Friday Favorites + It’s the Effort That Matters + What I’m Reading!!!

I had six miles on the schedule yesterday.  I did them at an 8:49 average—>  Every single mile was between 8:48-8:50.  My body found that pace for my run and stuck to it.  Easy runs used to be really hard for me to stick to (because I thought going fast every day was the key to the success) but that isn’t the case now…  My body is so spent from really pushing it on the hard days and I’m too tired to do anything but run easy the next day.

I listened to Ali’s episode with Sarah Sellars during the run and it was so good.  When Sarah was talking about going into Boston with the awful weather she said she believes that when race conditions are bad you just have to adjust your time, not your effort.  I loved that because I have let bad weather get to me so many times before a race and obviously that does not help me out.  I love the idea of readjusting your time goals for bad weather but focusing on giving a killer effort no matter what the obstacles are on race day.

Also, I can’t wait to listen to Lindsey’s interview with Sarah today during my run.  I feel like Sarah and I are best friends or something since she is from Utah too.  PS I still can’t get over the fact that Boston was only her 2nd marathon.  It must have felt so weird for her to pass by Shalane and Molly during the race!

I got dressed first and Andrew decided to match me—>  black tops and grey bottoms and we decided to keep the matching/color theme going for the rest of our day too ha.

IMG 6779

On Wednesday night I was in bed wanting a chicken burrito so bad but I was too lazy to get up and make one so I had one for lunch yesterday instead.

IMG 6797

Skye got a little cold and did not sleep well at night but then took a 4 hour nap yesterday and woke up so much happier.

IMG E6823

Brooke worked on teaching her the important things like high fives.

IMG 6838

Brinner of course.

IMG 6841

And then the kids and I did their cooking class for part of our family night:)  Rice Krispy treats.  I feel like this is a very underrated treat because they are so so good and don’t get the attention they deserve.

IMG 6844

Also, Skye loves us to rub her little legs and arms at night.  It calms her right down when she is fussy sometimes too.

IMG 6846———————————————————————————————–

Time for a few of my Friday Favorites (amazon affiliate links included):

*Jess @blondeponytail posts awesome workouts.  I just did this one yesterday after my run and it was killer and fast.  She has so many workouts that are super easy to do at home.

*I have been so excited to read Deena’s book! I just started it and I love it.  It is helping my mental game already!

IMG 6787

*My family is doing a book club right now because we will all be together in June.  My oldest brother sent us all THIS BOOK and I finished it quick.  It was awesome.

IMG 5951

*I’ve been on my phone less and it has been amazing… I’m reading more when I feed Skye or at night and trying to be more present with the kids.  I started doing this a little while ago and then this podcast really helped me even more.  I love that she doesn’t say NEVER LOOK AT YOUR PHONE but she offers great tips on how to be present when you need to be and then enjoy social media etc in the right times and places when it doesn’t take away from your relationships.

Screen Shot 2018 04 12 at 10 23 05 AM

*Andrew and I watched The Founder the other day (the story about how McDonald’s started) and it made me really mad… but I found it very interesting to watch.

*I posted this picture on IG the other day but I wanted to post it here too.  I found this note on Brooke’s bed one night after she fell asleep.  It made me so happy.

IMG 6643

*Summer running is getting closer and closer so I got out my favorite stuff again—>  Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator (I love Vega Clean Energy too).  I used this stuff during my last marathon and for the entire summer of training leading up to it.  It makes me feel so much better during those runs especially when I am sweating to death.  You can find a bunch of my favorite supplements in this post.

*The podcast—> Armchair Expert w/ Dax Shepard.  A few of you let me know about his podcast because of my deep love for Parenthood and it is awesome.  His episode with Kristen Bell is my absolute favorite.

*Skye is practicing her running:

*I listened to Rise Against during my speed work this last week and it gave me flashbacks to my first marathon.  I listened to them for pretty much the entire marathon.  Their songs have a fast beat if you are looking for something for your fast stuff!

*The fact that New Girl is on again.  Season 7.  I love this show so much.

*Andrew gave me these Adidas shoes for Christmas and now that the snow is gone, I’ve been wearing them a lot with jeans.  They match pretty much everything and they are so comfortable!

IMG 6042

*When I dropped my nice camera on the garage floor yesterday it didn’t break like the last time I did that… definitely a favorite.

*We all know that Shalane Flanagan is talented in many ways but I think she needs to share her tips on how to make the world’s fastest porta potty stop…

Screen Shot 2018 04 19 at 5 13 04 PM


I love your accomplishments… Keep ‘em coming!  If you want to be featured then send your accomplishment to [email protected]


Rebecca!!!  “I’ve been running half marathons/marathons for about 5 years now.  I love running!!! It makes me happy and helps me to be a better mother.  I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant with my third boy.  At 22 weeks I decided that maybe it was time to stop running.  For a few days I tried doing workout DVDs, but I’ve just done so many of those and honestly I can’t stand them anymore.  Then I started reading your blog.  You were about 39 weeks at that point and still running.  It inspired me and made me feel like maybe I could actually keep running through my pregnancy.  I put up a goal on my bathroom mirror that I’d run 2 miles on the day I was 39 weeks.  Today was that day and I did it!!! I am so beyond grateful for you and helping me see that you can still run while pregnant. (assuming your doctor says it’s safe!).  Here is a before and after picture of my run today.  Let’s be honest, even though I love running and I love how I feel after, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to start.”

UnnamedUnnamed 2


Have any Friday favorites to share?  I would love to hear them!

Who else loves New Girl?

What have you been reading lately?

Have any fun weekend plans?

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I followed New Girl well for the first couple seasons and have fallen off since, but need to go back and catch up one of these days! Love Schmidt.


AH! New Girl is MY FAVORITE!! I literally laugh out loud during every episode! The best!!

Those tennis shoes are adorable!! I’m needing some to wear for casual days and those would be perfect!!

So glad your camera didn’t break–that would be so bad!!

I can’t wait to try those @blondeponytail workouts this weekend!!!

Have a great Friday Janae!!


I love New Girl! Zooey is hilarious. I am a season behind though.

Today is an hour run and the weather should be nice!

have a great day!


Enjoy your run girl… so glad the weather is so nice! THANKS!


Thanks for the Dax Shepard recommendation! I loved Parenthood.

The weather is finally getting nice here in Boston so lots of walking with the dog and friends this weekend! Poor guy – I’ll tucker him out :)

Happy weekend to you!


I’ve been re-reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder books from my childhood which has been really fun to read and realize how much I forgot about those stores, but remember how much I love them! I’m going to have to add Deena’s book to my list though!


I am part of a bookclub with a group of girlfriends and it is so nice because we end up reading so much instead of watching netflix or scrolling our phones. We meet once a month and catch up, eat some good snacks and chat about the book (just a little bit, it is mostly social haha). We are reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and so far it is really good. We just read an American Marriage and the month before Little Fires Everywhere.
Have a great weekend!


i read eleanor oliphant, it’s really good! i loved it so much i couldn’t put it down.


I want to come to your bookclub Krista! Thanks for sharing, I’m going to check out your books! Have a great weekend:)


You should start one there! Our group is mostly moms so it is the perfect excuse to get out of the house on a weeknight and be social with a group of friends. We take turns hosting, there is no pressure to actually read the book and we have great conversations about family, relationships, etc. We are all in our 30s and sort of laughed about a book club at first but now have been doing it for 2 years every month and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Great way to meet new people and enjoy snacks and drinks with a group of friends. Oh and the books have been great ;)


That seriously sounds so perfect! A few of us keep talking about starting one but we just need to go ahead and start!


Love New Girl!! Zooey is hilarious!

This weekend it is finally going to be spring weather in Toronto!! So I am so excited for my long run on Sunday!! Spring/fall weather is the BEST for long runs.

x Elise –


Oh my gosh, Skye’s green romper is SO CUTE! I can’t stand it. And I am with you – rice krispy treats are the best, and I don’t have them near often enough.

Also, this season of New Girl is hysterical (I love how far they jumped into the future!), and your shoes Andrew got you are adorable. I want them!


Yes, me too! We are loving it and I can’t wait for the next episode to come out. Thanks Allison and I hope you have a great weekend and that you get a rice krispy treat soon!


My brother in laws surprise birthday party tonight which is actually a surprise engagement party for his future fiancé! Its exciting.

There will also be a “long run” for me this weekend, probably tomorrow and by long run I mean 2-3 miles since that’s long for me right now. Just glad to be running again.

How many of your pictures do you take with your nice camera vs your phone? I always want to use my nice camera more but it’s not super realistic for me to carry my camera around on a run or around with me and the kids.


Love those shoes!! I started reading Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson, and I need to order Bob Goff’s Everybody, Always.

It’s been a really rough week, so I’m so thankful the weekend is almost here. I spilled water on my computer the other night, and I’m praying it’s not ruined forever, and that wasn’t even close to the worst thing that happened in the past few days. So my weekend is going to be spent enjoying every second and getting rest so that I can put all of the stresses and bad things that happened this week behind me.


Natalie, I am SO so sorry about your week. That is awful. I hope that your computer isn’t broken. Enjoy this weekend girl!


I love Skye’s army green onesie…especially that little lace detail around the shorties! So cute!
You know, I love your takeaway from the interview with Sarah about adjusting time vs. adjusting outcome expectations. It makes me think that you’d like this article that I read a bit earlier this morning from the NPR website, because of even a small (and perhaps ancillary) mention that a lot of people focus their expectations (and the pressure they build surrounding them) on outcomes of a race, instead of focusing on the process they’re going through and setting goals/outcomes/even new expectations in sub-par conditions around how they handle the process. Like I mentioned–it was a small comment in an article (that was actually about the importance of sportsmanship), but I thought you’d dig it nonetheless. Here’s the article’s URL:

Tom and I are supposed to run a 5K tomorrow, but he has come down with the stomach virus that plagued me on Wednesday and yesterday (and my stomach is not yet solid even as I am getting over it), and we are supposed to have fancy date night tomorrow. Our apartment feels like a very ‘messy’ place right now! Don’t know how a 5K will sound to him or how the potential for richer foods will sound to both of us, so our weekend plans are very much “wait and see.”


Ack! I meant an article on Runner’s World–between there, NPR, and other places, I’ve read so many articles and interviews in the last few days!!!


Stephanie, I cannot thank you enough for sending me this article… I cannot wait to check it out. I hope that Tom gets better asap (I’m glad you are almost over it)! I hope that you get to do the fun stuff but if not… next weekend?!?


Where is Skye’s romper from… It is adorable!!!!!


Thank you!! It is from Old Navy! I’m obsessed with it:)


I ran Boston this year and met Deena Kastor at the expo. She signed 2 of her books for me and I can’t wait to start reading!


No. Way.

That is SO awesome Ashley! Let me know what you think of the book, so far I’m loving it!

Congrats on BOSTON!!!


I am going to be tracking the comments on this post because I need some good book recommendations! I’ve been reading a lot of newspaper/magazine articles lately, and I need more books in my life!
Friday favorite – I bought this pajama dress (i don’t know if that’s the right word for it) from Amazon and it’s literally the most comfortable thing I’ve ever slept in. I highly recommend it if anyone needs more jammies! :)
Weekend plans – enjoying the FINALLY nice weather we are getting here in the Midwest!


Okay, that is adorable!! Thank you Rhiannon! Enjoy that beautiful weather… hallelujah!


Thank you for this post about pacing yourself during your easy runs. Today was my “longer” run. I’m training for my first 5k in years so longer to me was 30 minutes. I kept my pace a bit slower than my normal runs and I did it!!! I went 2 miles for the first time in at least a year!


Catie, this makes me so so happy. WAY TO GO! You rocked it! Please keep me updated with how your training is going, you are going to rock your 5k!


Slow days are just as important as the fast ones…it took me a really long time to learn this too!
Rise Against is one of my favorites! They take me back to high school haha :)
I’ve never watched the New Girl! Would you recommend it?
I have a run planned for tomorrow, and then my niece’s dedication on Sunday!
Enjoy your weekend!


We absolutely love New Girl so yep, you should watch! Sounds like a great weekend! Enjoy Erinn and let me know if you watch New Girl:)


i used to watch New Girl all the time! such a good show. i stopped though (b/c i do that with all the shows…)

i am currently reading the city of brass. it’s a fantasy that was derived from one of the Arabian Nights tales. my daughter is really into me re-telling it to her as i read it. She asks me to tell her what happens next. i tried reading it to her, but she got bored quickly. but she was really more into the story.

Deena Kastor came to NYC and did a free talk the week before the Boston Marathon! i wanted to go but i had to run :) i put a hold on it at the library.

i love that you have a book club with your family! how neat is that.

bookmarking all those podcasts for later. thank you!

weekend plans consist of cycling for earth day, they’re closing off broadway in NYC for running/walking and bikes. i’ll be tabling and doing giveaways which should be fun while the LO and husband ride around and try all the free stuff. dinner with a friend visiting for the first time since she moved away 5 years ago. also attending a work outing for the kids , it will be fancy bowling and lots of food and kids entertainment. should be good!


I totally agree with the above running accomplishment… I am about 15 weeks into my second pregnancy and it’s my goal to keep running at a healthy pace if I can throughout my pregnancy again. You are inspiring!!


MAGGIE!! Congrats on your second little one, that is so exciting! Keep me updated with how you are doing and how running is going, you’ve got this!


Andrew has really good taste! Those shoes are adorable!
If I run hard and push myself on my morning run the next day I am kind of spent and am not able to give the kind of effort like the day before. I might even walk a bit of my work-out.


You are completely right about rice crispy treats being underrated. My 3 year old asked to make those the other weekend and when I tasted one I couldn’t believe I had forgotten how amazing a fresh homemade one is… the pan lasted about a day and a half. We added sprinkles to ours too so they would be pretty. I feel like Brooke would be into that.

New Girl is amazing but I am a few seasons behind. I need to get caught back up. I have been reading Misty Copeland’s book (the famous ballerina). Its pretty interesting about how she started ballet late but was such a natural. I also started reading Big Little Lies on our trip to Boston last weekend. So far I am loving it and can’t wait to watch the show.

My Friday Favorite is that its Friday! We got back from Boston on Tuesday and I think I needed a vacation from our vacation to recuperate. I am just dragging these past few days at work. No big weekend plans since we are all super tired…but we might hit up the Illinois State University Gamma Phi Circus. Its all college kids and they put on an amazing performance.


Rise Against is the BEST! Glad someone else appreciates them :) I am going to see them live in July and cannot wait.
I am reading The German Girl right now – about a family that is fleeing Germany in the 1930’s and ends up in Cuba. Should be interesting.
The weather is supposed to get sort of spring like here in upstate NY this weekend so hoping to run outside!
Have a great weekend! :)


Oh my gosh! I listened to both podcasts on my run this morning, I had a long easy run scheduled, and they were both so great!! Thank you for sharing them! Sarah Sellers is so easy going and inspiring! Loved hearing her story!
Have a great weekend, and thanks again for giving us all such great stuff ?


Thank you for sharing that podcast! I listened immediately as it was nap time when I was reading your blog. So good and I’m really needing to challenge myself to put my phone down!


I love Armchair Expert. I am listening to Lauren Graham now but I think my favorite so far has been Kristen Bell!


Here’s the question: what did Shalane do in the porta potty?

We know elites train to never go there. We know Shalane trains. She probably didn’t have velcro or snaps on her shorts or anywhere else. Now we see it was 13.86 seconds….

It was probably something super boring. So, peeing sounds good.


I love the concept of adjusting your effort, not the time! Because time is not always guaranteed but the amount of effort you put into it you can always control :-)


Hey girl! Hope you are having a wonderful week!! Just letting you know I have a party going on now if you’d like to order any amazing books/activity books for your kiddos. Hope you can find something this time! =) =)


oOps – forgot to attach my link – here it is! =)

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