Silentish Sunday… time TO RUN!!!

We were brought donuts first thing Friday morning which was absolutely the best way to start our day.  Brooke thought she was soooooo funny for keeping her eyes closed for the picture.

Pointing to the lightening….

IMG 6894

And then we had a huge hail storm.

IMG 6896

Which called for tomato basil soup and a sandwich from Zupas.

IMG 6898


IMG 6900

THIS is such a good idea!!!

IMG 6899

So is this (Brooke, I hope you are reading this).

IMG 6902

Dinner with the cousins while they showed off their flexibility.

IMG 6917


IMG 6901

Clothes are all set out and ready to go!

IMG 6919

My nephew can now reach the water dispenser on my sister’s fridge and he finds it quite humorous to get water everywhere.

IMG 6877

Don’t forget to get your ‘Sorry For What I Said At Mile 20’ shirt!!!!


Who has a race this weekend?!?

What are your plans today?

What are the temps going to be for your run today?!

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It’s starting to feel hot here and I’m not prepared for it. My sisters left this morning to go home and my husband and I volunteered at our local Komen 5k this morning. It’s such a great event! Now I’m due for a nap!


Good luck!!!! You are gonna rock it! :)


That hail was insaaaaane yesterday!!! Good luck today *mini cheeleader jump – wohoo*


My first Trail Race was today! A trail 10k and I finished 2nd female and I am all muddy! haha. It was around 67 degrees with a little rain. After a Dunkin Donuts coffee stop I am ready to nap and then go and strength train at the gym and do yoga and that will complete my day of training :)
Awesome job on your race!!!


No race today. Just an easy 4 miles and so happy the rain finally let up. We have had rain all week since last Sunday when I ran a half marathon in the pouring rain.
Other than that I’m just being lazy and enjoying my alone time. I’ll see the boyfriend tonight and my family tomorrow for mothers day


I decided today that I should never plan to have a baby at the beginning of race season again. The amount of wishing I could run is crazy. That’s ok, it will come. I hope you have a fun race!


Good luck today!!

Ran an unofficial half marathon with my running club this morning … Crazy winds but other than that a lovely sunny day!
Today’s plans – Shopping for the mother’s day bash I’m throwing tomorrow night! I’m terrible at party planning so kind of panicking about this!


Good luck!! No race for me this weekend, I ran the OC 1/2 last Sunday :) Just fun running this weekend in 60 degree weather. We are meeting friends and family to watch Captain America together! Woohoo!


I hope you have one of those race where you feel strong and running feels awesome! You look well prepared, that’s for sure! My HM is in 3 weeks and it feels so far and so close at the same time! Wishing you a wonderful mother’s day… because you are a wonderful mother every day!


10k race tomorrow. I was going to go for a short spin on my bike this morning but it is pouring rain! I am not going to risk crashing.

Good luck on your race!


Good luck, Janae!!!! And hope you and your mom and your sis have a beautiful Mother’s Day!!!


Good Luck!!!!

No races for me this year – I usually race this weekend, but I have a half marathon coming up in 3 weeks and I just raced last weekend!


I wanted to do 10 but got in 7. My hip was killing me and I was afraid to push it, icing it now. It was drizzling and upper 40’s but the rain stopped for the run. It’s been a week of rain. I am not looking forward to mowing the lawn!

I hope you enjoyed your race and saw the results you wanted!

They gave you a toothbrush at the expo? Interesting.

No plans which is rare and fun.


Cute race outfit! I love pink/white. Can’t wait to hear all about it!


Go #1420!

I raced today already – 5 mile Montana Women’s Run. I got my course PR and it was an awesome event as always.

It was somewhere in the mid-50’s. That’s shorts & tank weather when you’re running. The race shirts are long sleeve! I don’t wear race shirts during races but this event boasts 8000 runners and 95% of them do. I would die of heat stroke!

Good luck tomorrow!


Temps were 65 and climbing on my run this morning, glad I didn’t put it off until later in the day!


Plans today included getting some work done at Starbucks followed by an easy 5 mile run! Temps are in the 60s (ideal for me) and it was the first day in a week where it’s been nice and sunny out! Have an awesome race and enjoy every minute of it :)


It’s raining over here in San Diego, but all is well! That’s what the treadmill is for. :)
Good luck on your race!!


My husband and I and our two daughters ages 10 and 12 ran a 5k race in our community today. So proud of our girls. Our 12 year old got 3rd in her age group and our 10 year old didn’t stop once. So proud of them. I think I was 29 when I ran my first 5k!


Way to go Janae. I saw your times. Awesome job, esp. since you weren’t gunning for a big race. (At least I thought that was your current training philosophy).

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