Friday Favorites!

Running at home is fun and all until the kids find you and give you puppy dog eyes to get you off and do things for them;). 10 miles @ 8:30 pace with three stops along the way.

IMG 1467

During my run, I looked out the window and saw my neighbor shoveling our driveway.  People are the best.

IMG 1457

When I asked Beck what song he wanted me to sing to him in the morning, he replied, “Jack Skellington.”  Andrew is so proud.

My sister came over to plan the built-ins… It’s going to be amazing.

The kids spent 3 hours outside after school.  I swear we had 5 inches of fresh snow, so they were living their best life.

IMG 1516

And then we had sheet pan sweet potato nachos for dinner.  I roast the sweet potatoes and then top it with whatever we have.  It is one of my favorite easy meals.

IMG 1520

Now for a few favorites:

*I first got the Dyson Airstraight a bit ago, and after a few uses, I concluded that I didn’t like it.  My sister told me to go with the Shark FlexStyle instead, so I was able to return the Dyson and get the Shark for half the price (Costco had a deal on it a bit ago, but I’m not sure if it does anymore).  I cannot get enough of this thing on my hair and the girl’s hair:

IMG 1298

It is extremely easy to use.   The hair gets pulled into the curling wand while drying it, using way less heat, resulting in less damage.  The Shark also gives our hair much more volume (one thing I didn’t like about the Dyson Airstraight).

I usually do my hair straight (hence why I tried the Airstraight), so I use this tool that comes with it to dry it as I round brush.  Long story short, my sister’s other expertise other than design is hair, and she isn’t one to spend a good amount of money on things, so if she recommends it and falls in love with it, you know it is good.  If I have learned one thing in my life… if my sister says it’s worth it, it is:).

IMG 1353

I also love curling my hair with it, and it has motivated me to wash it more often because it does all the work for me.  The curls last much longer (days for the girls) than when I use a curing iron.

Let’s go ahead and add this Mango Cardigan to today’s favorites since I clearly wear it a lot.  Mango wins for the softest sweaters.  I just got this one for Spain, too!

IMG 1498

*Andrew gave me this backpack for Christmas, and I’m pretty sure this is my new favorite color:


Have any fun weekend plans?

Has anyone done a good deed for you recently?

Favorite way to eat sweet potatoes?

Have any favorites this week?

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I always tell myself that I’ll style my hair more but then I never want to give it the time of day. Your and Brooke’s hair is telling me to give it another whirl.
No big weekend plans. Winter is hitting hard here this week so reading and staying inside sounds so lovely.
I often bring in my neighbor’s garbage cans as well as texting her to meet me out back for freshly baked bread or cookies. My husband often shovels her sidewalks.
Can’t wait to see more sister designs!
Have a great weekend!


Hahah that is how I usually feel but this thing is making me want to do my hair more often! Stay warm inside this weekend, come meet us in St. George if you want to instead. Your neighbor is so lucky to have you guys. Happy reading and thanks, Molly!


Happy Friday Janae! We love sheet pan nachos!

We may go snowshoeing this weekend. Woke up to temperatures of -13 degrees Celsius but apparently feels like -24 degrees Celsius which for the west coast of BC is sooo cold. We got snow yesterday too. Thankfully this Friday I am working from home.

Our fire place is on constantly these days lol.

Have a great day !


Sheet pan nachos are just too good for how easy they are to make! Ummm that is insanely cold. Stay safe this weekend and enjoy that fireplace! Thanks Kristine!


Hey, question for you – how cold is too cold for your kids to go outside? They seem like they don’t mind it at all and like everyone does better outside, but everyone I know is posting on social media about how their kids are going crazy inside with cold temperatures all over the country. Maybe everyone should go outside?!


I’m not sure if my kids have feelings haha Knox was out in a short sleeve shirt. I feel like if it is under 10 degrees then I would probably be a bit more cautious with them but over that, they are in heaven and just come in when they are frozen ha. I wonder if we are making our kids too soft sometimes?!? But we also don’t have the humidity and wind chill that some areas have. Hope your day is a great one, Liz!


Ok, I need that hair dryer/styler!
Finally, after a few injuries, the holidays, life…. Early Friday morning runs are back! It felt so good to run with my friend again. The miles fly by, and we get to catch up on everything. Boy have we missed our Friday mornings.
This weekend will be all about organizing. I started this week in the kitchen, and now taking on the office! It feels so good to declutter. I am all about simplifying life in 2024.
What a nice neighbor. You’re right, people are the best.
Have a great Friday Janae.


It really is amazing! Hallelujah for your Friday runs to be happening again. I miss my friends so much this week, I bet you were just so thrilled to have them this morning. Good for you guys! Happy organizing weekend, come over here after you are done;). Your neighborhood sounds amazing too. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Not sure if you realize but Mango is a store based in Spain, so you can go there when you’re in Madrid.


I DID NOT KNOW THIS! Maybe I will just bring an empty suitcase to fill up there haha. Have a great weekend, Dominique!


I own the Shark FlexStyle! I dont use it as often as I would like, but it makes me happy to see it on this list and know that people who actually know things about hair like it haha.


Hahaha I just do whatever my sister does:). Love that you have one too! Have the best weekend, Jade!


Are you watching Real Housewives of Salt Lake City on your iPad??


You guessed it! Are you watching this last season????


Sure am. I watch an unhealthy amount of RH but SLC is one of my faves 😊


🤣🤣🤣 it’s just all too good!!!


I have been looking at that shark for weeks. What attachments do you use???

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