I don’t want to go back to schedules.

(jacket, leggings, shoes, long-sleeve)

It was 16°F for our run. My friend doesn’t wear gloves in that temp?! I had gloves and hand warmers because I was so cold! We sure all perceive temperatures differently.

Ten miles @ 8:28 average.

Getting in the hot tub after the run was necessary. We were going to do our workout yesterday, but I have found that doing a workout the day after a holiday does not go well, so hopefully, it will happen today.

I loved Brooke’s hot tub snack boat that she brought in with her.

A little steam came off Knox when he jumped out of the hot tub to play tetherball.

We met up with my sister and her family to see Migration!

IMG 0754

It was such a cute movie but very stressful.  

IMG 0743

Andrew got called in, but I met him for lunch since he was close.

IMG 0739

We finished the day with Legos until way too late.  I don’t want to go back to schedules again. Christmas break needs to be at least a month long.

IMG 0755

I hope all of my practice with Skye’s skip-it will help my cadence today.

IMG 0685

I am very excited for one more day of everyone all together!

IMG 0596


What are you up to today? 

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I am at Lake Arenal with my boys. Today we will hike to a waterfall and relax. I was supposed to start London Marathon training on Monday, but I won’t start until Saturday. Trying to rest my legs before I start my next cycle. That said I am getting excited for the Houston Half in less than a month.


Ummm I just googled picture of Lake Arenal and wow. I am so jealous. Next time, invite us:). Hope you guys have the best time in Costa Rica! AND LONDON TRAINING… keep me updated with it all! Thanks Kristin!


16 degrees and no gloves? Immediately no.
I hope speed work went great today! Spain is coming in no time. I am super excited to see your fun adventures.
Was Skip It like riding a bike?? Do they still have a counter aka the og pedometer for kids.
Today’s plans: TBD. I’m off today and nothing major is on the agenda. Run? Book shop?


Immediately. Thank you for understanding. NO TIME… I think it’s like 7.5 weeks now?! It absolutely was, and sadly, there is no counter, but now I’ll google one with it because we need it haha. Let me know what book you get! Enjoy, Molly!


That Lego snack boat is brilliant!!

Where are your tree pajamas from? They’re so cute.

Have a super relaxing day! I’ve been sick and plowing through Firefly Lane with my labrador snuggled up beside me. I did get out for fresh air today and saw the most gorgeous sky.


Hahah thank you for appreciating it too… it was brilliant. I got them from here: https://latesbykate.com/products/jam-pants-set-bistro-green-trees-long-sleeve?_pos=4&_sid=9cdaeb3cf&_ss=r
They are so incredibly soft. I hope you feel 100% soon but glad you are letting your body recover with your pup next to you! Thanks Kelly!


Would love to read a write up of Andrew’s broken ankle injury and recovery process if he is open to sharing. I don’t think I’ve seen someone recover so fast from a broken ankle.


ABSOLUTELY! I haven’t either and I worry all of the time he is pushing it too hard but the doctor is very happy with where it is at! Hope you have a beautiful day, Jackie!


Good job!

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