Friday Favorites & It Worked.

My sister left on a short ‘baby-moon’ (she will be in charge of my kids while I am at the hospital having this baby so she is calling her trip this week with her family a baby-moon ha;) so I had another solo run around my city.  5 miles @ 9:41 pace!

Most of the time I can’t see my feet while I run but every now and then I can see my toes for a second.

IMG 1787

The binky put into the Build-A-Bear was a huge success.  Andrew and I were shocked how well it went because Skye has been so attached to her binky.  She slept just like normal and we told her that whenever she missed her binky during the night that she just needed to give her stuffed animal a big squeeze to help her to feel better.   I will admit that a part of my heart hurts because it feels like this transition made Skye grow up overnight but I’m glad we did it before the new baby arrives.

IMG 1803

We made it over to a park for a little bit of time.

IMG 1810

And then during Skye’s nap Brooke played with our neighbor so we had a lunch couch date while Andrew tried to convince me to watch a scary movie with him.

IMG 1822

We got a bit more done on the garage gym.  We still have a few more things we need to do before it’s finished (I’m excited to decorate the walls with some running memories) but it’s getting a lot closer.   The rower gets here in about a week!

IMG 1809

Yep, we absolutely make this chicken cream cheese chili soup once a week over here.  It’s so perfect for leftovers and for Andrew to take to work the next day.

IMG 1829

Brooke and I have mastered pretending we are asleep but Skye is still working on it;). This is what Andrew came home to after a bike ride.

IMG 1786


I have a few favorite things to share from this week.

*Beanies!!  By far one of my favorite things about the next 5ish months are beanies.  I just think they look so cute on and they give me another day to avoid washing my hair.  My top 3 favorites are this one from Amazon, this one from Madewell and Lululemon beanies.  I am happy to just rotate through these on repeat all winter long.

IMG 1832

*Remember the cougar video I posted a few days ago… my SIL sent us this video that her friend made and it made me laugh so hard (it will make better sense if you’ve seen the cougar video first).  This is the only animal encounter I’m okay with while I’m out on a run:

*I loved hearing Sarah Hall on this episode with her husband.  Every minute was so good and I loved hearing all of the details from London.

Screen Shot 2020 10 13 at 12 53 21 PM

*Another item that I want to live in every single day during this time of year are comfy sweatshirts.  I found two cheap ones that I LOVE (they aren’t maternity).  They are so incredibly soft, there are a ton of great colors to choose from, they are long enough and they are great deals.

This one


And this one….

IMG 1826


How do you feel about scary movies?  Love them or hate them?

-I do not like them in the slightest.

Looking forward to anything fun this weekend?

Last podcast episode you listened to and would you recommend it?

Tell me something that you make once a week because you love it so much?

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Hate scary movies- I avoid them at all costs. I listened to Brene Brown’s Unlocking Us episode with Jason Sudekis and Brendan Hunt from Ted Lasso. So good!! If you haven’t watched Ted Lasso, highly recommend for a feel-good show.


Mariah! I will definitely have to watch that show and listen to that episode from Brene Brown. Thanks for sharing and glad to know I’m not alone in my hatred of scary movies. Have a beautiful weekend!


It’s a big no for me on scary movies! The cougar/cat remake is hilarious.

The picture of you and the girls in bed is super cute. To me, it looks like you all decided to watch a movie or have a sleepover in your bed while Andrew was gone and Skye has this little smirk like “I’m up later than the big girls” Have a great Friday, Janae!


I’m glad you liked the remake… it made me laugh so hard. Hahaha that exact scenario actually did happen a few weeks ago… you know us well ha:). Thanks Maureen and I hope you have the best day.


I made the cream cheese chicken chili yesterday!! Had to test it out on my fiance first- it was a hit so now I can make it for his family this weekend ha thank you for sharing!!!

Also love those sweatshirts!


YAY!!! That makes me so happy. Enjoy time with your fiance and his family this weekend (ps when are you getting married?!). Thanks Anna!


Well it was going to be this New Years Eve!! But we decided to postpone to NEXT New Years Eve. It was a bummer at first but now we just have more time to make it an awesome wedding right?! haha :)


I like scary movies, but my husband hates them, ha ha.
I make grilled chicken probably once a week all year long. Sometimes even more than that. It’s definitely a “go to” for me. I have a cilantro lime marinade and an Italian herb marinade that I use often. If our weather finally cools down, then I do have a couple of crockpot recipes that are in the regular rotation.
Ali had an “On the Job” episode this week with a race director, it is was so good!! Thank you for sharing the podcast with Sarah and Ryan Hall, can’t wait to listen to it.
Have a great Friday!


Haha I hope your boys will watch some scary movies with you sometimes then! Your chicken sounds amazing and I can see why you make it every week. I can’t wait for that episode from Ali. Have the best weekend and I hope it cools down soon!


Love scary movies, but I don’t really find them scary unless I feel like it COULD happen to me. For instance going into the woods specifically to look for a witch (Blair Witch Project). Not scary! I would never been in this situation.

I think this weekend I am most looking forward my long run and listening to that Ryan Hall Podcast you mentioned!

The last podcast I listened to was “Nice White Parents.” Its from the creators of Serial and talks about the influence of white parents in public school and inequality in education. Made me think a lot.

And, not quite once a week, but this recipe from little spice jar tomato chicken is one heavy rotation:


Okay, the pictures from that recipe of the chicken made me DROOL! We have to try that. I will definitely have to listen to that podcast. Have the best long run this weekend (let me know what you think of the episode) and I hope you get in some scary movies soon. I agree with you… the ones that are so unrealistic or outside of my sphere don’t scare me nearly as much as the ones that could happen. Have a great weekend Arianna!


Good job Skye! I totally understand about it being hard seeing the transition. My little girl will be two and a half this month and it’s like all the baby in her is gone, she seems SO grown up (tears).

We are having that chicken chili tonight, LOL, thanks for introducing it to us =)

Love your garage gym it looks so awesome. How will you keep it warm in the winter? Our garage is always super cold or super hot.


I feel your pain!! How did it go by so fast!? They want to be so independent now. Oh I am SO glad you are having it tonight, it’s the best. We are putting in some fans for the hotter months and some space heaters for the colder months but luckily our garage doesn’t feel like it gets very extreme in temperatures for some reason if we keep the door down most of the time. Who knows though… you might here me complaining about running in a 15 degree garage sometime soon ha. Trial and error ha. Have a fabulous weekend, Beth!


Have you seen the cougar parody video of the “woman” cougar that someone did on Facebook? It was pretty hilarious. I wish I was tech savvy so I could share it with you! Google it, it will give you a laugh. Thanks for the beanie links. I’m not usually a hat lover because they make my head itch but maybe I’ll give them a second chance. You always look so cute in them.
I’m going to listen to Sara Hall’s interview on my run in a few minutes! I’m currently listening to “Your Own Backyard” about a missing college student. It’s a bit creepy. I’ve got two episodes left and I’m hoping they’ll find her body in the end but I don’t think they do. I love the “All In” podcasts. Especially the one where they interview Jenny Taylor, the wife of the North Ogden mayor who was killed while deployed in Iraq. It was an incredible interview.
Have a wonderful Friday! So happy Skye transitioned well without her bink!


OKAY… that just made my morning. Thank you for telling me about that, I need to send that to my family. Let me know if the beanies work out. I will have to listen to “Your Own Backyard” and “All In”… thanks for sharing these with me. I’ve been really needing some new episodes! Thanks Natalie, you too and I hope your run was a great one.


Hi Janae! I like the remake of the video so much better than the original ;). I am so impressed with Skye, she’s ready to be a big sis when the baby comes! I got a beanie for my birthday (in August) and I can’t wait to wear it. I’ve been listening to Switched on Pop, they break down popular music and I always learn a lot. Happy Friday!!


I don’t like scary movies that are gruesome but suspenseful scary is okay – I definitely have to be in the mood for it though. I remember watching Capote right after we moved into our house that is out in the country and was home alone – not a good idea.

I’m hoping to talk the kids into going through their toys and getting rid of some by selling or donating. I also need to switch out my closet to my winter clothes.

I make a fried egg sandwich at least once a week with cheese and salsa on toasted bread.


Yay for Skye doing so well!!

I like scary movies, but not blood or gore, I prefer suspenseful.

I am heading out of town for a girl’s weekend at the beach and I am beyond excited!

Right now I am on a huge chicken salad for lunch kick. I buy a chopped salad, add chicken, avocado, apple, and feta. Easy and yummy.


I do not like scary movies at all!!! One of my friends loves scary movies. Back in the day he would drag me to them, he would get so mad when I would make him hold my hand;-) He said my screams scared him more than the movie.

We want to go to the pumpkin patch this weekend, but we are supposed to get snow!

Do cookies count for something we love that we make every week? ;-).

You look so cozy with your beanie and sweatshirts!

Happy, happy Friday Janae!


I just bought the Dutch Oven that you recommended, and that chili is on the list of things to cook in it! I’m going to have to listen to that Podcast too. I was so thrilled for Sara when I saw she was second!
PS the In Your Own Backyard podcast is SO good! I actually grew up there, it’s the Kristin Smart case, and the podcast is very well done.


That cat video, ha!!

I love scary movies. Love them. The hubs does, too. Halloween is our favorite. Sounds like Andrew and Knox would fit in perfect watching movies with us, ha!

I make tacos or rice bowls (tacos without shell and meat) at LEAST once a week:)


I love your phone case. Can you share a link if you have one?

Thank you!


Hey Jo!! YES!! Here it is, I hope you love it too:

Have a great weekend.


Scary movies are a big nope-I’d almost rather was tacky gory movies than scary suspenseful ones. A few times my son was with friends who loved scary movies. He came home and said “just so you know, I’ll be sleeping in your room or at your door for the next 21 days (why 21 days? who knows. haha)” He was 13 at the time and I was laughing so hard about that.

Skye looks so much older these days. oh my goodness!!!

Thanks for the sweatshirt links! These look perfect for over my scrubs. Our building is so cold since we keep windows open. Brrr.

Have a great weekend! We are starting to build a home gym, too (shhh, it’s a surprise though ;) )


Your sister is TOO FUNNY with her babymoon!! Have a great weekend!


I absolutely detest scary movies!!!! Once upon a time I managed to get through Silence of the Lambs – oh the things we’ll do for a crush.

Love your toque collection – toque is Canadian for beanies!


Do those beanies cover your ears? I’ve had some crummy luck finding a good beanie.

I think scary movies are okay but NEVER before bed or my sleep is non existent! Okay I rarely watch them.

Every week we have taco Tuesday even if it’s not Tuesday ?


I see your comfy Amazon sweat shirt yesterday when i read this post and had to order one of my own!! So happy when it arrived this morning!!

Doublju Women’s Basic Simple…

I got the pink one with grey stripes :) so comfy!!!! Thanks for the recommendation – i needed this (almost) instant gratification !

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