Tuesday Tangents!

(bra, top, pants, shoes)

I hit the absolute jackpot and was able to get in a run a few hours later than I usually do.

Getting a few days like this sprinkled in throughout the winter saves me. It is so dark and cold for the next little bit; I will do whatever I can to get my 75 miles done whenever there is a glimmer of sunshine this week.

We ran right by Connor Mantz and Clayton Young again… less than a month until the Marathon Olympic Trials. I am so tempted to fly to Florida to watch!

12 miles @ 8:35 average.

The family is enjoying the Chirp RPM just as much as I am. Beck’s calves have really needed some TLC from all of the indoor play place running around that he does.

It was my niece’s 18th birthday! There isn’t a word to adequately describe how amazing she is.

And we finished up the night at indoor soccer.

Let’s jump into the tangents for today:

*When you use your recovery tools to remove snow from your car… I always have this in my car, so it is used for many things besides recovery.

*You know how I go back and forth every five minutes on whether or not we will have more kids? At this current moment, I feel like we are complete! Beck always asks me to carry him around like this after his baths, and I savor his final ‘babyish’ moments because they may be my last!

*Snacking on snow in the hot tub.

*At 25 years old, Tigist Ketema sets the world record for the fastest women’s marathon debut of 2:16:07 in Dubai (um, this is a bucket list marathon for me). She ran a negative split by 9 seconds. I can’t wait to see what she does in the marathon!

*Perk energy chai (protein and collagen for the win) is back in my life again. This stuff is so good.

*My good friend Jess was back in town, and we all got together for Sol Agave (my current favorite restaurant in Utah). These two women helped me through my darkest years, and I’ll forever be grateful to them.


Who is running Houston this weekend? Who has in the past?

-It is one that I’ve always wanted to do, but I don’t know if I can train for a marathon again during the winter until we move to St. George, haha.

Do you think women will get into the 2:0X time for marathons?

Have a tangent for today?

What is the best time of year where you live for marathon training?

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Hi! I keep seeing you mentioning potentially wanting another kid and, if you think you really might, I’d say go for it! I’m exactly your age and I had my son quickly with no issues in 2019. I wasn’t ready for another for a while but started trying summer 2022 (age 36 at that time). I still don’t have a second kid. Secondary infertility is a real thing and it sucks. I have lots of friends our age having kids and you’d probably be fine. I just don’t want you to experience what I’m experience if you decide you definitely want another. And nobody regrets having another kid. Good luck!


Jessica, I am SO so sorry. That is so hard and I am praying that things work out soon for you. Sending you an email because I swear I have the same thing (tried in 2022-2023)!! Thanks for sharing.


Hey! I never got an email (if you sent one) but I’d be happy to chat about it.


I’m living vicariously through you this winter — I’m actually not training for anything! It’s been nice to just use running as exercise, and I feel like I’ve been getting stronger with the cross training I’m doing. I decided not to run a spring marathon awhile ago, but it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise since my little guy (3 years old) has requested I sleep in his bed from 2:30a to wakeup most mornings. That is my usual running time, but as you say, I’m soaking up the cuddles for the time being. Running will always be there for me, but my son won’t be 3 forever :)
A tangent — we’re supposed to get a huge wind storm today and my house is surrounded by old maple trees. Always makes me nervous!
Take care, Janae, and Happy New Year!


That is SO nice and I’ll be doing the same for every winter forward:). Keep soaking up the season you are in and we will be so glad we did when they are teenagers and no longer wanting any cuddles haha. STAY SAFE! Trees freak me out and please keep me updated!!! Thanks Stacey, you too!


Ah! You saw both of them?? Were you able to shout anything out to them? Give a runners nod? They both are totally going to make it to the games.
And yes, let’s road trip to Orlando!
I love that Boston mug!
Run dinner was a success last night. Crisp lasagna edges and even some crispy cheesy lasagna edges. Wowowow! Alison Roman is too good. Documenting wasn’t as great. Oops!


I am so in for the road trip. I yelled to them ‘less than a month’ and they smiled as they were doing their easy 6:30 pace. I swear they run 99.9% of their mileage together. SO happy that the run dinner was a success. I am drooling over your lasagna description. I will try it someday. Have the best day, Molly!


You need a snow Joe for your vehicle. Best thing in the world if you live in a snowy state. Sharing the link to Amazon if you don’t have one.

Snow Joe SJBLZD-LED 4-In-1 Telescoping Snow Broom + Ice Scraper, 18-Inch Foam Head, Headlights, Blue https://a.co/d/2voB4gY


spring and fall….January here, awful. I refuse to run inside, but it’s now -900 F here right now…so I have to layer and dress warm, which I’ll do, and yes there is something special about running in a winter wonderland, but, it’s also hard to run on the sands in Maui……just a lot more fun grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
and cannot wait for the summer olympics….love all of it and every sport, but the 4 X 400 meter relays, I’ll be glues to the TV every day all day, and night cause you gotta watch live!


That’s so sweet about Beck in his towel. I know I’ve mentioned my twins to you before. Mooost days I feel like 2 is enough, and I have to try extra hard to savor everything because even though I have two kiddos, I only get each age and stage once!! A blessing and a curse. ;) glad you are soaking it in.

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