Silentish Saturday!

(Hat, shorts, shoes, old rain jacket that did not keep me remotely dry ha)

Coldest and worst feeling run of the season done.

Amazed none of us were no-shows with the wind and rain.

IMG 2461

We all paid the consequence for running in this weather…

No, we did not run on trails… this is just from the roads haha.

Usually, the 6:30 pace feels pretty goodish but it felt like much more work yesterday.  Story of my life with the taper.  15 miles total @ 7:33 pace.

Reading and recovering.

These are really good.

Can’t wait to try this while watching the trials.

IMG 2511

Indoor soccer cheering for Brooke.

Can’t wait to cheer for my friends today (I WANT TO BE THERE IN PERSON WATCHING).

IMG 2479

Tell me three things you have going on today!


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I have my breakfast, coffee, and Peacock app running currently. I am so excited!!
Can you believe that I schedule a car repair appointment for today during the trails?? I rescheduled!
After the trials I need to do house chores, run and make bolognese for dinner.
Here we goooooo!!


AHHHHH COULD YOU BELIEVE TODAY!?! I wanted to call you haha. Thank you for fixing that mistake. Good luck with the chores… I need to do that too!


Your weather yesterday was exactly what ours was on Thursday…. I went to the gym to run on the treadmill, ha ha. I am not that tough. Or, I do not have correct clothing for that kind of weather. Awesome job!
Watching the trials, going up to LA to see the LA Philharmonic with family, then dinner.
Hope your weekend is fantastic!


You made the right decision, I am still cold haha. What did you think of the trials? Sounds like a great weekend, enjoy!


I give a thumbs up for the pecan Kringle. Three things for me: workout (done), booking tickets to Sedona, and library visit. Have a great Sat!


It’s not my favorite of all of their kringles which shocked me! Sedona… how fun! I would love to go there and I also need to go to the library. Have the best day, Alyssa!


cheering for D’Amato..the funniest STRAVA posts ever….and the a run, tomorrow working a race for the day in the cold and then a run through an old ‘hood after….


She really does. I want to know what happened to her… she was looking so strong. Sounds like a great weekend!


I went to the trials to cheer on the amazing athletes! They were absolutely incredible! And there was one mama there running 7 months pregnant! It was all so awe inspiring!!


Wow wow wow wow wow. Oh this is so cool to hear! Thank you for sharing!


I really like that you have friends with whom you share your passion for running. The more people doing something together, the better, mutual support and good fun are the basis.

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