads he beats me no matter what ha. Hope your weekend is a beautiful one, Mary!


I’m running an 8K on 4th of July. No speedy plans because it always feels like we are an inch away from the sun during this race.

I’m curious to know what your run is today! Does it have anything to do with that delish fruit salad that you made last night? haaaa


Have the best time at the 8k and put some ice in your sports bra… that sounds so hot. We ran up Mt Timpanogos and the fruit salad was VERY needed. Hope your weekend is a great one, Molly!


Homemade ice cream is on the list for this weekend. Can’t go wrong!

We have SO many water bottles, many from cycling events that Les has done. I don’t really have a favorite. It got so out of control, I finally search Amazon for an organizer and am so glad I did. I bought two of these I love that I no longer fear an avalanche every time I open that particular cupboard.

Les is not a runner, but he also doesn’t think I’m crazy. He and his brother are planning a Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike in October, so he’s going to start spending less time on the bike and more on his feet. We did a little over 2 miles this morning (after I ran my own 5.)


I need homemade ice cream in my life! Ummmm I need that organizer too. Thank you! So excited for Les’ next adventure, I want to do that someday too! Great run this morning. Happy weekend, Kathy!


Today is our day, Canada Day…and every year I blown away at how diverse this place is….watching the celebration in TV from Ottawa now, on the same stage now, Hispanic, indigenous, African-American, Inuit, rap, hip doesn’t get more Canadian then that
on my way to sell shoes is a few hours, hoping to bike there in the rain…then watching fireworks tonight….
long bike tomorrow, 16K Sunday morning….a casual long weekend


I just got the same Stanley yesterday and so excited to use it! Have a great weekend!

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