Exact Opposite + My 10 Favorite Soup Recipes!

I have a new baby update HERE!  35 weeks and talking about a few of the lessons I’ve learned this pregnancy.


Andrew had us laughing pretty hard before this picture but now I can’t remember what it was about.

5.1 miles @ 9:20 average pace with plenty of walking breaks thrown in.  Last week’s running felt smooth and easier and yesterday’s run felt like the exact opposite.  Just going to take it a mile at a time right now.   When I was this far along with Brooke’s pregnancy I was still running 10 miles somedays and that seems completely crazy to me because there is no way I could do that right now.

IMG 1240 1

I went into the treadmill room to grab something and realized our treadmill has turned into a storage area… I have a feeling I’m going to be on this treadmill a lot more often once the new baby gets here (and I’m recovered).  Time to organize.

IMG 1247

The big kids were at school and Skye went over to my sister’s house so that we could go to my doctor’s appointment.  Skye loves it over there and for some reason her jeans make her look 5 years older than she is.

IMG 1250

I wonder how many more appointments we will have before the baby gets here…

IMG 1253

We came home to the fanciest of lunches… tuna fish for the win.

IMG 1257

Later on Andrew wanted to get in a run so we decided to join him at a park.  This was when he was just starting and when Beretta is overly excited she bites on the leash.

IMG 1270

Brooke has less than 5 miles until she completes her Marathon in a Month!

IMG 1281

She even did some strength training when she was all done with her run;)

IMG 1284

I’ve been thinking about mashed potatoes way too much the last few days so we got out the instant pot and about 30 minutes later I was living my dream.

IMG 1295

Random running tangent for the day:

*Jared Ward always has the best ideas.  I saw that for the London Marathon he wrote notes on his insoles and I want to do the same in the future.  I love writing my goals/things I want to remember on my wrist near my garmin so that I see them each time I look at my watch but I will be doing this too now.

IMG 1204


I linked all of my favorite fall foods HERE.  Joy gave me the idea to make a list of all of my favorite soup recipes!  I LOVE soup with a passion so here are my top 10 and I’d love to hear any of yours… I’ll try them all!

*Taco Soup (my mom’s recipe is my favorite)

*Chicken Cream Cheese Chili!!  We just add an extra can or two of tomato soup to it)

*Potato and Onion Chowder from Sarah Makes It

*Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Chowder.  It is not possible for me to ever get sick of this recipe.

IMG 4783

*Hearty Minestrone with Spicy Sausage and Beans from the Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook.

*Mindy’s Tomato Soup Recipe.  Absolute perfection with a grilled cheese sandwich.

*Chicken Noodle Soup + Mashed Potatoes (both recipes in this post)… please try combining them, it’s amazing.  PS let’s see how many times I can talk about mashed potatoes in one week;)

IMG 4776 2

*Lasagna is my favorite food so clearly this lasagna soup is one of my favorites!

*The copycat recipe in this post of Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana soup.  I might have to make this tonight because it is so good.

*This Chicken Tortilla Soup is something we make all winter long.  It is super simple and the kids love it too!


Just another reminder of my new pregnancy update!


Who has a treadmill at home?  How often do you use it and which one do you have?

Give me your favorite soups and their links or what cookbooks they are in?!

Who runs with their dog?  How long does your pup last?

Are you getting in strength training these days?  Do you make it up on your own or follow some sort of program/schedule?  Id love to hear because I’m trying to figure out what I will do in a few months!

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I made that cauliflower chowder after you shared it Friday and WOW, it is so good. I haven’t made much soup and that was really fun to make! I also love making vegetarian chili–and if there’s cornbread with it, even better.

I do an online program with 20-minute strength, kickboxing, and HIIT workouts, and some pilates as well! I love it because it’s so easy to fit in and the trainers are all great and really encouraging. It makes me enjoy the strength training!


I am SO happy that you loved the chowder, we are hooked. You are 100% right about cornbread, it just takes it all to the next level. SO good and now I need some at 8 a.m. That program sounds perfect and I love that you found the perfect combo. Have a beautiful day, Kristin.


This is one of my favorite soup recipes! If you want, you can take an immersion blender or blender (as long as some heat can escape from it) and cream it all together so it’s thick. Highly recommend! I’m pretty sure this is the recipe my dad found a few years ago. I usually just cook it all in chicken broth and just add in a bunch of the veggies, don’t really measure at this point haha



You are the best… I’ve been looking for a recipe like this one. THANK YOU so much and I can’t wait to try it. Have a fabulous day Maureen.


My dog used to chew on his leash. I thought it was cute until I realized he was trying to bite through it and he got loose


That’s probably true for Beretta too… we are never fast enough for her! I hope you have a great day Therese!


Hello! Would you be able to give suggestions to the best running shoes for the treadmill? Now that the winter months are getting closer, I know I will be running inside much more (and I’m sure others will too!). There is a difference on your body between running outside vs. running on the treadmill and it seems that shoes would make an impact to your body. Thank you!


Hey Suzanna! YAY for more treadmill miles coming up for all of us:) I have never used specific shoes for the treadmill and just continue to use the same shoes that I would outside. For me, I have found the key is to use different types of shoes throughout the week. My feet feel stronger when I rotate different shoes (I usually have about 3 different pairs a week that I use) because each pair requires different muscles to be used and I don’t want to become dependent on only one model. I hope this helps and happy running.


The Chicken Tortilla Soup from Half Baked Harvest Super Simple is amazing! And the Flu-Fighter Chicken Soup from Run Fast Eat Slow.

I’m not really getting in strength these days… I should be. But I’m way more motivated to run than do strength haha.


I’ve been wondering about that Flu-fighter chicken soup, thanks for letting me know and I will be making both. Story of my life–> I swear I use all of my motivation in my body for running and there is just nothing left for strength ha. I hope you have a great Tuesday, Mariah!


I just had my first treadmill run since having a baby–so convenient for getting in a run while he’s sleeping! Watching his cute face on the baby monitor is the best treadmill entertainment :-)


Congrats Isla on your new baby, I am SO happy for you and I can’t wait for those baby monitor runs too. I hope you are sleeping well and I am happy you have treadmill to help you to continue to get the miles in.


I am so proud of Kara Goucher for her powerful messages about her grandpa and about covid. I know you try to stay apolitical and I respect that, but I hope you will say something on her behalf, and on behalf of all of us who have lost a loved one to covid. Thank you!


Oh. Ok. Never mind. Again, with all due respect. I love your blog and I have read you for years. But maybe you would feel different if you had relatives (yes, plural) who died alone in a hospital because of this virus. Your dad is sick; I truly thought you’d understand what some of us have endured and take an important stand and say something. I’m sorry I misunderstood that. God bless Kara’s grandfather, with all my heart. I certainly empathize with her and what she is struggling with, like so many other Americans this year.


Big, big plug for Kira Stokes for strength training. I am not going into a gym anytime soon and maybe not even when this pandemic is over. So many of the things she uses involve the smallest amount of equipment and the workouts that involve no equipment still are great. I feel the strongest I have ever felt! She also has the best IT band stretch ever, I didn’t even know mine was tight either. The difference that has made is amazing. I aim for 3 days of arms and abs and at least 2 of glutes and lower body.
We do love taco soup from https://www.ayearofslowcooking.com/ but she also has many other soups. I find that I am using my instant pot though often for soups so I adapt her recipes to it. We also love https://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/moroccan-chickpea-stew. I swap out sweet potatoes for the potatoes and we have never done it with yogurt but sometimes I throw in some canned coconut milk ( I have a dairy allergy).


Congrats Carrie on being your strongest EVER right now, that is huge. I cannot wait to check her out. And thank you for the recipes, I cannot wait to try both. Have a beautiful day!


Okay, it’s settled! I’m making that cauliflower chowder for dinner tonight- it sounds amazing.
For strength, I keep it simple (since I would rather not do it at all, ha ha…). Squats, deadlifts, pushups… I just started doing the plank gauntlet from Jason Fitzgerald’s Strength Running website, and it’s great. They say doing something consistently is better than having a killer workout every once in a while, so I’m embracing that concept.


You are going to love it! Let me know what you think of it. I am totally going to check out his website. You are so right about consistency with strength > crazy intense strength workouts randomly. Thanks for sharing this with me… it helps a lot. Have a fabulous day, Jenny.


Hi!! I am dying to make the cream cheese chicken chili recipe- for some reason the link keeps coming up as an error to Megan’s site to get the recipe- any chance you can copy paste is in the comments?! Thank you!!


THANK YOU for catching that! I just fixed the link and this one should work. PLEASE let me know what you think of the recipe and I hope you have a great day Anna.



yay thank you!! :)


If you like spicy soups, this is a good one. https://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/spicy-asian-chicken-noodle-soup You can also tone down the spice quite a bit by adding less sriracha (we usually use maybe 1/8 teaspoon).

My dog runs with me on just about every run! He’s gone up to 10 miles with me.

I strength train usually twice a week. Sometimes I go to my CrossFit gym and other times I make up my own workouts at home (basically choosing at least one exercise each for push, pull, squat/deadlift, core movements. Body weight or with kettlebells.


I do love spicy soups and Andrew REALLY loves spicy soup so we will make that one asap. Thanks so much Laura. 10 miles–> your dog is FIT! You have an awesome routine for getting in strength. I’m excited to join you in the consistency. Have a great day.


All that food looks so yummy for cooler weather! I want it all.

#Didntgetlapped reminds me of olympic distance triathlon worlds in 2017, there is a very very fast woman in my age group who was racing there and I was very close to starting the last lap, and I thought to myself “well at least Kirsten didn’t lap me”

And then maybe 30 seconds later she lapped me. Sigh.


Skye is looking so grown up! My little girl (5 months younger than Skye) is doing the same and it’s killing me.

Love the soup list, here is my favorite: http://chasingmyjoy.com/healthy-clam-chowder-recipe/

love pumpkin soup this time of year too.


Hi Janae! I love when you do roundups like this, your recommendations are always aces. Just the other day I finally bought the eyebrow trimmer you talked about, serious game changer!!! I am so bad at doing strength training unless I’m injured, but my PT used to tell me “20 mins twice a week is all it takes” so you have inspired me to do some training today. Have an awesome Tuesday!


I usually make chicken and dumplings soup on the crock pot! I use a super simple recipe of chicken breast, cream of chicken soup, chicken broth, some butter, dried minced onions and parsley, S&P, frozen veggies and cut up canned biscuits. I also LOVE the ramen recipes from Half Baked Harvest.

I’ve ran with my dog since she turned 2 and she’s now 9! She used to run a littler further but her max was 5 miles. In Feb she had TPLO surgery (she tore a ligament in her knee) so now we are only up to 2.5 miles. She had lost a lot of muscle in her back leg, so working on getting it stronger again. She’s a BIG dog (a mix between a yellow lab and a great dane) and at 9 yrs old, 2.5 miles is probably her max, but she loves it still! I have a running/hiking leash that goes around my waist, which was nice especially when she was a pup and would pull me. My arms would get so tired haha…

No treadmill since we don’t have room for it, but I would love to have one one day… even though I love running outside way more. It’s just convenient sometimes!

No strength training plan right now… way back when I would go to the gym, I would just wing it, but now a days at home, it’s hard… I have done a few programs from the Nike Training App and I like them though!


Soups are the jam around here! Here are some of our favorites (even the almost 8 and almost 3 year old love them):
Skinnytaste Instant Pot Lentil and Chicken Soup: https://www.skinnytaste.com/instant-pot-pressure-cooker-chicken-and/

Beefy Tomato Soup: https://www.mantitlement.com/beefy-tomato-soup/

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup: https://littlespicejar.com/instant-pot-chicken-wild-rice-soup/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+littlespicejar%2FRQzi+%28Little+Spice+Jar%29&utm_content=Yahoo%21+Mail

And Chrissy Tiegen’s Chicken Pot Pie Soup…i’m sure the recipe is on Pinterest, but it’s also in her first cookbook! Comfort food in a bow!


Hmmmmm……..I wonder if my dog bites her leash because she’s excited too. I never thought of that. When she does this is looks like she’s walking us!! So funny. Also homemade chicken noodle soup with mashed potatoes is the BEST!!! I simmer a whole chicken on the stove and then once it cools down off on the side I debone it and boil Reames noodles in the broth and then put the shredded chicken back in and serve over mashed potatoes. So, so so good. Can’t wait for winter to make this.


You should try Pinch of Yum’s chicken and wild rice soup! It is the best!


In your Amazon Favorites + My Gear section of your site, the link for your bike is broken.


Thank you for sharing your favorite soup recipes! Can’t wait to try them ALL!


I can’t wait to try the creamy roasted cauliflower chowder. It’s on my menu for next week! One of my favorite soups is corn chowder. I wish I had a link to it to share! I use my treadmill every day. I can’t leave the house–single mom and no one to watch my daughter–so I take advantage and run early before work. It’s super old and I don’t even know the brand/model but it does the job! :) I think I have you to thank because I have been eating so many grilled cheese sandwiches lately and I add jam and it’s so good!!

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