A 15 mile tempo + our new home;)

(Top, bra, shorts, shoes)

Driving to the run, I told myself I would hang with these speedy girls for two miles and then drop back and do a short speed workout at a medium-effort push. <– The lies we tell ourselves to push start on our GPS watches.

Lauren and I were so glad we showed up because the conversations were too good, and they helped us push harder than we would on our own. This run was just miles for them but felt like a 15-mile tempo for us, haha—> My watch said 15 miles @ 6:59, but Strava said 15 miles @ 7:00 average. Which one do I listen to? And why do I even care?

About 30 times on the way up the canyon, when running into a headwind and gasping for air, I wanted to quit so badly, but then I would make mini goals of going ‘just one more mile’ with them.  It worked; I held on.

IMG 7834

Lauren and I also went to the gym to lift afterward.  I didn’t last long because the above situation wore me out.  I wish it were the thought that counted for strength training.

IMG 7841

I may not get them for free anymore, but I still drink one every single day.  Getting protein is not my specialty, and these make it easier.

IMG 7844

I came home, and Brooke did Knox’s hair for his soccer game.

IMG 7843

Welcome to our new home:

Soccer season has begun, and much of our time will be spent on the fields.

This girl has grit out there on the field.

IMG 7852

Andrew and I celebrated making it through seven hours (each team has a practice before or long warm-up too) on the fields with dinner out at Communal.

How they can make brussel sprouts taste better than candy is truly a gift.

Every bite was just what I needed.

Sunday dinner was at my sister’s house for my nephew’s birthday party.

Veggies over udon noodles for dinner.

And chocolate cake for dessert.

Happy Boston Day!  I will not be blinking for the entire broadcast.  You can watch it on ESPN2. I hope everyone has the best day!

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Who will be watching Boston today?  Who are you cheering for?

How do you get your protein in each day?

Tell me a highlight from your weekend!

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Kudos to you all for surviving 7 hours on the fields!! Tell me more about this orange and purple windbreaker I keep seeing…

Also, super sad I’m three weeks out from my half and hit a major over training wall the past couple weeks. Help! Totally dead legs, diminishing returns, can barely get through an easy mile or two without heart rate spiking and needing to stop. Has this ever happened to you or anyone else here? Did you totally rest (lol) scale back mileage, cross training, etc.


I am obsessed with it! This one is just reversed with the colors: https://shopstyle.it/l/camsU

Melissa, I am so so sorry. Uggg that is so frustrating. That has absolutely happened to me. Usually, it also relates with not sleeping well. I really think the best thing is taking a week off, sleeping as much as possible, filling up with all of the nutrition and then getting back at it the next week (at maybe less intensity and gradually increasing again). PLEASE keep me updated with how you are doing and if this helps. You’ve got this! You can take a bit off and then get back at it in time for your half!


I would gobble up those Brussels!
Knox’s hair looks so rad :) Hope that term doesn’t “age” me too much.
Just saw your Saturday post about Beck’s Sandlot shirt–LOVE the BEAST :D Happy to see Beck sporting that awesome movie swag!


Definitely does not age you, I use that term all of the time. Hahah thank you for inspiring me to get that, I’m not sure he is going to let me wash it! Have a beautiful day, Corey!


I am going to be glued too! More excited for Boston than the Super Bowl and my home team was in it this year! I am both watching and loudly cheering for YouTuber Eric Floberg who’s chasing sub 2:35. His training block and incredible content captured me in every way. Nicole Winter also on YouTube who, besides you is the only female runner that I follow who is strong, authentic and the best at leading by example and inspiring. May everyone run strong and all the variables be in their favor!


Wasn’t that just so fun to watch?! Oh I hope Eric did it! Off to go follow Nicole:) Thank you for sharing and I hope you are having the best day!


Oh how I remember those days of living at the Little League fields! Such sweet memories.
I love brussel sprouts, but no one else in the house does. So if they’re on a menu, I get them.
It’s so annoying and weird when your watch and app don’t match. A minute isn’t bad. I often run while doing a guided run with the Peloton app, and it rarely matches my watch. It’s usually off by a lot! Very strange.
Highlight of the weekend…. Getting my 11 miles done yesterday, then taking Nala to her group class before the rain hit! We were all pretty lazy for the rest of the day, ha.
Happy Boston day! I’m watching it until I have to go work at the college. So many people to cheer for!
Have a great day Janae


I bet you spent many many hours at the fields! Okay, that is so strange that the Peloton app is so off too! ELEVEN MILES. Wendy, you are rocking your half training. Next month! Glad you and Nala made it before the rain. Thanks friend, you too!


I’ll be tracking Boston on the app and following my husband’s bestie. He quit drinking a few years ago and got back into running and is already at Boston after a fall BQ. So proud of him!
I aim to get a good dose of protein at each meal, be it tuna, eggs, beans, meat. I tell myself I’m less “snacky” that way, but let’s be real… I will snack no matter what.
This weekend they hosted a super cute event at our museum. The kids got to drop off a stuffy overnight and the staff posted pics of the stuffies throughout the museum. In the morning, Enso had to hunt for his stuffy and then had story time, music, and a breakfast. Adorable.
Have an awesome start to your week, Janae! Boston next year???


I hope your husband’s bestie did awesome. What a cool story! Haha snacks need to be a part of our day no matter how much protein we get in;). That is so fun. I bet Enso was in heaven! I want our museum to do that. Oh I think I will have to next year. Hope your day is a beautiful one, Courtney!


I also struggle to take in protien. I’m not a vegetarian, but I don’t care for or eat meat…will do chicken or seafood.
I mostly survive on protien powder and drinks that I buy at Costco. I’m sure I’m missing out on lots of nutrients.
I don’t have a highlight from the weekend because on Friday I backed into a big truck with my van a put a crash in the rear door and then woke up to a van that wouldn’t start on Saturday morning, still dont know what is wrong with it. I have been stressed out all weekend. Oh and then Sunday, I discovered that my drain is slowly leaking under my kitchen sink. Waaaaaah!


CORRY. Dang it. I am so so sorry. I really hope that things go up from here and you can figure out what is going on with your van and your drain. SO annoying!


Watching the Boston Marathon today while working, as I usually do! Annual tradition lol.




Family get-togethers are the best! We had a low key weekend, which was nice because last weekend was baptism party chaos (so FUN chaos!) at our house. Yesterday we did our first bike-ride over to my parents’ (a little over 6 miles each way through the park reserve) and my legs are definitely out of practice – pulling 2 littles in a bike trailer with hills AND wind is no joke! Also, biking is not my strength. But was such a fun ride with my oldest on his bike, it was worth it. And great cross-training for me. I skipped the strength workout I was considering.. I think strength after an exhausting workout is optional!
I won’t get to watch Boston today, but will be checking in at least a couple times & as a result will be extra inspired to get out for a lunch-break-run today! Have a beautiful Monday!


You needed a chill weekend after your previous weekend. I love that you can ride your bike to your parents and you pulled two kids too… yes! Definitely optional. I feel better now haha. Hope you have the best RUNCH and I’m sure you feel so inspired now!


I am watching Boston right now, Lemma is KILLING it! And cheering for Emma to get it done, along with all the other US women. The best Monday of the year for sure!

Protein shakes save me, especially in the mornings after a run when I don’t want to eat. I eat meat, but not in the quantities needed to get all my daily protein so quick and easy shakes help me get close.

Weekend happenings, we did a ton of manual labor getting our yard ready for concrete work. So much shoveling!! Good cross training I suppose :)


Lemma did absolutely amazing! Watching Emma lead for a bit made my morning. I want to go on a run with them all and hear their recaps. What would we do without protein shakes?? Way to get in that cross training that also got your yard ready:) Have a beautiful day, Mindy!


I survived yesterday. I worked a hospital shift, ran 6 miles in 80° and then hopped a flight to Vegas. And I woke up so disoriented that I forgot to check on Boston for three hours until my husband said something!!
I need a running group like yours!! I need a little help on my speed days.
How do we get you sponsored again for Core Power?!


How. You must be exhausted! Have the best trip ever. I want to see so many pictures. That is a great question haha… let’s all email them;). Hope your day is a great one, Molly!


of course, up at 6:30 and now rewatching because that what I do…..some people watch hockey, I’ve heard…
the best was two friends, one coral 2, one in coral 3….and I was cheer for my buddy Karen to catch Claudette….came oh so close…but loved Obiri’s finish…now I’ve gotta by a new pair of Ons…Cloud Boom Echo 3..I may need to remortgage my house, but yeah…
not much to write about over the weekend…yard work….but today’s run after watching Boston was Incredible


I agree that we have to get you sponsored by Corepower again! I didn’t want to try them for the longest time, and then I finally did because of your recommendation, and now I’m hooked on them!

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