Tangents + we are putting together a new home gym!

The morning trade-off… I finish my run and then he is off to work!

My hips and body are needing all of the stretching right now.

It was my first run of the season in pants and probably my first run in a very long time in matching socks;).

IMG 1595

We were then off to school and Brooke was so happy to turn in her ‘Marathon in a Month’ slip to the office.

IMG 1600

PS the marathon slip they were given stopped at 26 miles but Brooke did the additional .2 miles because when you work so hard to do 26 miles you just HAVE to go to 26.2.

IMG 1597

Skye has Grandma School this week so that is a big topic of conversation at our house right now.

IMG 1604

The biggest highlight of our day was going to pick up some pumpkins…

IMG 1618

She was proud of herself for balancing the pumpkin on her head.

IMG 1624


I have a few tangents to talk about today…

*This week we are turning part of our garage into a ‘gym’ which I am very excited about.  With the addition of another baby it is going to be a bit trickier getting in as many outdoor runs as I normally do now for a little while and the garage is going to work so much better than what we’ve been doing in the past.  It will be close to the baby’s room and all in the same area now (right now the treadmill/bike are in a tiny room in the basement and our lifting stuff is in the shed in our backyard).  We also bought a new piece of equipment that Andrew and I are both super excited for on it’s way—> A ROWER!  I’ve never had a stronger core than a time a few years ago when I was consistent with the rowing machine so I’m excited to see how that helps my running.

Here is the before:

IMG 1612

*I’ve learned one very valuable thing from Grandma School and that is that having a prize box is as motivating as it gets for my kids.  My mom has one at her house and it works like magic so Skye and I went to the dollar store to put one together for our kids.  I’m thinking I will use this for them once a week when they check off all of their virtual assignments/homework.

IMG 1610

*Still no eggs but they sure seem to be happy running around our backyard so that makes me happy.

IMG 1611

*Des posted this and like usual, she speaks so much truth!

IMG 1602

*The mountains are STUNNING right now… BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL.  This just happened to a runner on a trail in our county.

PS I’m warning you before you watch this that this video is very scary but the runner does survive.

Runner’s Corner posted these tips from the DWR for if you ever come in contact with a cougar.

Screen Shot 2020 10 12 at 4 55 58 PM

*Treat ham and potatoes.  We had this Sunday night at my sister’s house because her kids had been requesting it and it took me back to my mom making it when we were growing up.  The sauce literally tastes like a treat (because it is ha) and I could put it on everything—>  My mom starts with 1 cup of brown sugar in a bowl and then adds mustard until it is the consistency of a sauce.  She then just keeps adding both until she has the amount of sauce she needs and heats it up on the stove.

I used to make this meal for kids that I babysat 14 years ago and I ran into them the other day and they asked me to make it for them again because they still think about it all of these years later.

IMG 1229


Do you ever use a rower?  Do you love it?

What animal freaks you out the most?

What is your run today??

Share a tangent with me!

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I use a rower every day. I love it! My gym has a Concept 2 and also the water rowers, I can’t think of the name.
I have a rowing machine at home, but it’s a cheap one and not quite as good of a workout as at the gym.
What kind of rower did you buy?


Hey Corry! That is so good to hear that you love the rower, it really is such an incredible workout. Andrew did the research/ordering it (I think he had to be on a waiting list) and he is at work right now so on his break he can write me back BUT I am pretty positive it is the Concept 2 Model D. Is that the same as the one you love at your gym? I hope you have the best day!


Oh I love the rower! Such a great full body workout!
I think that snakes scare me the most for some reason… ha easily outrun and usually not dangerous but they always freak me out.
Tangent for the day… we might put our house on the market which is CRAZY because life is wild right now with a new baby and 2 year old… but covid created quite the sellers market so we are debating it! Have a great day, can’t wait to “meet” your new little one!!


I’m with you on the snakes… they are the worst! AHHH I am so excited about the house situation. I have a bunch of friends moving right now for the same reason. Where will you be moving? Good luck, you guys have your hands full. Thank you so much, I can’t wait either. Have a fabulous day Melissa.


I have a rower and it broke on Wednesday! It’s currently in pieces on my basement floor. i need to harass my husband to finish taking it apart so I can see if I need to get a part. It’s not my favorite thing in the world and I only do it three days a week for 20 minutes at a time. I like that it’s pretty much a full body workout and that it’s a good core workout. I’m working on a goal of 1,000 strokes in 20 minutes. I got to 929 last time I counted. Mine isn’t a very fancy one; there’s no way to adjust the tension so I have taken to wearing one pound weights on my wrists and setting a 10lb dumbell on my thighs to make it harder so I can hit my goal. Now I’m stalled. I’m going to be stalking prime day for a deal. This one was so cheap that it will be more expensive to have someone come fix it than it will be to replaced it. I guess we got what we paid for.
My run today was 6 miles on the treadmill. I started out doing .75 miles at 7.5mph and .25 mile at 6mph. I’ve lost a little strength due to my lyme disease but I managed to do most of that. I ended up slowing the last mile to 7mph after the 1st .25. At least all of the nonsense with my knee and lyme disease happened during a pandemic. I haven’t missed any races. I’ve just been running for the fun of running and rehabbing.
I can’t wait to see pictures of your new home gym. I have a recommendation for it though. if you’re going to do weights in it, put some wall mirrors up so you can watch your form. that helps me a lot.
have a great day!

Congrats to Brooke on her marathon!!!! That’s a big deal!


Lee, I hope that you guys can get that rower back together and working easily or that you can find a really good deal on a new one! 20 minutes x 3 times a week is awesome and you are so close to your goal! Keep me updated on it. I am amazed over what you are doing with lyme disease, you are so strong. Great workout! I didn’t even think about mirrors, great idea. Thanks so much Lee.


I used a rower once and don’t think I did it right since I didn’t feel it at all. Maybe because it was just a one and done thing? Who knows but I know people love it! My run was good! It was cold and I broke out gloves for the first time which is always a little sad ha but otherwise it was good!

That video was scary! I saw it on Instagram yesterday and wow… It’s ironic that’s circulating because 60 Minutes did a segment Sunday night about grizzly bears in Montana. One person they interviewed was someone who was hunting with a friend and they came across a sleeping bear. The man was attacked and his view is just we’re intruding on their land which I thought was interesting. The segment was really good since it talked about how they were on the protected species list and what scientists are doing currently to track the population!


Or maybe you are already just so strong that it didn’t make you sore at all:). Here’s to a few months of gloves and handwarmers. I need to watch that 60 Minutes segment! Came across a sleeping bear… that is my worst nightmare. I agree, we are coming in on their home. Can’t wait to watch, thanks for sharing and I hope you have a beautiful day, Maureen!


I have a rower and it’s funny bc my upper body quits before my lower lol! I clearly need work but I love the rower.

That cougar video is crazy frightening! I can’t believe he videoed it.

Random tangent- I started reading the “clean mama” blog and her DIY home cleaners (recipes) have been such a breath of fresh air! I can’t believe how much you can clean with just vinegar/dish soap and baking soda lol!!!


My upper body usually quits first on them too! Running must make our legs strong so we need the rower ha. Seriously, I would have thrown my phone at the cougar! Off to go read about her home cleaners, I’m so excited. Thanks for sharing and have a great day, Gillian.


I saw that video on an Australian running group page today and it freaked me right out. I thought Australia was supposed to have all the dangerous animals ha! That is just terrifying!
So lucky you have the space for a nice home gym. Sounds awesome!


WOW!!! That cougar encounter was super scary! I live in a suburban neighborhood with a stream running through and parkland nearby, and a rabid coyote attacked a few people 2 weeks ago. I’ve stayed out of the park/woods on dog walks, lately. I’m most afraid of snakes, but if anything started chasing me, that would be the scariest.
Brooke’s full marathon is a fantastic achievement :)
I’m so excited that I get to order my Concept 2 rower. I’ve been on their waiting list since early August, and my number should be up tomorrow!! Even though I always choose running over rowing when possible, I’m afraid working out from home this winter will make that less of an option, and I need to keep up my workouts for stress relief. Very psyched for you guys with your garage gym–my pullup bar and any barbell work are outdoors :o
I’m doing short sprint intervals today.
Tangents: I ran my ballot to the drop box yesterday, even though it was a dreary day. I signed up for a virtual run in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and, for some unexplained reason, I chose the 87-mile version (I have until November 15 to accumulate the miles) instead of the 5k. What was I thinking? LOL!


Corey, that is so scary about the coyote! Right? I cannot imagine having any animal chase after me, he handled it really well. THAT’S THE SAME ROWER we are putting in our gym! You are going to have to let me know what you think of it! Great idea for the pullup bar, I’m going to get one of those for the garage… thanks. I am THRILLED about your 87 mile virtual run. Cheering for you big time and keep me updated with how it goes, you’ve got this. Enjoy those intervals today!


I have not used a rower (in a very long time) but I have thought a lot about a garage gym – so I am looking forward to seeing how yours turns out. My main concern is leaving one of our cars parked outside – I have a ring doorbell and I see a lot of break ins and attempted break ins a lot on the neighborhood alerts. Will you be parking your cars outside? Is your garage heated or will you be putting in a portable heater?


Luckily we will still be able to park both cars in the garage! That is crazy about all of the break ins. Our garage never gets very cold with the doors closed but we will probably bring in a few for the really cold weeks. Let me know what you guys decide on the garage gym and I hope you have a great day!


That’s crazy that your chickens aren’t laying yet. I think I got mine about the same time as you and mine having been laying for months. Maybe the southern Utah weather makes a difference. I’ve always wanted a rower. One day we will have a designated workout room so I can have all the equipment. And my closest cougar encounter was on a hike in Zion in the fall. It had snowed in the higher elevations and we saw fresh cougar prints. We became instantly noisy hikers to scare any cougars off.


I’m so envious of everyone who has a home gym! I’m using our mud room which is just big enough for my yoga mat and my weights :)
I’ve only used the rower a few times and man alive was it an amazing workout! I couldn’t believe how sore my rear end was the next day! It’s definitely on my list of machines to purchase when we get a bigger gym space.
That video is crazy! Cougars definitely freak me out the most!! I did a 5am trail run with a friend when we came upon a skunk and that scared me pretty bad too – mostly because I didn’t want to be sprayed! And then we heard a coyote calling and that was pretty spooky sounding too. Basically I’m a wimp when it comes to all wild animals! Ha!
No run today …. weight lifting day! I’m currently using this routine https://popculture.com/healthy-living/news/17-free-weight-exercises-for-toned-arms/#1 + Bulgarian squats, lunges and core. It’s a burner!
My run yesterday was a 5 mile run/walk. That 1 min walk really helps me pick up my run paces so I feel like I got some unintentional speed work in.
Have a great day!


Living in Canada, I’ve met my share of wildlife while trail running (even if I ALWAYS run with a dog or two). We’ve met a young bear once but we were all very scared of each other (bear included)! Ha! But my scariest encounter was this Spring with a mamma dear. My guess is she was protecting a very young foal who probably could not walk yet. She was determined to NOT let us go by, my dog and I. She was coming near us and pounding her front legs on the ground. She was absolutely not backing up. We stayed very calmed, no barking from my dog, but lots of growling (the poor dude was as scared as me!!). I even called my mom on the phone just in case mamma dear decided to charge, so she would know exactly were I was. We stayed calm and backed away from where we came from. Then once we were off the trails, omg I think my dog and I both ran a personal best for speed… we so wanted to get out of there FAST!!


I have maybe used a rower once.I had no idea what I was doing!

Grandma school looks like So Much Fun!!!

My run was 9 miles today AND I got to sleep in because one of my kids is home sick (we are thinking allergies because none of her symptoms are new) so we all have to be home until she gets her COVID results.

Have a fabulous Tuesday Janae! It’s fun to catch your blog in more “real time” and have time to comment since we are at home for the next few days!!!


Oh man I saw this video yesterday and I was wondering if you would post about it today! SO SO scary. Between this and the teenage girl who got stuck in a tree while trying to escape a black bear, I am a little hesitant to hit the trails again ;) I am 100% confident I would not survive either scenario hahaha. Excited for you for your rower!!! My husband and I have been talking about splurging on one too!


Hi Janae! I’m so excited for you to get a rower! I have used rowers in the past but usually I only last a few mins before I give up. So I would definitely appreciate any tips you have. That prize box looks awesome! Maybe they should make one at work as well ha! By the way what happens to the chickens when it gets colder?
Happy Tuesday and good luck setting up the gym! My fiance just set one up in his garage and he’s super stoked.


I watched that video earlier today – so scary!! We have mountain lions around here too and I really don’t want to run into one.

I was so ready for a good run today. My new shoes arrived and I don’t know what is wrong with them. They have ZERO cushioning and my feet hurt after less than a mile. They are the Brooks Glycerin 18, shoes I’ve worn before and loved. I wonder if they’ve been sitting in a warehouse and are just really old because I wear an uncommon size (5.5)


HOLY CRAP!!!! That was the scariest video ever. So glad he’s OK


I have a Concept2 rower and love it! (I got it when recovering from a running injury.) I find that it takes me approximately the same time to run and row equivalent distances, so I like it for cross-training. If you haven’t checked out the Concept2 website yet, you can log all your workouts on it and even rank them to see how you compare against others (in distances ranging from 100 meters to ultramarathons). It really helped me feel challenged at a time when running wasn’t a possibility.


Des is the best!! Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t seen that yet. Just goes to show, every body is different, you can’t compare your body to anyone else’s, or any numbers that aren’t really indicative of health (or speed/endurance, in Des’s case!).


Congratulations to Brooke on completing her marathon, that is quite an achievement!!

I have used a rower a couple of times but I have back issues now and don’t think it would be good for it. I am excited for you though.

I live in Southern Utah so probably Mountain Lions and Bears would be my main concern although I don’t know of anyone that has encountered any here so far. I have run into skunks, deer and once a tarantula which was really cool!!

My run/power walk was 7 miles on my favorite route in my town.

I was curious about the ham and potatoe sauce. Do you just cook your ham and potatoes like normal and then put the sauce over them. It sounds delicous as I am a mustard lover!!


Hey Shirley! You know my love for Southern Utah… I love that you live there! Way to go today on your 7 miler you have to make the sauce. We just cook the ham and potatoes like normal and then pour the sauce over it all when it is warm. Let me know what you think. Have a great day!


Note to self, don’t be tempted to get close to cute baby wildlife…….I think I would have grabbed one of those rocks or branches or kicked my shoe at the cougar. Then again, in the moment one isn’t always being rational! so.scary. I pretty much scream my head off encountering a snake.

Tell Brooke congratulations on her marathon in a month! Rockstar for sure.

I got my son a squat rack and am going to slowly add stuff to create a home gym, too. I’ve always wanted a rower-they are such a great way to cross train. I have fond memories of rowing in my college gym and listening to a mix tape on my walkman (I’m being serious. I’m that old) Whenever Pearl Jam “Black” was on I would see how far I could go during that song. Don’t ask why, but it was my version of “eye of the Tiger.” hehehe

Tangent: My third baby was an autumn baby and we painted the baby bump like a pumpkin. It was hilarious.

And, I’m making treat ham and potatoes. I think the teen will GOBBLE that up!


Oooohh, how exciting that you are getting the rower! I always love when I’m at a gym that has a rower, such a great workout and for some reason it’s fun to me. My friends that do crossfit all seem to curse the rower, but maybe that’s because they do it after 1 million pullups or something like that. I bet your home gym is going to be a lifesaver this winter! My husband is looking at a Zwift bike, so maybe I need to put a plug in for a rower too ;) Also I’m way too scared to watch that video – yikes!


The animal that freaks me out the most are moose! You have no idea the size (and speed) of them until you come across them. They are beyond enormous, and if it’s rutting or mating season they are aggressive. We’ve come across several over the years on old logging roads. Bear Cubs also make me sprint because mama is close and I don’t want to see her.

As far as “treat ham” that’s just ham in our house! It really is the best. We slice the fat into cubes and stick whole cloves in it for the baking along with the mustard/brown sugar paste. It’s my whole family’s favourite started by my great grandmother!

I did 6k today. All ready for my first ever marathon (will be run with a friend in lieu of the cancelled race we were going to do this weekend) I’m nervous and excited


We have a Concept 2 and love it. I live in the Midwest so it’s great in the winter when the roads are icy. You won’t regret the garage gym, it’s a great investment!

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