Sour Patch Kids Hurt My Mouth

Remember to send me a picture of your favorite snack….this is going to be epic……I have gotten some tasty delights via email that I can’t wait to share with you:)  Send it to [email protected].  Billy even sent in a picture. Read more about it here.

Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement on my last post!!


50 Minute Spin Class

40 Minute Stair Mill

Foam Rolled

Iced once I got to school.  The lunch ladies are so sick of getting a bag of ice for me every morning that they just set it outside the kitchen door so they don’t have to interact with me.

After school snack…


I am a single woman tonight (Billy chose a lab over partying with me…when will he stop being so responsible?).

I called my Dad to go on a date tonight and I was shocked to find out he already had a date with another woman, my mom.  I decided to invite myself and be the third wheel.


Where did we go you might ask? Costa Vida for the early bird special.  When my parents find something they like they stick to it.  This is not a recycled photo and yes I get the EXACT same thing I always order.  Whole wheat tortilla, chicken, lettuce, mango and pico de gallo.

Remember how I challenged myself to not eat out as often?  That lasted 38 hours.  Mainly, I wanted to do that challenge to save money so I guess if I am being taken out on a date it is okay.

I am watching Dear Jon (the book was way better) by myself and my mouth is sore from eating too many sour patch kids.  Will I ever learn?

-Do you branch out when you go to a restaurant?

Not usually.  Whenever I do I end up kicking myself in the pants for not getting what I LOVE.  I then turn to excessive amounts of chocolate to apologize to my stomach for making a bad decision.

-How often do you hang out with your parents?

Does three days in a row count as being excessive.  I am the youngest and therefore most loved.


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i totally miss hanging out with my folks more often. before we moved here 2.5 years ago we lived 10 min. from them and saw them all the time. mr. dawn loves them just as much as i do, so that makes it all the more fabulous.

i always branch out and try something new. always regret it. mr. dawn gets the classics that we both love and i end up begging bites from his plate.


Sour patch kids *drool* They are by far my favorite candy.

I'm jealous that you got to spend time with the folks. I don't get to see mine nearly as often as I would like since I am out of state.


hey girlie!
I loveeee your top 10! I agree with EVERY one! I run to challenge myself and pass those boys! hehe! COSTA VIDA is da bomb! I am soooo going when I go home for thanksgiving next week! my Dad gets their catering for his employees so he is always passing me free-meal coupons…so I don't feel guilty for eating there often! :)
I love hangin with my parents, and going out to eat with them! I hope your week is off to a great start!


I am the youngest, too. I am best friends with my mom! I always order the same thing at costa vida and cafe rio.


I loooooove Sour Patch Kids and will eat them until my mouth hurts. And then eat more. Yummmm.

I sometimes branch out…it depends. I go to some restaurants specifically for a certain food, so I always order that. I just get nervous that I won't like what I order as much as my usual…because I can clearly NEVER go back and get it again.

I live far away from my parents so I don't see them so often! I talk to them on the phone a couple times per week.


That looks yummy! I usually get the French dip (unless it's mexican/asian). Some are way better than others, but it's hard to really ruin. I get a side of fries and A1 sauce (for the fries)…and a salad too. We don't eat out much, though.


I just have to say that I LOVE reading your blog! I love your writing voice and your positive energy and everything about it! It is interesting and motivational and makes me appreciate good food. Hope your knee keeps getting better.


"Does three days in a row count as being excessive. I am the youngest and therefore most loved." – LOVE THIS! maybe coz you're the most lovable too =)


Janae! Love your blog and love you!!! I wish everyday more like every minute that I lived in Utah so I could hang out with my parents. It's the best!! I want to reach into your blog and eat your costa vida! I crave cafe rio all the time and I will never order anything besides my pork salad…it's just so amazing! You are inspiring!!!


That salad looks delicious…I see why you order it every time! I am also a creature of habit…I always order the same thing at restaurants but only after looking for ever at the menu. I also see my parents often. I love living close to them but not with them!


I would like to challenge your "youngest and most loved" comment – I'm middle and most loved! Or at least I like to think so. :)

It depends on the restaurant I go to, but my choices are so limited, I usually stick to the same thing!


Haha, yay for parent dates!
I don't get to see mine too often–living 8 hours away is a killer. I used to live about 45 minutes from our cabin, though, so I got to hang out with them during their summer vacation. It was always great Mom, Dad, and Firstborn time. ;)
I tend to order the same thing every time, too, just because I'm terrible at making decisions! I do try to order something I couldn't make myself at home, though, because then what's the point of going to a restaurant??

Have a great day!


I branch out every time I can — tapas are the best in my opinion. However, I usually cook at home and do not get out much.

Sadly, I only get to see me folks three to four times a year.


I always get the same thing when I go out to restaurants. We don't go out often so I want to get something I know I'll love.

Don't worry, I hang out with my parents a lot too. Usually it's because I know my mom will always go for a long walk with me and my dog when Mike wants to watch football, basketball, golf, etc.


I LOVE Sour patch kids, my absolute fav candy since I am not a chocolate person!!!

I almost always order the same thing when I go out, once I find something I don't like to mess it up. I see one set of parents more than I'd like and the other set not nearly enough, but being the oldest I don't get all the love, ha!


oh man. I love sour candy. There is none here in Mexico! I remember that as a kid, I would love to get the box of sweetarts from the movie theater. Once I ate so many that my tongue bled. Ouch. Then I kept eating them. I was smart.


Your food looks fabulous! I always get the same thing at restaurants… I guess that makes me not very adventurous lol.



I'm a total creature of habit. A friend once asked why I always order the same ham and cheese omelette for breakfast everywhere I go. Simple, that way I can effectivly compare restaurants. You compare apples to apples, not apple to oranges right? lol


Aw so cute. I am master of the free dinner out compliments of my parents! No shame in third wheeling with the folks.


About your last post: I am in serious running withdrawl with my injury. I'm water running everyday and kind of hating it. Glad you are in getting in some good workouts. In answer to your questions: I hang out with my parents whenever I get the chance. They moved here to CO from MD a few years ago and now live 3 miles away. Restaurants? I am mostly a creature of habit and don't do too much branching out.


Nothing wrong with hanging out with your parents! I like to do it for a free meal ;)


I hang out with my mom as often as i can. Shes a blast!

Love that you were alone.. so you called your parents. I so do that. Instead of calling up friends i call my mom!


Bryce loves sour patch kids too but hates that it makes his mouth sour also!! Hey plan on this sunday for dinner if you can and I want to know about your supplements so please send me the names and where you buy them!!


wow I just read my comment and My english is terrible, excuse my lack of proof reading


haha! I still live with my parents so I get to hang out with them a lot!! ;) I dont think they're tired of me… yet! haha…

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