Silentish Saturday!!

It scared me that 37 degrees felt ridiculously cold for my run yesterday… I NEED TO ADAPT.

Not too many more of these runs where I have a bump shadow like this.

IMG 1841

I take weird routes now so that I can make sure I’m near a restroom at all times… my bladder feels like it has shrunk.

IMG 1842

Skye had her first day at Grandma School.

IMG 1856

She loved every second.

IMG 1858

Brooke and her cousin had a great time at Grandma school too.

IMG 1861 2

My brother and his family was in town so it was Kneaders for soup and bread bowls

IMG 1865

My brother’s keys stress me out.

IMG 1862

This baby’s favorite game right now is to kick my lowest rib on the right.

IMG 1866

An evening walk…

IMG 1870

My brother and his family came over and we had pumpkin pie from Costco.

IMG 1873

And we partied hard until about 8 and then I went to bed 30 minutes later… Sneaking in as much sleep as I possibly can over the next 3ish weeks.

IMG 1874

PS last year I had a countdown to CIM and the countdown this year is quite different.

IMG 1875


Tell me three things that you are doing today!

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1. Picking up my kiddo’s dog from doggy boot camp one state over.

2. Reading, cleaning, walking. In that order on repeat.

3. Eating chili until the cows come home.


I hope that the doggy boot camp went well and that he learned a lot! You’ll have to share your favorite chili recipe with me! Enjoy your day and thanks Belle.


Grandma School looks like so much fun. Did your mom homeschool you and your sibs or was a teacher?

3 things:
Watching tennis in freezing weather and drizzle
procrastinating reorganizing the space under the stairs (it’s totally spider territory)
catching up from last week and preparing for next week ;)


She didn’t homeschool us and she wasn’t a teacher… I am just convinced she is an expert at everything she does. If I could have her fully homeschool my kids I would ha:)
GOOD LUCK with the spider area and I hope that you are able to reorganize it fast. I’ll join you in preparing for next week! Thanks Kelly and enjoy your weekend.


Grandma school looks pretty amazing, what lucky kiddos!

Just 25 days to baby?!? I am sure that seems so close and so far ?

We are thinking about a hike in the mountains, we are trying to get as many in as possible before the snow come (we live in Colorado).

Hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend!!!


Oh, and I meant to ask, do you love your watch? I am thinking about upgrading my Fenix 3. Can you swim with it or wear it in the shower?

Thanks for any input!


Hey Beth!! I absolutely love my watch and you can swim and wear it in the shower. I have my full review here if that helps at all:
I would definitely buy it again if I needed to (just don’t crack your screen like I did with mine ha).
I hope your hike is amazing today and that we get a few more weeks without snow in the mountains! Thanks Beth, you too!


Grandma school looks so fun! I already took a final for school this morning! Then going to a yoga class and a friend’s virtual baby shower.


WAY TO GO ON YOUR FINAL! I hope you feel so so good about how it went. Enjoy yoga (I need to join you in that) and the virtual baby shower. Thanks Mariah!


Isn’t it interesting how 37 degrees can feel freezing right now, but in mid-January it will feel balmy!?!?!! ☀️ We just have to adjust!


EXACTLY! That is what I was thinking… if it was 37 degrees in January I would be in a tank and shorts ha. Hope you have a great weekend, Megan.


I so wish it was 37° here! But yes, that first big drop in temps always takes a bit to adjust to.
Three things today – run, walk the dog, yard work.
Not a whole lot happening lately out here, but that’s ok.
Have a wonderful weekend Janae ?


You guys are still in summer! What is going on?! Wish we could walk our dogs together this morning. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Seriously!?! I know we don’t get cold here, but getting out of the 80’s and 90’s would be really nice. At least it cools down nicely in the evenings.
It would be so fun to walk the dogs together, but by you for the nice fall temps. :)


Nothing better than a 8:30 bedtime!!! I was on call last night so I didn’t get to sleep until 11:30, how terrible :( which is like basically the middle of the night for me!!
You look super duper cute


That is absolutely the middle of the night! I hope you slept in a bit today. Thank you friend and have a great weekend.


How fun to have family in town! I bet Skye was so excited to finally get to go to Grandma school! Your parents are awesome!!!

1. long run, done.
2. clean?
3. Pumpkin patch? it depends on the weather.

Haha, as you can see our plans are up in the air;-)

Have a fabulous Saturday!


I love days like that where plans are up in the air and you are making me want to go to a pumpkin patch today… that sounds so fun. Thanks Becky and way to go on the long run.


37!! I’m so jealous. It was 76 here at 5:30 this morning. Summer just won’t go away!

I’ve only got 2 things today:
Quick bike ride – done
Going to my local Road Runner Sports store to exchange my shoes. Fingers crossed they’ll have something that fits.


76 degrees?! What in the world? Come run with me in Utah this next week. I hope you find the perfect shoes for you today at Road Runner Sports (I love that store) and great job on your bike ride!


Hi Janae! Where can I sign up for grandma school! Also is that the cousin that used to look like twins with Brooke? They’ve both sure grown! Today I will do long run then some cooking experiments in the kitchen! Also I got a sit stand desk for work so I will set that up. Happy weekend!!


I can’t tell you how much my heart swells every time you mention Grandma school. I just love that. It’s so neat and it looks like your Mom does phenomenal job. We have a rainy day today, so it will be filled with doing some chores and errands, getting my daughters things ready to switch from remote learning (all last quarter) to going back to in school (starting tomorrow) and then having a nice grill steak dinner. Enjoy the rest of your weekend !


Hi! Grandma School looks like so much fun! Your mom is such a sweetheart to do that. Can you (or she) tell me what she is doing with Skye with the cups? I’m always looking for new stuff to do with my 2-year-old! Thank you!

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