Training log lately + is it time?!

(purple top, shoes, shorts)

We were all drenched with sweat by the end of this run.  It was the hottest and most humid day we have had this year in our area.  My watch better tell me I’m at least 30% acclimated to the heat now.

I’m afraid I no longer know how to do a speed workout on my own.  I was ready to quit one minute into the workout but didn’t because of my group.

6-mile w/u, 3 x 1-mile speed changes (100m FAST, 100m FLOAT ((not a jog, not all out)) with 1 mile of floats in between each one.

6:05, 6:41, 5:54, 6:44, 6:06

I sat on this rock for a good amount of time, contemplating what just happened once we were done… I fell apart during the last mile and kept slowing down with each 100m.

Give me long intervals alllllll day, but these short/fast speed bursts are painful for me.  I did a short interval workout last Saturday and yesterday, so I’m proud.   Maybe it will eventually turn into a strength?

Beck has learned to take dirty clothes to the laundry room.   Brooke has also decided Beck is close to being ready to potty train;).   Brooke (this was ALL her idea) fully potty trained Skye when I was pregnant with Beck and sick on the couch… it was during covid, so she was home all day and set a timer every 30 minutes for Skye to go.  Let’s see if she can do it with Beck too!

We went to story time…

Along with the water park during Beck’s nap.

Sweet potato and black bean tacos for dinner!

Skye came up with the idea to add strawberries to hers.

And we were able to spend some time with Mer!


Just in case anyone wants an update on training for the last few months… Here is what things have looked like!  You can read my training leading up to Boston here.

I took a whole week off after the Boston Marathon and so let’s start from there!  All my strength workouts come from the Peloton app (Janaebaron is my name on there, and you can see my calendar of strength workouts), and all of my running comes from my coach.


Monday:  8.18 miles @ 8:55 average on the trails with 921 ft of climbing.

Tuesday:  8.3 miles @ 8:23 average.

Wednesday: 10 miles @ 8:18 average.

Thursday:  45-minute Peloton ride

Friday:  8.5 miles @ 8:24 average.

4/30 Saturday: 12.5 miles @ 7:32 average.  No speed, just running up and down the canyon.

39 miles for the week!


Monday:  10 miles @ 9:29 average with 4 x 30 hill sprints, and then I had gum grafts and took a few days off.

Tuesday:  Off

Wednesday:  Off

Thursday:  Off

Friday:  Off

Saturday:  8.27 miles @ 8:24 average

18 miles for the week


Monday:  10 miles @ 8:13 average

Tuesday:  3 x 2 minutes (2-minute recovery) + 3 x 1 minute (90-second recovery) for a total of 9 miles @ 7:39 average

Wednesday:  9 miles @ 8:33 average pace

Thursday:  8.5 miles @ 8:19 average pace (last .5 miles were strides, 6 x 30 seconds).

Friday:  Off

Saturday:  Vigor Half-Marathon-> 1:12 (3,000 ft DROP)!

50.5 miles for the week


Monday:  8 miles @ 9:08 pace

Tuesday:  10 miles @ 8:33 pace

Wednesday:  8.54 miles @ 8:22 average

Thursday:  8 miles trails @ 9:22 average with 1200 ft climbing

Friday:  7.08 miles @ 8:29 average

Saturday:  15.35 miles @ 7:36 average.  Middle 10k pacing a friend at 6:55 average.

57 miles for the week


Monday: 10.6 miles @ 8:11 average

Tuesday:  9.31 miles @ 8:19 pace

Wednesday:  6 x 1 MTC (mostly down, part flat) mile repeats @ 5:32 average. 13.2 miles @ 7:20 average total.

Thursday: 10.23 miles @ 9:38 average w/ 1332 ft of climbing trails.

Friday: 5 miles @ 9:09 average

Saturday: 13.3 miles w/ a 5k in the middle-> 18:08 (5:50 pace)

Sunday: Off

61.65 miles for the week


Monday:  9 miles @ 8:46 average

Tuesday: 7 miles @ 7:46 average with 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes, 1-minute intervals around a 5:55 pace with 90-second recoveries.

Wednesday: 8 miles @ 8:48 average

Thursday: 7.11 miles @ 8:20 average with 4 x 30 second strides.

Friday:  Off!

Saturday:  Utah Valley 1/2 Marathon–> 1:22:35.  14.75 miles for the day with w/u and c/d

Sunday: Off

45.86 miles for the week.


Monday: 45-minute Peloton ride

Tuesday:  60-minute Peloton ride

Wednesday: 8.3 miles @ 8:11 pace

Thursday:  8 miles @ 8:32 pace.

Friday:  Buffalo peak–> 10 miles @  12:38 average pace with 2700 ft of climbing

Saturday:  8 miles @ 8:52 average w/1100 ft climbing

Sunday: Off

34.3 miles for the week


Monday:  8 miles @ 9:26 average on trails w/1200 ft climbing

Tuesday:  45-minute hitt and hills Peloton ride.

Wednesday:  9.16 miles total at a 7:07 average with 3 x 1 downhill miles –> 5:28, 5:22, 5:16.

Thursday:  12 miles @ 1012 average with 2100 ft of climbing

Friday: 10 miles @ 8:28 average

Saturday:  60 minutes peloton + 6 miles @ 8:53 average

Sunday: Off

45 miles for the week


Monday: 10 miles on trails @ 9:03 average pace with 1300 ft climbing

Tuesday:  7 miles @ 8:41 average

Wednesday:  12.1 miles @ 7:34 average with a ladder workout–> 2 miles, 1 mile, 800m & 400m

Thursday:  7.31 miles @ 8:33 average

Friday:  6.42 miles @ 8:27 average on roads + 1 mile on trails with Brooke @ 11:17

Saturday:  12.4 miles @ 7:00 average pace.  4-mile w/u, 10 x 2 minutes hard with 1-minute recoveries.

Sunday: Off

56.26 miles for the week


Monday: 8 miles trails @ 9:47 average with 1300 ft of climbing…. finished up with 4 x 30-second hill sprints at the end.

Tuesday: 7.12 miles @ 8:28 average

Wednesday: 12.11 miles @ 7:07 pace 6-mile w/u, 3 x 1-mile speed changes (100m FAST, 100m FLOAT ((not a jog, not all out)) with 1 mile of floats in between each one.

6:05, 6:41, 5:54, 6:44, 6:06

Thursday: 6 miles easy

Favorite type of tacos?

Favorite season to train hard in?


Parents—> when did your child/children potty train?

-Brooke was 3, Skye was 2, and Brooke wants Beck to be potty trained before he turns 2.

Andrew just finished Stranger Things… anyone else watching?

-It is too scary for me.

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Brooke taking charge on the potty training is amazing!! What a wonderful thing for her to do.

Summer is my favorite season to train hard in. Something about the warm weather gives me a boost!

No Stranger Things for me either because it’s too scary. Give me a comedy any day. :)

Thank you for linking those sweet potato & black bean tacos! I’m going to try those out for sure…looks right up my alley. I’ve been in a sweet potato mood lately.


I’m really hoping she can potty train Beck too;). I’m with you, while the heat is hard, I just find myself so much more motivated. Comedy > scary! Let me know what you think of the tacos, I forgot to put the feta cheese on top but will today with the leftovers. Happy Thursday, Joy!


Yum, those tacos look good! I don’t think I’ll add strawberries to mine though : )
How do you decide when to do a Peloton ride instead of running? Is it because you feel like you need a break (I see a couple of them were after a race) or does it have more to do with the kids and Andrew’s schedule? Just curious!


Bahaha definitely skip on the strawberries. Great question! It usually has to do with Andrew’s work schedule… if I couldn’t get a babysitter/didn’t feel like waking up early enough before he left or didn’t have friends to run with! I also was trying to do it more during my recovery from running… not sure how much I’ll be fitting it in with marathon training even though I know I should! I hope that answers and have a beautiful day! Thanks Jenny!


Hi Janae! Training in hard in the summer is so hard! But it’s true what they say that training in the summer heat gives you great fall races. I think there was a rhyme about this but I forgot!
Way to go Brooke! That’s awesome for her to take the initiative and I hope she succeeds!
Have an awesome day!


I was totally thinking about that today, the work now will pay off for the fall marathons! If you remember the rhyme, tell me! Thank you Amy, I do too. I hope you have a beautiful day!


Good Morning! Skye just cracks me up, she is the epitome of “do what makes you happy” :).

Fish tacos are my favorite! But great ones are hard to find sometimes, so default would be beef fajita.

I live in south Texas….what is a season LOL.

My son was potty-trained around 2, I think every kid is different though?

Unpopular opinion, I thought Stranger Things was boring so I gave up 2 seasons ago. Check out Only Murders in the Building it’s so good. (Not scary.)

Have a great day!


Hahah she is such a great example to me of following your heart with what makes you happy:). And now I need some fish tacos, that sounds amazing. I DO NOT KNOW HOW you train in that heat. You are my hero. I saw that advertised and now you are motivating me to watch it. THANK YOU! I can’t wait! Hope your day is a great one too, Jocelyn!


I love any taco with a really good homemade tortilla!
Fall training is my favorite- Cooler temps, and all the color.
my daughter potty trained just before she turned 3. She basically figured it out on her own- so easy! It’s nice to be done with diapers, but also hard b/c then you have to worry about the logistics with finding a bathroom. I wouldn’t rush it with Beck TBH.


Do you have a favorite homemade tortilla recipe? That fall weather is just heaven. I love that your daughter figured it out on her own, that is amazing. I think you are right with Beck… let’s see what Brooke thinks ha. Happy Thursday, Ida!


I sometimes use the recipe on the King Arthur Flour website, but I also buy fresh ones from a local Mexican market and reheat!


I Have to tell ya, Brooke is the most amazing little girl. You’ve done such a great job with her! All your kids are adorable. Let me just say I envy their skin coloring. Its beautiful!
What all do you put on your black bean sweet potato tacos? That sounds yummy! Also, your other post about the impossible burgers, I’m ready to try them after reading your review. Thanks!! Ive followed you for years(I’m not a runner), and I love your family content.


Tammy, your comment just made my day! Thank you so much! Let me know what you think of the burgers and here is the recipe we used and LOVED.

Happy Thursday and keep in touch!


I don’t think I’ve ever met a taco I didn’t like:). Those sweet potato ones look great though! I guess a favorite would be grilled fish tacos. I don’t usually go for the beef ones unless I made them, and I’d still prefer chicken or fish!
I feel like I train better in the fall. Maybe it’s because I’ve come off of running in the summer and I do better in the cooler temps.
My kids were both almost 3 before they were fully trained. I tried not to stress about it too much!
I liked Stranger Things–especially all the 80’s throwbacks. But I’ll be honest–the last two seasons I’ve stayed with it merely to be able to talk about it with my teenage kids! I’m struggling to get through this last season(I can’t watch it before I go to sleep!)!


I’m with you, all tacos are good tacos! Utah needs better fish tacos… I feel like those are just vacation favorites for me. You are so right, summer running makes us so strong for fall racing. I love that you are watching it to keep up with your teens, you are a great mom. Haha that is what Andrew said, it’s hard to fall asleep after watching it. Happy Thursday, Jen!


I want to hear what everyone’s favorite tacos are, because for my housewarming party coming up I decided to have a taco bar! It seemed easier than making one meal to make everyone happy and hopefully will be more fun :) If you have any must-have topping ideas please let me know!!

I’m with you on Stranger Things..never even started it. Not my vibe haha


I want to come to your housewarming party! I love the idea of a taco bar, so so fun and excited for you! I think a good guac is necessary, I love small chunks of pineapple, jicama is fun, a variety of salsas and I’ll keep thinking. Not my vibe either! Happy Thursday, Gretchen!


Brooke is such a great big sister!
You impress me with your mileage volume every week. That’s one thing I am wanting to work on, increasing my daily mileage. One day, one week at a time.
We love Stranger Things! Can’t wait for it to start back up again.
We just had tacos last night. I just used shredded rotisserie chicken, added taco seasoning to it and heated it in a skillet. Super easy, so yummy! We all love tacos over here.
Off for another sweaty run… Humidity is the hardest for me to run in.
Have a good day Janae 😊


This is your year for your mileage! So excited for you and you are my hero for all that you do! GOALS! 50 years old and rocking allllll of the fitness! Sounds like the perfect taco, yum. That humidity is making us so so strong (even though yours is way worse) for our fall running. Have a great day, Wendy!


Stranger Things!…don’t get me started!!!…I just rewatched season 4, in one sitting, what do you mean I have to wait for season 5? I need to know what happens next, now!……the 100 was great, and am waiting for the new Game of Thrones thing…
speed, I usually just do straights and curves on a track, but a group of us will do 15 second all out sprints, the first time we did them, we didn’t understand the recovery between sprints, and couldn’t move the day after (we’d heard of others doing the workout until they barfed, so that sounded like a good goal)
am learning all about seniors and training….four names, all in their 80s, Gwen McFarlan, BJ McHugh, Christa Bortignon and the late great Olga Kotelko (she raced into her 90s!)….inspiring…


That is how Andrew feels, he doesn’t want to wait! Ummmm not sure I could do a workout like that haha. Sounds so hard. Have a super great day, Warren!


Just here to say that you ending runs on a random hundredth really stresses me out hahaha. I feel like I have to end on .5 or .0 or at the very least on a tenth!

All jokes aside, you’re killing it!!!


Bahahahaha it kills me too but I was too tired to do another step. We are normal, right?! Thank you and have the best day, Christine!


hi! I’m sure you have a post somewhere but how can I start adding workouts to my running? looking to get faster but not even sure where to start. Let me know if you already have a post about this!


Yay!!!! I’m so so excited about this! Mind if I write a post about this next week?

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