Silentish Saturday–> A successful workout (which always seems to happen after a bad one:)

I hope your weekend is off to a good start… we had a random day (like usual).

Things started off nice and early in the gym parking lot where I talked myself into running the 40 freezing steps from my car to the gym doors.

IMG 1237

I ended up feeling really good for my run and decided to go for a longer interval workout that I’ve been wanting to try:

1 mile w/u

1.5 miles @ 7:08 average pace, 3 minute slow jog.

1.5 miles @ 7:00 average pace, 3 minute slow jog.

1.5 miles @ 6:54 average pace, 3 minute slow jog.

.5 mile c/d

6.85 miles total

I was really happy with how the intervals felt (which I gladly welcomed after how Thursday felt).

Made it home in time to get Brooke off to school and I couldn’t find a rubber band for her hair so I used mine:)

IMG 1247

She sure loves Andrew.

IMG E1279


IMG 1195 2

I look like I’m ready for a nap and she looks like she is ready for a party.

IMG E1267

All of the snow came again.

IMG 1298

Love this stuff.  Andrew drove because I do not want to drive in the snow…  but he sure does a good job with it.

IMG 1307

Their excitement for Classic Skating was evident:

IMG 1312

Skye napped the whole time and Andrew and I played 8 games of air hockey.  Sadly, I will probably be sore from this… we get a little competitive with this game.

IMG 1313

Bounce house.

IMG 1318

Red cheeks= they had fun.

IMG 1321

IMG 1341

IMG 1331

Dinner of noodles.

IMG 1340

Dessert of this goodness—>  sea salt, chocolate and caramel!

IMG 1323

My nephew’s basketball game.  On the way home Knox told us he is going to be a paleontologist and an archeologist when he grows up.

IMG 1345

Time for a weekend run! (sweatshirt from HERE)!

IMG 1350

PS The new Nike Reacts are out and they sure are beautiful!  I love the colors and the awesome bounce you feel with each step!  This mention is sponsored by Nike!

IMG 0897


What are three things that you are doing today?

-A longish run, pancakes (those have sounded really good to me for a few days) and doing everything possible to stay warm (aka hot chocolate).

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Three things I’m doing today: running, vacuuming, and we’re trying out a new restaurant tonight.


Oh fun Catie! I hope your run was great and the vacuuming went by quickly;) Let me know what you think of the new restaurant… enjoy!


Oh boy, I’d love a nap to work in to those 3 things today but ain’t happenen. A run at some point, a little homework for work and hopefully a movie night at home with my daughter. It’s probably going to be Leap again. Because so far, we’ve only seen it 1,865 times. I would love 1.866 times. It is a great movie though.


Oh I want a nap too haha! Oh, Brooke is the same way… Leap is life for her:) Enjoy and wish we could all watch it together! Thanks Michele!


Love that sweatshirt!

Three things I’m doing today: Also a long-ish run (8-10 miles max) + Yoga (possibly 2 classes) – I need to take 60 as part of teacher training! + Hopefully relaxing/reading/drinking tea/eating chocolate :)


I hope your long run was great and enjoy those yoga classes! Sounds like the perfect day and I really want to come to your yoga class someday:) You will be amazing!


Thanks girl!!


I’m sure you have shared this before, but how do you accurately work out your paces on the treadmill? I play with an incline o .5 to 1.5 and am not sure if this affects pace. Thanks Janae


HEY Fiona! I usually stick to a 1% for longer intervals and a .5% for shorter intervals. I don’t know why, but I’ve just always done it like that… for some reason I think the treadmill must be a tiny bit easier than outdoor running so I try to always have some sort of incline on the treadmill but on my short and fast intervals, .5% feels like it is more than enough. I wish I had a scientific answer for how I work out the paces with incline etc on the treadmill but I don’t:) Yesterday I set the treadmill to a certain pace (based on where I felt I was at fitness wise) and realized after the first one I could go faster and then faster again… if that makes sense? I start working with a coach soon so I’m excited for her to give me paces and not have to figure it out myself ha! Thanks and I hope you are having a wonderful day!


The picture of Skye watching Brooke do gymnastics is adorable. Flag that one to save.


Thanks Lew:) It’s crazy to me how much Skye already wants to be involved with Knox and Brooke… I thought that wouldn’t happen until she was a bit older. I hope you have a wonderful day!


Cleaning the bathroom, going for a long hike with my dog, and finding something awesome to make for dinner tonight! Last night’s meal was kind of a fail :(


Oh let me know if you end up loving what you make for dinner tonight so I can copy you:) Sounds like a great day Melissa… enjoy!


I was going to do a swim work but right now it’s a whole 7 degrees outside and walking out in that all wet doesn’t sound that fun. Ugh maybe I’ll just do it anyway.

I also hope we can try sledding. Last week we tried it and it was kind of an epic fail because it was during nap time.


HEY GIRL! Yeah, it is miserable outside ha. What happened to our perfect winter this year? I hope sledding goes much better today!


I love seeing how alert Skye is becoming! So, so cute!
Three things today… a 10 mile run, cleaning the house, then keeping my feet up in anticipation of my last 20 mile training run tomorrow!!
I’m glad your run felt better, that is always such a relief ;) Happy Saturday, and enjoy your weekend!!


Oh thank you so much Wendy! TWENTY MILES TOMORROW… you are going to rock it! And great job on your run today:) Maybe I should clean the house today too…hmmm! Let me know how the 20 miler goes.


You discovered those dark chocolate, caramel , sea salt bites from Costco! They are beyond PERFECT. No reason to buy any other chocolate! I love them!

9 miles comfortable is on the schedule today. Chocolate afterwards.


I totally agree… pure heaven. Sounds like the perfect day to me! I hope your 9 miles felt great. Thanks Christina!


Going out for pancakes. Hope has been asking for them all week!


I totally get why… they are the best! I’m about to have some pancakes too! Thanks Erica and I hope your day is perfect:)


Hot yoga, hair appt, and hopefully cleaning out my closet. I think I can be a minimalist with all clothing except running shoes hah. Its very sunny today and I look forward to snow melting so I can run outside tomorrow!


I KEEP MY RUNNING SHOES FOR TOO LONG TOO. Sometimes it’s just really hard to part with them and a lot of the memories that go along with them. I need to clean my closet too again, you are inspiring me. Enjoy your day Emma!


Tell Knox he has a connection in the archaeology field if he wants one! Happy Saturday!


NO WAY… I seriously will:) He will be so excited! Thanks Amy and I hope you are having an amazing day!


Nice workout!! And OMG AIR HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!! My childhood!!!

Quick Q: What makes you determine your rest time between sets? E.g. why 3min instead of 2min? At some point the recovery drives me crazy, so kudos to you for being consistent! There are reasons for the recovery times..

Have a wonderful weekend!


HEY!! Great question… I actually based this workout off of one that I did years ago (slower this time;) from a coach and he had me do 3 minutes. So not exactly sure about why 3 instead of 2 but at 3 minutes I felt ready to go again so it worked for me ha. I hope you are having a great day and that you get some air hockey in your life soon. Thanks!


My three things: gym (just got done), work later tonight, and making frosting for my brother’s wedding cake! I have three pounds of butter softening on the counter right now.


Way to go on your gym workout Grant! Three lbs of butter… something great is about to happen at your house. That is awesome! I hope work goes well! Have a wonderful day!


I did 20 miles with the heartbreak hill run co this morning! It was cool because we ran parts of the course!

Other two things: lay down, eat ;)


Lunch looks yummy! How many eggs and avocados and bacon did you eat?


I have no idea:) We made a bunch and split it up with us and the kids:)


1) half marathon – 20F and windy at the start, wind didn’t go away but it warmed up to 30F by the end.
2) food when I got home – hot chocolate (the real stuff that is hot milk with chocolate melted into it), banana, chicken taco.
3) next up, a shower – then laundry and laziness for the rest of the day.


WAY TO GO on your half marathon today… you are hardcore for getting out there in those temps and that wind. I need your hot chocolate! I hope you have been able to relax as much as possible today! CONGRATS!!


Today I did my 18 miler and it was NOT a perfect run day. Most days I feel on, today I felt crampy the whole way! My running buddies kept me going, though, which was awesome. After cleaning up/recovering from that I visited my parents then headed to Target to get a 6th birthday present for my cousin and it was so overwhelming! Also- are your kids into these squishies?!?


Thank goodness for running buddies! Way to go on EIGHTEEN MILES on a day you were feeling awful! Talk about mental strength! Okay, I don’t know what these squishies are… I must be out of it. What are they?!

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