Do Your Races Do This, the Cycle & Monday Matters.

How are we already almost to May?  I hope your week is already off to a good start and in case you missed out last week, my top 3 most viewed posts were:

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Another Sunday with a crazy morning routine that left the entire house turned upside down while we got everyone ready for church but I’m proud to say…  We made it on time.

We even had time for an extra picture.

IMG 7069

This little girl has found her tongue and loves showing it off as much as possible.

IMG 7060

I took quite the nap yesterday after church while Skye napped.  It was very needed along with a walk after that.

IMG 7083

After our walk, Andrew made dinner while I fed this one her dinner.

IMG 7078

My parents came over and we had this Broccoli Beef dish.   My sister had dinner with another family, I know… how dare she spend time with anyone other than us on Sunday.

IMG 7099

My mom brought dessert…

IMG 7106

And Skye stared it down wishing that she could have some.

IMG 7107

After dinner we hung out on the porch for a while watching the kids play on the grass.  Please note that I’m really glad Andrew forgives me for my pre-nap behavior yesterday of being a brat ha.

Just a normal couple that loves each other over here trying our best with all of the highs and lows that come along with life:)

IMG 7125


I have a few Monday Matters to discuss today!

*Real life:

IMG 7034

*I was listening to a podcast the other day (this one) and she was talking about her race that started while it was dark and said something about that being different than normal for them.  I feel like pretty much all of the half-marathons/marathons that I do at least around here start when it is dark outside.  Usually the sun is up a few miles into race and I love it because it splits things up a bit and you kind of don’t wake up until the sun is up so the time goes by fast.  Do your races start in the dark?  A lot of the races I do start at 6 so it usually is kind of dark out still.

IMG 5751

*I’ve got a little bit of extra weight than my normal on my front right now (postpartum and breastfeeding stuff) and I keep noticing my shoulder/back rounding out over the miles.

When this happens I like to imagine a string connected to something up above (the clouds I guess?) that then connects to the top of my head that pulls me up.  Visualizing that string pulling me up helps me to lengthen my back again and straighten out during the run.  I also love to bring my hands over my head like the below picture during a run for a few seconds and stretch up when I notice my body starting to lose form so I can run tall again:

IMG 7092

*I loved this part of Deena’s book when she talked about the CHOICE she had to make in regards to her thoughts about her run:

IMG 6840

*For all of you that just finished a marathon, this is an awesome article from Hansons about recovery—>  HERE!

Screen Shot 2018 04 20 at 6 39 41 PM

*We found one of the first things ever from Costco that we hated.  Usually we love everything Costco has to offer but we tried their fry sauce and it was B.A.D.  Do not buy.  Make sure to try fry sauce if a restaurant you go to offers it but do not believe that fry sauce tastes like this one ha:

IMG 7071

*I’ll be listening to this today during my six miles!

IMG 6949

*The kids have been trying to earn money for a toy that they want to buy and they asked if they could get paid for giving me a foot massage.  YES!!!!!  Clearly, they did not enjoy the experience.

IMG 7023

*Does anybody do their hard workouts on Mondays?  I feel like on Monday I feel really good after taking Sunday off BUT doing a workout on Monday—>  not something I ever really do.  I feel like my Monday run is my warm-up into the week.

*Did you watch the London Marathon yesterday?  75 degrees—>  that sounds crazy hot to me.

*I loved these photos here (by Bob Betancourt) of the elite women at Boston last week.  I thought this one was pretty sweet because it was from the opposite angle of what we normally see.

I’m sure Desi dreamed about running towards that tape a million times over the years.



Do your races start when it is dark or light outside?

How much time do you usually take off after a marathon?

Ever bought something from Costco that you DID NOT like (I’ll try not to cry when I read any answers to this question;)?

Ever do your hard workouts on Monday?  Also, what was the highlight of your weekend?

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I don’t usually do hard workouts on Mondays … Sometimes a long run, but I’ll take it nice and slow. I try my best to keep Mondays for swim days so my legs can chill out!

Highlight of the weekend – My brother, sis in law, and niece were in town!! My brother’s bday was yesterday and mine is today so we celebrated as a family all weekend long. So much fun and haven’t done that in a LONG time!

Post marathon time off – No running for at least 4 or 5 days (pool only) and then I ease back into it. I get antsy and never make it the full week!

Hope you had a great weekend!!!


Mondays are my Fridays at work, so sometimes I run easy and sometimes I don’t run. I usually only run 4 or 5 days a week, so often times Monday is just a rest day for me.

Usually we get to my races when it is dark, but they start when it’s light……..probably an East Coast vs West Coast thing with the sun coming up in the East.

I have never been to Costco. I know. I am missing out.

Have a great week!


Happy Monday to you, Janae? I’m the one diagnosed with DVT. Just wanted to let you know that I am ok and taking blood thinners. Thank you for praying for me. I’m always so nervous about health issues!


Kimberly, thank you so much for letting me know how you are doing. You’ll continue to be in my prayers. Have a beautiful week!


i’m so glad you’re getting taken care of, Kimberly! I ended up with 2 small pulmonary emboli in November, likely from a DVT that broke off (who knows?)…scary stuff! take care and well wishes :)


For your upper back, do you ever use your foam roller to stretch out your thoracic spine? I have the same problem and doing that feels soooooooooo good.

I mostly race triathlons and we can’t start in the water in the dark because it’s unsafe (lifeguards/etc wouldn’t be able to see a swimmer in trouble very well). We do have to set up our transition area in the dark sometimes and it can be hard to see the pressure gauge on your bike pump, ha. Maybe 1-2 races a year I’m smart enough to remember a headlamp for this.


Thank you for reminding me to do this… I just did after my run and it felt amazing! Oh I bet that is crazy hard to set up everything when it is still dark. I hope you have a wonderful day Victoria!


I take Sundays off, so I usually do an easy-ish run on Mondays and the n do a hard one on Tuesdays. I guess it’s a good way for me to ease into the new week.

OK, don’t get too upset, but I did buy something from Costco once that was horrible. It was this chicken dish that looked like a bowl from Chipotle on the outside picture, but it tasted nothing like Chipotle. The guac inside of it might have been the worst guac I’ve ever had. I usually like Costco stuff, so it was a sad moment for sure!


I feel the same way about Mondays. It is my ease-in day! I don’t think I’ve ever done a hard workout on a Monday. Although I did get up to the crazy-lady on the elliptical this morning :) I usually take Mondays off of exercise ( instead of your Sundays off) but I really wanted to read my book this morning so I decided to elliptical.

Happy day!


Most of my races start after the sun comes up but I know that won’t be the case for a half marathon.

Sunday’s are rest day, and supposed to be a day of rest in general but somehow I’m always way more tired Monday,lately, and need an easy workout to get my blood flowing. Sometimes if I’m feeling good by the evening I’ll go on a little run but most mondays I do body weight stuff.


I’ve never done a race that started before the sun came up. I always find it so funny when I see your races starting at crazy early times of the morning! Here (Ireland) races generally start around 9 or 10am. The earliest I’ve ever seen was I think 8.30am.


Really!? That is so interesting to me… how about I come do a race in Ireland with you, that sounds amazing! Have a beautiful day Karen.


I took a little over 3 weeks off of running after my last marathon in early March (Napa Valley) which included one full week of absolutely NO exercise-other than real easy walks. I think it helps my body and mind recover from the rigors of training and the exertion of the race itself. My Monday workouts are usually a pretty intense strength workout that includes 50 burpees. Those burpees alone make it my toughest of the week but boy do I feel great afterward. #nevermissamonday :-)


BURPEES ARE SO HARD! You are amazing for rocking those each Monday with your strength. Good call on taking 3 weeks off after Napa this year… your body and brain were probably so grateful that you did! Have a beautiful week:)


I have never bought anything at Costco I didn’t like! :) I just went yesterday and was amazed at a pound of organic spinach for $4!! What a steal!

I ran Saturday and Sunday of this week, so if I do anything today… it may just be a really easy run or walking.
That view of the finish line is crazy, I had NO IDEA there were so may cameras waiting so closely to the finish line — that’s a lot of people!
Also I have to say, Skye’s onesie with the peaches, and her dress for church are so sweet and adorable!


I ran london yesterday!! It felt insanely hot, not least because the race starts at 10am and it was already high 60s at the start. We’ve had an unusually cold, wet, snowy and miserable start to 2018, so this was a real shock! London marathon is always an amazing experience and the sun brings out such a party atmosphere in London so it was still awesome despite losing all hopes of a PR.


HUGE CONGRATS LAUREN! I cannot even imagine running in that weather for a marathon especially when your body is used to training in the cold. I’m so glad you still had an amazing time and I hope that you recover well and enjoy those post-race endorphins!


Had the most perfect 9 mile run yesterday – the weather was amazing!! Sunny but not too hot. No wind. It was just lovely. I wish every run could be like that.
After marathons, I normally do zero running for at least 7-10 days. I may do other exercise if my body is feeling up to it. Then I will gradually add some miles back in. But with both marathons I’ve run, I took a lot of time off afterward before training for another race. So even though I was running, it was not intense.

x Elise –


Elise, I am so glad you had an amazing 9 miler this weekend! Those weather conditions sound perfect! Have a wonderful day Elise!


Do your races start when it is dark or light outside? Light

How much time do you usually take off after a marathon? 2 or 3 days- I don’t strive for long runs at all, but weights and low miles to get moving . I walk maybe the day after to help with soreness and stiff muscles though.

Ever bought something from Costco that you DID NOT like (I’ll try not to cry when I read any answers to this question;)? The closest Costco is 45 mins away, so we don’t shop there

Ever do your hard workouts on Monday? Also, what was the highlight of your weekend? NOPE. I take Mondays off. Highlight: Daddy Daughter Dance that we hosted at work. It was precious. My husband & I went on a coffee/lunch date at our local coffee shop. It has all local foods and I tried the pepperoni and cheese roll. HOLY COW. It’s now a weekend must do. I went on a long walk with my mother on Earth day & took her to breakfast. That was pretty great too :)


I love that picture of Des running towards the finish line. I still can’t get over how miserable that weather looks. But it is fun to see what she is running towards – all those photographers – and look at her kick still going strong at the end of that race. Amazing. I mean, I guess that is why she is an elite. lol.

Maybe that fry sauce is gross because fry sauce is just gross.

That Netflix meme could not be any more true. Okay, maybe it could if I added 30 Rock in that rotation too. Still, that was funny.

And hey, what do you know, I was being a total brat to Ross and we had a nice argument on the first part of our drive up to Ogden yesterday…and then I took a quick 25min nap and woke up a new woman. Being hungry or tired are no bueno.


Did you know if you soak your potatoes or sweet potatoes in water after you cut them up, and then bake them like you do, they taste so much better. Crispier. Soaking them in water takes some starch out of them.


I definitely did not know this… THANK YOU SARAH!! I can’t wait to try this! Have an amazing day and thanks for helping my sweet potato game.


–After a marathon I aim for two weeks off of running. Sometimes I make it a week, sometimes I make it the full two weeks. Either way, when I start up again, it’s easy running for another month or so. It helps a lot to maintain mental sanity but still allow physical, especially ankle tendinitis, recovery.
–I’m not sure we’ve ever had anything really bad from Costco. There were these cookie/brownie mix things and the Madras lentils once each that we wouldn’t buy again but they weren’t really gross, either. But I generally won’t buy if in doubt without samples to taste first.
–During the school year, when the weather is passable, Mondays are my “push the stroller up the really big hills” run – 3/4 mile hill, 1/4 mile hill, 1/2 mile hill. That probably doesn’t really count but I am mentally swearing every. single. time. on the first of those hills.


Ummm that TOTALLY counts… stroller runs + uphill = brutal. I can’t wait to start joining in with some stroller running again. I love what you do post-marathon and I hope your ankle tendinitis leaves you alone for a long time! Have a great day.


I don’t think I’ve ever had a race start in the actual dark – I’ve been waiting in the dark but it’s usually somewhat light out when they start. Vegas was the only one in the dark but it was nighttime.
I’ve never been to Costco so I can’t say if there are things I don’t like there. I’d like to check one out sometime but it’s just not convenient for me.
Highlight of my weekend – I was lazy on Saturday after my run. I did absolutely NOTHING, and it was so nice! I have my race this weekend and then I’m maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding next weekend so I took full advantage of not having things to do this past weekend, and I loved it!
I usually do cross training on Mondays – so depending on how I feel about weight training or whatever else I am doing, sometimes they feel like really hard workouts, they just aren’t hard running workouts!


Mondays I try to do an easier workout to ease back into the week;)
I LOVE that perspective on that pic of Desi! WOAH, a ton of photographers!
The other pics in that link are awesome too;)
Happy Monday Janae!


Some of my races start in the dark but my next one starts at 7am, so it’ll definitely be light outside. I’m praying it’s not too hot!

I let my body tell me how long it wants to take off during a marathon. I ran my last one injured and I needed about 3 weeks of absolutely no running.

I bought some gluten free chick pea noodles and they were HORRIBLE. Did you know that you can even take food back? I’ve taken back produce that spoiled really fast or I realized it was spoiled when I got it home.

I typically do a long run on Sunday so I usually take off on Monday or go easy. The highlight of my weekend was seeing I Feel Pretty with my BFFs. It was cute and not nearly as raunchy as I was expecting ;)


In the winter my races start in the dark! But in the spring/summer/fall, it’s almost always light outside!
I try not to do any hard workouts on Monday just because it’s Monday….it’s hard enough as it is!
The highlight of my weekend was my baby niece’s dedication at church!


We sometimes have to be brats in order to make up;)
Most of all my halfs I run start in the dark or at least we are waiting in the dark then the sun rises. I signed up for a half this weekend not really trained at all for it (I ran a full last month) but it’s such a low key small local race I’m just gonna run for fun. I realized I gotta get up when it’s dark lol


Right now my Mondays are 2-a-days: a barre workout (this is new to me, but for how “girly” the workout seems compared to the workouts I am used to, the way it leaves my body feeling is great) and Les Mills RPM. Since a spin class tends to *engage* the core rather than add to core strength and *condition* the core, the pairing of barre (which I think GENTLY conditions the core) and spin is making me feel good! I have a hard time with the idea of a SUPER HARD workout on a Monday since I don’t want to feel fatigued and sore at the start of my exercise week and my work week. I am ok, however, with a hard workout being on a Tuesday since *my* “hard” TUesday workout is early in the day and it leaves me feeing energized through a long day on campus and then I am tired in the evening…with no workout until Wednesday (which is not a campus day)! So time to recover a bit and then any residual tiredness happens on a day when I don’t need to be “on” and present for my students for hours on end. All of this will change soon, though, as I am switching up my workout routine in the summer months. I think change from time to time is a good thing! Especially when it will mean shifting things to allow for training for a 10K in early July. :)

One thing Tom has gotten from Costco that I have been just “meh” about is the package of 2 containers of queso dip with jalapenos. To me it tastes a bit “blah”–as if a white cheese version of velveeta was turned into queso dip. It wasn’t BAD–like a total “never ever buy again” sort of thing–just sort of “take it or leave it.” I’m a bit of a queso snob, because I take cheese VERY seriously, for what it’s worth!

I am intrigued by that Deena Kastor book you got and are reading so much that I added it to my Amazon list AND to my “summer reading list.” I’m excited to get it and read it!!!


I should be working instead of commenting (oops!) but had to ask if you’ve seen this Heinz “mayochup,” which sounds just like fry sauce?


Monday’s generally are my push days! That means I try to go extra hard :-)


6 am is an early race start! Typically 8:00. Now I did flying pig half marathon in Ohio last year and it was 6:30 but that’s the earliest I’ve seen.
Sometimes I do a hard workout on Monday. I only run 3 days a week though. Any good advice you know of for those 3 day a week runners? I know you run 6 days so my 3 days isn’t much. But I couldn’t run everyday.


Three days IS A LOT!! For my first marathon I was running 3 days a week! Are you training for something or what type of advice do you need? I hope you are having an awesome day Mary!


Skye’s little pear t-shirt is so darn precious! Now I want one in my size!

Monday to me is like a clean slate – I like to start the week off on a good note and hopefully (!!) continue with that pattern!

I like to dip my fries in mayo – is that weird?!!!


My workout schedule winds up so all over the place! At one point Mondays were really hard workout days. At one point I had my best times for workouts on weekends so I scheduled Mondays off completely.

Now it’s kinda in between.


I’m training for San Francisco in July and I’m doing all of my long runs on Mondays. It just works out better for my family if I do them that day. So far it has worked out just fine!


I cannot believe you had something from Costco you didn’t like! That hasn’t happened to me yet!


The races I have run tend to start in the morning but not THAT early hah — depending on the race, the start time is usually around 7 or 8am after the sun is already up. I am very familiar with that netflix cycle hah :)


I watched the London marathon, I was almost tempted to go into London and watch it but had so much school work that I had to settle for seeing on TV instead. It was so hot here, I don’t know how any of them did it!! I have yet to try anything from Costco that I don’t like, hopefully that day won’t come any time soon;)

Hope you all have a great week!! P.s. Skye’s outfit with the little oranges is beyond adorable!!


That Desi picture gave me goosebumps!


Your family is amazing.

Janae you are always gorgeous but your hair looked better when it was a bit lighter :)


In the dark – headlamps required haha.

Sometimes I do my workout on a Monday if it doesn’t get done on the weekend

Highlight of the weekend – getting too run trails all weekend and camping :). Legs are tired but heart is happy. 10 days? For my first one took 3 weeks. However I try not to race anything within 4 weeks of a marathon.

Hope you had a great day!


I’m sorry my comment has nothing to do with Costco or running…. Can I ask what type of stroller you have for Skye? The one in the picture at the park. Is that a snap & go type frame? And if so – what brand? Does it have a basket on the bottom or just a platform type area? And what brand of car seat? I’m researching my options for baby girl coming in August and your stroller/car seat combo looks nice! Thanks in advance for any info.


My races usually start in the dark, too! It keeps it cooler for a bit longer, which is necessary for fall races! And I have tried doing a hard workout on Monday – even though Sunday is usually my rest day from my long run on Sunday, I feel like I can’t turn my legs over on Monday mornings! Maybe if I moved my hard workouts to the afternoon?? I know you usually run in the mornings, but do you ever shift runs to the afternoon or evening if you’re just dragging? ?


Netflix… I only watch Gray’s Anatomy and Mad Men over and over… isn’t that weird? I tend to do hard workouts on the days off I have from work which vary wildly because I’m in retail, so my schedule is not normal at all! But I’m hoping in our slow season we can get some consistent days. Your family is adorable! Can’t wait to read Deena’s book!


Love that picture of Desi. So interesting to see a different angle.

I usually take 2 weeks off after a marathon, but will do some super light cross training in the second week e.g. a short cycle or swim.

Absolute highlight of my weekend was watching the London marathon and keeping an eye on the trackers for my friends who were running. I actually shifted my run to Saturday so I could have the morning off to watch the race. So exciting!

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