Sentence Per Picture + Merry Christmas Eve:)

Christmas Eve is here… Knox will be home soon and we will start our celebrating!

Saturday started off nice and early by playing salon with Brooke and painting her nails!

IMG 4948

Followed by other randomness in pajamas!

IMG 4952

Brooke told me to take a picture of them because she said Skye looks just like her.

IMG 4963

I CLEANED FOR THE FIRST TIME in like a month… Skye loves the sound of the vacuum and started crying every time that the vacuum stopped!

IMG 4967

You were probably fueling your run with a gu and I was over here fueling my cleaning with this goodness;)

IMG 4968

Followed by this… Costco has an amazing salad kit right now (Strawberry Harvest Vegetable Salad Kit with all sorts of veggies, feta, almonds, quinoa crisps and a strawberry vinaigrette) that I am obsessed with!

IMG 4970

Thanks for the picture Brooke… I’ve become an expert at eating while holding Skye!

IMG 4990

Brooke is all about carrying her baby dolls everywhere too!

IMG 4999

We were kind of matching with ponytails and similarish shirts!

LRG DSC02132

Went to my mom’s for a second during Skye’s nap to exchange presents!

IMG 5004

My parents’ gave me these little tags to put on my running shoes (on the laces)… so excited to run with them:)

IMG 5031

Part of my dad’s present… his favorite candy ever (anyone else love Dots or is he the only one;)!

IMG 5016

More salad with frozen taquitos… keeping it classy.

IMG 5029

I think we were all ready for bed by 6:30 pm.

IMG 5021

Andrew’s idea of holiday party food.

IMG 5018

Thanks Brooks for the Christmas gift…

IMG 5017

We finished off the night with Elf!


I hope your day is a great one today and I’d love to hear what you are up to today!

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*Going to 2 church services because one daughter works in the morning and the other works in the afternoon/evening. So we found different ones to attend…one at 12:30 and one at 5PM. Score!

*Picking up KFC for our Christmas Eve dinner (yes, we are THAT family)
*Watching a few Christmas movies before bed and Monday wake to open some gifts. ;-)


We’re having Chinese food. :)


Those shoe do dads are awesome! They are the perfect gift for a runner. Good job Mom and Dad.
Oh the joys of working in the hospital. Enjoy the holidays together while you can. I am at work. Saving little baby lives. It’s rewarding, but I miss my family.


I love the mug Brooke got you! So cute for her runner momma. Today my family will be heading to the movies. It’s a tradition of ours that started when my siblings and I were younger. My dad took us so my mom could clean, wrap presents, and get the house ready for guests. After the movie it’ll be time for church and then seeing my extended family for dinner.

Have a fantastic day Janae :)


Aww, you must be so excited to have Knox back and Christmas about to start :) Love the shoe tags – I have some like that (but I love the wording on yours!) :) We are travelling today, to the in-laws (with a load of secret presents stashed in the back away from small prying eyes!!). It’s all getting a bit exciting :)

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!


I love dots too! Maybe Skye has inherited your love of cleaning! When I was a baby, my parents would take long drives with me because I cried…..non stop. And the car was one of two things that helped. The other was my grandpa. Apparently, he had the magic touch. Every time they visited him and he held me, I was instantly soothed. My mom is convinced that I was just exercising my lungs early on (I’m a singer). Today I’ll be making some things ahead of time for tomorrow. Bread, gingerbread. We’ll just be staying in, staying cozy, watching movies. Merry Christmas to you all!


Are those mugs for sale on brooks website? Or just for those they sponsor?


Hey Mary!!! I think brooks got the mugs from somewhere else.. I found a bunch of them here:‘‘Twas+the+night+before+race

I hope you have a wonderful day!


I think we ate dinner with the vacuum on for the first six months after my son was born! He was just a
little colicky…

Family, traditions (date nut bread and cream cheese, family gift exchange in pjs, board games) and candlelight service at church for us. Merry Christmas!


I think there is actually a cd of vacuum and other white noises for little ones. My parents took me out in the car if I couldn’t sleep. I still fall asleep at night in the car. (I’m the passenger which is annoying to the driver but not dangerous).

My parents used to buy that spray cheese when I was a kid. They would pair it with Chicken in a Biskit crackers. I haven’t had either in year but it makes me smile when I see them.

I’m having my in-laws over and we’re ordering Chinese food tonight. We were at another family party yesterday which served the same dinner I was going to make. Rather than repeat it, we’re ordering in. (We just like being together and have no hard and fast food traditions for Christmas Eve, other than having the cookies I baked for dessert).

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!


My dad’s favorite candy is DOTS too!


AHHH, LOVE the movie Elf ! We got our first snow, so going to start with shoveling. Then hot chocolate. Then jammies most of the day while we lounge and get food prep and things done for a big Christmas dinner tomorrow. Going to try to sneak a little treadmill time in there. Have a wonderful Christmas !!!


Family party with one side and treats/nativity play with the other. Plus church and getting everything ready for tomorrow.


Merry Christmas to your sweet family of 6!!!
We are headed to my parents house right now- 1/5 hrs down :) (hubby is driving)

And dots will forever remind me of my dad and he passed his love to me! Yum!


Working (hanging out with penguins at Christmas is always cool) and housesitting and eating dinner with my family! Busy week, with my family and my husband’s family in town, but with caffeine I think I can stay awake for it all, ha!


strawberry sour patch kids where have I been?! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas with your new addition!! surely it will be one to remember :)


Your mom looks great! All her hard work is paying off for sure!
My plans today consist of cleaning my house before my parents come over later this evening. So far the cleaning isn’t going so well because it’s easier to just be lazy on the couch!


I wished I liked to clean like you. I love it clean but don’t like the process to get there. Haha. I like the color of your floors, btw! Your parents’ lace gifts are so awesome! I’ve never seen those before! I have a cold so we’ll be skipping service today but still looking forward to hanging out with my family. My husband took the kids on a long bike ride this morning. Have a great one, Janae!


Merry Christmas to you and yours! My husband and I aren’t at home with family this year, so tonight we’ll be eating appetizers (a Christmas Eve tradition in his family) and FaceTiming with our loved ones. After that—it’s The Grinch time!


So funny— my dad loves Dots too! I got him some cherry Nibs (made my twizzler) for Christmas but will prob add some Dots to the list. :)


Your growing family is just precious.

Our boys are bigger now (almost 21 and 14) but when we first moved to CA from CO 12 years ago, we didn’t know a soul. So, on Christmas Eve we took the boys bowling. And it’s become a tradition that has stuck and something we look forward to every year. So, the four of us went out for a late breakfast this morning and then we headed straight to the bowling alley. It was a wonderful morning and now we are watching football (the boys are-I’m catching up on my favorite blogs and spending some time on Pinterest)and will head to church later on this evening.

BTW, my husband LOVES Dots :)

Merry Christmas!


Be careful with DOTS if you give them to your children. They are the perfect size to plug up their throat and choke them. Just a heads up!!! Totally not being a downer!!!! Merry Christmas and enjoy your family!!!


MY sister loves dots too!

Be grateful your tastebuds are back. I was in the throes of morning sickness last Halloween and couldn’t stand the taste of candy corn (my usual go to fuel year round). My son was born in May and…still nope :(


I like DOTS and always get made fun of for it! HAH! I’ve always liked them, one of the only gummy candies I still like!


Merry Christmas to you all! ????? Your ‘Twas the Night before the Race mug reminded me: I just broke mine last week, having had it about 2 years, and it was my absolute FAVE! Just the right size for my morning joe. Why does it seem to work like that?! ?

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