Sentence Per Picture–> bday things.

Our birthday run tradition continues!!!

Started off at 22 degrees and warmed up a few degrees while we were out for our 9 miles.

IMG 9575

For the last 18 yearsish of running I have done the same routes over and over again but I’m trying to branch out to new places and I’m loving it.

IMG 9577

I need to find some gloves like Josse for next winter (because I keep telling myself that I’m not going to need gloves anymore this season but Utah isn’t agreeing;)

IMG 9579

Came home to Andrew detailing our car for a bday surprise… he is the best.

IMG 9583

Birthday snuggles (an attempt but she runs away pretty fast) afterwards.

IMG 9584

Hawaii hooked me on acaí bowls and so we went to one for breakfast.

IMG 9588

I had the peanut butter one which was so good.

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Brooke went with the classic.

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But once she tried mine she came over to my side to finish it off.

IMG 9597

Of course Andrew had some donuts for me at home too (I can’t believe I’m saying this but buttermilk bars have taken the place of apple fritters).

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Beretta’s favorite time of the day—>  fetch!!!!

IMG 9612

His daily shorts are back (because it is now 41 degrees:)

IMG 9616

Popcorn on the way up to Salt Lake City because it sounded really good (probably from all of the sweets)!

IMG 9618

Thank you for all of the amazing birthday wishes… they mean a lot to me (loved this one from Lindsey ((PS she just started an awesome travel blog here))!

IMG 9603

Enjoy the rest of your day!!! I’ll see you in the morning to talk Valentines stuff and of course show you a picture of the spaghetti and meatballs I am having for dinner tonight.  I don’t know if I am mentioned this to you but I really enjoy food;)

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Happy birthday! Donuts and running make every birthday perfect :-)


Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day.


Happy Birthday :) !!!


Happy birthday! Sounds like it’s been a pretty good day so far!


Happy birthday! Where are those trails? It looks beautiful. I’m new to SLC and looking to get some dry trail miles. Everything has been a muddy slop fest.


Happy Birthday To You!!!


Happy Birthday!!


Happy happy birthday to you, Janae, all the way from the tiniest state in the country :) Hope you had an awesome day!


Sounds like a wonderful birthday. So glad you have such amazing people to celebrate with. <3


I enjoy food as much as you do and that’s one of the reasons I love your blog so much:)

Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s day:)


Happy happy!!!! Keep celebrating!!! love seeing you guys so happy…and that pic of you and Brooke (bday snuggles)…I think that is my favorite yet.


Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had an awesome day!


Happy birthday!! Love your inspiring blog :0)


I have a thinner pair of those convertible gloves, I picked them up at Target. I also have a thick pair from a street vendor that come in handy when walking the dog.

Glad you are enjoying your day., let the celebration continue.


Happy Happy Birthday Janae!! Running and food two important things in life!! It’s what makes my world go round?


Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you’re having the BEST day!!


Awesome route, looks beautiful!! Wow, looks like you had a perfect day! So happy for you (and jealous of your acai bowl and donut breakfast)!! Happy birthday again!


Happy birthday, Janae!!! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day, and I hope you know how awesome you are to all of us!!! <3


Happy Birthday!


Herzlich Geburtstag Janae!!!


Buttermilk bars are definitely top 3. I am so glad you are day has gone well (and revolved around food). My birthday always revolves around food and now when my kids have their birthdays they legitimately give me a run down of what they want to eat all day long. lol. #soproud

Happy (late) birthday my friend! I love you!


Happy Belated!!

I want those convertible gloves. Where did Josse get them?


Happy Belated Birthday, Janae! I hope you had a great day! Best wishes for the year ahead!

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