Silentish Saturday!!!


8 miles for me in some light rain at an 8:32 average pace.

IMG 6861

Classmate’s birthdays are her favorite.

IMG 6882

Catching up on life together.

IMG 6886

Lunch included hot chocolate because I could not warm up after that run.

IMG 6892

I should have been productive during Skye’s nap but this sounded like a better idea…

IMG 6894

Went over to my parents’ house.

IMG 6899

IMG 6907

Turns out that nobody likes the center piece at my parents’ house.

IMG 6903

Knox is catching up to Brooke in height.

IMG 6920

Went to Mer’s house.  Skye was quite interested in Mr. Blue.

IMG 6928

Dropped off some water for my long run today!

IMG 6929

Pancakes for dinner… we got these little boxes from a race!

IMG 6931

The best.

IMG 6935

Stretching out my hamstrings because they are so tight.

IMG 6937

Michael Jackson dance party.

IMG 6943

Ready for my last ‘long’ run before the race.

IMG 6936

Race day is in one week… already looking forward to hanging out on a bus at 4 in the morning;)

Screen Shot 2018 04 20 at 6 31 26 PM


What are three things that you are doing today?

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1. Running a 5k- a Superhero donut run! Enjoying some sort of cake donut afterward. :)

2. Volunteering at church for a few hours tonight.

3. Eating Kodiak pancakes for the first time – finally! Got the dark chocolate kind. :)


Oh the dark chocolate is SO good! Way to go on your 5k… I want to do that one:) Enjoy your weekend Jamie!


1. Softball spectating… of course. It’s Saturday and I’m a Softball Mom;-)
2. Trader Joe’s
3. Going out on a date with my husband!


You are making me want to make the drive to TJ’s:) Have a beautiful day and enjoy the date and softball!


Hahaha I first read that as “No one likes the centerpiece” as in a decorative centerpiece on the dining room table. And then I saw the photo HA!

1. Going to body pump if I ever get moving
2. Prep work my students’ concert next week
3. Picking up our NEW CAR (VW beetle convertible — I’m so excited!!!)


BAHAHA I love my mom’s centerpieces on the tables;) I should have added brownie to that sentence. NEW CAR!!!! I’m so excited for you! Enjoy Jess.


1. Birthday parties.
2. Yoga for post- Boston recovery.
3. Dinner and movie with friends.

Where did you get that rug behind the cupcake pic!? Love the colors and have been on the hunt for a rug.


Hey Angie! CONGRATS ON BOSTON!!! Sounds like a perfect day. We got the rug here and we love it:


1. Morning run with the hubs and then breakfast :)
2. My nephew’s 5th birthday party!
3. Date night with my middle son tonight and he wants açaí bowls!


I love that you get to run with your husband. Enjoy the bday party and date night!


1. Cleaning
2. Driving to DC
3. Picking up my race packet for my first 10 miler tomorrow!

I’ve been having issues with my IT Band, so I’m hoping to finish the 10 miler. I’m kind of worried I will have a big fat DNF though since it’s pretty early in the treatment. My doctor said I could run, but to run smart and if the pain changes my gait to stop running. Wish me luck!


Mercedes, I am SO sorry about your IT Band problems. That pain is like nothing else… please keep me updated with how you are doing. Wishing you all of the luck. Have you tried scraping? That is the main thing that has helped my ITBS in the past. I hope tomorrow goes really well and your body cooperates!


I haven’t tried scarping, but I will ask my PT when I go to my appointment! I’m doing a lot of foam rolling and stretching. I will do some monster walks and skaters tonight in hopes that helps for the run tomorrow. :)


Lots of hip exercises (clamshells, side leg raises, monster walks etc) + glute/ITB stretching daily to help with the stubborn ITB. Good luck ??


Thank you!!


1. Hanging out with my in-laws
2. Watching a movie with my husband
3. Prepping for the classes I’m teaching tomorrow at church.

How have Skye’s naps been?? My baby is 3.5 months old and his naps have been TERRIBLE lately. By the end of the day he is so overtired ??


I am SO sorry that your little one is struggling with naps… I get it. Some days she takes an amazing one (key word one;) and then other days she takes a bunch of really short ones. I’ve given up trying to plan them ha and just let her body choose nap time and for how long ha. Keep me updated Amanda and know that I’m right there with you most days! Sounds like a great day and good luck with teaching tomorrow:)


1. Trying to get some people to do a little hilly hiking today with me and my dog Bella at the Blue Hills Reservation just outside Boston.

2. Pushups, planks, and squats. Ugh.

3. Watching the Boston Toronto hockey game. Go Bruins!


I want to come do the hike with you and Bella:) Enjoy the game!


1. First little league game for my son! Can’t wait to see a bunch of 6 year olds going for glory!
2. Meal planning
3. Hot dogs and movie night with a living room picnic on blankets with about 100 stuffed animal friends! :-)

PS – I just got my first pair of Pure Flows and I am in love. I feel faster just looking at them. Have a great weekend!


Okay, this makes me so happy! Pure Flows are the best! Sounds like the perfect day, enjoy Elizabeth!


3 miles today. Slowly getting the miles back.

Brownies look completely opposite at our house. We will all take you middle pieces.


AHHH GO JENNY!! This makes me so happy! Hahah yep, brownies are very different at our house too… Andrew lives for the middle pieces. I hope you have an awesome day Jenny!


I would take that center brownie piece!! There is a simple solution – I have a brownie pan that has 12 individual squares ( Perfect edges every time.

I think every time I visit your blog but rarely write it – Skye is such a cutie! Happy Saturday, Janae!


1. Helping out with the local track team practice in the morning

2. Looking for new sneakers (no idea what to do here!)

3. Maybe spinning due to a stubborn heel


were you volunteering for 1.? that is awesome.
2. did you find sneakers? we usually go to a running store where they watch you run on a treadmill to tell you.
3. sorry about the heel! hope it feels better…


Where are your sunglasses from? They’re really cute


How often do You visit tour parents?

Also, how many times do you do yoga a week to stretch out your body?

Hot chocolate after a run always sounds good unless youre super warm after the run xD. Then all I want is ice. Apparently ice chocolate is a thing. Not sure how that works because it sounds just like cold chocolate milk to me.

The best parts to any baked treat are the EDGES. !!!


1. Bodypump and 3.5 miles on the treadmill (yeah!!!!)
2. Spending time with my kiddos
3. Going to see “Finding Neverland” with my husband <3
The perfect Saturday.


Give me that center brownie everyday!!!!
I’ve never done a race that you have to take a bus ride to start. So the start line is not the same as finish?


Yep! The finish line is where you park or get dropped off and then you take the bus to the start! I hope you are having a great day!


Ran a 5k this morning
Went furniture shopping
Ran errands without the kids :)

The center is my FAVORITE ?


Cleaning carpets today….my dog has been sick for several days now. Eh, they probably were due for a good cleaning anyway.

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