Too Many Tangents + IMPOSSIBLE!

Good morning everyone!  I really hope your Tuesday is off to a great start and that you are getting in some miles for me:)  Let’s just jump right into some tangents!

*Andrew and I still have completely opposite ideas of what to wear for different temperatures.  I had a sweatshirt and coat on and he was in shorts and a t-shirt for our walk.

IMG 3746

*Another way we are completely opposite—>  Andrew is starting school again next month and we’ve made an agreement that he can’t tell me when his assignments are due.  During nursing school it stressed me out too much to know that the assignment he was working on was due in just a few hours.  The second I got an assignment in school I would start working on it and Andrew loves to wait until the last second.  He always gets the assignment done but doesn’t worry about it until the last second.  Brooke is already like me with this topic…

IMG 3984

*Now to just find a one-piece snowsuit item like this for me;)  Skye has been telling us that she is very excited to ski every time she see’s snow on our mountains which then leads to her wearing her snowsuit around the house.  It’s a miracle but all of our kids still fit into their ski gear from last winter and our resort opens in two weeks!

IMG 3917

*Beck now has a little one-piece snow suit too.

IMG 3949

*The kind of texts that Andrew receives when he is at work trainings.  I am planning to not even attempt to make a dinner that takes longer than 10 minutes on the days Andrew is at work until Beck is 2.5 years old.  It’s too impossible right now and so is staying on top of laundry and many other things.

*A MILLION LITTLE THINGS is back on again and Andrew and I both cried in the latest episode.  We are so obsessed with this show.

IMG 3918

*We tried this… Skye has now been waking us up at night to take her out of her crib to the bathroom (she is not okay with going in her pull-up anymore) so we decided to let her try sleeping in a bed.  We put a camera on her so we could watch her and after the 10th time of getting her back in the bed (Brooke slept soundly through the whole ordeal, ha) we finally put her in her crib and got up with her later.

IMG 3978

*Here’s to hoping that tonight goes a little better…

IMG 3981

*Skye is definitely enjoying Beck a bit more lately.

IMG 3998

*My running shoes are getting dusty….

IMG 4008

*Andrew is getting better and better at doing Skye’s hair these days.  He is getting a lot of practice while he has been home:)

IMG 3926

*2020 has been our year for going on walks.  I am really grateful for our new daily tradition together where we have zero distractions and all of the time to talk.

IMG 3971

And my favorite quote right now….


What about you—> Do you wait until the last second to get an assignment/project/work task/life task done or do you prefer to get it done first thing (or are you somewhere in the middle)?

Any tips to help me to get Skye to stay in bed?

Have a quote that you are loving right now… we would ALL love to hear it!

Tell me your true feelings about snow?

-Love it for skiing, not my favorite for running:)

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I am definitely more comfortable with getting things done right away. I am not wired to procrastinate. Sometimes I wish I was lol


I wish I was more that way too… haha! Have a fabulous day, Kimberly!


I’m more like you- I usually always started assignments right away and paced myself so they’d be done on time. I hope you’re feeling better! I had really bad mastitis and my husband was out of town so my mom went to the pharmacy in the middle of the night for me- thank goodness for angel parents. Please tell us any tips you learn for getting kids to stay in bed… mine comes in our room every night- we’ve tried doing a reward system but that didn’t help her. I love snow until Christmas, then wish it gone after that! I really don’t mind it if I don’t have to drive in it. Have a great day!!


Thank you so much Alicia, I’m so lucky to feel so good now. Okay, I can’t imagine getting mastitis with Andrew gone… SO thankful your mom was there to save you! I will let you know of any tips we find and good luck with your little girl. WE NEED SLEEP ha. Driving in snow is the worst! Thank you Alicia and you too!


advice for getting kids to do… anything? ha. A preschool teacher told us kids seem to respond to getting something or losing something. So if she stays in her bed she could A) lose a toy or B) get a sticker in the morning. Don’t know if it works. Good luck.
Day 120 of my running streak today, must mean Beck is 20 days old!


THANK YOU for the help! Off to get a sticker chart made, she will love that. Sage, I was wondering if you were still doing your streak! YOU ARE AMAZING!


Busy Toddler (on Instagram) talks about the wake to play clocks she uses with her kiddos! It’s in the tips & hacks highlight on her stories. It might take Skye a bit to learn it but maybe it would help?!

This is the one she has: PlayMonster Teach Me Time Educational Alarm Clock Night Light

Good luck!! And congrats again on beautiful Beck!


Thank you SO much for the help. I will buy that clock right now and check out Busy Toddlers highlights section. I really appreciate the help. Thank you so much and I hope your day is off to a great start!


I just wanted to say I love reading your blog. I look forward to it every morning. Congratulations on another beautiful addition to the family! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Well, you just brought the BIGGEST smile to my face. Thank you Marcia, that means a whole lot to me. I hope your Thanksgiving is a beautiful one too. Thank YOU!


Hi Janae! You are looking wonderful after having Beck! My family is going on our first ski trip with kids soon and I was wondering if you could link your favorite ski/snow gear for kids?? In Virginia, we don’t get snow enough to really need quality gear, but for a big ski trip I want to make sure they stay dry and warm. It’s overwhelming with all the options…I don’t know where to start!


HEY NIKI! I am so excited for your first ski trip as a family. You’ll have to let me know all about it! Do you need skis, helmets and boots etc? I can send you those links too! For the kids we get them Smartwool socks, make sure to always have hand warmers for their gloves and then the rest of their clothes are linked in this post:
I hope it helps and I’m happy to help in any way, I’m so excited for you guys!


LOVE snow, but I hate driving in it! I don’t even mind running in it, but the driving, oof.

I used to be a “get it done now” person, but I’ve discovered I can sometimes do better if I let my ideas sit for a bit, or even if I do 80% of something, let it sit for a few days, and then come back to it. It’s making me more patient to work this way, and I think it’s worth it for me!

My favorite quote right now is of course one I forgot to write down, but I was just listening to Des Linden on an episode of the Hurdle podcast, and she said something like, “Sometimes showing up means sitting back,” in terms of respecting your body and injury. That is a thought I needed to hear!


That is really interesting Kristin. Maybe I need to try to let things sit for a bit and see how that goes for me. Andrew is excellent at letting it sit for a long time haha:). I have to find that episode, thank you so much for sharing that with me. That quote is something we both needed to hear! Thank you:)


I definitely start assignments ahead of time. It stresses me out otherwise lol!

Hope you get some more sleep and for kids fitting into last seasons snowshoes! And for Skye liking Beck more lol.

I do love snow period.

Have a wonderful day Janae!


My daughter is like Andrew. It used to make my anxiety go through the roof when I knew about her assignments for school and she would always wait until the last minute to start and finish them. I am more like you and like to get things done before they are actually due. I can’t tell you the amount of times Ashley would call me from college in tears because the internet was down and she couldn’t submit her assignment (2 seconds before it was due). It took everything for me to not tell her I TOLD YOU SO. Hang in there. Good luck getting Skye to stay in her bed. Ashley is 24 and I can’t remember back that far. I think she basically stayed in her bed and yelled for me to come get her. I don’t know what’s worse to tell you the truth. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


That is exactly how Les and I operate with getting things done. I’m packed and ready to go while he’s still puttering around. It makes me a little crazy.

We have ancient home movies of me and my brother climbing in and out of a crib (he was 13 months older than me.). I have no tips!

I’ve seen it actually snow once in my life. It’s 30 here in Flagstaff but clear blue skies make me want to get out there and just breathe.

Have a great day, Janae!


With doing school online and seeing assignments in advance, I try to work ahead whenever I can. That way if one weekend something comes up, I’m not super behind. I am in my last 3 weeks of my current semester. I finished all my individual assignments and just have 2 group projects to complete. I can’t wait to be done with this semester because it has been very stressful.
As far as snow, we have only had a dusting here in central NY. I feel like November is hit or miss with snow, I definitely like snow more in December for Christmas and New Years season, but I don’t like driving in it. Thankfully I am working from home until at least Jan 4th right now so no commuting is very nice. I still get up at 5am and go to the gym early a few days a week though.


I just transitioned my 3 year old to her toddler bed so just went through this. The Hatch light really works – she knows once she’s in bed for the night she stays in bed. She doesn’t need to go potty at night so we haven’t had to deal with that, but maybe when Skye needs to go you could turn the light to green so she gets out (you’ll have to be awake) then put it back? It’s controlled from your phone so you wouldn’t have to go into the room. Also, when we made the transition, we told her if she got out of her bed when she wasn’t supposed to that we would have to go back to the crib – so a little bit of taking something away, but harsher… we never had to switch back to the crib.

I can relate on the not cooking with a baby – although I will say now with a 5 month old it has become manageable again, partly because he goes to sleep at 6/630 so I cook once he’s asleep and my daughter plays/does puzzles if my husband isn’t home yet.


I am totally with you on getting things done right away, it would make me nervous to know Andrew’s schedule too! I generally love snow and all things skiing (xc, backcountry and skate skiing) and I generally don’t even mind shoveling (I even get teeny tiny muscles in my arms after a big storm). But I really really don’t like the ice and we’re in that tough part of the year where the roads in my neighborhood are icy and with low sun angle, probably won’t melt until February. Feeling very grateful for my elliptical and that I can still drive to sunnier parts of town occasionally to get a good run in!


Hi Janae! My fiance and I are definitely the same way as you and Andrew. He does this with assignments but also filling up the gas tank or going to the store before they close. I’m with you on the snow, it only belongs on the mountain! Have a great day!


Procrastination is in my blood. My husband however has to do EVERYTHING as soon as he knows about it, even if it doesn’t need to be done for a very long time.

The quote pulling me through the end of 2020 is: “Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.”
– Sonia Ricotti

I like snow when I have no where to go, nothing to do and it’s the holiday season. It’s pretty and peaceful. Otherwise, I’ll take 80 degrees and sunny starting Jan 2nd through Oct 31st.


You need a sleeping bag onesie! (I’m not sure about actually skiing in it, but so snuggly at home!)


I definitely get things done right away…if not it stresses me out.
Go on Amazon and buy an Ok to Wake clock. Unless it has turned bright green (you set time) they can’t get up. We rewarded with something small. It really helped and also I try and be aware if she’s drinking too much before bed.


Not related but I have to say that reading your blog is the cosiest habit I have maintained throughout all these years!
Snow: not a fan. Watching it for 10 minutes from inside of a warm house is ok and that’s my tolerance threshold.


Hanna, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to write and tell me this. It means a lot to me and thank you for letting me be a part of your day. I hope your morning is off to a great start and that you don’t have to deal with much snow this year!

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