Which took longer?

(Leggings, shirt, shoes, vest)

Which took longer?  Completing the workout or programming it into my watch?   I’m pretty sure it was the second option.

There was no way I could remember this one, so my watch telling me precisely what to do was very helpful for each interval.

3 mile w/u, 10 x 2 min @ 6:10-6:20 pace, 1 min @ 7:00-7:15 pace, 1 min @ 540-5:55, 2 min easy, c/d.  I hit the splits, but goodness gracious, I did not feel like doing this workout.  Christmas break running = extra credit points.  I would have skipped it if I hadn’t had people meeting me there for it.

Luckily, this week is a down week, so the mileage dropped, and this was our only workout.  We have an 18 miler this week, but it will be done at a cruising pace, and then next week, the mileage and workouts will build up again.  I hit the jackpot with friends training for the Mesa Marathon because it is just a week before my marathon.

Couples that wear bright shoes together as they do speed work early in the morning before their kids wake up:

I did a 20-minute strength for runners class on the Peloton app afterward, and I am pretty sure this was my first time doing reverse planks.  They burn.

We took Christmas down.

And we have another skateboarder.

Next year we will give fewer presents and more boxes.

Beck agrees to this plan next year, too.

I’m enjoying life this Christmas break…. Candy salad and a book.


Is anyone else running the Mesa Marathon?

When do you put Christmas away?

Do you program workouts into your watch ever?

Ever done a reverse plank?

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I have never programmed a workout into my watch. I’m not great at doing speed work on my own, so I’m usually with a group who helps me remember. But maybe I should try it!


A group is much better than programming it into your watch! Keep up those amazing group workouts, the best. Have a great time with your boyfriend’s family, Mariah!


I am running Mesa! Good luck to your friends in their training :)


GOOD LUCK JANE. Please keep me updated with your training!


That was my first reverse plank, too!! Spicy!
V dot uploards workouts to my Garmin but I have never used that feature. Maybe 2024 will be the year!
Book shop update: remembered I promised cookies for a coworkers last day so had to go to the grocery store instead. I did download Boys in the Boat on my Kindle though!


Spicy. That is the correct word for reverse planks. Ummm I didn’t know that V dot does that?! Brilliant! You are very kind to bring cookies and you’ll have to let me know what you think of that book!


Oh the boxes. Infact my little one is inside a box watching TV right now


Bahaha that makes me so happy! Beck is in his now too:). Have the best day, Malvika!


No marathons in my future, but I used to put my workouts in my watch when I was training for NYC. Normally I am not a structured runner, I just run what feels good that day. It is a beautiful phase of running.

My college student put Christmas away yesterday while I was at work – bless him! I hate decorating and dislike putting it away almost as much. Making work for ourselves is a crazy concept.


I LOVE that phase of running! I think I will need that after Seville! That was so nice of him to do that. I was seriously thinking that yesterday… we barely put up anything inside because of the remodel and I decided I will keep it that way to take out some of the work haha. Happy Thursday, Mindy!


Reverse planks are so hard!! And they make my shoulders and triceps sore the next day. I did a HIIT cardio workout yesterday (Peloton app) that was good and a little hard. But oh my goodness, be the time the evening came I was already so sore. Today will be a super easy run for sure!
We also like to get Christmas put away before New Year’s. We have fun plans with 3 of our good neighbor couple friends today, so putting Christmas away won’t start until tomorrow.
I have never programmed a run into my watch. I may try to sometime in January.
Oh boxes are so fun with younger kids. Oh and cats. Cats love boxes! We leave a few out for a while for our cats to play in. It’s very entertaining, ha ha.
Have a good Thursday Janae.


Oh my goodness, I woke up and completely forgot about them and couldn’t figure out why my shoulders were so sore. HIIT workouts are so dang hard for me, way to go. Hope you have the best time with your friends today! Hahah cats and kids have a lot in common… Beck is in his now:). I hope your day is a great one, Wendy!


Boxes are the best toys ever!!

I’ve never programmed a workout into my watch-I have no clue how so perhaps I should look that up! I usually write it on my arm or a little piece of paper/notecard that goes into a baggy.

I often leave some decor up until New Year’s Day. I like the lights! I do change out some of the decor colors to silver and white and keep that going.


I honestly think maybe the baggy is easier haha… it takes so long to put them in sometime! BUT if you ever want to, go to the garmin connect app, training and planning, workouts, and then create a workout there! Good call on switching to silver and white, I might need to try that. Have the most beautiful day, Kelly!


I had a running coach a few years ago and one of my favorite things about that was he programmed all my runs into VDot and then they magically showed up in my garmin. It was wonderful. Now if I’m doing a workout I will sometimes program it myself but weirdly I can never figure out right away how to actually get to the training / workout screen on my garmin! I know its in there but I just have to press all the buttons randomly until that screen pops up.

I’ve done that strength for runners workout before and that part was tough! I was very proud of myself for doing a 20 min yoga for runners after my run this morning. I always plan to do something after the run but probably 75% of the time I don’t do it!


I have programmed workouts, especially when I’m looking after a clinic, but I have also been know to write a workout onto the palm of my hand…old school. works great, not so great for swim workouts

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