Our Christmas Scenes

Nobody was sick this year which was a miracle.

A guitar her same size.

A robot.

Their facial expressions were my favorite.


Praying for zero broken bones in 2024.

Skip it for the win.

No snow but very cold.


Time for the Christmas aftermath 🤣 A sneak peak of what our entire house looks like:

How are you doing today?

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We’ve been visiting my family is Arizona this week, which was amazing! Flying home today, so I’m feeling sad. But this week we’ll celebrate Christmas with my boyfriend’s family so we have that to look forward to!


Oh I bet you are feeling sad. It’s so hard to leave and just the end of the holidays always hits me let alone leaving your family. Hope you and your boyfriend have the best time with his family. Thanks Mariah!


My kids loved that marble game where you set up the tubes and slides, can’t think of the name. So much fun. My home looks much the same. So glad no one was sick, that’s huge! Merry Christmas the day after!


I feel like I bought that present for myself haha… it’s so fun to build. Good luck cleaning up, I am too afraid to start. Merry 26th:). Thanks Nancy!


Merry Christmas the day after! Looks like the kids had a great Christmas. River was spoiled rotten and passed out early from playing hard lol. We had a quiet Christmss which was perfect. Cooked for my mom but spent the day in our pjs watching movies and brain teaser puzzles we were gifted. Went for a short run. Boxing day is still a holiday in Canada but will leave the house today lol.

Have a great day and holiday Janae!


I am SO glad that River had such a great day! Sounds like it was absolutely perfect and enjoy the day off. Thanks Kristine!


I am off from work today so I am loving this slow morning! I am still trying to figure out which day of the week that it is.
It looks like your kids had a great Christmas! I hope Santa brought you a lifetime supply of chia seeds!
Enjoy the clean up today :)


Nobody is required to know what day it is until January 5th. SO many chia seeds haha. Have the best day off, Molly!


Random question-a long time ago you mentioned a pillow that you love. What was the brand? Thanks!

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