Silentish Saturday–> HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

A run with my sister and the weekend with Andrew (we slept in until 8 which felt like the biggest treat).

IMG 2532

Andrew had breakfast ready for me when I got home.

IMG 2531

Andrew’s niece had a birthday and she invited us to the zoo with her.

IMG 2558

Brooke’s heaven = looking at animals all day.

IMG 2548

The otters were a favorite.

IMG 2540

So were the churros.

IMG 2555

IMG 2550

Zupas was calling my name on the way home so Andrew and I ate at the table together while the kids played and called it our weekend date…

IMG 2561

Definitely the most comfortable spot in the house to read a book;)

IMG 2564

My friend sent me this and I loved it!  Can’t wait to listen to Sara Hall with Lindsey Hein on my run today.

IMG 2563

Baby, if you are listening… your dad REALLY wants you to come meet us today!

IMG 2562


Tell me three things that you have going on today!

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Fingers crossed for baby today!!

Outdoor yoga class with a friend, homework, and Halloween movie night! But I hate scary movies so the fun, cute Halloween ones like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown lol.


Thank you for crossing those fingers Mariah! That outdoor yoga class sounds so so good right now. I’m with you on the cute Halloween movies, ENJOY! Happy Halloween!


I’ll be sending “go into labor Janae” thoughts your way all day!
Today I’m working, making Halloween cupcakes and then tonight giving out candy! Those in our neighborhood who want to participate are going to stand in their driveways. I packed up treat bags and will lay them out on a table so the kids can just grab one without touching the others. And I have a Halloween-themed face mask to wear while doing it. Halloween 2020 style!


THANK YOU for sending those thoughts Jenny!! I hope your time at work goes by quickly and those cupcakes sound yummy. I LOVE what your neighborhood is doing, what a great idea.


OMG! Your hump is beautiful! A Halloween baby would meet Andrew and Knox’s best wishes!

Three things today: soccer championship, trick or treat scavenger hunt in the house, and bonfire outside!

It is a blue moon tonight so fingers crossed foe you and your wee one!


Thank you so much Tonya! I am really hoping that it happens:). You guys have some awesome plans for your day, enjoy!


Hi! I hope the little nugget makes the grand appearance today!

This weekend, I am spending time with my sister and brother-in-law eating all the snacks from TJs and watching movies, going for a walk, and making haunted cookie houses!

Have a great weekend!


Thank you so much Amber! I sure hope so:). Haunted cookie house… what an awesome idea. That all sounds like a blast. Thank you and you too!


Thinking Halloween labor thoughts for Andrew! About to run, then carve pumpkins on my mom’s lawn, then home to have a Halloween candy taste test with the kids since we can’t trick or treat!


Halloween candy taste test… that sounds like such a great idea. We might have to copy you. I hope your run was a great one and thanks so much Tracy!


That episode with Lindsey and Sarah is so good! I love how calm Sarah seems in all aspects of life, yet how fiercely determined she can be with racing and training.
Sending you all the positive “go into labor” vibes today!! We’re all crossing our fingers for you and Andrew ❤️


It really was so amazing, I loved it this morning. She seems like she just has it all put together:). Thank you so much Wendy and I hope you are having some cooler temps today and enjoying the weekend!


Completed my 100 mile goal for Oct this morning. Rain messed me up this week so I had to do 9 this morning ugh..
Now relaxing watching Halloween movies until Trick or Treating time (aka eat all the candy)??


I had the same 100 mile goal as you Lauren for October! I hit it a few days ago and celebrated yesterday by just lying around and watching lots of tv. Virtual high five to you!


AMY!! WAY TO GO on crushing your goal. You rocked it!


Lauren! CONGRATS on your 100 mile accomplishment in October, that is HUGE! I hope you are celebrating and recovering today… keep enjoying that candy! xoxox


Hi Janae ! Happy Halloween !
3 things today : staying at home, staying at home, and staying at home ! We are nationally confined again here in France since yesterday, for the whole month of november.
Hope your baby will listen to Andrews wish !
Have a great day !


Ingrid, I had no idea that France was confined again. I am so so sorry and I hope that you are able to get through this month smoothly. Thanks Ingrid!


Fingers crossed for a Halloween baby!!! I hope you and your family have such a wonderful day and eat lots of good treats.

I ran a sub-22 5k this morning!!! (21:42)
Now trying to figure out what my next goal will be!!


CLARE!! That is HUGE! I am thrilled for you and huge congrats. I hope you are recovering and relaxing today. Let me know what your next goal is!


Thank you so much Janae!! ??

I’m actually feeling pretty down today emotionally… I had been dating a seemingly really great guy for several weeks. Friday night/Saturday I posed some objections to his friends’ inappropriate/disrespectful/self-destructive behaviors and patterns. I ultimately told him that he deserves more from himself (and should expect more out of himself as a friend). I told him he should be a good friend to them and gently point out their missteps so they can improve their behaviors. (This all happened over text.) It’s been 24 hours and I have yet to hear from him. I just feel so down because I thought he was a really great guy. Anyways, sorry for my novel and for being so depressing. I’m proud of myself for trusting my instincts and having enough self-respect to walk away from a situation in which it seems like there is a lot of toxic/self-destructive behavior. Trying to allow myself to feel what I need to feel right now so I can move on in healthy ways. anyways again sorry for the novel and for the negativity but also trying to celebrate the positives in it all.


CLARE. I am so incredibly sorry about that. That is so so hard. Still no word? You absolutely did the right thing and it might take him time to really think about what you said and what he needs to do next. GOOD for you to feel what you need to feel and I am positive if I was in your position I would feel the same. I think it is awesome that you stuck up for the right thing. You deserve the best and someone that can communicate with you too so don’t forget that. Thinking about you friend, please keep me updated!


My parents took us to the zoo a lot when I was a kid (I think it was pretty cheap back then) and I still love going! Animals fascinate me.

Don’t know if Andrew will get his wish, but that picture of Knox reading made me think, “I hope he gets a brother!” ha!


ME TOO!! I can’t wait to see if he gets that brother. I hope you are having the most beautiful day Kathy!


My 2nd baby is celebrating his 18th birthday today? Time flies! I’ll keep my fingers crossed your little one comes today :)


18!!! What a big birthday, I hope your day was perfect. Thank you so much for crossing your fingers for me… but this baby decided to stay inside for a bit ha. Have a great Sunday Amy!


Happy Halloween!!!

We were just in Utah to buy a new travel trailer, we waived in your direction then headed back to Colorado.

Hope you had a wonderful day and Andrew enjoyed his favorite day of the year.


No way! Oh how fun it would have been to run into each other. Congrats on the new travel trailer, you guys are going to have some adventures. Thanks Beth and enjoy your Sunday.

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