Stories from my iPhone #3


HEY!!! I’m glad my sister was able to come say hi and tell you about her hair routine this morning!  I’ve got a bunch of stories from pictures on my iPhone that I’m going to tell you about this afternoon!

***If it looks like my eyes are teary in the below picture it is because I am very emotionally involved in the program This Is Us and this was during a sad part of the episode:)  I love having the fan right behind me on full blast during my run.  I also love not matching my socks often.


***I wonder if my mom had any idea that this pink blanket she gave Brooke when she was a little baby would be such a main character in our lives for the next four years.  This blanket is a necessity for Brooke.

IMG 1724

***One of the many Sunday afternoon couch laziness pictures.

IMG 3342

***Why not FaceTime your kiddos while out doing a race.  Andrew called them during our Thanksgiving 1/2 Marathon and they were a little too busy to talk due to their Twister game.

IMG 2649

***Another picture from that race.  Andrew was right, he turned Thanksgiving into one of my favorite holidays after me not really like the holiday before him.

IMG 2661

***Andrew and I could watch these People Are Awesome videos all day long.  Wow.

***I love running past these speed limit signs that track the speed of everything going by it… always fun to see your speed up on a sign.

IMG 2663

*** The beaver on one of our running routes finally knocked the tree over.  Good job buddy.

IMG 1690

***I took a screenshot of this amazing idea because I will have to make it asap. THE BEST TACO IDEA EVER!

IMG 3526


Screen Shot 2016 11 29 at 4 23 54 PM

***Just using their oranges to talk to each other.

IMG 3125

***I study menus very carefully.  Heaven forbid I make the wrong decision… I have to read through each item.

IMG 0360

***They wanted to walk for a second with Andrew after his run (we hide the key to the treadmill anytime we aren’t using it so the kiddos can’t get on  on their own).

IMG 3107

*** WOW, WOW, WOW.  Speaking of treadmills, Jacob Puzey did 50 miles on the treadmill in 4:57:45 breaking the previous record of 5:57:31!  His average pace for those 50 miles = 5:56 !!!  He drank soda and fueled with potato chips (with electrolyte drinks too).

Screen Shot 2016 12 07 at 2 58 43 PM

***A gorgeous sunset.


***A behind the scenes of catching the sunset.

IMG 3110

***We ordered the chocolate chip cookies that they deliver to your door again.  They arrive warm and perfect.  Best business idea ever.

IMG 3189

***What I am really trying hard to do this Christmas season!

IMG 2893

****An old picture I came across of Brooke and one of her cousins.  Not sure if they are pushing each other or trying to put their arms around each other for the picture.

IMG 6917


What has the best part of your Thursday been?

Always matching socks or do you just match your socks when you can actually find a pair of matching socks?

Parents reading—>  do your kids have a special blanket?  How long have they had it now?

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That video is awesome, scary and inspiring all at the same time! I wonder how long it takes some of them to practice those stunts???


Best part–>Going shopping with my daughter and bought her Pop Rocks for the first time (thanks Old Navy for the random checkout snacks)!!

Only match when I can find them;) but I really try hard to never lose my fav running socks. Superstitious.

And YES. Both of my kids have had their blankie since they were born, but my son is OBSESSED with the tag on his. It’s the only part he holds and it’s disgusting. Ha


My two youngest both have blankets. One is 6, and has had it for 6 years (so incredibly gross). The other is 16 months. She’s had hers for 16 months. Not as gross but I bought a second one for that time when the first one has to go.
My socks match because I only have one kind of sock that I am willing to wear right now.
Best part of my Thursday was learning how to make my moms chili.


Hey janae! Can you remind me the name of the cookie company? I want to try it!


Hey Nicole, I think she said that the name was Chip Cookies. It was in a post a week or so ago. Enjoy!


The best part of my Thursday was spending time with my newborn son on his 1 week birthday! Everyone celebrates those right!?


Best part of my Thursday was coaching my girls basketball team. Are they good? Absolutely not. Are they kind, loving, and dedicated? Absolutely so. I’ll call that a win :)
That Thanksgiving course looks beautiful, great tradition!


I cannot imagine running 50 miles on the treadmill!

Insomniac Cookies has a similar business plan and the cookies are really good.

I was very sore from yesterday’s workout, so today’s workout and stretch session was the best part of my day. It brought immense relief.

I do match my socks, it would bug the heck out of me not to.


That video! I had to share it on Facebook the minute I finished watching it! That was definitely the best part of this Thursday.

I ALWAYS match my socks, singles have a special ‘holding tank’ until their partner shows up :D

Yes my son has a special blanket. He is now in his 20’s lol.


Socks are matched immediately after laundry. Folded perfectly in draw. And always match on my feet. Always. :-) My daughter was given a special blanket and she still has it and still uses it. She’s almost 9. She leaves at home, doesn’t carry around or out to places, but she still can’t have an overnight at Grandma’s without it. And for some reason, when she was younger, she used to hate it when I washed it. I mean, almost throw a fit. But I couldn’t not wash it !! She used to tell me “Great, now I have to re-stink it.” LOL


My highlight is being done with homeschooling our kids until January. We celebrated with homemade peppermint hot chocolate with extra marshmellows, whipped cream and chocolate chips. Always matching socks! All three of my kids are attached to their blankets. My son has my baby blanket and I would be crushed if anything happened to it. I love that he treasures it. My oldest daughter is the most attached to her blanket and would be lost without it. She came home from the hospital with it. My youngest daughter must cover her baby dolls up every night with her baby blanket. My mom had it made for her. Hope y’all are making awesome memories!


Hmmm, best part of my Thursday was having an awesome session with one of my special Ed preschoolers. Worst part is now, waiting for the emergency plumber to call back for what we suspect is a clogged sewer due to probably tree roots. We just replaced our roof and I am completely sweating over what this will cost!!! We saved money on our roof, I sort of knew it was too good to be true!!!!


50 miles. On a treadmill. In under 5 hrs. How? People amaze me.

Those cookies amaze me.

And your butt looks AMAZE-ing in the picture of you running the Thanksgiving half marathon. Ya. That may make me sound creepy, but I am okay with that cause it needed to be said. Andrew, forgive me for checking out your wife’s butt.


Drove to my boyfriend’s house for our Thursday nite date nite. We walked the dogs together . Then we had a bite to eat and then watched some recorded shows that were on the DVR. It was a perfect night. I miss him on mondays, Tuesday’s Wednesdays and fridJjao


The best part of my Thursday was going home after a long day of work! Btw, your post made me want to play Twister. Haven’t played it in years!
– Charmaine


Working at a running store, I would say the majority of people who come in do not have matching socks. So ha! I am contemplating buying a treadmill for our house. I should have on black friday LOL.


my son still sleeps with 3 of his cute baby blankets on his bed! I love folding them in the morning lol…omg those cookies look amazing! they have a few cookie delivery services here in the city but not right where I live!


My cousin and I still have our baby blankets (although I don’t have mine out, rumor has it she does). My son, who is 20 and in college, has his blanky with him. It hangs out under his pillow and sometimes when he’s studying on the computer it ends up in his lap or on his head (I think it’s his version of a “thinking cap.”) It’s hilarious and of course, all his friends who are girls think it’s so charming and sweet. Perhaps it’s a ploy. I’ve repaired that thing so many times.


Janae- what tights are you wearing in your turkey day 1/2 marathon picture? They look so comfy!


Random question, but what’s the name of the Brooks jacket you’re wearing from Thanksgiving? I have (had) the exact same one and am now trying to find another one because mine got lost somewhere, and I’m convinced it’s the best cold weather running jacket ever! ? Do you remember the name?

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