15 Things to Talk About + My Training Log

I’m gonna go ahead and share our Saturday in 15 pictures so let’s get started:

1.  Miles with friends are by far my favorite miles…  We even showed up to our run matching a bit which I’m sure made us look pretty cool to the cars that passed by us.

2.  The things we do for running;)

IMG 6933

3.  Candice saved the day… Andrew had labs at the hospital early in the morning yesterday and I had 9 miles to get done before he left.   I’m not one to run in the dark by myself and luckily Candice was game with leaving early so I didn’t have to use the treadmill!  A 7:56 average pace for the 9 miles along with 5 x 20 seconds fast (6:18 average) w/1 minute walking recoveries (aka strides).  PS yesterday was the Salt Lake City Marathon which was my first marathon 8 years ago… time flies when you like running a lot (that didn’t make sense but please note above alarm clock time and just smile and nod;).

IMG 6950

4.  OOTM (outfit of the morning).

IMG 6958

5.  I made these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and oh my goodness.  Please make these if you like cookies.

IMG 6959

6.  The kids were outside pretending that they were on a campout while I made cookies (you don’t make cookies at 9 a.m. on a Saturday?).  The happy smiles lasted until they saw a ‘tarantula’ (it definitely wasn’t a tarantula but they were sure it was) and they came inside screaming and crying.

IMG 6964

7.   Skye took a long morning nap.  I was tempted to wake her up to hang out with me but I let her sleep instead.

IMG 6972

8.  Andrew is kind of over sweet potatoes.  I know, how could he?  He never really ate sweet potatoes before me and then once we got married we had multiple times a week so he is a little burnt out.   I made sure to enjoy a really good one yesterday while he was gone topped with chicken, avocado, beans, corn and bbq sauce.

IMG 6976

9.  Brooke missed gymnastics this last week so they let her do a make-up class type thing on Saturday instead.  I am positive she ended the day with more steps than I did because of this… it was 90 minutes long.

IMG 6988

10.  We had a few errands to get done including racing through a grocery store for a few things because I do not like grocery shopping at all anymore.

IMG 6992

11.  Snack time while Skye stared at the ceiling fan with me.

IMG 7015

12.  Andrew came home from his labs up at Primary Children’s Hospital.  He is now doing his OB/GYN & Peds rotation so it was fun to hear about a bunch of the stuff that he learned about yesterday.

IMG 7017

13.  Skye was just happy because the fun parent was finally home.

IMG 7021

14.   Andrew had been craving In-N-Out big time lately so he picked that up and we had that for dinner.

IMG 7024

15.  We finished off the night with a walk around the neighborhood and then Andrew and I watched How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days.

IMG 7032


Race day is this Saturday!  I’ve got a few weeks of some good training under my belt so I’m excited to see where I am at for these 13.1 miles up ahead of me!  I seriously have no idea where I am at fitness wise for a half-marathon and since this is my first post-Skye race I’m just going to enjoy the experience and put zero pressure on myself.


Monday:  8 miles @ 8:30 average.

Tuesday:  6 miles @ 8:43 average.

Wednesday:  9.6 miles total—>  2 mile w/u, 25 minutes @ 7:00, 3 minute walking recovery, 8 x .25 miles (1:37, 1:32, 1:36, 1:34, 1:35, 1:36, 1:34, 1:35 ((around a 6:20 average pace)) w/90 second recoveries after each one, 2 mile c/d.

Thursday:  6 miles @ 8:48 average.

Friday:  8 miles @ 8:32 average.

Saturday: 9.3 miles total.  9 miles @ 7:56 average and then after I fed Skye I finished w/5 x 20 seconds fast (6:18 average for those with 1 minute walking recoveries after each one).

Sunday:  Off

46.9 miles for the week.  Wednesday was my hard workout for the week and the rest were done at an easyish pace except for the 5 x 20 seconds fast on Saturday.  This week will include a nice little taper and then we leave for Vegas on Friday!


What was your best run last week?  Your hardest run?

Are you more terrified of snakes or spiders OR a different animal/insect?

-Both are awful to me but snakes are way scarier to me.

What is a food that you have recently eaten so much of that you are now sick of it?

What’s your Sunday morning breakfast?

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Moths freak right out! They have ugly little furry faces and remind me of a bat.


I am going to have to 100% agree with you. Moths are the worst!


My Sunday morning breakfast varies – nothing special, just whatever, just like any other day.
My legs were really tired last week – I’m not sure I had a best run – maybe my long, easy, no hard sections run yesterday? (I was supposed to have a tempo in there but my legs were just too tired.) My hardest run was definitely my hill repeats run on Wed – I did it all but it wasn’t pretty.
I haven’t eaten a food recently that I’ve gotten tired of but once in college I decided that since pbj sandwiches were super cheap, I could just eat those and stretch my limited food budget further. I made it about 4 months and then didn’t eat jelly for 2 years and peanut butter for about 3 years. And after the summer I worked in the bagel shop, I didn’t eat cream cheese for about 5 years – not due to taste but I just couldn’t handle the consistency after washing millions of gooey, slimy cream cheese containers every day.


Way to go on those killer hill repeats! I hope that pb and j sandwiches are good again to you and now you have me craving a bagel with cream cheese!


I HATE spiders! GOod thing I’m ok with snakes (neutral! DOnt want to hold them, but they don’t freak me out). When we got home from spring break we discovered son’s snake had brokenness out of it’s cage! And we didn’t find it for a week ??. I was so jumpy – thinking it would turn up at any time. My worst fear was that it would be during one of my piano lessons and traumatize my student. Thankfully that’s didn’t happen ?.


Okay, that would be the scariest thing ever for me.. how did you sleep at night ha?!? I’m so glad he didn’t pop out of the piano one day! Enjoy your Sunday Jan!


Dads are always the fun one! In our house, mom is “food source” and dad is “fun source”! (Sometimes I’m fun too I swear!)


Bahaha that is totally us!!! Have a beautiful day Alison!


I’m terrified of snakes. I hate them with every cell in my body.

My best and hardest run was yesterday. Slowly adding miles back but my body is still trying to figure out how I survived running at all before. Haha.


Jenny, I am so thrilled you are back running! Do you ever see snakes around here? I sure hope not!


Once in a while I’ll see one but not a lot. That’s one reason trail running scares me a little haha


My hardest run was today…did the Blue and Gray half in Gettysburg. I finished 3rd in my age group in 1 55:48. I am shocked. I think I worked 150 hours over the last two weeks. Tax season was worse than usual since we had someone out sick the entire time. I won an apple pie! I’m going to eat it all myself.
I probably hate spiders more than snakes but I’m scared of them both and freak out at both. Luckily I don’t see too many of either one even though we live in the woods.
Enjoy your taper! I always have a hard time with the extra time I get on the weekend because of the shorter long runs.


Lee, you are absolutely amazing! 3rd in your age group during such a stressful time for your job! You better eat that entire apple pie! Huge congrats:) thank you and I hope you have a great week!


Lee, huge congrats to you!! I’m a CPA too and have mad respect for what you did just a few days after the deadline! That’s no joke. Hope you get some rest now :)


Totally unrelated to this post hah but the lulu tank (grey/white stripes) that you shared in your post that you got for your bday is on the “we made too much” right now. Does that one run true to size or did you size up? I know some of the cool racer backs are more tight fitting. Thanks & happy Sunday


Oh I am so glad it is.. love the cheaper price. It is true to size BUT I did go up one size because I don’t love my running clothes too tight. I bought an 8 and love how that fits!


My best run was Saturday’s run. With you.


I am slowing adding miles after taking a break from running (and getting over being sick), so I’d have to say that yesterday’s run was the hardest for me. I also did a Bodypump class right before hitting the treadmill, so that was probably not a good idea :/
I used to keep two snakes in my classroom, but never again. They both died and it broke my heart. Even though I’ve read Charlotte’s Web about ten times, spiders still freak me out a little.
Sunday morning breakfast is anything from vegan donuts from Posh Bakery to eggs with toast and avocado :)


I might be sick of salmon now? I don’t know. Either that or the last one wasn’t very fresh.


I took a viticulture class in college and we had to identify about 20 different grape varieties by appearance and taste. I ate a gazillion grapes that quarter and it took about 3 years to want to eat them again. So awesome that Candice could run with you!


How funny- I made those exact cookies today too, I baked them whilst watching the London marathon!! Terrified of both but 100% snakes- even seeing a picture or on tv freaks me out! I’ve had a smoothie for breakfast every work day for the last month and now I’m done with them for a while aha. I always eat something too often and get bored of it, but after a little while I’ll start to crave it again.

Have a great rest of the day:)


I can’t even think of snakes!
For breakfast I have bread and cheese everyday. I never crave sweets in the morning
They have make up lessons for 5 year olds?


4:58 AM!!!!! WOW!!! It’s kind of midnight for me… Seems like you had an awesome week.


I work with animals, and snakes don’t scare me…..it makes me glad when I see one on the riverwalk trail where I run and I always stop to urge them across………..I don’t want a bike or a person to squish them. I know Utah has rattlesnakes, but 99% of the snakes you come across are not venomous, so they are great at keeping mice populations down. Without snakes and other animals that eat mice, the planet would be crawling with rodents. Mice have around 10 babies at a time, up to 10 times a year………….and at only 2 months old the females can start having babies, too. So I have appreciation for snakes, ha! (Sorry to get on a soapbox………..I just mention stuff like this everyday at work so it comes natural!)

I don’t like roaches, mice, or ants. I kinda draw the line there.

Have a great day!


My best and hardest run last week was my 12km long run on Saturday. It is the longest I’ve done so far so I was pretty pleased just to get through it! Very excited for a step back this week on mileage!

Spiders are the worst. When we used to live in a basement, hubby was woken up more than once to me sprinting out of the bathroom and into the bedroom so he could get up and kill it for me. Not his favourite wake-ups! That said, I’ve had very minimal snake interaction!


I ate eggs with salsa on top for way too long ! Can’t even smell it together now, I still like eggs but not with the salsa anymore. Snakes just a bit more than spiders. Once my dogs got in a tango with a snake in our yard, the started throwing up so I had to do something. I managed to get a 5 gal. pale over the snake and was standing on it until I was able to have my daughter bring me my phone to call my neighbor to get me some heavy rocks to put on the bucket until my husband got home. (dogs ended up being fine by the way). Then camping, a snake was in the water and my daughter freaked out, I explained the whole “they are just as scared of you as you are of them”. So to prove my point, I took the fishing pole and splashed the water, “to show her how scared they are”, and instead….it’s head and front part of it came out of the water, mouth wide open, straight AT US !!!!! Her and I both high tailed it out of there screaming !!!! Left all of our stuff there, once again, until my husband got there. lol I thought for sure that whole scared of us thing was true, but it is NOT. Parenting fail right there. I also saw a spider in my car (tarantula size, I agree with your kids) and would not drive it until was gone. My poor husband, tore the dash and part of the door panel off, until he could produce the corpse, I would not believe it was gone. I then let one of those bug bombs off in it. To this day, I refuse to leave my windows down when not driving it so they can’t easily crawl in. I guess I hate both spiders and snakes equally.


bookmarking the chocolate oatmeal cookies…!!! thanks!

fartlek was my best run bc i did better than i expected. hardest run was the long run as i screwed up a couple things – a bouncy bag i couldn’t cinch down entirely, a dying watch. it ended up fine, but it totally messed with me mentally as i was flustered.

i would guess i’m scared of snakes in the mid-Atlantic region or NE b/c i don’t think we have poisonous spiders. but i would think it would depend on where i am and which is more threatening.

Sunday morning breakfast was a dutch baby! we enjoyed it :)

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