Sentence Per Picture + MY HIGHEST WEEK OF MILES EVER –> Training Summary 1/21-1/27.

11.5 solo miles in the cold but gorgeous morning.

Busy roads (on the trail next to the road) until it was light and when this truck carrying some of my favorite donuts (Dunford) was stopped at the light I wanted to ask the driver for one.

IMG 5303

Got in some good climbing (1082 feet) and was happy with how great my legs felt the day after a long run (the training is working!!).

IMG 5305

Time for three days completely off!

IMG 5338

Listened to Lindsey’s latest episodes during the run with Meb and Shalane and loved both of them!

IMG 5345

Okay, you can’t tell at all in the picture but my lips had a nice shade of blue to them when I got home and even a bit after my shower.

IMG 5344

Rare occasion—>  We all washed our hair on the same day.

IMG 5350

Off to some sunshine in California for a few days (Knox is going on a trip with his mom and Andrew’s sister invited us to join them for a little vacation so that is why he isn’t with us).

IMG 5354

Lots of beef jerky snacking.

IMG 5355

Stopped in St. George for one of our favorite restaurants—>  Viva Chicken (a Peruvian restaurant).

IMG 5364

Love this salad and then had a Baby Ruth in the car after.

IMG 5356

So happy to be out of her carseat… little did she know we still had another 5 hours to go.

IMG 5363

Stopped at Andrew’s grandparents and his aunt’s to say hi and have dinner (burger bar)!

IMG 5392

And then drove the rest of the way to our hotel after dessert.

IMG 5391

I hope you have a great Sunday!

IMG 5246


My highest week of mileage EVER is done and done.

71.2 miles in 6 days of running and about 66 of those miles were done before our kids woke up each morning!

IMG 5266

Monday:  10 miles in a blizzard with friends @ 8:42 average pace.

Tuesday:  11 miles on the treadmill.  3.5 miles, 3 miles at 6:48 average, 4.5 miles.  7:50 average.

Wednesday: 7.6 miles @ 8:25 average.

Thursday: 7.1 miles @ 8:50 average.

Friday:  24 miles @ 8:16 average.  1st half with friends and then 2nd half on my own with some good hills in the last 10 miles.

Saturday:  11.5 miles @ 8:42 average with 1100 ft of climbing.

Sunday: Off

IMG 5339

71.2 miles for the week (I love that my garmin keeps track of my weekly mileage!) and now it is time for a recovery week which means the miles drop down to 19-24 for the week and I’ll get in a yoga class too.


What was your best run this last week?  Hardest run?

What do you have going on today?

Beef jerky feelings—>  Delicious or no thank you? 

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Doesn’t this kind of mileage make you wonder how the elites are running over 100 miles for weeks on end??


I went on a GREAT run one evening this week–it was getting dark and the air was cold and clear, and it felt so good to be out there. It is now my best run, ever.

I meal-prepped this morning and am going to a long yoga class and brunch with a friend!! Going to be making a batch of Shalane’s superhero muffins later.

NO THANK YOU to beef jerky!! My family thinks it’s the best road trip snack, but . . . no. Your chocolate chip cookies look amazing and so does your mileage!


Beef jerky- most is delicious, sometimes a little too chewy.

Have fun in California! I wish I was enjoying that kind of warm weather haha.


That is a lot of miles! But you are doing amazing with this ultra training!!
Welcome to Sunny SoCal! It will be perfect for you guys! My hubby and I are actually heading to the beach for our long run today…. can’t wait! We only live about a half hour from Huntington Beach, but I still get excited every time I go ?
As I said yesterday, enjoy your few days of rest! You have definitely earned them!


What was in that delicious looking salad?!


Congratulations Janae! You are amazing! It must feel so wonderful to hit that milage and witness your training actually WORKING! You’re going to destroy your ultra :)
Also, thank you for motivating me to work hard to put my own hard work into my current goals. They’re very different from yours (I’m trying to push myself to rest in recovery from amenorrhea) but if I know if I stay consistent now and put all my energy into recovering I’ll be back to running sooner and stronger!
I’m heading out to church but will probably spend the rest of the day bundled up in a blanket.
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday :)


Awesome job Janae, big mileage! ? I had a recovery week so it was nice. Yoga today to try to stretch out the tight legs and then coffee and reading are on tap. I can’t wait to see Skye’s face when she starts taking her first steps…her facial expressions are priceless! Enjoy the mini vacay! Wondering if you can write some tips for those training for Boston?


Yay for your high mileage week and staying healthy!

I ran a 1/2 yesterday, more as a training run, but it felt good minus my restroom :( stop. 3rd female overall, oh and I forgot my watch at home! Then the hubs and I chaperoned our high school’s formal because my daughter went so we didn’t get home until about 1am. Today will be a major rest day!

Have fun traveling with the family! I love road trips!


You are killing this training and I love reading about it! Always inspiring!


Wow, great week! I didn’t even run outside this week! (was on my treadmill and at the indoor track) You do a great job of getting out there in the cold and the dark. Lips turning blue is a pretty common occurrence for me. I’m not sure why it happens, but it seems to happen when I run for longer distances, or a tough workout. It does look so odd!


Great job on the mileage!!! ??

Ran my half in the cold rain this morning. First rainy race ever! My toes are still cold hours later. But the burger for lunch was awesome ?


I ran 10 miles yesterday & I REALLY didn’t want to at first… I was mentally giving myself many excuses to cut it short on the way to the gym, but I got into a great groove & then it was AMAZING! Happy Sabbath!?


Is it possible to get the recipe for those cookies?! They look DEEELISH!!!! Hope you have a wonderful sunday and enjoy your three days off/California sunshine!!


Viva chicken is one of my favorite restaurants ever! We go to the one in NC. The red sauce I could literally drink it is so good.


You.Are.Incredible!!!!! So many miles, and those back to back runs?! I am so incredibly inspired.
Not a whole lot going on today, got 6 miles in and was so thankful because my hip only hurt a little. Doctor on Wednesday to figure out what’s up. Tacos for dinner is the big highlight! Happy Sunday!


Highest weekly mileage EVER? Woohoo!!

Love the street scene pic because so often we think about the motivation it takes to get out of a warm bed <- the 1st level. Then there's another level of motivation to deal with (heavy) traffic and whatever else is out there – blizzard. I guess the 3rd level (3rd rail ; ) is time management and saying I know I can fit this workout in WITH everything else I want to do today including everything I have to do to recover from this (only adds to the list). GOOD JOB!

Not seeing the blue lips, but I saw the washed hair!

Beef jerky yes – grass fed start to finish, what a difference it makes. : )



Did you ever post about the different amounts of time required (pre- and post-) to accomplish outdoor workouts in varying conditions (and really do it right -> injury-free and low pain)? (Like how much time is devoted to the long recovery boots?) To really do it right AND rock it!! While it doesn’t get as cold as MN or humid as FL, how about UT (0 degrees to ? 70 degrees – regular training, not races), for you?

The practical things females would address: laundry, food prep (warm water in a thermos prepped for when you get back with blue lips – to sip on the way to the shower) …. It would be interesting to see if laundry is more work at 0 degrees or 70 degrees, or the surprise 40 degrees in rain (mud), and have it in a post, ikr?


That’s awesome, I haven’t hit 70 miles in months! A couple years ago I often did 80+ miles a week, a few times even up to 100. I don’t think my legs could handle that now.

My hip is still bothering me so I’m nervous about running tomorrow but I want to try it! Last week my runs felt okay but not problem-free. I miss pain-free, worry-free running so much. Until I get it back I’ll live vicariously through your runs haha.


You are killing your mileage! So much inspiration.
My best run was my 19 miler on Sunday @ 8:27 and I felt great! And I think it took me all day to warm up with these cold temps.

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