My Trials Book Report and Weekending.

I couldn’t sleep Friday night because I was so excited for an easy 7.5 miles (65 total for the week) @ 8:43 pace and then to watch the trials with my friends.

I wish this happened every Saturday morning.  I have some thoughts and questions, but they are jumbled, so here we go:

IMG 2531

*It’s amazing how relatable the pros are…. Yes, Connor and Clayton are running 4 minutes per mile faster than me, but watching them help each other, the high-fives, the words of encouragement… We get it.  I’ve had many races/workouts where the same thing happened with my friends and me, and you know how special that bond is. I loved watching it.

*Jared’s interview afterward where he got emotional… Such a class act.  He had to drop from the race due to a high hamstring injury, but his joy for his teammates was touching.

*Was that blood on Fiona O’Keeffe’s bib??  Can you imagine it being your FIRST marathon and then winning the Olympic Trials?!  The Olympic Trials record for the women was 2:24:38 (Shalane’s record), and O’Keeffe took 2:28 off that time for her first marathon. She ran a 5:09 mile at mile 25!

*Why do you think Clayton had Connor win?  Is there something with Connor maybe earning more for 1st?  I know they chose to tie and split the earnings in one race, so I almost wonder if something like that happened. Is it because Connor helped Clayton get to this level and pulled him?  Was Clayton worried that Connor wouldn’t finish without him because he was hurting?  Or was it because Connor has done that for Clayton in a different race?  From everything I know about these two guys, they are as wholesome and amazing as it gets.  They love their families, are honest, and work incredibly hard.  These are the kind of people I want my kids to look up to.

*Another Utahn that I adore:

*I loved learning that Dakota Lindwurm was a division 2 walk-on athlete, and then she took THIRD for the women in the Olympic Trials.

*After taking 4th place in 2020, I was so happy for Leonard Korir.  Do we think he will be able to go to Paris?  I feel horrible for Zach Panning after he led the race for so long and fell behind in the final miles.

*My heart broke for so many, but especially for Sara Hall.  She has worked for so many years to get on an Olympic team, and at 40 years old, she was just 35 seconds behind 3rd place.  It was her best placement in the Olympic Trials, which is pretty incredible, and she set a new Women’s Masters US record.

*MY FRIEND (on the far right) TOOK 12TH AT THE OLYMPIC TRIALS!  She was seeded 24th going into the race.  I am so happy for her and can’t wait to celebrate with her in Spain (she is coming too)!

*I’m baffled why so many people didn’t think Clayton Young would finish in the top 3?!  He was basically chit-chatting to Connor in the final 400-meter stretch.  I love that he embraced the underdog mentality and didn’t let that hold him back.

*I really want to try the Puma shoes that Fiona was wearing!

IMG 2544

*I will rely on you to tell me about any good podcasts that come out about any of the athletes.

*Dakota’s pink and orange color combo is my goal for a race this year.

*Clayton’s brilliant idea of switching hats and keeping the rules… they were in his water bottles!

*What is wrong with me…. Watching them all hurt so bad in the end made me excited to do it myself in 13 days.

The food we ate while we watched was another reason it was such a good morning.

IMG 2520

*I need you to make this sweet potato and bacon hash dish.  It was super simple, too!

IMG 2518

Also, the Pecan Kringle from TJ’s reigns supreme over any other Kringles.  I was skeptical, but it won.

IMG 2541

On Saturday, we went to a UVU basketball game:

Winter showed up again:

Of course, it would be silly for all of the kids to be sick at the same time… we like to draw sickness out for as long as we can.  Poor guy had a rough Sunday.


Please give me your thoughts on the trials!

What was the best thing you ate over the weekend?

Had sickness in your house this winter?

Will you be watching the super bowl on Sunday?  Brooke wants to know who you are cheering for (she is all about the 49ers).

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It was blood on her bib! She had an energy gel tucked into her bra that chaffed her. Poor thing. What a star!


Oh no! I hadn’t heard this. I was hoping it was her sports drink since I noticed the red increase as the race went on.


OUCH!! We were hoping it was sports drink too, Molly! Thanks for telling us and that woman is incredible.


For a list of podcasts with women athletes the Fast Women, by Alison Wade, Substack has a great list weekly of who is on what podcast.


Oh thank you, Dawn! Great point and her newsletter today was SO good. Have a beautiful day!


So many thoughts on the trials. I still cry thinking about it. So much happiness and so much heartbreak. Sara Hall was a beast. I wanted it for her as much as she did I think. She was all grit! And I wanted Connor and Clayton to cross the finish holding hands to give Alison Feller her dream come true =]

I hit the pink and orange combo for my run Saturday afternoon. I know it made me stronger and faster!

Superbowl indeed. Chiefs fan here since I live in KC. I just hope it isn’t a nail-biter as my heart cannot take that!

Stay well! Taper Well!


Right?! The range of emotions is so polar opposite with the trials! Sarah’s grit is so inspiring. I think I would have not survived if they had crossed the finish line holding hands. I bet that combo was so fun on Saturday. How do you feel about all of the Taylor Swift things as a Chiefs fan? Thanks LC! You too!


Regarding Taylor Swift…She and Travis seem genuinely happy and they both deserve happiness. Here in the midwest we are taking it all in stride and having some fun along the way.


We’re practically neighbors. I live just north of KC a few miles. Chiefs fan too! Isn’t the city awesome right now all lit up in Red!! We’ve made it a tradition in our family to drive down to the City on the Saturday before the Super Bowl just to see the lights.


Hey Betsy! I love the way our city comes together supporting our Chiefs.
My favorite view is at the Liberty Memorial overlooking Union Station and downtown.
Here’s to another great game!


I read that they would have been DQ’d if they’d held hands. So I was glad they didn’t. :-)


Wow! Loved this weekend!! Can you imagine cruising into a marathon finish line while smiling and kissing babies (he was one step away from this)?? Clayton and Conner were so fun to watch. Hats in his bottles… genius. But did he get another water bottle? CJ Albertson is on the cusp of something great.
I have only 1 million thoughts about the women. My heart broke for Keira. I don’t have words for Sarah, ouch. Puma dominated the trials, brilliant kit colors. Dakotah!! Talk about believing in yourself and proving to the world that you are one of the best. I need a deeeeep dive on Jess McClain. For half the race I kept asking, who’s in the pink?? Your friend finished behind Des Linden. WOWOWOWOW! I was in shock watching Betsy step off course and lie face first down into the grass. We have all had that desire!
Emily Sisson! She had to feel so much pressure and kept so calm and ran her own race. It’s easy to love the record holder, but I really love Emily Sisson (and her beagle).
Utah really represented itself. Tell us your secrets!!
And what in the world is Jordan Hassay up to?? Is she done?
I’ll cut myself off now. I hope Beck feels better ASAP!


NEVER cut yourself off. We were all wondering where Jordan was too! I think our water must be good haha?!?! I definitely wonder with BYU athletes and alumni how valuable the lack of partying/drinking has played in their overall favor. I totally agree with you about CJ, good good things ahead for him. The Puma gear sold me, I want to buy it all now. I cannot wait for a podcast with Jess to come out. Oh poor Betsy, I feel it! I can’t wait to ask my friend if they chit chatted at all. Hope you have the best day, I feel like we could talk all day about this. Thanks Molly!


Natalie and Jerold at the Suite Run have a podcast with Jess from this past year. I can’t wait to listen to all the post race podcasts!


Thank you for asking all of the questions I had while watching the race! I’ll be scrolling the comment section of the remainder of the day.

The Connor & Clayton running relationship was my favorite to watch. The Wall Street Journal article on both of them was great – and an inspiration to all of us a bit older in years that dare to believe they can come back from some downtime and still do something great. Plus the reminder that having other things in your life, besides running and racing, is actually a good thing!

The cold, wet weather just won’t leave our part of the country but after watching them run in warm, sunny Florida I want spring to be here so bad!


That article was truly so good. Did you see how Connor said he ran his first 400m back in 75 seconds and now his marathon pace is 73 second 400s?! They really are such family and community men and it shows how that only helps their running. Oh I hope you get some sunshine this week, it’s really dreary here right now too. Have a great day, KJ and loved reading your thoughts!


I love how you couldn’t have predicted the women’s trials team! Shows how it was a really strategic race. Sad for the women who dropped out after all that training, but I appreciated how they said they wouldn’t change anything, going for your goals is important, even if you don’t make it. Also the masters women!! So inspiring that there is no deadline to compete this well!


Mariah. I totally agree! I thought for sure Em but had no idea for really the top 10! I agree with you, the journey makes us so strong and I’m sure they learned so much. Hope you are having a wonderful morning, Mariah!


I saw on one of the forums the blood was a nose bleed! Wild!!
I cried when the Utah boys won. 100%. It’s just impossible not to root for them. The encouragement they showed others, the excitement they gave the crowds, the teamwork. I know, ultimately they are competitors, but they really brought such a different feel to Saturday’s race. The power of having someone by your side believing in you through the very end was really incredible to watch. I’m super jealous you’re basically best friends with them. ;-)
PS—you can buy those Kringle’s online and they have a cherry one for Valentine’s Day!


A nose bleed… that is SO interesting especially because of the humidity. If it was dry, that would make more sense?! Impossible not to root for them! That is the absolute truth. You really are so right, having someone in your corner that believes in you is everything. Off to buy some Kringle’s. Thanks Mollie, have a great day!


I didn’t get to actually watch the trials, we don’t have Peacock. But I was following along on a blog. Connor and Clayton…. So good! The women are amazing. It sounded like an incredible race.
We had fun at Top Golf yesterday celebrating our son. They actually have really yummy food! The buffalo chicken dip was super good. Then our son’s girlfriend made a funfetti cake from scratch, which was delicious!
Poor Beck! I hope he’s feeling better soon.


Oh my gosh, as soon as it all ended I was like I need to text Janae and then I remembered we are not texting level hahaha! I called my husband (he doesn’t care, but he’s nice to listen) and CRIED about Connor/Clayton. What are the odds that they would go 1 and 2? I just can’t (especially as a fellow BYU alum). And Dakotah?! I recognized her from Boston and I’m so, so stoked for her. I need to try some puma’s too, I was thinking the same thing. Also, can we talk about how Des took 11th??? She’s still killing it and I wish I saw more of her. UGH. Such a good trials.


WE ARE ON THAT LEVEL! I’ll send you my number. Cried. Yep. It was just way too good. And to think, this is just the beginning for them! Des. Took. 11th. I want her to write another book and then another and another. Just the best trials ever! Have the best day, Tess!


My theory on why Clayton let Conner finish first – after reading several books by former Nike athletes, they have some crazy performance bonuses. I suspect that the bonus for finishing first was larger than Claytons so he let him go ahead. Also, Clayton looked like he could have run 5 more miles, he was incredible!!
The women!!! So much heartbreak for Keirra and Sara, both at probably their last trials, Des Lindon too. So much inspiration for those of us that are in our “Masters” era ;) The coverage always sucks at showing anything other than the front packs, I know that is what they are there for, but I think people also want to see what it happening in the chase packs, or even farther back. That said, I loved it all!! Also, after the past Nike domination, I was happy to see the qualifiers mix that up.

We will be watching the Super Bowl, we are rooting for the 49ers. The Brock Purdy story is just too good, and I’m tired of the Chiefs. I like to spread around the success :)


I think you are so right about the performance bonus and I just don’t think Asics will match them on that for Clayton. Another 5 miles… I totally agree with you. He has looked more gassed during his workouts that I’ve seen on Youtube. Oh and Des too… did you watch her interview after though? Her perspective was so so good. GREAT point on other shoes being present in the top 10 more than Nike… there was a lot of Brooks, Asics, Puma and even a few Saucony. It was so fun to see that. Brooke will be so happy to hear you are rooting for the 49ers. Hope your day is a beautiful one, Mindy!


I hadn’t seen that Sara hall video – that was painful to watch. I couldn’t even watch until the end. They shouldn’t have interviewed so soon after, that was brutal on her to talk about so soon!


Pretty raw, right? I love her vulnerability and how she puts it all on the line. Hope you have a beautiful day, Mary!


I won’t say who I’m cheering for, but I now hate Taylor Swift….
the trials wre amazing and I PVRed so I can watch everything again. I use clips from events like that to show those in my clinics what the stride should look like, and how not everyone has the same stride…I’m not sure if it was just me but the women events always seem more exciting…and I just thought this….women are starting to win events like ultramarathon and finish closer and closer to the top…how long before they start winning marathons?


I think you have an excellent point, Warren! And I can’t wait for that day:). Have a wonderful Monday!


The trials was incredible! I really wish they had shown more of the field instead of only the lead packs! With the depth of both fields, all the athletes deserved some fact time. I was all over IG on Sunday trying to catch a glimpse of all the other competitors.

Fiona ran an amazing race! She just kept going and going so strong (and fast!!!).

I am curious how Clayton chose to have Connor cross first. He was so crazy chit chatty at the end I thought maybe they’d cross together? One thing that kind of rubs me the wrong way is they should have taken the lead and pulled Panning a bit to get the Olympic standard. That being said, I was thrilled for #3-he looked amazing at the start and mid section of the race. He ran awesome and was so ebullient at the finish. WHY DO THEY INTERVIEW so soon after crossing the line?! Geez!

For a podcast, I can not wait for Des and Kara’s! This one is out by an internet friend of mine:

It was such an exiting day, I loved it. I had nervous stomach for them the whole time!!!
Those cinnamon rolls look so good. I’ve been craving them for weeks but too lazy to make them. Currently on day 10 of a throat virus turned laryngitis and just waiting for my voice to fully return. Give Beck my well wishes!!! He looks so tired in that photo!!!


Kelly, I think they did try to pull Zach Panning! I was watching a post-race interview where they mentioned telling Zach to just tuck in behind them and they would pace him. I think he just couldn’t hold the pace. :-( I was so bummed for him!!


I know you said super simple, but do you have a recipe link or directions for that sweet potato hash?
Love Sara Hall. Wanted this so bad to be part of her story.


My bad!!! They were so good.

Same same. We all wanted it so bad for her.


Savannah!! Ah, she’s from my city and she did so well! I ran with her once years ago and by run with her, I saw her at the beginning and at the end. And I remember her wearing shorts when I was wearing a jacket!

My husband got me a nothing bundt cake to celebrate the end of my master’s program, and I ate a little each night and it was delish!

My husband and I are both 49ers fans so we will be watching and cheering on!


So many emotions from this weekend! Fiona looked so incredibly smooth the whole race, what an amazing debut! Emily did so great under a big spotlight, and hurray for the smiley-ist runner Dakotah!! And all that in the midst of such an incredibly talented field. Your friend finished 12th!!!

And speaking of smooth, Clayton looked like he was jogging a 5k. I definitely cried when those two finished together. Also what a gutsy race by Zach Manning, and I really really hope Lenny Korir gets to go to Paris.

This was the best event leading up to your race, talk about inspiration!! Brooke, I’m a 49ers fan with you (Bay Area kid) but is it bad I was kinda rooting for Detroit in the NFC champs because I love a good underdog story? The Chiefs are beasts, so I can put my full weight behind the niners again!


So Many thoughts on the Trials. It was amazing. How is it possible to be so happy and sad at the same time!!! I agree it is so amazing to see so much fellowship and teamwork between the top competitors. Good examples for us all.
Tell Brooke I will be rooting for the 49ers too. I am hosting a Super Bowl party with friends. We will have plenty of good food to go along. I’m making White Chicken chili, Sourdough Cornbread, homemade salsa, Sourdough Chocolate Chunk Blondies. Can’t wait for the food…I mean the game. lol


As a BYU alum, I was rooting so hard for Clayton and Connor and was totally in tears!! I love their friendship. Did you see their strava posts? “Morning run with Clayton” so so endearing.

The pic of Sara Hall lying on the ground with Jess McClain crying to the side just about broke my heart.

I was on my Peloton the whole time I watched the trials. Got me so revved up about running that I tried to run again after my 2 hours on the bike. Um, it was not pretty and the mile I ran after the bike felt harder than the 16 I ran today. Haha!

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