Brooke’s dream day + my first double digit run + training last week!

Five out of six of my runs this past week were on the treadmill and the one I did outside was short.  It happens and it’s a good thing that I kind of love the treadmill (running outside is my #1 but the treadmill brings me those same endorphins and sweat that I crave).

Twelve degrees, nope.  So I went to the gym and Andrew ran at home while Skye snoozed and the big kids cleaned their rooms (somehow that task takes them about 1.2 hours longer than it actually should take them).   I didn’t watch netflix but I did listen to a podcast which I rarely do while on the treadmill!  Somebody told me the other day about a blogger/IG/podcast girl that got hit by a car while on her run.  That is one of my BIGGEST fears (hence why I look 40 times before I cross a street) so I had to listen to see what happened.  It was a fluke accident (neither the driver nor the runner’s fault really) and it was really interesting to hear what she has learned from it all.  It was this episode!  BE CAREFUL OUT THERE ON THE ROADS EVERYONE.

Also, somebody left their treadmill on (going like 2 mph) after they were done and I didn’t notice and almost fell when I stepped on.  That was a weird feeling.

New motivation to get workouts done fast—>  getting back in time to feed Skye.  I pumped a bottle before leaving but she isn’t the biggest bottle fan anymore so I wanted to get my ten miler done in time to get back and feed her.  Luckily, my body was feeling good and ready to go.  My first double digit run in MONTHS and months (I think my last one was in August?) and it felt good to be back.  When I finished I couldn’t even imagine doubling that distance (aka all of you 20 miler people right now) but that’s the beauty of training, I’ll build up to that again!

10 miles @ 7:44 average pace, 1% incline, tie-dye shoes.

Screen Shot 2018 02 24 at 11 29 28 AM

When I got home Skye had just woken up and held tight to my hair like she always does… I think that is her way of saying, ‘don’t you dare put me down… I need food and cuddles stat.’

IMG 1373

After I fed her she hung out with me while I got in a good stretching session.

IMG 1363

Two miracle products during my run—>  glide to help prevent the ridiculous chafing that I get from running with two sports bras (I’ve tried so many different ones and I still need two) and gummy bears.  I needed some fuel during the run and didn’t have any gels so candy was an easy answer.

IMG 1375

We had the pancakes that I’ve been feeling like for the last few days! Kodiakcakes with eggs/spinach/cheese.  Delicious.

IMG 1376

After we ate my brother-in-law invited us to the BYU gymnastics gym.  Brooke’s perfect day.

IMG 1382

My bro-in-law is quite creative and lined up a ton of foam rollers and would slide the kids down into the foam pit on them!

IMG 1383

Here’s a video of it, they loved it.  Definitely a new use for foam rollers.

They had a lot of fun with that foam pit.

IMG 1393

And Brooke took things very seriously and got to work on her skills.

IMG 1392

We cheered them on from the side.  Also, I did some cartwheels with Brooke the other day and they have become a bit more difficult with age!

IMG 1394

Afterwards we had Andrew’s perfect dinner.  Maybe it is because I know this place is important to Andrew but In-N-Out is starting to grow on me more and more (their burgers, their fries need some work;).

IMG 1413

Home and pjs before 6.

IMG 1414

PS this photo was from February 25th, 2012.  The other day Megan D and I were talking about the first time we met so she sent me our first picture together.  We met at my biweekly froyo blogger meet-up that I would do.   Happy 6 year anniversary Megan, thank goodness for meeting friends over the internet!

IMG 0590


Monday:  6 miles @ 8:22 average pace!  Treadmill.

Tuesday:  .5 mile repeats on the treadmill!  7 miles total.  1.5 mile w/u, 6 x .5 miles (3:10, 3:14, 3:14, 3:14, 3:13, 3:13) w/ .25 mile recovery jogs after each one.  1 mile c/d.

Wednesday:  7 miles @ 8:30 average pace, on the treadmill!

Thursday:  2.2 miles @ 8:52 average pace… outside and it was cold and my body was not loving it but you can read HERE what I do when my runs are awful.  I came home earlier from the run than planned and spent some time stretching really good until Skye woke up.

Friday:  1 mile w/u 3 x 1.5 mile intervals (average pace for three intervals—> 7:08, 7:00 & 6:54) and 3 minute slow jog recoveries after each interval, .5 mile c/d.  6.85 miles total.

Saturday: 10 miles @ 7:44 average pace, on the treadmill.

Sunday:  OFF!  Resting, relaxing.

39.05 miles for the week!


What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?  How many of your runs were outside?

Random question… have you met any of your friends/favorite people over the internet?  

What are your Sunday plans?

Favorite fuel to use during a run lately?

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All of my runs this week were on the treadmill. Still cold here in Chicago.
Sunday plans are to clean the house. We didn’t accomplish that yesterday.
I love your tank! So bummed they’re sold out!


You are not alone with all of your treadmill miles:) PS what tank is sold out? I hope you have a fabulous day and good luck on all of the cleaning!


The Netflix and treadmill tank top.


In–n-Out fries extra crispy are the best!


I need to try them extra crispy and I’ll get back to you and let you know what I think:) Have a great day Angie!


Janae, You are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! and inspire us to get that run in! I enjoy checking in her and seeing how the family is doing and what you’ve got happening. Congrats on the double digits! I’m jealous you love the treadmill- I’m the grumpiest person ever who I have to get my run done inside.

Keep Denver on the possibilities list for this season- would love to meet you!



Oh Becca, you are so sweet! Thank you so much! I would love to come to Denver… that would be so much fun! I hope your Sunday is a great one!


I am in full support of using candy as fuel!

Best run last week: Yesterday! I ended up running 12 miles and it turned to a bit of a progression run. Started out fairly easy and averaged an 8:29 pace overall! Not mad at about it.

Sunday plans: Easy run + yoga + teacher training + (hopefully( dinner/Grey’s Anatomy with my mom + super early bedtime

Happy Sunday!


Way to go on your 12 miler yesterday Arthi! Enjoy your Sunday… sounds fabulous!


This might be a little random, but I had to share with you! Are you and the kids still listening to the Greatest Showman soundtrack a lot? We are! My kids (6 and 8 years old) love the song, The Other side, but it has the word “damn” in it. The first time we listened to it at home, their eyes got really wide. So….we replace the word with a really loud “BAM” instead. I laugh every time.
Sunday plans are cleaning to the soundtrack and cooking a nice Sunday dinner. Happy Sunday!


OH I LOVE IT!! We are totally going to copy you… BAM! Thank you and enjoy your Sunday Elizabeth!


Hooray for hitting double digits!
I’m hitting the treadmill for my long run today since it’s pouring rain and windy here in Oregon today. The most I can usually stand on a treadmill is 5 miles, tops but I have 10 to get done today. Any Netflix suggestions to keep me from going crazy? ;)


Thanks Christina!! Not sure if you have already started or not but I hope your treadmill run was/is a great one! One show that we watched that was really interesting for us was Manhunt on Netflix… it was about the unabomber. I hope your Sunday is a great one!


Awesome! I’ll give it a try! Thanks! ?


I had a group of friends that I met on a Facebook group for girls waiting for missionaries (I waited for my husband) and we would meet up and hang out a couple times a month. It was a huge help then but I’ve cut ties with some of them now because they’ve gotten a little judgey. But then I’ve also met you know! :)




Oh I LOVE that Jenny! That is so cool that you guys were able to help each other out. SO THANKFUL I got to meet YOU through the interwebs:) Now let’s just get warm over here so we can do a park date!


Agreed! I think it’s time but I think Mother Nature has different plans. As soon as it’s warm enough we need to do this though.


All my runs this week were on the treadmill. VA is having seasonal mood swings, and instead of snow we’ve been getting rain all week because it’s been in the upper 60s and low 70s! I can’t wait for some dry spring weather to get back outside. I tried Honeystingers as fuel a couple weeks ago and they were great! I’m curious to try the Gatorade Chews as well.

Sunday plans as of now are to get a leg workout in along with 30 minutes of interval training.


That is crazy Mercedes! What is going on with the weather? Oh I love Honeystingers. Let me know what you think of the Gatorade Chews, I’ve never had them either. I hope your workout today was a great one!


Again, I can’t believe how quickly your speed has come back! Awesome job on your 10 miles, and on the treadmill!! I have become a fan of treadmills up to about 7 miles, then I don’t like them so much. Ha
My best run was Wednesday… 10.02 miles at a 7:51 pace! My fastest long run! And, I love that my watch tells me, “Congratulations! New record! Your fastest long run by 0:09!”
Actually, all my runs have felt great this week ? I’ll be heading out for 20 in a bit, so hoping the good run feelings carry through today! I’ll let you know ?
I have met a great friend over the internet, and she will always be one of my favorite people! Funny how that all works out.
It looks like you all had such a fun day at the gym yesterday! The kids faces rolling down the foam roller are awesome!
Enjoy your Sunday!!


Oh thanks Wendy! Oh I totally get it… after about an hour on there is gets so hard. WAY TO GO on your run last Wednesday, YOU ROCKED IT! Gotta love that feeling you get when your watch tells you something like that:) Thanks and I hope your week is amazing!


Yes, after Park City, Chris considered us BFFs.


Well, Chris was right. We ARE!


How do you know when to start fueling your runs with gels/candy? Is it a certain distance or time you start eating them?


HEY!! So right now, I am breastfeeding and I feel awful if I go too long without eating (I get really shakey and lightheaded) so I make sure to bring something with me for anything over an hour just in case. I knew for 10 miles I would definitely need something. When I am not breastfeeding, I usually don’t bring fuel unless my run is over 90-100ish minutes. If my run is that long, I start fueling about about mile 7 and then take something every few miles. I think each body is so different with what it needs so play around with when you fuel and see what works best for you (and let me know)! I hope your Sunday is a great one!


Sunday is my long run day and since I had a cutback in mileage I wanted to make it a bit harder by testing my pace. 12 miles at target marathon pace (despite a lingering head cold) makes me happy. I fuel with gels but like the idea of gummy bears. I LOVE gold bears!

Brooke is doing so well with her gymnastics and that foam roller track looks super fun!


WAY TO GO ALLISON!! That is a killer workout + you haven’t been feeling well! Good for you!!! Enjoy the rest of your day!


Thanks Janae. I was really pleased :-)


I ran 2 times and rode my bike 3 times last week – all outside. It was in the 30s for the several of those and this California girl was freezing!!

I have some great friends that I met through my blog. Two of them live in Texas and when they stayed with us we had the funniest thing happen (

6 mile run this morning – hills and wind but not quite as cold. Now it’s time to get ready for church. And of course there will be a nap this afternoon!

I picked up some new-to-me flavored GUs in Hawaii – Pineapple and Salted Watermelon. I really liked them! I prefer salty or tart over super sweet on the run.


Awesome workouts this week Kathy and that is nuts that the temps were so low there! I hope church and your nap are great today! I’ll have to try the pineapple one:) I LOVED your post about your two awesome friends… I love that they even came and stayed with you! PS I want that baked ziti!


Thank goodness you didn’t step onto the moving treadmill while you were pregnant! Lending on your belly would have been fatal! I also listen to podcast while walking, running, cleaning!


Well done on your long run! I fell off a moving treadmill quite recently – very embarrassing (and painful!) Can you tell I never usually run on them ? I only ran once this weekend as I was resting a niggle and then my OH was away – so my best and hardest run were the same – a 17.5 miler which I saw almost my longest ever. Most of it was really good but my hip was very painful for the last half hour. I think I need to go and read your tough runs post again!

Favourite fuel (tried yesterday on the long run): salted caramel gu gel :) Delicious! I had a cereal bar with me too but it must have fallen out of my pocket when I fell over on uneven ground, as I when I went to get it out it was gone! (This is not the first time this has happened to me ?). Lots of people in my online running group swear by Tailwind powder but I haven’t tried it.

My Sunday has mainly consisted of me hobbling around and complaining that I ache! We also went to a children’s gym place in the morning, went out for pizza for lunch, and chilled at home in the afternoon – lovely :) I hope you had a really great one too :) (ps I haven’t commented for a bit but Skye is definitely at that scrumptious stage!!! Those smiles!!)


Gah, ignore typos – my iPad hates me ?


Have you tried the fries animal style? They are the opposite of healthy, but amazing if you like toppings!


Happy Sunday Janae!

Congrats on all those miles you logged this week. AMAZING! I know this is off topic, but can you tell me where you sister got the “plan” or instructions on how she built her farmhouse table? I want to see if my hubby and I can do it. I am not crafty at all so need all the help I can get! And your sister is sooooo talented!

Thanks much!



HEY TAMMY!!! I am going to my sister’s house tonight… I’ll ask her! Thanks so much!


Thanks Janae, I really appreciate it!


Hey Tammy! I just got home! I asked her and she said she didn’t use a plan/instructions from anywhere, they just measured it to fit the size of their kitchen. She is going to make another one for her friend in the next few months so I’ll have her write a post with pictures for that if that’s okay! I’m so sorry she didn’t have an official website she used! I hope you are having a great day!


Ditto, Tammy! When I do get married, it will have to be with a husband that can put together Ikea furniture, kill bugs on my behalf, and also fix all the techy stuff when it comes to electronics!


All my runs were outside last week:) – Microspikes to the rescue! Sunday = long run day. Now I am on the couch and eating everything in sight.

Favourite fuel – Mama Chia – chia squeezes – they have mango flavors too – which I just tried.

I have met people over the internet – I met my other half through online dating :)

Have a great Sunday!


I am so glad I ignored my friends mocking me and went to meet you that day ;) You were able to look past the awkwardness and see more awkwardness and know that you would be entertained by it in the future. You are am amazing friend and I don’t know what I would do without you. Happy 6 years to us! Hahaha. This post should have Andrew all sorts of worried.


What an awesome weekend! And thanks for creating a community of women who celebrate exercise and the benefits it brings!
On the podcast – I totally rate bone conduction headphones, such as Rockshockz. Sounds weird (and feel weird for the first thirty seconds haha) but I love having my ears still open to cars and people while I exercise and enjoy music. Really changed things for me, and definitely worth it!


I have been off excerices for a while now and this post has motivated me to get back! Isn’t it great to develop real friendships from the internet!


Hey Janae, I’ve got a question for you. Do you use your GPS watch on the treadmill? I’ve been using mine and noticed that the mileage isn’t matching up. I’ve usually off by over a 1/4 mile every mile (the GPS says 1 mile and my treadmill says 1.25 miles). Just wondering if you’ve ran across this and if there is some sort of calibrating that needs to take place.

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