Humidity running hair and let’s chat about the last few days.

First, if you missed out on Megan D’s amazing post (my blog wasn’t working well with pictures for a few days there) about our physical flaws, you should definitely check it out here!  Also, if you missed our favorite pictures and parts of Hawaii, they are here.  And lastly, do not forget to enter my giveaway for running shoes (2 winners)—>  this will end on Friday!

Let’s review the past few days shall we?  Monday morning I went out for my run much later than I had for the other days of the trip.  I’ve always respected those of you that run in humidity and heat BUT after my run Monday, I am just beyond amazed by you.  I planned on doing 8 miles but turned back at 4.15 miles so I was supposed to get back to the house at 8.3 miles.  I stopped THE SECOND my watch beeped at 8 miles and walked the rest of the way.  I couldn’t believe how hard that felt.  I started off with a ponytail and realized half-way through that this is the only humidity running hairstyle that works for me.  I cannot be happy while having one hair touching my face or neck in this type of weather ha.

I wonder what people think when they see me taking a self-timer running photo.  Probably that I am weird.  I didn’t take a picture of my run yesterday and I barely remember that it happened because I didn’t take a picture;)

IMG 7807

I am kind of glad that we didn’t try Lankai Juice until the last few days because otherwise we would have spent our entire food budget just on acaí bowls while we were there.

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Yep, had to get another one the next day after trying it.

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Monday was our last day on the trip so Andrew’s brother and wife took us over to the tide pools.

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Turns out I didn’t change my hair after my run and kind of matched Brooke which made me excited.

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After the tide pools we started driving back.  I had been texting one of my good friends and realized we were RIGHT BY the beach that they were at.  We stopped to hang out with them and talk at Sherwood Beach which was absolutely incredible. Another beach you have to visit if you are ever on Oahu!

IMG 7955

Brooke was not afraid of the water after the jellyfish sting on Saturday which made me happy because these two could play in the waves all day long.

IMG 7954

My friend sent me home with mocchi for me to try!  My first time trying the real stuff… the texture was different but I loved the taste!

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For our last night in town we went to dinner with Andrew’s family to their favorite pizza place… Round Table.  We had the Maui Wowie.  The sauce on this pizza was tangy and perfect with all of the other toppings.   Pizza is Andrew’s favorite food ever (followed closely by In-N-Out) and I’ve become much more of a pizza person because of him.  And he is much more of a candy eater because of me;)  But now that we are home, we are excited to get back to more regular eating again for us.

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Oh and one night my sister-in-law made us this blackened salmon.  It was so good that Brooke even ate a bunch of it (she has only really liked tilapia as far as fish goes in the past).

IMG 7793

PS Brooke told me she loves Hawaii even more once she found out they had life-size Elsa dolls at their Target.  Our Target is not nearly as cool.

IMG 7680

Also, on Sunday after church Brooke fell asleep sitting up as I was scratching her neck.  Our kids played hard for a week straight.

IMG 7783

One last sunset in Hawaii… view from their backyard.

IMG 7790

On Tuesday morning Andrew and I woke up at 4 to find texts that our flight was delayed (we were supposed to fly out at 6:30)…. I bet you can guess what my first thought was—>  “well, the good news of the delay is now I can run before we leave.”   I did 6 miles a little bit later on at an 8:15ish pace.  Then I got back and we were off to the airport.

Remember sixish months ago when I told you about my ankle problem… it wouldn’t really hurt to run on but it would feel sore the rest of the day and it was swollen?  It hasn’t been a problem for me in a while until we were in Hawaii.  I have determined that this problem for me really is from sleeping on my stomach and my feet being in that pointed position all night.  I haven’t slept on my stomach at home for a while now but while we were sleeping there I started doing it again and BOOM, my ankle doesn’t like me again.  Back to sleeping on my side (because I have no idea how to sleep on my back).

IMG 7970

Hanging out in the airport.

IMG 7963

A 4 hour and 37 minute flight to San Francisco and then an 1 hour and 27 minute flight to Utah.

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But both kids were champs (besides the water spilling catastrophe ((yes, it was very cold)) and the iPad running out of batteries right in the middle of one of the movies).

IMG 7976

Layover fun:

IMG 7982

The kids favorite part of the airport is riding around like this:

IMG 6937 IMG 7956

My dad continues to improve, slowly but surely, and I can’t wait to see them (yes, I missed them and we were gone a total of 8 days).  My brother that is a pilot was in town for a day again while I was gone:)

IMG 7838


Have you picked up any different eating habits/favorites from the people you live with/your significant other etc?  Have they picked up on anything from you?

Ponytail, headband, braid, bun… what do you do with your hair the most when you are running?

Have any injuries/problems that effect your running from doing something OUTSIDE of running?  

Had an acaí bowl before… favorite toppings for one?

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I picked up seltzer from my ex! He loved the stuff, and I had just never really thought about it. Now I buy it by the case.


I run in the heat+humidity all year long. I always wear my hair in a ponytail and wear a visor. I cannot stand when sweat drips into my eyes or down my face! Sometimes I sweat so much that it drips off my visor which is annoying but not nearly as annoying as when it drips into my eyes!

Your Hawaii vacation sounds so awesome – packed full of fun, beach, friends and family. I really want to go now! :)


Those acai bowls look amazing! I’ve never actually tried one but have always wanted to. I think I should add it to my list soon–there’s a place that specializes in them not too far from me. I guess it’s good to try new things sometimes.

When I run, I usually wear a low bun so that I don’t have to wash my hair (it’s SO humid in the mornings here), and then I barely have to touch it up with the curling iron. I used to wear pigtails a lot, but I only do that now if my hair is straight at the time.


I can only run with my hair in a tight ponytail or braid. I can’t stand the feeling of my hair being loose and bouncing around/out of the ponytail holder.


I run in a ponytail if I’m at the gym. But if I’m outside in the summer (which is rare because I am a wimp) I put it in a braid or bun, because the humidity is dreadful.

Acai bowls are the best! I haven’t found a place I love here in DC, but every time I go to San Diego I eat them nonstop.


Even though Jamba Juice sells them, I’ve only had acai bowls in Hawaii. When we were there over spring break we found a local place that served them so those were our breakfast most mornings. When we returned I bought the acai puree at Whole Foods to make our own but here it is almost a year later and the puree still sits in my freezer. I think there is something about Hawaii where acai bowls just seem like the right choice.


I feel you on the humidity. Over the summer, due to my work schedule, I was forced to start my runs at 5:00 in the afternoon. It was too unsafe to run when it was dark where I was. The south georgia temps averaged around 95-97 degrees with 90%+ humidity. It took me 3 weeks or so of running really slowly before I suddenly jumped to my normal pace and I finally mastered channeling my inner reptilian powers of loving the sun. I am completely baffled by how you run in the snow because even 20 degree weather defeats me. I have to wear my hair up in a ponytail with sunglasses though!.


I’ve never had an acai bowl but I really want to try them –> some of them look so creative and yummy! I’m going to have to try and find a place near me that does them!

I always wear my hair in a ponytail when I go running but I always have to re-do at least 100 times on my run, for some reason it never ever stays where it should!

My other half is super healthy so I’ve picked up some of his eating habits –> I’m eating a lot more chicken than ever before! My eating habits are not so healthy and I’ve become a bit of a bad influence on him now –> He’d never had 5 guys or krispy cremes and that soon changed once I met him :)


mmmmmmmmm Round Table!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the cool place to hang out when I was in Middle School. They had a juke box (with Backstreet Boys ;-)). I’m not a huge fan of chain pizza places anymore…but I’ll always love Round Table! My hair is in one constant knot from running. I usually do a ponytail, but if it’s windy or rainy I do a ponytail braid. The humidity made my hair so gross…I’m so glad we moved out of it recently!


I’d say my husband has picked up some eating habits from me: since I’m a vegetarian, occasionally he will also have a meal or two with no meat in it.


Hawaii looks AMAZING! I’m determined to make it there at some point in my life. Glad to hear your dad is starting to get better. :)

My boyfriend and I found out shortly after we started dating that we both like to dip our grilled cheese in ketchup. Sounds weird, but it’s delicious. He is much more of a meat eater than I am, so he’s got me on a kick of trying his meals at restaurants. We have also been weirdly obsessed with buffalo wings lately? And we always seem to get them before we have an event to go to and are constantly searching for sauce on each other’s faces.


YES to dipping grilled cheese in ketchup! Just had it for dinner.


My husband puts ketchup on everything. When we were first married, I was a little offended. I’ve come around on eggs, tater tot casserole, and Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger Macaroni.


Living with my roommate has made me a pasta lover. On the other side, she’s opening herself more to eat salads for lunch as I do. She also doesn’t drink liquids with her food as much as she used to, because I don’t drink much liquids with my food haha. In my case, I’m more open to drink juice right now which is something that comes from being around her.

I run in the humidity all year-long (life of a Floridian Runner). It is awful. I need to wash my hair every three days. If it’s clean I’ll put it in a low ponytail for my run. If it’s third-day hair I’ll do a french braid.


I just have to say–that blackened salmon looks ah-maz-ing!!!!! I’m iffy about salmon–totally depends on how it’s prepared, but that dinner looks awesome!


Ohh man, ponytail all day when I run. I LOVE wearing it in a bun, but since it’s long right now it’s too heavy without 187 ponytail holders, so it just isn’t worth it. But, my hair is pretty much always a tangled mess, ’cause when I run with a ponytail it just all sort of wraps around itself & gets twisted up.

Eating habits…hmm, I put garlic salt on everything instead of regular salt at home. I just think it has more flavor! He has definitely picked that up from me. Not sure what else we have going on, but I’m sure there are things we don’t even realize.


My hair always has to be up in some loopy bun, our summers are extremely humid and I cannot have a single hair touching my neck, skin, anything!! My little brother is living me while he’s in school and is slowly learning to eat vegetables! This is someone who didn’t touch them as a kid, and now eats salad for a meal which I still can’t do so maybe I can pick up that healthy habit before he moves out??


I always braid my hair when running. Always. I can’t stand all the ponytail hairs sticking to my neck and hitting me in the face. If I could figure out how to keep a bun up, I would do that to avoid having even the braid touch my neck/upper back (but I am really bad at hair so that hasn’t worked out yet). When I am running outside, my bangs kind of blow back out of the way and air/breeze keeps me drier so that’s okay…but on the dreadmill inside they must be clipped back and out of the way, too (so much more sweat to stick to).


Ive been putting my hair is a top bun lately to run in. I do like it and it stays out of my face. It has worked for the humidity down here. My husband eats more red meat so we do cook that more often now.


I decided to stop pulling my hair back when I exercise. it is hard to get used to sweaty hair on your neck. I was losing a lot of hair because I pulled it back, tightly, on a regular basis. I cut off 7 inches of hair and let the sweat run down. Planking with hair in my face bothers me the most. Maybe I should use a hat/visor, even when inside.


I like a high ponytail best for a run, but I also do a french braid a lot. I can’t do a bun because it bounces with every step and that drives me completely insane. Maybe I don’t know how to properly do my hair in a bun. :) I love acai bowls! So refreshing and delicious.


Ah yes, humidity is a real issue!! My hair is curly and it totally freaks out in the summer/on tropical vacations. I have to wear my hair in a bun because I don’t like a wet ponytail hitting my neck, or it just ends up looking like a furry creature from all of the curls and fuzz!
Your vacation looks so wonderful. Thanks for sharing the tips on restaurants too!


Florida running requires a braid most of the time. It really helps in the humidity.


Oh I bet!! You are amazing for running in the humidity there. Amazing.


humidity is definitely a game changer. I ran the houston half a couple of weeks ago in 97% humidity. by mile two I was like “okay, so it’s going to feel like I just walked out of the shower the entire time. sounds like a plan.” I usually keep my hair in a low bun because it won’t stay in place if it’s up high and I can’t stand ponytails swinging around haha.


My hair is to my waist, so it is always in a braid with a headband when I run. I can’t stand my hair in my face either!

I had slight plantar fasciitis a few years ago and I figured out it was from walking all over Honolulu in broken down sandals. New shoes, no more PF!

Love acai bowls. Honolulu Coffee makes one drizzled with honey.


I was pregnant a lot the last three years and my hair became super weak so I sport buns/braids/double ponies/ponies/braid buns to minimize breakage.
Your trip looks amazing! I’m glad you got a break from winter and that your dad is improving.


I’m so relieved you’re back in Utah so I can stop being so dang jealous of you!

The one thing I started eating a lot more of when I started dating my bf was red meat. And he started eating more salads…haha

Almost always a bun for my hair when I’m running. I can’t stand to have a ponytail swinging around!

Whenever we move into summer and I start wearing sandals again, my feet and legs get really unhappy with me. I finally got a pair of Birks this past year and it helped so much!


YES YES YES… my feet do that every summer too and then I remember to wear my Birks:) Hahah yep, same thing happened with Andrew and I:) Buns are amazing for running. I hope your day is an amazing one Annie and that you go to Hawaii soon:)


I almost always wear my hair in a pony while running. Once in a while I’ll braid it but only if someone is driving me to my run location and I can do it in the car ;)

I can’t sleep on my stomach either because it messes with my plantar fascia! Crazy.


Going to Oahu in May for a friend’s wedding! Going to need all your recommendations!

My boyfriend has picked up a lot of new favorites from me: Peanut Butter Clif Bars, sweet potato fries, brie cheese, red wine. Can’t say I’ve picked up his eating habits though … His favorites included Lucky Charms and hot dogs … Sometimes I question if he’s actually turning 29 this year :)


OH I am so so so excited Arthi that you get to go to Oahu in May! You are going to love it! I want to hear all about it. Lucky Charms are a great addition;) Andrew is turning 29 this year too!!!


I generally just hold my hair back with a non-slip head band. In the heat I wear a light or mesh hat. I hate sweat dripping, sun beating on my head, and hair sticking to me. (I’m the Princess and the Pea princess, everything irritates me).

I will eat Brussels sprouts (roasted or pan sauteed only) because of my husband and his love of them. He eats mango and salads because of me. (in fact, when he was on chemo and couldn’t have salad I had to find cooked ones for him because he missed them).

I’ve only had acai bowls that I’ve made myself.


I love what you shared about you and your husband and how you found the foods he missed during chemo. You and your husband are amazing. HAHA YEP… I am right there with you on being high maintenance while I am running about sweat/hear/sun etc. I hope you are having an amazing day Nina!


I hope your ankle is feeling back to normal soon!

I’m all about the ponytail when I’m working out. If I happen to have bangs I have to bobby pin those back too. Like you, I hate having hair touching my face.


I’m dealing with shin splints right now – the pain was only post-run, like you describe, for a week or so, but then this past Saturday it got real bad in my left shin, so I haven’t run since then. But I just wanted to say that your tip to not sleep with pointed toes really helped me! My shin hurt so bad on Saturday night that I barely slept, but the next night I made sure to sleep with that foot bent, and it helped a lot. Thanks for sharing! Today the shin is feeling a lot closer to better, but I’m probably going to have to give it a few more days before I try any running again (sigh).


Oh Grant, shin splints are the worst… I hate that injury! I’m sorry you haven’t been able to run for the last few days BUT SO glad that sleeping with your foot bent has helped a lot. It’s crazy how I sleep can cause me so many problems. Keep me updated with how you are doing and good call to wait a few more days to run! I hope you are back running pain-free asap!


I almost always run with a messy bun. I sweat a lot and I get self conscious of how sweaty my pony tail looks so a bun usually helps hide it. Haha

My favorite and go to toppings for an acai bowl are peanut butter, sliced banana, and granola for a nice crunch.


I usually try to run with a bun because I like my hair off of my neck, but since my hair is so long and thick it usually ends up on one side of my head so I transfer to a ponytail.

Thanks for sharing pictures of your trip with us!


I’m a stomach sleeper too and get cramps in my legs when I sleep with my feet pointed. I’ve found that it works great to just scoot down in bed so my feet are hanging off the bottom just a little bit. It works great (although it may not work if you have a footboard). I just can’t get comfortable on my back or side, so I like this method best.


YES!!!! You are so right… I do that at home sometimes too when my back and side just aren’t going to do it! Glad to know I’m not alone with the sleeping on my stomach causing problems for my running!


ponytail – always!


Sigh….running hair…I have long, thick, curly hair. In the winter, a low ponytail with a hat is perfect. My hair is out of my face and isn’t bouncing around. However, in the summer it is just horrible. I live in a humid area. I cant do a bun as it is huge and bounces around too much. I try a braid sometimes but if I turn my head, it can slap me in the face and really hurt! I usually put it in a high ponytail and spend my run pulling sweaty hair off my face and neck. My hair is not made for summer runs!
I am a total back sleeper. The side and tummy are so uncomfortable!


Welcome home! I’m super impressed that Brooke wasn’t afraid to get back in the ocean after her stingray encounter. I don’t know if I would’ve been that brave!


Yeah… I don’t know if I would have either ha. She just loves the ocean too much to not get in ha:) I hope your Wednesday has been fabulous so far Julie!


Roasted nuts and toasted coconut flakes are great for acai bowls!


Ummmm I’m obsessed with Acai bowls! My fave toppings are banana, granola, coconut flakes, and hemp seed, so good. And, I know, so expensive. Turns out you can make your own, Wal-Mart sells acai in the freezer section, its already mashed so you just let it thaw a tad, put it in a bowl and add your fave toppings, super easy!


You are finally back in close proximity to me and all feels right in the world again :) Now I let’s get together to discuss the whole trip. It looked amazing (That sunset! Those beaches! The color of the water!) but I want to hear about it first hand. I will make us some acai bowls to eat while we talk (topped with berries, coconut, granola and nut butter – THE best toppings).

I am not surprised one bit that Brooke passed out on your lap and I am glad your flights went well with the kids.

I used to be a stomach sleeper, but then pregnancy changed that habit. Then I was s side sleeper, but getting old has changed that habit (it makes my hips ache. What am I? 90?) So now I am a back sleeper.

Let’s see…I loves sugar and ice cream before Ross. Ross loved sugar and ice cream before me. So now that we are together we just eat even that much MORE sugar and ice cream. #winning

My hair has to be in the highest of high ponytails – like 1980’s high or in a braid. I like it in a high bum when I am on a spin bike because even in a high pony it will touch my back when I am on a bike. But I can’t do buns when I am running cause the little bounce drives me insane. #highmaintenance


I wear my hair in a top knot while exercising. I hate the pony tail swinging around and the feel of lots of hair on my neck. I really need to get used to a hat because of the whole sweat thing.

My husband is Italian so I eat a lot more Italian meals now. He is a wonderful cook. I’ve become gluten free since we were married but I still enjoy the Italian meals with gluten free pasta. Yum!




I have the same sort of issue when I sleep on my stomach or if the sheets are too tight at the foot of the bed. I have hypermobile joints, so my feet will default to a pretty extreme point when there is pressure applied in those sort of situations, which then irritates the tendons in my ankle and foot.

I use a plantar fasciitis brace at night when things flare up. Like this-

I have never had any PF (knock on wood), but the brace serves the purpose of stabilizing my foot so that things can calm down.


Oh my goodness I am reading peoples comments and I love that Megan D commented on here!!! Even though you guys live so close and you get to see each other often, she supports you on your blog!!! That was the sweetest!!!

Looks like you had a great family vacation! I am sure it was much needed! The food, sunsets and views all looked amazing!!!

My hair had to be tied back and I have gotten back into wearing headbands!! Bondi Bands to be specific!! Check them out. I think all runners need to own at least one of them! I also use to sleep on my stomach and I would sleep worth my feet up, so my toes would take so much of the pressure. I would fall asleep like that after a log run because it actually felt c omfortable. Then after working for a Chiro he told me how bad it was to sleep on your stomach. I changed that habit real quick!!!

Welcome back!!!! And all runners go here to get your bondi band!!!
Discount code: RUNCUCURUN


My hair is always in a ponytail when I work out. I can’t do messy buns. I try and then end up sticking bobbie pins all over. I have too many years of ballet ingrained in me.
I eat salmon now, even though I used to hate all fish. My husband made it for me the first month we started dating (he had a back-up chicken breast in the oven).


This might seem silly, but where do you put your phone when you run? Do you hold it? Do you have an armband? Flipbelt? I just upgraded my phone and it seems much bigger to keep with me on a run, but I don’t dare run without it.


I live in Houston so you would think I would know a thing or two about humidity but honestly I’m not sure if I’ll ever “get use” to it! My hair method is a ponytail that resembles more of a rats nest by the end of my run. Hawaii looks like it was incredible. Cheers and happy running!


Have literally just started having sore feet/ankles after a recent super hard trail half. I can’t pinpoint a certain area of pain, it just is sort of off and achy. I remembered what you had said about sleeping on your stomach (the only way I sleep) so I’ve switched to my side or back and it has made a huge difference- would not have thought that would contribute to the pain, so thanks for that!


I got my husband into eating bananas lol. It took almost 5 years but now he eats one a day.
Injury not from running- the end of November I got food poisoning, from puking I got a rib out of place (may have cracked it as it’s still not right.) The chiropractor put the rib back in place but I still can’t swing my right arm when I run (it looks hilarious)


Hair must not touch me when I am working out! Ever. It annoys me so much! I have to wear my hair in a bun (occasionally two braids) with a headband.

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