Sentence Per Picture!

(Shoes, top ((similar)), leggings)

Took advantage of running in the pitch dark by finding Christmas lights to run under.

IMG 9963

Still green smoothieing every day.

IMG 9252

Still cheersing with my sister… I’m excited to see what all of these greens and lack of soda do for my marathon.

My Christmas came early this year and I have a fireplace… Can’t wait to turn my bedroom into a sauna haha.

We blogged together.

IMG 9965

Finished ‘Forever, Interrupted’ and it was meh (her other books are much better) and now I’m reading ‘Night Road.’

IMG 9970

The kids and their cousins made snowmen.

All chicken tortilla soup should be creamy like this one.

I’m learning 6th grade math again.

Me and Andrew are in shorts under 32 degrees too.

My kids are praying daily that we get another snow storm and I’m secretly thrilled that we haven’t gotten anymore…

IMG 9292

Have a sentence for today to share?!

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Running to Christmas lights is the best! I did that last night with a running group around here. And today I’ll walk back to them so I have more time to look around lol- some of the houses here go all out!


It really is the best… it helps running in the dark feel so much more fun:). Wish I could join you today. So fun. Enjoy, Mariah!


Sentence for the day: grateful for my family and my support systems. Was just away visiting a friend going through a hard time and man, that reminds you how precious life is and how things can change in a heartbeat.

(also– more children than Biblical names! Too funny)


Thank you for sharing, Courtney and I am sending love to your friend. It really is crazy how quickly life can change and how the things that we think normally matter really don’t.

We have a lot of kids here in Utah;). Have a beautiful day!


Signed up for my third marathon!


LORI! This makes me SO so happy. Which one???


Running in Christmas lights is so fun. I haven’t done that in a while. One of the downsides to running later in the morning.
Oh my gosh… We tried (finally) chicken noodle soup with mashed potatoes last night. I loved it!!! My oldest and hubby didn’t even try. They thought it was weird. It was so delicious. Can’t wait for leftovers today.
I’m heading out early to help my sis-in-law pack up their house. They’re pretty much moving up to their mountain house full time. I’m so excited for them. So hopefully I can squeeze in a quick run later when I get home. Maybe even in Christmas lights.
Have a good day!


I am SO happy that you loved it and hopefully the boys will realize soon enough how amazing it is:). Wow, that is a big move for your SIL. Good luck to helping them and their move. Thanks Wendy, you too!


I am in no-sleep-zombie-mode today, so might be getting some caffeine at lunchtime. Maybe I will have better luck with sleep tomorrow & good thing babies are so dang cute!
I love state culture-isms.:) I wore shorts in the cold through October, but once I start with the pants, I always forget that shorts are still an option. We just have a dusting of snow right now, so loving your pretty snow pictures! I bet running through Christmas lights feels magical – I need to try that.
Also I am stealing your donut-candy-snowman idea. So cute & way easier than the cookie-snowmen we did last weekend!


I am really hoping that tonight you get much better sleep and maybe by some miracle, a nap today. Enjoy that caffeine. YES, try the Christmas lights run and the donut snowman… your littles are going to love it! Thanks Katie!


I’m not from UT but know how to pronounce Tooele because I went there once for work (many years ago)!


Hahah no way! I hope next time you come to Utah you are in my area and we go for a run together. Have a beautiful day, Laura!


I love 6th grade math! I taught it for 5 years and it is my very favorite level of math to teach!


Can we facetime you hahaha! So many questions!


Oh I would be oh so happy to help!!!


Janae! I just finished Night Road a few days ago and I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!!!!!! It’s excellent.


Oh my goodness. Can we please talk about it when I’m done. I feel like something really bad is about to happen!


I love your blog, probably the only one I follow consistently!

Wondering if you have a good winter glove recommendation??!


Hey Janae- I love the little donut snowman but where to find such tiny pb cups? ;-)

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