Silentish Saturday!

(Shorts, tank, bra, shoes)

Emilee and I perceive temps very differently haha.  9 miles @ 8:33 average.

IMG 7802

Stuffed animal day for Kindergartners… When Skye got out of the car to go to school, Beck said, “She’s just so cute.”  I agree.

IMG 7810

Met my sis and niece at the park.

IMG 9756

My sister brought this find from Costco.  It’s amazing.

IMG 7815 copy

The park crew.

IMG 7817

This is the park where Andrew broke his leg… luckily, nobody was hurt yesterday.

Corey mentioned she had a Sandlot shirt so I had to get one for Beck.

IMG 7822


IMG 7821

Finishing off with Wish on Disney+

Excited for a weekend with everyone home, running and all of the soccer…

Tell me three things you have going on today!

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“She is just so cute!” Too funny!!
Today is work, run, make dinner. Not the most exciting Saturday!
Follow up on earlier this week, I have no idea why I started to run laps in our indoor rec center at age 18. I do remember a summer later being on a treadmill at a gym and seeing people I knew from high school. I didn’t want to interact with them so I stayed on the treadmill and ran my first 5 mile distance. Yay social awkwardness!


Work weekend! Social awkwardness can sometimes bring the greatest thing;). Thanks for sharing, I love learning these things! Hope your day is a beautiful one, Molly!


The Samdlot – such a classic!!
I’m looking forward to working in my flower beads, running and reading!


It truly never gets old. That sounds like a perfect day! Enjoy every second and you’ll have to let me know what you think of your book!


Beck is correct! She is just so cute. Beck is such a sweetie!
I swear, your sister doesn’t age! You guys have to share that secret, whatever it is, ha ha
Today is a quick run(hoping to squeeze it in before the rain), some core, dog walk, then hopefully finishing my book. It’s so good, and so sad. It’s called Let Us Descend by Jesmyn Ward, and is about the life of a slave girl in search for her mom…. Heart breaking, but beautifully written.
Have a great weekend full of soccer and family!


She does not age! And neither do you! I love seeing your life updates on IG. Oh wow. I cannot even imagine. I have to read it. Thank you friend!


So what was the temp that you wore tank and shorts but she wore long sleeve and leggings?? The other girl in pic had a tank and shorts too!


Yes! It was 47 degrees which is almost sports bra weather for me haha. Jo and I are usually wearing the same thing for temperatures but me and Emilee differ:). Hope you have a beautiful day!


Ahh The Sandlot! My brother and I still quote that one and we are in our 30s now. Classic. Legends never die ;)

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