Friday Favorites!

(similarish top, shorts, shoes)

I ran 10 miles at an 8:26 pace with my friend Jo, and then Andrew and I took the kids to school.

Spring and winter in one picture:

IMG 7397

The color of this sports bra has my heart.  I remember learning at Brooks when I went to their headquarters in Seattle a few years ago that our run bras should never celebrate a birthday, and that is what I think about as I purchase another sports bra that I probably don’t need;)

IMG 7399

My niece came over and did my hair for a sponsored post I was working on.

I will struggle if she ever moves away from me.  We might have to follow her.

IMG 7430

Beck has officially upgraded to a big boy bed.  I try to keep my kids in their cribs for as long as possible, but the time has come.

He picked out his new sheets for his bed, and I swear it was just a few months ago when my water broke with him, and Andrew sped me to the hospital.  Not knowing if he was a boy or a girl until he was born will always be one of my favorite memories.

IMG 7401

Lauren brought over fresh, homemade sourdough bread, which I ate slice after slice until dinner because it was such a busy day. It was amazing.

IMG 7788 copy

The kids did their timed mile for Cross Country.  We will do it again at the end of the season and see their improvements.  We finished up with popsicles for all of the kids.

IMG 7793


Now for the favorites this week:

*Every summer, I try to get away with unsupportive sandals, and after a few days of wearing them, I think I am injured… Until I realized it was just because of my shoes.  I’m skipping that this summer by starting with supportive sandals, and these ones really caught my attention.  Aren’t they cute?  They feel so good on my runner’s feet.

IMG 7226

*The hair tool I use every single day of my life is 20% off! I love this thing. I use it on my hair and the girls’ hair whenever we style it.  I have a picture here of the curls that it does.  It is extremely easy to use.  My sister and nieces use it every day, too. I’ve tried a Dyson, but I much prefer the Shark (and it’s less than half the price).

IMG 7360

*I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I crave sad books.  I came across this one in the bookstore and went straight home to start it.

I loved it.  It is a story about grief and how each character in their different stages of life dealt with their feelings.  Seeing how they held on to Annie after she was gone was beautiful.

IMG 7268

*I have a few of these battery-powered candles and love the feeling they bring to my house when the sun goes down.  I have them set on a timer so they come on at the same time every evening and turn off on their own.  They even flicker a bit like a real candle.  I’ve had people try to blow them out because they think they are a real candle!  They bring a peaceful and calm feeling to so many corners of my house and the one real candle I have now will be Switch from here on out.

IMG 7329


Have any favorites from this week?

What are you reading?  Are there any other books from Anna Quindlen that I should read?

Do you have to be careful about what types of shoes you wear outside of running?  Are there any go-to brands?

Parents reading—> Have you gone through any kid transitions recently?

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As wonderful as professional family photos are, I really like the photo of a school morning. :)
Yay for having friends that make sourdough! Day 1 of sourdough is the best. I encourage to eat the majority of it then! So-well done! ha
I have celebrated many birthdays of my sports bras. That DOES sound like a great marketing tool though! heheh
Favorite from this week, I discovered Volta (the one week cycle race a few weeks ago that Tadej destroyed) is on Peakcock! I have been watching each stage on replay. I may have accidentally watched stage 3 twice.
Happy Friday!


I’m with you… The day-to-day ones are my favorite! Bahaha right… I have one that has celebrated as many birthdays as Brooke:). Thank you for the reinforcement on the need to eat most of the loaf the first day. I HAVE PEACOCK, I’ll be watching too now. I hope you have a beautiful weekend, Molly!


Hi Janae,

Here for the book content! Actually I love your style and checking in with your family too. I just don’t run. :)

Okay, have you read In An Instant by Suzann Redfearn? It’s one of my favorite books and such a beautiful story of death and human nature. I’ve read it twice.

Also, did you ever finish A Court of Throne and Roses? I just read the series and didn’t love it. The storyline was enjoyable but a little too much spice for me. However, her Throne of Glass series is one of my all-time favorite series. I wanted to do nothing but read those books – it was so fun to fall into a story like that, and it really reignited my love of reading. Currently reading The Women. You were right – so good. Probably my favorite Kristin Hannah book yet!


Heather! We need to start a book club together. Ordering In An Instant now. I just read the summary and it sounds like something I will want to read twice too. I didn’t end up finishing ACOTR either. This is so good to hear about Throne of Glass though, I’ll try that too. Wish we could meet for dinner and discuss The Women. It brought me such an appreciation and love for the amazing women that serve our country. Have the most beautiful weekend!


Oh my, I’m kind of embarrassed to say I have many run bras that have celebrated more than one birthday :(. Same for tights/shorts and tops. I guess I need to purge.

I just finished The Rainmaker (John Grisham) while on vaca. It was a good quick read. Don’t think I’ve ever read Anna Quindlen.

Have a fabulous weekend!


DON’T BE EMBARRASSED… who knows, maybe it’s just a marketing tool to get people to refresh their wardrobes more often. The Rainmaker sounds great. Where did you go on vacation? Thank you and you too, Deidre!


Wow Beck is already going to the big boy bed!? Please update us on how it goes with any tips! My boy is going to be switching to a bed from his crib in about a month when he turns three, and I’m terrified 😅


I wish I could save you from your anxieties of this haha but last night was not great… I’m hoping I’ll find tips and have help for you in a month. Beck went from sleeping 14 hours a night to wanting to be out partying with everyone way too early. Hope your day is a beautiful one, Courtney!


I struggle with the transition to sandal season too! But last year I splurged and bought a pair of Munro sandals and OMG the best purchase. I wore them all around Italy on vacation and I wore them to work! They’re still in great shape but I think I need a new pair, different style for this year!

Happy Friday!


Rachel! Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to check them out… a girl can never have too many shoes. I hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Congrats to Beck on moving up to a big boy bed! And he picked out great sheets.
I may need to get that hair tool. My flat iron is super old, and I think doing more damage than good. Is it easy to use? If it’s too complicated, I won’t use it, ha ha
During this half marathon training cycle, Fridays are non run days, so I usually take Nala on a good long walk. And we throw in something fun, like going by the farm nearby. She loves running along the fence with the sheep and goats.
Hope you have a great Friday!


I will tell him congrats from you:). It is SO easy to use. I am one to return something very quickly if it is hard to use but I really do use it daily. It has heatless and less heat options too which I’m using to help repair my hair. I love your Friday mornings with Nala. How fun! Thanks friend, you too and happy weekend. I hope your beach day was a great one!


I have to wear good shoes because of heel pain! Look at bzees shoes – I wear those sandals for work.

Also, what kind of container do you have around that battery candle. I have those candles but not the cover over it.


On the book theme… you should read 100 Years of Lenni and Margo (also a fun listen because Margo is Scottish and the accent is awesome). Not giving anything away, but it is about two women (one young and one old) who meet in a hospital, both not expected to live for much longer – and it is a really, really beautiful story.


I wear nothing but running shoes..and yes, run bras
never celebrate a birthday, always have three, one on, one in the wash, one ready to go……wash them in a garment bag, clips done up, hand wash if you can, never ever put them in the dryer….when shopping never ever try just one on, and yes I do know how to measure …I used to sell them…if you think selling shoes is an adventure, OMG, you wouldn’t believe how many would grab one, bring it to the counter and I’d have to send them back to pick up 3 more and try them on first…..and there was always that 1 customer that would come in with a bra that was older than me, and demand that they wanted the same one…..exactly, a lot would do the same with socks as well….


Transitioning to sandal season can be a challenge for me as well, but I finally treated myself to a pair of Munro sandals last year, and they were an absolutely fantastic buy!


I love the candle idea! How do you set those battery operated candles on a timer? Also, what kind of container do you have around that candle that is pictured?


Every Last One by Anna Quindlen is one of the best books I’ve ever read!


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