Friday Favorites!

(Top, shorts, shoes)

Ten solo miles @ 8:29 pace…

IMG 2433

And then I came home and hung out with these three.  Skye even tackled me during our football game, which was then continued after school, too.

My niece came over for some shoes and for her first week’s training plan.  She is getting ready for her second marathon (her first one was here) and actually training this time;). I cannot wait to see what she does.

IMG 2443

We also had my nephew over for the day.  He loves following Andrew around; they are best buds.

Neither of us had any energy to make dinner, so it was a pizza kind of evening.

IMG 2457

Let’s cover just a couple of favorites from the week!

*I have a feeling that big things are coming Betsy’s way this weekend…

IMG 2429

*I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to The Comfort Crisis.  There have been so many different things from this book that I’ve highlighted in my mind, but the biggest one has to do with boredom.  I am pretty sure for the last forever, I have rarely been bored.  When I’m not busy with life stuff—> I’m either listening to something, talking with someone, scrolling something, or reading something.  There is constant noise.  So, this week… I tried to find boredom, and I liked it a lot, whether in the car when I would usually turn on a podcast, or scrolling while waiting in line, or when getting ready in the mornings.  The quietness that I could sneak in when I could felt so calming and gave my brain a break.  Here’s to more boredom.

*I decided to be the one to review the dance studio cargo pants.  I’ve had the dance studio joggers (<- in the top 5 products that have sold from my blog!) for years and have loved them and was excited to try a new version of them.   They are absolute perfection.  The material feels too good against my skin; I could sleep in them.  They are a pair of pants that I would buy over and over and over again if I lost them or something ha.  They are a new staple.  

I love that you can cinch them up for another look.

Beck was thrilled that we were both wearing cargo pants on the same day.   Now to just put some tater tots in the pockets (name that movie)!

Who has a February birthday, race, or anniversary?

Tell me your weekend plans!

My tater tots and cargo pants movie memory… who knows which one I am talking about?

Tell me who you think will win both the men’s and the women’s marathons tomorrow.

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When my alarm went off this morning I asked myself, “Is it Saturday??” I’m so excited!! V sad for fellow Molly who dropped out.
Can you imagine if Emily Sisson blew up this Olympic trial like she did the 10K in 2021? I still can’t believe that race.
Ok, now I just went through my phone pictures to look at Conner Mantz and Emily Sisson photos/videos taken while I was at Chicago last year.
I’m going to by Kelley Kapoor tonight when I get into bed, “I’m too excited to sleep!!”
I am very interesting in which guy will take the third slot. And not make it.
I need to stop rambling! Have a great Friday!


You were basically just hanging out with Connor and Emily! Molly’s video made me tear up. I cannot imagine the place she is in! Never stop rambling, I need all of your thoughts! Happy Trials Eve!


Napoleon Dynamite! Weekend plans…run, watch trials, and read! Happy Friday!


You got it! Such a classic movie. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, enjoy every second and can’t wait for us all to discuss the trials on Monday! Thanks Alecia and ps I’m going to need to know at some point what you are reading!


Conner Mantz and em sisson! I’m so excited to watch!!


I think you are right on Mollie! You should place money on these two. Happy weekend and enjoy watching!!!


Ha ha! Just watched Napoleon Dynamite last night! Did you know it’s been 20 years since that movie was introduced at Sundance? I feel old.
Can’t wait for the trials tomorrow. I have it recording since I will we gone and have no access to tv or internet.


Last night?! Oh that makes me so happy and 20 years… why does it feel like at max only 10 years ago! Enjoy watching every second when you get to your recording and avoid all social media spoilers haha. Happy Friday, Shana!


NAPOLEON DYNAMITE! One of my all time favorites! I was at BYUI in 2003 and my theatre friends were wearing shirts that said “See this movie: Napoleon Dynamite”………..pretty sure many of them were extras in the film.

I have a birthday on the 27th! Cant wait:) It will be 39 for me!


Happy birthday month, Loribeth! I hope you celebrate all month long! No way about Napoleon! Just such a classic haha. Have a fabulous day!


Mantz, and then I am torn on the women’s side.
Sunday is our oldest’s 23rd birthday! So we are doing lots of fun things for that. Plus I will squeeze in a couple of runs
Love both of the joggers and cargo pants. I have been wanting to try cargo pants for a while… Now that I’ve seen them on an actual person (ha) I think they’re super cute.
Awesome that your niece is doing another marathon. Which one/when is it?
Have a great Friday Janae


23! Oh Wendy, that is so exciting! I hope you guys just have the absolute best time celebrating him and you for being an amazing mom. I think you need the cargo pants! I can’t wait for her, she is thinking of doing one in June! Ahhhhhhh have the best day, Wendy!


If there is not enough quiet (boredom) I cannot hear my heart talking to me.


THIS. And that’s when we lose ourselves! Here’s to more quiet this year.


The first time I saw Napoleon Dynamite I thought it was so boring and dumb. But I watched it again and caught so many things and thought it was hilarious. It’s so fun to quote that movie-how many times have you taken a picture and said “that’s the one.” A million times for me!

It’s going to be so interesting tomorrow-Sisson/Saina/D’Amato/Hall/Rooker…..goodness! The field is so amazing. I loved reading the athlete bios, then Alison Wade’s Fast Women newsletter had links to others, and Citius Mag had some really funny ones. I’m sooooo excited to see everyone race. I think the world is going to be watching this one.

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