Silentish Saturday–> TIMP!

(Pack, shorts, shirt, shoes, sunglasses)

Yearly tradition–> Mt Timpanogos.

Alarm clock = 4:30 am

Started at = 5:30 am

Saw a FAMILY of mountain goats (the babies were too cute) and it fulfilled one of my life goals.

4,400 ft of climbing in the first 7 miles up with hiking breaks for snow and other sketchy parts.

Cruised on the way down.

Love this run and how it humbles me each time we do it (my legs are thrashed).


I LOVE the Pegasus Trail a whole lot on the dirt but they felt like skis on the snow and were so slick.

I forgot to bring gloves and a long sleeve which would have made the top more enjoyable because it is freezing up there.

I didn’t take in enough fuel during and should have taken in double what I did.. We were out there for a while which means I should have been taking gels way more often (on top of my candy fruit salad… turns out, that wasn’t enough;)

The best group (some people were accidentally cropped out)!

Back home with these littles:

Could not get enough salt.

Needed all of the rolling.

Tell me three things you have going on today!

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I’m doing a short trail run today. There will barely be any elevation gain and sadly no goats.
And then the real treat of the day: watching stage 2 of Tour de France!!!!
Then I should probably do something productive after watching 4 hours of TV.


Ahhh Andrew and I will have to tune in, so exciting! Enjoy the trails and having this weekend off. Thanks Molly!


Oh yes, definitely recommend eating much more for big trail runs! I eat 200-400 calories per hour and focus more on real foods, which are easier to digest because you’re not going as fast as road running. Have you ever tried Picky Bars? They are great and easy on the tummy. Let me know if you want more recs for trail running snacks!


Send all of the recommendations! I will be bringing Picky Bars next time. I think I just forgot that 14 miles on the trails is an entirely different situation than 14 miles on the roads! I was feeling it. Love the 200-400 an hour, thank you! Have a great weekend, Annie!


plantain chips, potato chips, tortilla with PB and jam (can add a dash of extra salt, too), sticky white rice balls with salt, boiled white potato chunks with salt, cheez its, bars, choco chip cookies (trust me), grapes (may not be ideal to pack with you but they taste amazing), Rice Krispie treats (seriously delicious). Also I always bring a cooler in my car so I can have a cold drink and something like an egg burrito right away after I finish— it helps me run faster in the last mile, too!


Mountain goats!!! That’s so awesome! One of these years I will get out there to see those gorgeous trails.
Heading out for a 5ish miles, then we may start redoing our oldest son’s room. We’re planning on turning it into an actual guest room. It’s fun to reinvent spaces as the family dynamics change.
Have a really great weekend Janae 😊


I studied all day for exams and now I am trying to not freak out because I am running my first Half Marathon tomorrow (AAAAHHH)
the training went very well but it’s going to be hot outside tomorrow and my expectations are way to high. But I will try to enjoy it as best I can and leave my ego at home…
Also I m so jealous of your trail running and your running community! How amazing that you found so many like minded runners in your area <3


Your first half marathon! This is so so so exciting! Soak it all up and please let me know how it goes. One mile at a time, Moni!


Have you had a hamstring injury? I have a minor strain and it just won’t heal. I stopped running 8 weeks ago and now have stopped all exercise! It’s brutal. Would love any experiences you have had with this!


I LOVE the Donkey Kong Pegasus Trail a whole lot on the dirt but they felt like skis on the snow and were so slick.

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