Do this if you need running motivation and the most random day (+ EARS PIERCED)!

I don’t know if I have lost my marbles but I swear I saw a guy eating an ice cream cone on his porch at 6:15 in the morning yesterday.  It looked like he was in workout clothes and then he must have finished his workout and just grabbed a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough to refuel on the porch.  I am pretty positive it was an ice cream cone but maybe my brain was playing tricks on me and just really wishing I was refueling after my run with ice cream at that moment.

Andrew had to get up to Salt Lake City for class early so I got out early (which was easier than normal since my body had adjusted a bit to Eastern Time Zone).

8.87 miles total and this is the workout that my coach gave me:

2 mile w/u

Repeat this segment 5 times:

2 minutes @ 6:26, .25 mile recovery (7:55-8:10 pace), 1 minute @ 6:26, .25 mile recovery (7:55-8:10 pace).

2 mile c/d

My speed paces were between 6:20-6:30.

Try this workout out, it was fun to switch between 2 minutes and 1 minute for the intervals.  Usually I do all of my intervals for the same amount of time but going back and forth between 2 and 1 kept things interesting.

I need to wear matching socks.

IMG 2192

I came in, Andrew was off for the day and then Skye decided to join me for my stretching and resistance band workout (sharing it soon)!

IMG 2206

Brooke joined the party too.

IMG 2216

Then we got ready for the day and were off for Knox’s morning T-Ball game.  He went with his mom on Friday night so we just drove over to go cheer him on.

He rocked it!

IMG 2223

We didn’t really have any plans after the came so we just kept coming up with random things to do together.  We drove by the Farmers Market and Brooke asked if we could go… umm yes.

IMG 2232

Picked up this mini pie for our dessert tonight.

IMG 2224

I realized that I think Brooke requested to go to the Farmer’s Market just so that she could pet a million dogs (she always asks first).

IMG 2225

After that I realized that the Utah Valley Marathon was happening and I experienced extreme race FOMO.  I’ve done this full twice and the half three times.  I love this course and race so much and was sad I was missing it but going to cheer the runners on made the FOMO disappear and that was replaced with inspiration.  If you are lacking in running motivation, go spectate a race.

IMG 2235

We were more than ready for lunch at this point so we made sure to go grab some goodness.  The owner of this restaurant is always working the line and has my order memorized… He is so nice.  If you are ever in Utah, go to 180 Tacos.

IMG 2238

Our next stop was a splash pad.  Brooke leaped around the fountains for a bit.

IMG 2248

We hung out in the shade.

IMG 2241

As we were leaving Brooke said, I want to get my ears pierced.  I am guessing this desire of hers was because a few of her cousins that we were just with around her age had their ears pierced and she wanted to go for it.  So we went and did it!  She was very brave but we made a rookie mistake… She wanted to get them done one at a time instead of both at the same time.  Yeah, that was not a good idea.  We almost left with just one ear pierced ha.  But she did it and she picked out some unicorn and donut earrings for when she can switch them out.

We celebrated with Costco ice cream.

IMG 2256

Andrew met us there after he was done with his classes.

IMG 2261

You don’t walk around with drool all over your hands too?

IMG 2263

This was the last productive thing that I did for the day.  I conquered this mountain of laundry and finished before dinner.  Afterwards we took the rest of the day as lazy as possible.

IMG 2266

Andrew and I caught up on The Bachelorette too so it was quite the successful day.


My training looked like this last week:

Monday:  6 miles @ 8:28 in Kentucky..  HILLS!!  + Bootcamp.

Tuesday:  8 miles @ 8:45 in Kentucky.. HILLS!!

Wednesday:  8 treadmill miles @ 8:25 average in St. Louis.  + Mini strength workout with bands.

Thursday:  Morning walk with my family.

Friday: 6 miles @ 8:31 average pace in Nauvoo, Illinois.  It’s not every day that I get to run by the Mississippi River… the rivers in Utah are just a bit smaller.

Saturday:  8.87 miles @ 7:43 average with 2 and 1 minute fast intervals.  + Strength at home.

Sunday:  Off… I’m going to rest like a champ today.

36.87 miles for the week.


When did you get your ears pierced?

Run day, cross-training day or rest day?

Do you ever wear mismatching socks or NO WAY?

Do you have a Farmer’s Market that you go to in your area?

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I had to campaign to be allowed pierced ears, I finally got them at age 15 I think. (and then a few years later my mom got hers pierced too!) My daughter wanted them at age 6, we were at the jewellers and she got scared, so we waited another year. Run day, almost 9 kilometers, and my buddy pushed me to a 3 minute pr on that loop! Now off to my sisters birthday party. Mountain of laundry waiting for me when we get back. No way to mismatching socks. (are yours al the same brand? I think it would feel funny to have different thicknesses.)
Have a great Sunday!


I love that you campaigned to get them! I am pretty sure I tried to campaign before 12 too (our rule was that we had to wait until we were 12)! Way to go on your run… THREE MINUTE PR! Boom! Enjoy the bday party and I hope the laundry portion of the day goes by quickly. Those ones were the same brand ha but I’ve been known to do different brands too:) Thanks, you too Eva!


Hey! So your pace is insane compared to mine and I wondered if you have any suggestions for being able to run faster? I just started running again after almost 6 years off. I had a knee surgery In 2012 and the 6 weeks my ortho said to take off turned into 6 years (I shredded my joint capsule after surgery and tore my it band and the connections to my quads and needed intense pt) and running has not felt good since then. I decided I was tired of being miserable (I’m 20 months postpartum and still breastfeeding and carrying an extra 10-ish pounds). I downloaded C25K and finished it so I’m running for approximately 30-60 minutes, 3-5 days a week depending on how I’m feeling that day (more like how high the temp is and how much humidity there is when I can get my little chunk down for a nap) and my paces are averaging 10:50-11:30 min/mile and I just cannot seem to get them any lower. Should I just focus more on increasing mileage right now? Or should I try to increase my pace? Running used to feel so natural and now it’s still really hard and I just want to feel better in my skin. Th am you for any input:)


Tiffany, I have so much to say to you. I am so sorry you had to have knee surgery and all that you went through during that time. It sounds incredibly painful. So I actually wrote a post for tomorrow about this topic a bit. Your body has been through so much between your surgery, pregnancy and breastfeeding… it is definitely going to take some time. As far as the extra weight goes… You are just like me, my sister and my mom. For us, the last 10 lbs does not come off until breastfeeding is over. For some reason, some women’s body’s just hold on to the extra weight while breastfeeding and then it comes right off once they are done. So don’t worry about that… you are doing amazing and feeding your little one for 20 months, you are my hero! For me, I personally try to focus on one or the other factors when I’m trying to get back to running again. I would probably work on getting your mileage increased (you have already done such an amazing job!!) right now for a month or two before moving towards speed work. Running is kind of feeling like that for me right now… it used to click a lot more but I’m reminding myself of what my body just went through. It is going to take time and consistency for it to feel as good as it used to! You have overcome so much Tiffany and I really look up to you for that. Let’s email and talk some more about all of this and some ideas I have for you!


That would be amazing! I’ll email you now!!! Thank you thank you thank you for the kind words and reminders.


Can’t wait to read thus post!


Ditto! Looking forward to that post! I can run 10 min. miles easy (on a VERY good day) but getting speedier paces has been a 3-4 year struggle. Would LOVE to have a 9 min. mile race pace!


I didn’t get your email!?!?


I just emailed! So sorry it took me a while!


Second day of college because my mom did not want me to get them pierced. It was my rebellious moment………pretty pg rebellion.


You little rebel! I love it!


Brave Brooke! I was eight when I got mine pierced, it took a lot of parental persuading, and my dad made me sign a “contract” that I would not get additional piercings nor any tattoos!!! I guess pierced ears are a gateway piercing! It worked though, I still only have my original piercings and no ink! :D We have a nice farmers’ market in town, and I want to go more often this year! Happy Sunday!


HAHAH… I LOVE that your dad had a contract. Maybe I’ll write one of those up for Brooke too. I love it. I hope that you get to your farmers’ market as often as possible. Have a wonderful day Jenny!


Amazing job Brooke! You are tough! In my family, ear piercing happens before you turn one! My grandma brought me because my mom just couldn’t stand the idea of seeing me in pain ha So many delicious food in your neighbourhood. I want to do a tour with you ;-)


Oh I love that!!! I would have to send Andrew to take Skye:) COME DO A TOUR WITH ME… Don’t you kid with me about this. How fun would that be!


Haha I have a rule that if my AM workout is an hour or longer and the heat index is over 80 when I wake up, I get ice cream after my workout. I eat ice cream before 7 am a lot in the summer.


I like the way you think. I am going to add this rule to my life… but since I’m in Utah I’ll say over 70:)


The nice thing about it is that when you wake up to hot weather, instead of dreading your run, you get excited because that means you get morning ice cream. Little mental reframing.


I was 12 when I got my ears pierced. My mom wanted to make sure we were old enough to take care of them on our own without getting infection haha. Where did you take her to get them done?

I never wear miss matched socks. I don’t know where it came from but it stresses me out and makes me feel dirty hahahah it’s super ridiculous but it’s the truth. Especially if the socks fee different.

I don’t hi k I’ve ever been to the farmers market. Is it super crowded around here?


I was 12 too! I went to Icing in the mall and they were really great! Teach me how to be normal and always wear matching socks. Let’s go to the famers market! It is sometimes… it more depends on the time you go! I hope you have a great Sunday Jenny!


I think I got my ears pierced at 11 or 12 somewhere around there, then as a teenager I went to get my ears pierced again when my mom was out of town haha. Trail long run planned with a girl friend this am and the sun is out for now

We do have a farmers market – across the street from us in fact!

Once I left the house with mismatched shoes – whoops. So I guess I don’t have a problem with mismatched socks. Have a wonderful Sunday!


I was 12 too! Haha… you rebel! I hope your trail long run is a blast. I want to join you! I am so jealous you are across the street from one. Have a wonderful Sunday Kristine!


Usually i prefer matching socks but sometimes i am in a hurry☺
Today is a run day……hopefully a rainy one because it is almost 90 degrees.
I got my ears pierced when i was 4 or 5….my mom rear ended someone not long after and i hit my head on the windshield bc my carseat buckle wasn’t closed properly…..and they had to do a scan to make sure i didnt hurt myself at the hospital. I was fine but my mom heard me scream bloody murder bc they took out my earrings and it was too soon…the nurse gave my mom money to go get my ears re-pierced! I might have been a teensy bit spoiled?


HAVE AN AMAZING RUN DAY and I hope the rain feels very refreshing if it does rain! Oh that is crazy about your car accident, I am so glad that you were okay! That was so kind of the nurse to do that. I hope you have an amazing day Loribeth!


Hi Janae! I am a long time reader of your blog and I absolutely love it.

I know you struggled with femoral stress fractures in the past, and so I wanted to ask you a question.
I have a stress REACTION in my left femur and I am 4 weeks into recovery for it. I’m so grateful it wasn’t a full fraction! My question to you is during the cross training you did as you recovered did you ever “feel” your injury? Sometimes after a 3 mile walk it will feel a bit sore, but the soreness is always gone by the next day. Should I be sticking to the elliptical more instead of walking?

I know SOME movement is good for healing but I don’t want to over-do it. Also, I am seeing a PT on the 19th and will get more information then, but in the meantime I just wanted to hear your personal experience. :)


I was dumb when I took my girls to get their ears pierced. I took them to a jewelry store because I was a snob but realized Claire’s would have been better because they do it all the time. I only had one hole in my right ear for the longest time and had the same jewelry store do it. It wasn’t (still isn’t) lined up at all. I was so foolish.
I have one pair of mismatched socks. I don’t wear them anymore because I had to switch to anti-blister socks. If I were smart, I would throw them away.
Our farmers market is tiny but they have plenty of dogs and I love supporting our local farms. I live out among them and would be so sad if they disappear.
Have a great rest day! Brooke made an excellent decision with the doughnut earrings. I like her style!


I love that workout idea. Just out of curiosity, are the fast intervals at 10k pace and RI at 1 minute slower than marathons pace? That’s what it sounds like based on how fast I know you are :) just wondering so I can recreate with my slower times!


Hey Jessica!! So for these intervals they were done at my interval pace… my coach uses VDOT to see what paces I should be doing. Go to this calculator and enter in your times and you will get the paces for your easy, marathon, threshold, interval and repetition.

Let me know if you have ANY other questions!!! Enjoy the rest of your day!


I don’t have any piercings or tattoos. I’m way too much of a wimp – I don’t deal well with pain.


Yes we walk around with our daughter droolling all over everything! My husband jokes that he doesn’t water the flowers he just holds her above them.


BAHAHA that is hilarious… I’m going to use that joke:)


I am shocked that everyone was “older” when getting their ears pierced! I was only a few months old when I got mine pierced.. and I had my daughters peirced at 2 months old as well! I wanted her to be young enough to not remember the pain, and also not coordinated enough to mess with them! She slept through the entire thing.. and the best part is, it was Mother’s Day (my 1st Mother’s Day) so I got my second holes pierced that day as well- as our first mother and daughter bonding thing. She is 8 now and LOVES that we have that “memory” together ❤️


Oh I LOVE THIS… what a special thing to have together!!!


Brooke is a trooper! I think I was around 14 when I got my ears pierced. I asked when I was in 5th grade, but my mom wouldn’t let me.

I was in Utah and Wyoming for the last ten days! We flew into SLC and drove to Wilson, Wyoming for the Grand Teton Half (which was a blast). Then on Sunday we drove back to Utah and spent two days in Ogden with friends and the rest of the time in Moab hitting up the parks and giving mountain biking a try. At the airport yesterday, we got Cafe Rio and I thought of you and how you once said you loved it. We’re back in Virginia now and missing Utah already!


Oh this makes me so happy! I love that you were here! I am so glad that you got Cafe Rio too:) Come back soon and I’ll join you in Moab… I want to go there!


Good morning Janae. I ran the Utah Valley 10k this year. I love that race! To answer your questions, I got my ears pierced when I was 12; today is yoga day; I’ve occasionally worn mismatched socks by accident; and we have a wonderful Farmer’s Market here in Murray. I can’t wait to go!


I started laughing at your comment about drool on your hands because yes, I do walk around with drool on my hands, and my shirt, and the floor, and who knows where else. I have a 4.5 month old and the drool is intense!


She looks precious! Little girls with pierced ears are cute. I live in Texas and baby girls basically come out of the womb with pierced ears. I still have my first pair of little bitty diamond earrings! I think it is really precious though that she wanted to go get them done.

I am pregnant and would literally pay $20 for that cup of soft serve ice cream right now at my desk!


I got my ears pierced when I was 10 years old I think. What helped me was that my mom had let her piercing close up so she got hers pierced first and then I went. I had a huge problem with my ears constantly getting affected. I’ve finally learned cheap earrings aren’t for me.


that PIE!

yes totally agree w/you that spectating races is super inspiring! i was a volunteer at the mini10K over the weekend, and seeing running shero’s kill it is way way inspiring for sure (mary keitany crushed it!!!)

taco lunch looks so good too…!
splash pad sounds super fun for the kids and relaxing for parents –

no ears pierced here! they kept getting infected so just gave up –

2 run days over the weekend -!

mismatching socks – all the time

yes we have a Farmer’s market. love visiting Farmer’s market no matter where we are, local or elsewhere.


Hi Janae! Do you think you will ever start coaching runners??

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